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About The Great Blight

Why Does This Site Exist? is a community fan website based around Robert Jordan's popular Wheel of Time series. 

The site was founded in 2020 by the YouTuber Nae'blis and a team of others with the purpose of creating a central hub for Wheel of Time content creators, fans, and those just starting the series to find each other and have a place to research and discuss the books and the Amazon Studios television adaptation.

There are so many outstanding content creators making Wheel of Time content in many different formats. serves as a place for fans to find new creators, be updated when their favorite creators create something new, and to continue to provide a community for those that love to talk about the Wheel of Time!

Who Are We? is managed and run by a team of volunteers that moderate comments and fan-submitted content, create and update the many thousands of articles for the Wheel of Time Wiki on the site, and create content for the site.



Site Founder

Dark Overlord

Nae'blis has been a Wheel of Time fan since 1999 when he first picked up Eye of the World in his dad's old box of books. He has been a part of the Wheel of Time community ever since, originally posting on old Wheel of Time message boards like Wotmania. 

In 2018, after the announcement that Wheel of Time would be adapted into a television show by Amazon and Sony, Nae'blis started his YouTube channel based around Wheel of Time. After seeing all of the many new Wheel of Time fans and creators, Nae'blis decided to create and led the effort for the site's creation and now is on the team that runs and maintains the site.


Daraus first picked up Eye of the World in 1991 when he was a Senior in high school. He worked at Walden Books and found Eye of the World and The Great Hunt when I was shelving books at work. I joined the online community circa 2005 reading everything I could find on Theoryland, Dragonmount, and Wotmania (later RAFO).


Daraus Sedai's favorite character in the series is Egwene and he is a huge fan of the Red Rod Ter'angreal...but who isn't?

Daraus Sedai



Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 11.40.26

MK has been involved with the Wheel of Time community since she had discovered its existence.


Only having started reading the series in 2014, she began listening to podcasts and moved on to YouTube videos, where she discovered Nae'blis. Shortly after, she started administering the Wheel of Time TV and Discussion group on Facebook, moderating several Wheel of Time associated Discord servers, and now working at

MK aka Amyrlin Seat

Site Administrator

Head of the Black Ajah


The Wheel of Time came into Siansonea's life in 1990, when The Eye Of The World was first published. Her mother read the book first, then passed it on to Siansonea and her sister, and they were all hooked immediately. Little did they know in 1990 that this story would one-day span 15 volumes.


The character that resonated with Siansonea from the beginning was Moiraine, but she came to appreciate Egwene the most by the end.


Site Administrator

Definitely Semirhage in Disguise

Wiki Article Contributors

Barton Sedai

Caesar of Saidin


Carolina Damodred


Daraus Sedai

Dragon Reborn

Delusions of Graendal



Josie Sedai



Master of the Deck






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