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Hey there! Thanks for your interest in having your content featured on 

The purpose of this site is to connect fans with all types of content concerning the Wheel of Time and we'd love to have your content featured! The hope is that we can send more people your way and help you monetize your content as well. 

The way the site will function will be that fans can browse different content creators on our Creators Page. Your individual page will be your way of showing fans your content and giving them ways to connect with you. 

Here is an example of a content creator page so you can see how it might look when completed, but keep in mind, your page will be customized and will contain different social media than I have (assuming you are more social media adept than me, which isn't hard to do).

Nae'blis Creator Page

To submit to have your content featured, please fill out the application below as detailed as you can. I would suggest creating a short video blurb about your content that fans can watch, even if you aren't a video content creator. It's not necessary you can always do it later, but I do think it will help once there is traffic on the site.

You can use my creator page linked above as a reference. Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks for being apart of!


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