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JordanCon 2021 - News, Schedule Release, & More!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Over the holiday weekend JordanCon released the schedule for this year's convention. The announcement came via the official JordanCon Twitter account.

A screenshot of JordanCon's Tween announcing the schedule. The tweet reads: The #JordanCon2021 schedule is LIVE! Check out the schedule and sign up for volunteer slots now. What panel are you most excited about #TwitterofTime??? Tell us in the comments. We'll see you in TWO WEEKS, folks. Get excited! #WheelofTime #JordanCon.
JordanCon's Schedule Release Announcement

Fan and attendee reactions were very positive and the excitement was felt throughout #TwitterOfTime. Further in the tweet thread JordanCon confirmed that content will stream daily to their YouTube Channel.

We’ll be live streaming something each day of con to our YouTube channel. We’ll release a final schedule of what’s streaming closer to con. JordanCon

Despite all the excitement many fans and attendees might doubt the safety of traveling to a convention during the pandemic. Rest assured that JordanCon is taking full precautions to ensure the well-being of all guests and attendees. They have detailed this in a comprehensive FAQ on their website. The most significant measure taken was a reduction in capacity, with JordanCon limiting attendance to only 500 registered members. Regarding safety and well-being the below quote demonstrates their commitment to the community:

Masks will be required in all convention spaces and we will, at the minimum, be following CDC recommendations throughout the event. Rooms will be set up to allow for social distancing, there is a membership cap in place, everyone needs to pass a temperature check each day to enter the convention space, and some of our normal JordanCon activities such as the Dance Party, Karaoke, Speed Friending and the ConSuite will not be held this year. JordanCon 2021 FAQ

The streaming schedule for JordanCon can be found here:

This year's convention, while smaller, has attracted a large number of first time attendees. Many first timers expressed excitement about the convention but had questions about it. This was picked up by none other than The Innkeeper over at The Dusty Wheel and a special episode about JordanCon was aired to answer these questions.

The End of an Age

It is no secret that this is the final JordanCon before the release of The Wheel of Time show on Amazon. The official Twitter account for Amazon's The Wheel of Time dropped a bomb on the fans last week with the animated title reveal which also confirmed a 2021 release.

Many fans and content creators had speculated that this was the case, but the official confirmation now marks a turning point for this year's convention. Truly this is the end of an age for The Wheel of Time Fandom. Existing primarily online and in small pockets throughout the world, the release of the show will bring in a new generation of fans that have not read the books.

Speaking of content creators, a large number will be in attendance this year. The Nae'blis himself, purveyor of this fine establishment, has confirmed his attendance and we assume this is to lead a Darkfriend Ice Cream Social.

Tar Valon After Dark Logo. Two neon microphones bookend the show title, also in a neon design. The color schema is purple and cyan.
Tar Valon - After Dark - Thirsty Tinkers Welcome

Nae'blis will be joined by his Tar Valon After Dark co-hosts Jess the Amyrlin Seat and Recappa Sedai.

Other prominent creators include:

The Dusty Wheel

The Black Tower Podcast


Weekly Wheel News

Katy Sedai of Dragonmount and Instagram

The Bard of the Red Hand (That's me!)

I am sure that I missed several other creators, but rest assured there will not be a shortage of JordanCon content and coverage this year.

BREAKING - JordanCon Calls for Volunteers

A tweet from the official JordanCon twitter account annoucing that volunteer signups are open. The Tweet reads: We need your help! #rdanCon2021 volunteer slots are now open on our brand new event partnerJo platform - Eventeny. And there are a LOT of amazing opportunities still left unclaimed.
A Call for Volunteers!

As I was wrapping up this article the JordanCon Twitter account announced a call for volunteers. If you are so inclined to join in and help out the sign up sheet can be found at the same place as the event schedule!

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