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Why make a new wiki?

What does it mean that this is a "Beta"?

The first question that typically comes up when talking about a new Wheel of Time Wiki is "Why do we need one when we already have one that works?"

It's a valid question, but let me explain our philosophy and why we decided to take on such a large project. 

When we set out to create, we wanted to create a community that was set up to handle the influx of new readers and fans that will inevitably come with the new television show. To that end, we wanted to redesign the Wiki in a way that would remain spoiler-free for new readers so as they read along, they can stop when they get to the content they haven't reached in the books yet. We also wanted to give an updated and more attractive look to the articles and link relevant media from other creators that will give additional context and visuals.

As more and more articles are added, we hope you begin to use the wiki to add some context to your reading experience!

In short, the new Wheel of Time wiki being built for is going to be a long work in progress. There will be likely over 3000-4000 or more articles before the wiki is finished and there will be new iterations of articles that have already been finished as well. 

During the Beta period, you may notice the following:

1. Characters, locations, items that don't have articles at all

2. Articles that are incomplete

3. Articles that have strange formatting or seem to not be working as intended.

If you find information that is incorrect or if you see any glaring editing mistakes, please feel free to submit a correction by clicking the button below.

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