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Nynaeve al'Meara

NIGH-neev al-MEER-ah



Andoran, Two Rivers Region

Year of Birth:

974 NE



Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Dark Brown

Other Names:


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Basic Information


Nynaeve is slender and short (about 5’4) with long dark hair usually worn in a thick Two Rivers braid. She has deep dark brown eyes and is considered to be good looking. She looks far younger than her actual age due to her age slowing down around age 20.

​She typically wears dresses of blue or green, in silk, when available.




Nynaeve is first and foremost a caretaker. Her main motivation throughout the story is to keep those around her safe. Her greatest calling in life is to heal. Illness and injury seem a personal insult to her. Despite her countless acts of bravery, she often inwardly considers herself to be a coward. She has a very prominent temper; she is quick to anger and is free with her tongue.

She is fiercely protective of her charges as Wisdom of Emond's Field. It is her personal belief that anything short of death should be able to be healed. She is often unnecessarily hard on other people and is quick to point out their faults, all the while ignoring those same faults in herself. Even though it is not uncommon for Nynaeve to act self-righteous and self-assured, there are many times when she is unreasonably hard on herself.

Nynaeve has no problem with being placed in a leadership role. She has difficulties giving up power once she has it, and is uncomfortable not being in control. She is often comforting to her friends and allies in times of grief and despair.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story

Actions Before the Story

Nynaeve was born in 974 NE in Emond's Field, a small town in the Two Rivers region of Andor. Her father was a sheep farmer and grew tabac on their farm just outside of Emond's Field. Nynaeve's mother was a farm wife, but died very early in Nynaeve's life, leaving her to be raised by her father.


New Spring

Nynaeve is alive during the events of the book, but only a small child and does not appear in the novel.

New Spring NICE.jpeg
New Spring

Actions Between the Books

Actions Between the Books

After the death of her mother, Nynaeve's father raises her like he would have a son, teaching her to track and stalk game, as well as trapping and fishing. When Nynaeve was 14 years old, her father died leaving her orphaned, and rather than moving in with relatives in the countryside, she was apprenticed to Doral Barran, the Wisdom of Emond’s Field.  Doral Barran's previous apprentice died from what seemed an unknown illness at the time but was later discovered to be channeling sickness from channeling without training. While apprenticing under Mistress Barran, Nynaeve showed exceptional skill with healing and herbs, often assisting in nursing people back to health from their death beds, even when Mistress Barran thought they were lost causes. Nynaeve manifests her ability to channel when she cures Egwene al’Vere of breakbone fever, not truly knowing that she channeled. Nynaeve also excelled at predicting the weather, something that all Wisdom’s claimed the ability to do, but very few actually could because of the connection to the One Power. In 993 NE, after 5 years of apprenticing under Mistress Barran, the elderly Wisdom passed away of old age and at the age of 19, Nynaeve became the new Wisdom of Emond’s Field. For the next 5 years until the start of the story, Nynaeve served as the Wisdom of Emond's Field, despite many questioning her age. Nynaeve was the youngest Wisdom of the village in memory but proved very capable. Because of the resentment from many in the village about her young age, Nynaeve is forced to constantly prove herself as well as develops a reputation for being very strict with the people of the village and has a sharp tongue.


Eye of the World

The afternoon of Winternight, Nynaeve catches Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara gossiping. She tells Mat that he shouldn’t be off his mother’s apron strings yet. Rand tells Nynaeve about Padan Fain’s news regarding the false dragon and wars in Ghealdon. Nynaeve responds by telling Rand that she will find out anything useful from the Women’s Circle.  

The morning after the trolloc attack on the village, Egwene al'Vere, Nynaeve's apprentice, brings Nynaeve to Rand who has dragged an injured Tam all the way from their farm. Nynaeve looks Tam over, then apologizes to Rand, saying that there is nothing she can do. Rand protests, but Nynaeve says she knows what her medicines can and cannot do. She also states that she knows when it is too late to help someone. Nynaeve sympathetically tells Rand that there are people she can help that need her. Nynaeve spends the day caring for the wounded.  

When the Emond’s Fielders find out that Mat, Perrin, Egwene, and Rand have left with Moiraine, Lan, and Thom, the Women’s Circle and Village Council agree that someone should go after them, but they cannot agree on who. Nynaeve, tired of the two groups being indecisive decides to go after them on her own. 

Nynaeve tracks the party and catches up with them at the Stag and Lion Inn in Baerlon. The party of the Emond’s Field youngsters, Moraine, Lan and Thom are chatting in a room they ate in the night before. Lan asks Nynaeve how she found them, to which Nynaeve responds by telling him that she followed their trail and that her father taught her to track just as good as any man in the Two Rivers. Nynaeve blushes when Lan praises her skill.  Nynaeve asks why she should help Lan and Moiraine hide, Thom tells her that the Whitecloaks would kill Moiraine and Lan for being what they are, and probably anyone who is with them as well. Nynaeve and Moiraine begin to argue about what is safest for the boys and Egwene, and the others depart the room. 

After the women finish talking, Nynaeve tells Rand that Moiraine asked questions about the boys. Rand tells Nynaeve about what Tam said on Winternight. Nynaeve comforts Rand, telling him that people often say untrue, wild things during fever dreams. She does tell Rand that when Tam returned from being away, he came back with a red-haired outlander wife named Kari, and a baby that Kari loved as much as only a mother could. Rand asks if Nynaeve told Moiraine about him not being born in the Two Rivers, Nynaeve tells him that of course, she didn’t, because it is none of Moiraine’s business. 

That evening, the party dances in the common room while Thom plays his flute. Defiantly, Nynaeve stays for one more dance after Moiraine and Egwene go to bed.  After Rand has a run-in with a myrddraal in the inn that evening, the party leaves the inn and heads for the gate to leave town. Whitecloaks try to stop them from leaving, but thanks to Moiraine using a weave known as the Mirror of the Mists, which makes her appear taller and more imposing to frighten the Whitecloaks, they are able to escape. 

As they are on the road fleeing Baerlon, Nynaeve gets angry when Moiraine nonchalantly tells the group that the fire they see in the city is the Stag and Lion Inn. She confronts Moiraine who tells her that she will send the Innkeep enough money to rebuild. While on the road, Nynaeve continues to show her knowledge of herbs. 

While traveling, the party hears a trolloc horn coming from a few miles behind them. Lan goes back to scout the source of the horn. Egwene is worried about him, but Nynaeve is confident he will not be seen. The group is able to escape a sizable trolloc force thanks to Moiraine, but they are forced to head into Shadar Logoth. When the party shelters in a building, Moiraine asks Nynaeve for something to help her sleep for an hour. Nynaeve tells Moiraine about a tea and sets to boiling some water. The young men go off on an adventure without telling anyone, and when they return Nynaeve asks where they've been, and that Lan is out looking for them. 

That night, Lan returns and tells Moiraine that the trollocs and myrddraal have entered the city. Moiraine and Lan decide to have the party make way to the Arinelle river, where Moiraine will set a ward so the others can make rafts to get across. While the party is exiting Shadar Logoth, they get separated by Mashadar and the trollocs. Moiraine tells everyone to follow a star she points to, and that she will meet them at the river. The party scatters in different directions.  

Nynaeve wakes up in a tree, and heads down the river with her horse. She plans on tracking the others. She smells wood smoke and hobbles her horse to follow the scent. She hides behind a tree and listens in on Moiraine and Lan’s conversation. Moiraine tells Nynaeve to come out, Lan whips around drawing his sword. Nynaeve is satisfied that Lan did not notice she was there. Nynaeve starts berating Moiraine and Lan blocks her way. Moiraine tells Nynaeve she can channel, and that is why Moiraine was able to sense her. Nynaeve denies the possibility, and Moiraine pushes back, mentioning that she must have healed Egwene or Perrin at some point, which creates a connection. That connection is why Nynaeve was able to find them so quickly in Baerlon. Lan goes to fetch Nynaeve’s horse which she smugly doubts he will be able to find. The two women talk about the one power and the boys and Egwene. Lan returns with Nynaeve’s horse, and she is agitated by it. Nynaeve decides to follow Moiraine and Lan. She plans on going to Tar Valon so she can learn, and get revenge on Moiraine for meddling with the Two Rivers kids. 

Nynaeve, Lan, and Moiraine approach Whitebridge, Nynaeve is very impressed with the bridge. Nynaeve is not fully confident that Moiraine can find the boys. The party goes to the same inn that Rand, Mat, and Thom did and they can sense that the boys have been there. Lan can also sense that a Fade has been in the area. Moiraine decides to go after Perrin because he is the only one of the three boys that still has the coin that connects him to Moiraine. She hopes Rand and Mat make their way to Caemlyn as they had agreed. Nynaeve is also concerned about Egwene, but Moiraine says the boys are her priority. Nynaeve starts showing a fondness for Lan.  

The three head in the direction of Caemlyn to search for Perrin, and they come across a Whitecloak camp. Moiraine can sense that Perrin is in the camp and they decide to rescue him. Lan asks if Nynaeve will help, which she agrees to do. Lan instructs Nynaeve to sneak to the picket line and scatter the horses as a diversion. Nynaeve stalks past two sentries and cuts the ropes. While moving down the line she notices Bela. She takes control of Bela and one other horse. Moiraine begins calling down lightning and the horses scatter. While Nynaeve is escaping the camp, she notices that wolves are chasing some of the other horses. Before Nynaeve catches up with Lan, Moiraine, Perrin, and Egwene, Lan wants to go back for Nynaeve, but Moiraine stops him. When Nynaeve catches back up, Lan surprises Nynaeve by grabbing her caringly. 

Nynaeve cares for Perrin’s wounds and notices his irises are yellow.  Nynaeve and party make their way to Caemlyn where they find Rand and Mat at the Queen’s Blessing Inn. Moiraine sends the party to the boys’ room and has a conversation with Master Gill, the Innkeeper. 

In the room, Nynaeve notices something is wrong with Mat. Mat is doubtful the people are whom they say they are and wonders at how much they have all changed. Nynaeve moves to tend Mat, thinking he is suffering from a fever. Moiraine walks into the room and senses the evil of Shadar Logoth. She tells them all to keep away from Mat. Moraine has to physically pull Nyanaeve away from him. Mat attempts to stab Moiraine with the ruby hilted dagger when she approaches, but Lan narrowly stops him. Moiraine sends everyone out so she can attempt to heal him. Lan confirms Rand's suspicions about trollocs being outside the city. 

The party decides to leave the city when Moiraine is finished with Mat. The party meets Loial and Moiraine asks him to guide them through the Ways. Loial refuses, stating how dangerous the Ways are. Nynaeve, not kindly, asks Moraine why she would take them somewhere so dangerous. Moiraine says that considering the news she has heard about the Dark One desiring to "blind the Eye of the World", they are out of good options. After some more convincing, Loial agrees to take them through the Ways. They decide to leave in the morning.  

The group enters the ways, Nynaeve is still very suspicious of Moiraine. The party travels the ways and has a run-in with Machin Shin, the "Black Wind", as they are exiting the ways via the Fal Dara way gate. 

While in Fal Dara, Rand tries to convince Loial, Egwene, and Nynaeve to stay back while the party moves into the Blight to find the Eye of the World. All three refuse. The evening before they leave, Lord Aglemar tells the story of Lan, and the fall of Malkier. Nynaeve is dumbfounded and upset at hearing the story, Egwene provides a modicum of sympathy for her. Before they can discuss it further, Moiraine and Lan come in and tell of Padan Fain.  

The party departs Fal Dara and spends the day traveling to the Blight. Nynaeve tells Egwene that she is considering going to Tar Valon, and Moiraine approves. At night when they make camp, Lan and Nynaeve move off on their own to talk. The two confess their feelings for one another. Nynaeve tells Lan she wants to marry him. Lan says he will not make her a widow, and gives his reasons for not wanting to pursue a relationship, and moves off to check the camp, leaving Nynaeve crying. 

The next morning while the party is breaking down camp, Egwene comforts Nynaeve regarding Lan. The group moves off to find the Green Man. They are chased and attacked by multiple types of Shadowspawn. They escape the Shadowspawn and enter the home of the Green Man.  

The Green Man appears and welcomes them warmly. He leads the party to the Eye of the World. When they get to the Eye, Moiraine tells of the untainted saidin that is the Eye of the World. Nynaeve asks why Moiraine brought them here, and Moriaine explains that the boys will have to face the Dark One's power at the Eye of the World.  

Aginor and Balthamel appear; Lan charges Aginor, but is cast aside with little effort. Nynaeve attempts to attack Aginor as well but is stopped by Balthamel. During the battle, the Green Man kills Balthamel but is killed in the process as well. Moiraine tells Nynaeve and Egwene that Rand can channel saidin, and they are there when Moiraine tells Rand. After Rand’s battle with the Forsaken, the group returns to Fal Dara and stays in Lord Aglemar’s fortress. 

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg
Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

The Amyrlin Seat is visiting Fal Dara, and she summons Moiraine to speak with her. During their chat, Moiraine mentions that she found two young women who can channel, and have the spark born in them. Moiraine says that Egwene and Nynaeve will both be very strong.  Rand, hiding from the Aes Sedai, awakens in Egwene and Nynaeve’s room. Nynaeve is sitting next to him knitting, Nynaeve is not very good with needlework. The two speak for a while, and Nynaeve tells him that the women of the keep are acting strangely as if they are searching for something, even though they should be getting ready for the feast. Nynaeve and Rand begin to argue when Rand names the Dark One. They are interrupted by alarm bells. Nynaeve tells Rand to calm down, but he runs into the hall with his sword drawn. Nynaeve feels a storm coming, but she doesn’t mean the weather and she thinks the storm is Rand. 

Lan wants to talk with Nynaeve, she attempts to give him the cold shoulder, but Lan stops her and gives her his signet ring and confesses his love for her. He tells Nynaeve that even though he loves her, he cannot turn away from his war with the Shadow and that she does not deserve to be given widow’s clothes as her bride’s price. Nynaeve first refuses the ring, but Lan tells her that if she doesn't want it, to throw it away; so she takes it.  Nynaeve goes back into the room she shares with Egwene, and tells Egwene to hurry up packing. Egwene calls Nynaeve Wisdom, but Nynaeve says that Egwene shouldn’t call her that anymore. The two prepare to head for White Tower. 

The Aes Sedai party departs Fal Dara, and heads to the river to sail back to Tar Valon. Egwene and Nynaeve meet the Amyrlin, Suian Sanche, who tells them she senses a fine spark in each of them. On the road, Nynaeve and Egwene share a tent and are visited by multiple Aes Sedai who give them lessons on the One Power, give them general information about the Aes Sedai, and ask questions about the Emonds Field men. While in their cabin on The River Queen, Egwene tells Nynaeve that they will reach Tar Valon soon, Egwene tells Nynaeve about her dreams, and how she thinks Rand is in danger. Nynaeve suffers heavily from seasickness. 

Suian Sanche visits the women to give them their daily lessons. Nynaeve is being less than pleasant to the Amyrlin, who ties her up in flows of air, and lifts her off the deck to teach her some respect. Nynaeve replicates the weave quickly and slams Suian backward with air and binds her in turn. Suian then shields Nynaeve to cut her off from the source. Nynaeve is surprised this is possible. Suian then lets the flows dissipate, and continues with her lesson. The River Queen docks in Tar Valon. Nynaeve and Egwene meet with Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices, who gives them some information about their training and escorts them to the tower. 

As Nynaeve and Egwene are getting settled into the White Tower,  Nynaeve is summoned to be tested for Acceptance. She is led to a room in the basements of the Tower, where Sheriam tells her what she needs to know regarding the testing. Sheriam tells her that she will walk through three arches and face her fears. She is told that some women don’t come back and it is uncertain what happens to those women. Sheriam says that Nynaeve is allowed to refuse the test twice; upon her third refusal, she would be sent away from the Tower. Most women do not go through on their first opportunity. Nynaeve, not wanting to back down and become a Novice, thinks about Moiraine, and how she turned the Emond's Fielders lives upside down. Nynaeve steels herself and begins the testing. 

Nynaeve’s first trip through the arches starts with her naked and lost in a maze. After some walking, she gets the feeling that someone is watching her, so she starts running. A very old man steps out of the next corridor, facing her. She recognizes the old man as Aginor, so she turns and flees. Aginor follows her. Nynaeve, now angry enough to channel, calls lightning down on Aginor. Aginor tries to fight back, but Nynaeve is too strong. The archway appears, so Nynaeve resentingly lets Aginor go and steps through the archway. She is back in the room with the Aes Sedai, and she asks Sheriam if it was real. Sheriam says that she cannot answer because no one knows. Sheriam tells Nynaeve that she shouldn’t have been able to channel in the ter’angreal and that she is not to try channeling again because it can be dangerous. 

Nynaeve steps through the arch a second time, and she is in a somewhat dilapidated version of Emond's Field. Nynaeve makes her way to the Winespring Inn to speak harshly with Bran Al’Vere about the sorry state of the village. On the way to the inn, she runs into Cenn Buie who is even more unpleasant than usual. When she reaches the inn, she talks to a disheveled Marin Al’Vere, who asks after Egwene. Nynaeve tells Marin that she cannot remember where Egwene is. Marin tells Nynaeve about the new Wisdom, who is a bully. Nynaeve is distressed to hear that Marin suspects the new Wisdom of poisoning people to death, driving people to commit suicide, and murdering Bran. Everyone in the village is scared of her, but Marin says she is good about taking care of the children who seem to be getting sick more often than is common. Nynaeve gets very angry, stating that the new Wisdom is making the kids sick so that the village will think they need her to save them. Nynaeve decides to confront the woman, but on her way, the arch appears. Marin begs Nynaeve not to leave her alone. Nynaeve, crying, steps back through the arch. She is once again back with the Aes Sedai. Nynaeve demands to know if what she saw was real life, but she doesn’t get an answer. Sheriam is sympathetic, but she tells Nynaeve that the third time will be the worst.  

Nynaeve steps through the final arch. She sees a life she pictures as perfect. Married to Lan and mother to his children. She is Queen of Malkier. She knows it isn't real and she wants to leave immediately. She sees the arch and makes her way to it. Lan says to her “please don’t leave”. Nynaeve steps through the arch. In tears, she proclaims that she hates all Aes Sedai. Sheriam says that her reaction is a common one. The ceremony is completed and Nynaeve is now an Accepted of the White Tower.  Nynaeve gets into a fistfight with another Accepted. After a visit to the Mistress of Novices , she joins Egwene and Min in Egwene’s room. Min tells Egwene about Nynaeve’s punishment, so Nynaeve knocks her off her stool with a flow of air and offers to let Min turn her into Sheriam. The two forgive each other. Later, Nynaeve talks about her fears of training and her fear of saidar in general. 

Liandrin enters the room and dismisses Min and Elayne. Liandrin then tells Egwene and Nynaeve that Rand, Mat, and Perrin are in danger, but they can help them. Liandrin tells the women to meet her later that evening and she will take them to Toman Head. Min and Elayne, who had been eavesdropping, are determined to go with their friends. When the four women meet Liandrin, she is upset that the other two will be joining them. Liandrin leads the four younger women through the Ways. She is mean and demeaning to the women while they are traveling.  

The five women exit the Ways on Toman Head, and are immediately faced with a group of Seanchan soldiers with sul’dam and damane being led by the High Lady Suroth. Liandrin identifies Nynaeve, Egwene, and Elayne as women who can channel. Liandrin tells Suroth that Nynaeve and Egwene are the two that they have to be concerned about. Egwene is collared with an a'dam and punches one of the sul’dam. A scuffle ensues when Min attempts to put her knife in one of the soldiers. Elayne and Nynaeve escape into the woods. Liandrin mocks Suroth and tells her that it is vital that they catch Nynaeve. Suroth has her soldiers briefly search the surrounding area, then they leave without finding Elayne or Nynaeve.  Elayne and Nynaeve regroup in the woods and decide to make their way to Falme. While in Falme, Nynaeve channels to open a damane’s collar, and to her surprise, the damane calls an alarm. Nynaeve and Elayne are forced to lay low for a few days. 

The two women spend a few weeks in Falme, learning about the Seanchan and trying to find Egwene. They find a building that they believe Egwene could be in. Nynaeve and Elayne run into Min, who is crying because she feels partially responsible for Egwene’s pain. She hides her reason for crying because she is worried that Nynaeve will get angry and do something to get herself collared. Min tells Nynaeve that she found a ship to take them away from Falme and that they have to free Egwene quickly because she will be taken to Seanchan soon. Nynaeve tells Min that she has a few ideas of how to rescue Egwene but she wants to meet the ship’s captain first. Min sees an aura of a man’s gold ring over Nynaeve. They meet Bayle Domon, and ask him about passage. He says that if Turak doesn’t kill him, he can get them away. Nynaeve books the passage and the women head back to their room to plan Egwene’s escape.  

The women set their plan in motion and wait in an alleyway. A sul’dam and damane walk towards them. Nynaeve gets herself angry enough to channel thinking about Egwene, and channels open the damane’s collar. The damane recognizes that she is free, she punches the sul’dam, and runs away. Min and Elayne drag the stunned sul’dam named Seta into the alleyway and bind her. They take the sul’dam’s uniform and decide that it fits Nynaeve best, so she should wear it. Elayne starts putting on a damane dress. Nynaeve checks to see whether the a’dam would control the sul’dam, and she can. Nynaeve decides that the sul’dam will play the part of their damane. They head towards the building that Egwene is being housed. Min leads Nynaeve, Seta, and Elayne to Egwene’s room on the fourth floor. They free Egwene from the a’dam. Nynaeve puts the bracelet connected to Seta on a wall peg. Renna, another sul'dam, enters and the sight of her drives Egwene into a rage. Egwene smashes a water pitcher over Renna’s head and starts choking her. Nynaeve has to stop Egwene from strangling the sul’dam to death. Egwene cries on Nynaeve’s shoulder briefly, then they leave the sul’dam leashed to the wall. 

They exit the building, then a fight with the One Power breaks out when Egwene attacks a group of Seanchan soldiers, exploding the ground underneath their feet. Fireballs are hurled at the women and Nynaeve strikes back with lightning.  Eventually, the Heroes of the Horn are called to fight the Seanchan when Mat Cauthon blows the Horn of Valere. All 5 women escape the Battle of Falme.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg
The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

After the battle at Falme, Nynaeve travels to Tar Valon with Verin, Hurin, Mat, Elayne and Egwene. The party is approaching Tar Valon, carrying Mat on a litter. Mat’s condition is worsening; if he doesn’t get healing fast, he will die. A group of Whitecloaks appears in the distance. Verin orders the party to let her do the talking. The Whitecloaks demand to know where they’re going, and where they’re coming from. The conversation turns hostile, and it seems as if the Whitecloak leader is going to order an attack. Egwene erupts the ground in front of his horse. Elayne and Nynaeve also channel at the Whitecloaks. The leader falls off his mount, and his soldiers scatter. Verin chastises the women for disobeying her orders and using saidar for violence. 

The party continues to Tar Valon.  When the party reaches Tar Valon, Verin hands the younger women off to Sheriam with orders to lock them in their rooms until the Amyrlin sends for them. Sheriam sends them to their rooms with an Accepted to guard them. Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne are ordered not to speak to each other until they see Suian Sanche. 

When summoned to the Amyrlin’s study, Nynaeve speaks first, telling Suian that they did not run away, but were following orders from Liandrin. Suian tells the women that it would be smart not to mention that they have any involvement with Liandrin, because she and a group of twelve other sisters stole objects of the power and fled the White Tower, committing murder to facilitate their flight. Nynaeve voices her displeasure with their treatment, but Suian orders her to be quiet. Elayne and Egwene are told that they will be tested for Acceptance. Elayne is told about Morgase’s visit, then is dismissed, because Suian wants to talk to Egwene and Nynaeve in private. Egwene and Nynaeve are told of the Black Ajah and Suian sets them to the task of discovering if any Black sisters have stayed in the Tower. The younger women voice a few concerns, but Suian tells them that Elayne is not to be involved, noting the current rocky relationship with Andor. Suian dismisses Egwene and Nynaeve.  

Nynaeve and Egwene rush back to Elayne’s room after meeting with the Amyrlin, but Elayne is not there yet. Nynaeve pulls Egwene to the floor after a crossbow bolt nearly hits Egwene square in the head. They both embrace saidar and scan the area. Nynaeve spots a man and ties him up in flows of air. When they approach the man, they realize he has been stabbed to death, and the crossbow is missing. Sheriam walks up and wants to know what has happened. Nynaeve tells the Mistress of Novices that they found him like this. Sheriam tells them that he is a Grey Man and she explains what that means. Sheriam tells the women to go back to their rooms, that it is best for them not to get involved. Nynaeve is suspicious that Sheriam never seemed concerned about who killed the Grey Man.  Nynaeve and Egwene return to Nynaeve’s room and find Elayne arguing with her brothers. Nynaeve kicks the men out and tells Elayne about hunting the Black Ajah. 

Elaida comes into the room demanding to know why they ran away. Nynaeve interrupts Egwene saying that she, Egwene, and Elayne are under orders from the Amyrlin to keep quiet. Sheriam enters, and Elaida leaves. Sheriam tells them to follow her, Mat is being prepped to be healed by the Aes Sedai. Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve witness Mat’s healing.  Nynaeve comforts Elayne and Egwene after their Accepted tests. The three women discuss the Black Ajah, and decide there must be more in the Tower. 

Else Grinwell gives the women a note from the Amyrlin regarding a room in the basement. They go to investigate the room and find possessions of the Black sisters who left the White Tower. All of their things had at least one reference to Tear. The women determine that it is a very obvious trap. Egwene wants to do some investigating in Tel’Aran’Rhiod. Nynaeve and Elayne watch over Egwene while she searches the World of Dreams. When Egwene wakes, she tells them that she saw the Heart of the stone in Tear. The three decide that even if it is a trap, they must go to Tear. They agree that if the Amyrlin doesn’t contact them by midday the next day, they will leave the Tower. Nynaeve suggests that Mat should carry Elayne’s letter to her mother. The women visit Mat, and ask him to deliver Elayne’s letter, and they give him the Amyrlin’s note so he will be able to leave Tar Valon. Mat says he will deliver the letter. 

Suian visits the women in the kitchens and speaks to Nynaeve concerning the hunt for the Black Ajah. Suian tells Nynaeve that she didn’t send Else to them and that all the belongings of the Black sisters have been burned. They decide that Tear is definitely a trap, but that they have to spring it anyway. Nynaeve asks Suian about Callandor. Nynaeve relays the conversation with Suian and it is decided that they will leave as soon as possible.  Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene depart Tar Valon aboard The Blue Crane. They travel down the river towards Tear. While sailing, the boat gets stuck on a sand flat, and despite protests by the Captain, the women are let off on the Cairhien side of the river. 

While walking along the river, the women meet Aviendha, an Aiel Maiden of the Spear who asks if they are women of the White Tower, and Nynaeve says that they are. Aviendha asks for their help, one of her companions is injured. Nynaeve stokes her anger and heals Dailin with the One Power. The women part ways with the Aiel maidens and are walking along the river when they are ambushed and taken captive. The women wake up in a rough building of stone and logs. Nynaeve heals Elayne, and they burst out of the room to find a group of Aiel led by Rhuarc fighting the men who captured them. Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne take down a Myrddraal with the One Power. Nynaeve realizes that Dailin, the woman she healed, was killed in the fight.  

The three women arrive in Tear. While they are contemplating where to stay, Nynaeve walks into an herbalist’s shop. Nynaeve and the owner, Mother Guenna talk of herbs, and Nynaeve asks if she has a room for rent. Mother Guenna asks what they're doing in the city, Nynaeve tells her that they are chasing darkfriend thieves. Mother Guenna agrees to rent them a room, she then leaves to find them a man whom she says can help them in their search. The animosity between Nynaeve and Egwene continues to flare up. Egwene realizes that she should apologize to Nynaeve, but cannot bring herself to do it. 

Mother Guenna returns, and introduces the women to Juilin Sandar, whom Mother Guenna says is more sensible than most men, and the best Thief-Taker in Tear. They describe the Black sisters to Juilin and agree on a price. Egwene wakes up out of Tel’Aran’Rhiod and tells the other two women that she saw Liandrin in the World of Dreams and that the Black sisters know that they are there in Tear, waiting for them.  While out and about, Nynaeve runs into Juilin who tells her he has found the Black sisters. Juilin says they’re staying in the Stone as guests of the High Lord Samon. When Nynaeve returns to Mother Guenna’s shop, she finds the Black sisters have already captured Egwene and Elayne. Nynaeve is shielded, then physically beaten. They are then stuffed into a carriage headed for the Stone. 

The women are shielded and locked into a cell in the Stone of Tear. Nynaeve and Elayne comfort Egwene when she wakes up thinking she had been retaken by the Seanchan.  Mat rescues the three women, whom all ask what he is doing. Nynaeve punches a defenseless Amico, knocking her to the floor. Mat wants to leave the stone immediately, but the women refuse, instead going to hunt the remaining Black sisters. Mat and Juilin follow. 

The morning after Rand took Callandor, Mat, Rhuarc, Moiraine, Elayne, Egwene, Berelain, and Nynaeve are in a room within the Stone. Moiraine shows Egwene and Nynaeve an unbroken seal on the Dark One’s prison. The group discusses recent events and what may come next.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg
The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

Nynaeve and Moiraine speak about Rand, Nynaeve is pleased that Moiraine cannot seem to get Rand to do what she wants. Nynaeve and Moiraine argue about the situation concerning the Black Ajah. Nynaeve continues to harbor anger toward Moiraine.  Nynaeve and Egwene tie Mat up with the power in order to get the Amyrlin’s letter back from him after he refuses to return the letter. Nynaeve spends most of her free time in the Stone of Tear with Lan. 

Nynaeve, Elayne and Aviendha watch over Egwene’s body while she is in Tel’Aran’Rhiod looking for information on Tanchico. After telling Nynaeve and Elayne about meeting Amys in the World of Dreams, it is decided that Egwene will go into the Waste to learn Dreamwalking. Nynaeve and Elayne will go to Tanchico via a Seafolk ship.   Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are discussing plans when Lan bursts in the room. He is uncharacteristically visibly upset. He confronts Nynaeve about why she would let him think that she was going to Tar Valon, if she was really going to Tanchico. He tells her that Tanchico is a dangerous city and that he could protect her there. She declines his offer and tells him that his place is with Moiraine. Lan kisses Nynaeve, then leaves. 

The three women bid farewell to each other then go their separate ways.  Nynaeve and Elayne take a carriage to the docks. Nynaeve berates the driver for a bumpy ride, even though they pushed him for speed, and the roads were in various states of disrepair. Nynaeve and Elayne negotiate passage on Wavedancer. Thom and Juilin, sent by Moiraine, show up asking for passage not long before the ship is ready to sail. The Sailmistress tells Nynaeve that she will deny the men passage if Nynaeve asks her to. Nynaeve and Elayne agree to let the men join them under an oath to do what they’re told. The men agree. 

While the group sails to Tanchico, Nynaeve and Elayne learn a lot about the Seafolk. Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom, and Juilin depart Wavedancer at the docks in Tanchico, and bid farewell to the Seafolk. While they are walking down the docks they are stopped by Bayle Domon. Bayle apologizes for leaving Falme without them. He says he waited for them as long as he could. He offers to find them rooms, and they accept. Nynaeve gives Bayle a list of names and descriptions of the Black Ajah sisters. Bayle says he will keep an eye out, and let them know if he finds anything.   

When the party is at an inn, Nynaeve dunks Elayne’s head into water repeatedly to sober her up after Elayne got drunk watching Thom perform in the common room. Nynaeve uses the twisted ring ter’angreal to enter Tel'Aran'Rhiod.  Nynaeve meets Birgitte Silverbow in the World of Dreams. Nynaeve is forced to wake up abruptly when she has a run-in with Slayer; she narrowly escapes before he can fire his bow at her. The next morning, Juilin tells them he thinks he may have found a Black sister. Nynaeve has disguises made for herself and Elayne. Elayne and Nynaeve are walking the streets of Tanchico and they are attacked by a group of men. They are able to fight off the attackers with the help of Egeanin Tamarath. After the fight, they invite Egeanin to join them for tea. 

After tea with Egeanin, the innkeeper tells Nynaeve and Elayne that there is a woman asking about them. They have the innkeeper send the woman to them, expecting the woman to be Black Ajah, they prepare weaves to subdue her. The woman enters and puts them under Compulsion even though they are unaware of what is happening. The woman then asks them questions, and they seem to be in contest with each other to answer the fastest. When the woman is finished asking questions, she tells Nynaeve and Elayne to forget their meeting, then leaves. When the women come to, they are confused and continue their prior conversation concerning the Black Ajah. We later find out the woman was Moghedien. 

One day, Nynaeve and Elayne are having tea with Egeanin. Bayle Domon walks in to give the women his report regarding the search for the Black Ajah, Egeanin attacks Bayle, recognizing him from Falme. A scuffle ensues and ends with Bayle Domon forcibly holding Egeanin to the floor. Bayle reveals that Egeanin is Seanchan. Nynaeve accuses Egeanin of wriggling her way into their friendship so she can leash them. Nynaeve tells Egeanin that sul’dam can be taught to channel. Nynaeve and Elayne question Egeanin and determine that she is not a darkfriend. Bayle, Thom, and Juilin all have found out that Black Ajah sisters are at the Panarch’s palace. 

The men go back out to find more information, and Nynaeve goes into Tel’Aran’Riod for the same reason.  Nynaeve is in the World of Dreams, in the Heart of the Stone. She is nervous about the dangers of the place. Egwene and the Wise Ones find her wearing a suit of armor. Nynaeve hastily changes into Two Rivers woolens. Egwene tells about Shadowspawn attacks and her thoughts of Rand. Nynaeve is made to look foolish during a spat with Bair. Nynaeve desperately asks them for anything they can tell her about Tel'Aran'Rhiod to help in her mission. The Wise Ones tell her about the “need” technique of locating things in the World of Dreams. Egwene and Nynaeve agree to meet again in seven days. Nynaeve then zeroes herself in, using the “need” technique, finally arriving at the museum within the Panarch’s palace. She briefly spots someone suspicious but is distracted by Birgitte and loses track of the suspicious woman. Brigitte tells Nynaeve that the woman was Moghedien. Nynaeve and Birgitte chat a bit, then Nynaeve shifts to find a seal on the Dark One’s prison. She shifts again and finds the Domination Band. Elayne wakes her up before she can investigate further.  Nynaeve tells Elayne what she has found. They look to Egeanin while they discuss the Domination Band, but she tells them that no Seanchan would attempt to control a male channeler. 

After Thom gets into a scuffle in the hallway, Nynaeve and Elayne plan how they will get into the Panarch’s palace. The women make their plan, then head out to the palace. The men all want to come along, but Nynaeve sets them to other tasks. Egeanin offers to accompany them within the palace, and they accept. When they get inside, Nynaeve splits off, and ducks around a corner. Nynaeve finds the Domination Band, and touches the collar. She feels incredible sorrow and pain while physically touching the object. The anger she feels when she thinks about someone using this ter’angreal to control Rand is enough to allow her to embrace saidar. 

A woman enters the hall, and Nynaeve senses that it is Moghedien. Nynaeve attacks, but the Forsaken disrupts the weave. Moghedien extends a weave of Compulsion at the younger woman, but Nynaeve destroys the weave. The women trade attempts to Still each other. During the battle, Moghedien explains how the Domination Band works. Nynaeve notices that Moghedien is straining, and decides to take a chance. She distracts the more experienced woman by falling to the floor and throwing the collar and bracelets at her. The ter’angreal hits Moghedien right in the face. Nynaeve takes the opening in Moghedien’s defenses and slides a shield between Moghedien and saidar. Nynaeve secures both the Seal and the Domination Band. A Black sister appears and uses a ter’angreal to shoot balefire at Nynaeve, who narrowly dodges. 

By the time the dust settles, Moghedien and the Black sister have disappeared. Nynaeve dashes through the palace in search of Elayne and Egeanin, seeing multiple Black sisters along the way. Nynaeve tells Elayne that she has the Domination Band and the Seal, and also of her battle with Moghedien. The party heads back to the inn, where they ask Rendra to find “Thera”, the Panarch, a place to sleep and some work to do. Nynaeve and Elayne charge Bayle Domon and Egeanin to drop the Domination Band in the deepest part of the sea that they know. 

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg
The Shadow Rising

Fires of Heaven

Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom, and Juilin are on the road from Tarabon to Tar Valon. Nynaeve is annoyed at the affection Elayne is showing for Thom; she thinks their friendly flirting is inappropriate. Nynaeve handles an interaction with a group of Whitecloaks. They enter Amadicia and set up camp outside the town of Mardecin for a days’ rest. Tensions between Nynaeve and Elayne often flare up during their travels. 

The women go into Mardecin, and Nynaeve spots an emergency signal for the Yellow Ajah's eyes and ears. They enter the shop owned by Ronde Macura. Nynaeve speaks the code words that identify her as a member of the Yellow Ajah. Macura invites them to have some tea. Nynaeve asks what the message is as she drinks the tea. Macura tells her the message is “All sisters are welcome to return to the Tower. The Tower must be whole and strong.” Nynaeve realizes the tea is drugged, both Elayne and Nynaeve fall unconscious. After some time, Elayne wakes up. Macura tells her that she won’t be able to move or channel for a while. Luci, Macura’s assistant, gives the women another dose of tea via a funnel. As the women come to, Thom bursts through the door and demands to know what Luci gave them. Nynaeve says that Macura is the one to ask. Juilin comes in with Ronde Macura in tow. They interrogate the woman and find out the reason she drugged them is that the real message from the White Tower is to send anyone matching Elayne’s description to the Tower. They tie Macura and Luci up and move on. Before leaving the shop, Nynaeve takes some herbs and all of the forkroot that was used to make the tea that drugged them. Nynaeve also takes something to dye Elayne’s hair jet black. They change their cover story from them being merchants, to them being a Lady and her retainers.  

As they travel, Nynaeve becomes sour about having to play the role of Elayne’s maid. They come across Valan Luca’s traveling menagerie and Valan Luca asks them for money because his animals caused trouble in a nearby village. Elayne tells Nynaeve to give him some money, so she gives him one silver penny, which is insulting to Luca, and they travel on. They stop in a town called Sienda, and take a room at the inn for the women, the men sleep in the stable. Nynaeve uses the dream ter’angreal.  

Nynaeve is in the World of Dreams’ version of the Heart of the Stone. She calls for Birgitte, and she appears. Nynaeve asks Birgitte about the Forsaken, especially Moghedien. She also asks if she can tell Egwene and the Wise Ones about her. Birgitte refuses, then departs. When Egwene and the Wise Ones show up, Nynaeve asks about Lan. Egwene says that he is fine. Nynaeve tells her about the incident with Ronde Macura, but leaves out the fact that Nynaeve and Elayne needed to be saved by Thom and Juilin. Instead, she tells Egwene that she was able to identify the forkroot tea. Egwene tells Nynaeve about the Aiel marching out of the Waste, and that Moiraine now obeys Rand. Nynaeve and Melaine exchange jabs regarding Nynaeve and the dangers of the World of Dreams. Nynaeve shifts to meet Egwene in the Tower. The two women meet in the Amyrlin’s study. They notice it is completely changed. Egwene starts berating Nynaeve for not being careful in Tel'Aran'Rhiod. Egwene conjures men to harass Nynaeve, who begs Egwene to help. Egwene makes the men disappear and reminds Nynaeve that she can be killed in Tel'Aran'Rhiod if she is not in control. They go back to searching; Nynaeve searches the Amyrlin’s desk, and Egwene the Keeper’s. Egwene discovers that Elaida is Amyrlin and Nynaeve finds a report of a suspected gathering group of Blue sisters. Egwene also finds an arrest warrant for Moiraine and determines that Elaida will not support Rand. Egwene exerts authority over Nynaeve for the first time in their relationship when Nynaeve admits to lying about the forkroot tea. Egwene threatens to make Nynaeve drink an unpleasant mixture of herbs that Nynaeve used on Egwene for lying when she was Nynaeve’s apprentice. Egwene relents, and the two discuss whom they can share the new information with. Egwene warns Nynaeve not to tell anyone, to which Nynaeve responds that she is not a fool. Egwene says that Nynaeve is only a fool when she doesn’t control her temper. Egwene then warns Nynaeve to be careful about Moghedien. They say their goodbyes, then vanish.  

Nynaeve and Elayne decide to go to Tear. They cross paths with Galad, who is now a Whitecloak officer. He offers to take Elayne to Caemlyn, and she tells him she has to think about it. When the women get back to their room, Elayne explains to Nynaeve about Galad’s personality, and that they have to leave immediately. Thom and Juilin enter the room and tell them that Galad is having the inn watched. Nynaeve suggests using Valan Luca’s show to hide. Elayne and Nynaeve sneak out of the inn and head west, towards the show. When they reach Master Luca, he does not want to take them on, noting Nynaeve’s gift of a single silver penny. The offer of one hundred gold crowns changes his mind. He agrees to take them on but gives them jobs so they will blend in with the show.  

While traveling with the show, Nynaeve gets into a fistfight with Latelle, a member of the menagerie. Cerandin, the Seanchan animal handler, gives Nynaeve and Elayne an a’dam. Cerandin later beats up Nynaeve during an argument. Aludra, a wayward illuminator, now working for Valan Luca, gives Nynaeve a box of firesticks that Nynaeve apprehensively accepts. While Elayne is studying the a’dam, she tells Nynaeve that she might be able to reproduce one. Nynaeve is disgusted by the notion of Elayne wanting to make something so vile. 

During their stay with the show, Valan Luca tends to flirt with Nynaeve, who is going by Nana when around other members of the show. Nynaeve does not welcome his interest.  Nynaeve convinces Elayne to let her go back into Tel’Aran’Rhiod, even though it is Elayne’s turn. In the World of Dreams, Nynaeve meets with Birgitte who has something to show her. Nynaeve gives her word that she will not try anything stupid, and Birgitte takes her to spy on the Forsaken. They watch the five Forsaken that have gathered, including Moghedien. For a few minutes the Forsaken chatter, then Birgitte takes them away. 

The two women are talking when Moghedien appears. Moghedien knocks Birgitte out by throwing her against a wagon, she then shields Nynaeve. Birgitte comes to while Moghedien is threatening Nynaeve. Brigitte takes aim and hits the Forsaken with an arrow, narrowly missing her heart. Wounded, Moghedien flees, but not before channeling at Birgitte causing her to disappear. Nynaeve wakes up in tears, fearing that she has gotten Birgitte killed. Thom and Juilin burst into the wagon with Birgitte, naked and unconscious. They shuffle the men out, Nynaeve tries to heal Birgitte, to no avail. Elayne says she will try something; she bonds Birgitte as her warder, and it seems that she will live. 

Nynaeve goes for a walk and when she returns she looks like she has been crying. She tells Elayne that she will watch Birgitte so Elayne can get some sleep. Elayne goes for a walk instead. While talking to Thom, he tells Elayne that Nynaeve was very upset. Thom states that Nynaeve cried on his shoulder and she apologized for every negative word she ever said to him. Elayne goes back into their wagon. Elayne and Nynaeve both fall asleep. When they wake, Birgitte is already awake. They talk for a bit and Birgitte decides to stay Elayne’s warder. Nynaeve, feeling responsible for the situation, dotes on Birgitte.  Luca and Birgitte have an archery contest that Birgitte wins. Luca decides that instead of Thom throwing knives at Nynaeve as an act, Birgitte will shoot arrows at her. Nynaeve is not happy with the revealing dress that Luca had made for her to wear during performances. Birgitte tells Nynaeve to stop doting on her. Nynaeve walks through the menagerie looking at the performers, she notices Uno Nomesta muttering to himself, and follows after him. Nynaeve calls out for Uno, who says he recognizes her. 

He offers to send her to Tear to join Rand, but they end up going to see Masema, now known as the Prophet of the Lord Dragon. Nynaeve meets with Masema and he is overjoyed to recognize her as someone who grew up with and helped raise The Lord Dragon. Masema tells Nynaeve that she could be a big help to him by talking to people about The Lord Dragon’s childhood. Nynaeve says The Lord Dragon has summoned her to Tear, so she must go. The Prophet reluctantly agrees and says he will find a ship to take her. On their way back to the show, Uno, Nynaeve, and Raegan notice a Whitecloak following them. Nynaeve gets a good look at the man and realizes it is Galad.  Galad follows the trio into an ally. Nynaeve asks him why he is in Ghealdon. He says he was headed for Salidar, but orders were changed to deal with the Prophet. Nynaeve recognizes the name Salidar. Galad offers to find passage for her and Elayne to Altara. Nynaeve tells him where they are staying after he gives his word not to bring them harm. When Galad departs, Uno tells Nynaeve that there are fifteen Shienarans who are not loyal to Masema. Nyneve knows the Shienarans can be helpful. 

Back at the show, Nynaeve tells Elayne everything that happened in town. She also tells Elayne about Salidar. Nynaeve and Birgitte’s act goes over very well with the crowd. While waiting for a ship, Nynaeve wonders why Egwene has been in her dreams so often recently. Elayne has also been dreaming of Egwene. The two share notes and determine that Egwene has been updating them on the situation with Rand in Cairhien. Elayne, Nyn, Thom, Juilin, and Birgitte have all been getting under each other’s skin. While the women are sitting in the wagon, Thom comes in and tells about riots and fighting in the town. 

Uno visits to tell Nynaeve that he has found a ship, but they will have to fight their way there because the Whitecloaks are fighting with the Dragonsworn over the ship. Nynaeve realizes she caused this by asking Galad and the Prophet to find her a boat. Galad shows up, also telling about the ship, and the fighting. Valan Luca, disheveled, tells them the show will be leaving within the Hour. Nynaeve tells him that they will be leaving the show. She offers him the promised coin, but he refuses. He professes his love for “Nana”, asking her to stay, be his wife, and bear his children. Nynaeve declines, saying she is already with a man. Luca says he will find her again, and she will choose him. 

The group packs their belongings and bids farewell to the show. The formidable group makes its way to Samara in a modified wedge formation. They enter Samara, the town looks like a war zone. They fight their way to the docks that are currently held by the Whitecloaks. Nynaeve browbeats the ship’s Captain to take roughly forty refugees as passengers. Nynaeve thanks Galad for his help.  

On River Serpent, Nynaeve pays the Captain for the extra passengers. Elayne believes him to be a smuggler, so they blackmail him into emptying his hold into the river so that the people may have somewhere to sleep. During the first night on the ship, Nynaeve visits Tel’Aran’Rhiod, and calls for Egwene. Nynaeve is horrified that Moghedien might find her, so she returns to the waking world crying. During the trip, Nynaeve heals some of the refugees, hiding her channeling by using herbs and ointments. The River Serpent puts in at Boanda, most of the refugees leave the boat and go on their way. Nynaeve convinces the Captain to take them to Salidar. 

Nynaeve and Elayne take trips to the World of Dreams to gather info and practice their skills. One trip, they meet Egwene with Amys and exchange stories. Egwene hints at meeting them in the Tower after Amys leaves. When they meet up with Egwene in the Tower, she rudely demands that they not mention Egwene being in Tel’Aran’Rhiod without the Wise Ones as an escort. After a few more days of sailing, the party is let off near Salidar, and they make their way inland.  Nynaeve and Elayne expect to be welcomed to Salidar as heroes, but when they arrive, they are harshly interrogated. They hide details about Moghedien and Birgitte, as well as the fact that they have been posing as full sisters. 

Nynaeve is surprised to find Leane and Suian alive. She is aware of them being stilled, and when she delves them, she feels something that she thinks should be able to be healed. The Aes Sedai find the ter’angreal that Nynaeve and Elayne have, and tell them to teach the Aes Sedai how to use the dream ter’angreal. The men try to talk Nynaeve and Elayne to flee, but the women decide to stay. They tell the men that they can go to Rand in Cairhien, but they also decide to stay.  Nynaeve and Suian come to an agreement. Nynaeve will teach Suian and Leane about the World of Dreams, and Nynaeve will be able to study Suian, Leane, and Logain in regards to their stilling/gentling. 

Nynaeve is in Tel’Aran’Rhiod teaching Suian things she knows about the World of Dreams. The two argue with increasing hostility and end up fist fighting and wrestling on the ground. The short-lived scrap ends when Suian starts laughing at how ridiculous they must look. They decide just to yell at each other from now on. Nynaeve sees a face out of the corner of her eye; she suspects Moghedien. She asks Suian to return to her own dreams, but the woman refuses. Nynaeve takes Suian’s ter’angreal away without knowing the ramifications. Suian disappears. 

Nynaeve then shifts to another location and Moghedien shows up. Nynaeve tries to shield Moghedien, but the weave is brushed aside. Birgitte shows up having taken the ter'angreal and attacks Moghedien, but Moghedien makes her arrow stop short of its mark. The Forsaken turns Birgitte into a child with a toy bow. Nynaeve gets an idea and falls to her knees begging Moghedien for mercy. When Moghedien walks close to Nynaeve, Nynave imagines an a’dam being locked around Moghediens neck. Nynaeve, now in control of Moghedien, restores Birgitte, who then wakes up. Moghedien starts pleading for her life. Nynaeve contemplates killing her, but Moghedien has knowledge that she can give up. Moghedien tells of Rahvin’s trap for Rand in Caemlyn. Nynaeve shifts the two of them to Caemlyn. Nynaeve dodges weaves from Rand and Rahvin. Moghedien states that both of the men are in the world of dreams in the flesh, making them much stronger than the women. Nynaeve goes to push on. Moghedien attempts to refuse, but the a’dam forces her. Nynaeve attacks Rahvin from behind with all of the power she can pull from Moghedien. While Nynaeve has Rahvin’s attention, Rand balefires him out of existence. 

Nynaeve goes to Rand and heals his wounds, save for his half-healed, never healing wound in his side. Nynaeve tells Rand that he must go, that being in Tel’Aran’Rhiod in the flesh is very dangerous; he leaves. Nynaeve makes Moghedien drink forkroot and tells her that they will meet in the real world shortly. Nynaeve has figured out that Moghedien has been posing as Marigan, a Samaran refugee that decided to follow the party to Salidar.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg
Fires of Heaven

Lord of Chaos

Nynaeve now controls Moghedien through an a’dam altered to not require the physical leash between collar and bracelet. Nynaeve studies Siuan, Leane, and Logain, attempting to restore their ability to channel. Both women try on the a’dam and can feel Moghedien’s emotion, but not channel through her. This does imply to Nynaeve that there is "something" to heal, however. Nynaeve and Elayne have coerced a lot of information out of Moghedien and they pass the knowledge off as their own discoveries. They also pass off information on darkfriend plots as reports from Siuan’s eyes and ears. 

Nynaeve and Elayne are instructing the Aes Sedai leaders in the ways of Tel'aran'rhiod. Nynaeve studies with the Yellow Ajah and does busy work for full Aes Sedai. Nynaeve tries but fails to convince Birgitte to help her and Elayne escape to Caemlyn. Nynaeve works with Theodrin to break her block. Tarna, an ambassador from the White Tower tries to talk Nynaeve into going back to the Tower, but she refuses. Tarna had already tried and failed, to convince Elayne to do the same. Nynaeve and Elayne go into the World of Dreams, and use the “need” method to find a storeroom in Ebou Dar filled with objects of the One Power. 

Upon returning from Tel'aran'rhiod, Nynaeve decides to follow Theodrin’s orders to stay awake for the rest of the night. Theodrin believes being exhausted might help Nynaeve surrender to saidar. Nynaeve reflects on her block, and how nice it would be to channel whenever she wants, she starts to cry. Nynaeve drifts off to sleep but is awakened by screams. She gets up, and steps outside into pandemonium. Anaiya thinks it to be an attack by Sammael. Nynaeve and Elayne try to explain that they are experiencing a bubble of evil, not the work of a Forsaken. Anaiya dismisses the younger women’s correct assessment, and orders Nynaeve to go to bed. Nynaeve, frustrated, reluctantly goes to sleep.  

Tarna departs Salidar. Nynaeve and Elayne tell Sheriam about what they found in Tel'aran'rhiod. After explaining it to the Hall of the Tower, the Hall decides to send a letter to Merilille in Ebou Dar with details of how to find the storeroom. Nynaeve and Elayne plead their case for why they should be sent to Ebou Dar, but the Hall denies their request, stating that Ebou Dar is no place for Accepted. Nynaeve loses her temper and tells the Hall that they are scared and not doing anything productive. Nynaeve and Elayne are made to do extra chores for Nynaeve's outburst. She apologizes to Elayne while they are scrubbing pots. Nynaeve continues to work on breaking her block.  

Nynaeve visits Logain to study his gentling. Nynaeve can feel that something has been cut. She starts testing weaves on the “cut” inside Logain. While weaving, her mind wanders off as she thinks about Rand, and about Egwene. As she thinks about unrelated things, she uses Fire and Spirit to bridge the "cut" within Logain and his eyes light up suddenly. Nynaeve realizes what she has done. She looks at Logain, and recognizes that she has restored his ability to channel. Nynaeve shields Logain, and ties him to his chair with flows of air. Nynaeve sends Elayne to find Sheriam, but more than ten other Aes Sedai show up. None of the full sisters believe Nynaeve’s claim, but six Aes Sedai take over the shield. 

Myrelle and Sheriam lead Nynaeve to the Little Tower, gathering a following of Yellow sisters along the way. When they enter the building, the Aes Sedai antagonize Nynaeve to the point of fury. Siuan and Leane enter the room, and Nynaeve restores their ability to channel. Siuan and Leane tearfully thank Nynaeve, hugging her tightly. Nynaeve expects praise from the Aes Sedai, but the sisters seem to be concerned with ways of improving the healing weaves. As Nynaeve leaves the building, she is swarmed by Aes Sedai asking her to teach them her method of healing, as well as sisters boasting of how they will break Nynaeve’s block. That evening, Nynaeve returns to her room and explains to Elayne that she is exhausted. The Aes Sedai had worn her out all day, and only let her go because she looked as if she was going to fall over. Siuan and Leane bring Nynaeve a full platter of food and ask Nynaeve to try healing them again because they are much weaker in the power than they used to be. Nynaeve is too tired but tries again in the morning to no effect. Nynaeve thinks what was healed cannot be healed again. 

Egwene travels from the Waste to Salidar in one night at the summons of the Hall of the Tower and is raised to the Amyrlin Seat when she arrives in Salidar. Egwene raises Nynaeve, Elayne, and two other Accepted to full Aes Sedai. Once in her study, Egwene sends for Elayne and Nynaeve. The three talk for a while. The conversation turns to the objects of power in Ebou Dar. Nynaeve and Elayne ask Egwene to send them to Ebou Dar. After more discussion, Egwene says she will send them. Nynaeve confesses to Egwene that she has captured Moghedien. She also tells Egwene that the majority of her and Elayne’s “discoveries” have come from Moghedien. Nynaeve turns over the bracelet to Egwene. Egwene exerts her power of Moghedien, then dismisses the Forsaken. Nynaeve and Elayne also leave. 

Nynaeve meets with Romanda, and tells her that she still needs help breaking her block. Romanda agrees to continue helping Nynaeve.  Mat arrives in Salidar. Nynaeve takes him to see the Amyrlin. Upon entering the Amyrlin’s study, Mat snatches the stole off of Egwene’s shoulders and tells the women that he will be taking Elayne to Caemlyn and that he will help get them out of trouble again. Egwene shows Mat that she is indeed the Amyrlin, and Mat realizes his mistake. Nynaeve kicks Mat on the bottom during his argument with Egwene. Mat leaves and the women determine how to deal with the Band. They also decide that Nynaeve and Elayne will take Mat with them to Ebou Dar. 

Nynaeve, Mat, Elayne, Thom, Juilin, Birgitte, Aviendha, Vandene, and Adeleas travel through a gateway to an area five days from Ebou Dar. Nynaeve and Elayne go to the Tarasin Palace, where they meet Merilille, a Gray Aes Sedai. Merilille dismisses them as Accepted, and that really upsets the younger women. Nynaeve and Elayne meet Queen Tylin, and they speak of many things. They talk about the search for the storeroom containing objects of the One Power. From their explanation, the Queen says it sounds like the storeroom is in the Rahad; the roughest district in the city. Nynaeve and Elayne use the Mirror of the Mists to leave the palace and search the Rahad without Mat knowing. 

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg
Lord of Chaos

A Crown of Swords

Nynaeve, Elayne, Aviendha, and Birgitte go to see the Sea F0olk and tell them about the ter’angreal that looks connected to the weather. The Sea Folk recognize the description as the Bowl of the Winds. Birgitte, after a night out drinking with Mat, tells Nynaeve and Elayne that Mat might be willing to help them if they apologize for how they treated him in Tear. Elayne accepts, but Nynaeve refuses to apologize. Nynaeve later relents and agrees to apologize. Nynaeve and Elayne travel to the Wandering Woman Inn to apologize to Mat. The women apologize and ask Mat to move into the palace. Mat isn’t happy about it, but he agrees after hearing about the Bowl of the Winds.  

The women leave Mat, and meet Setalle Anan, the owner of the inn. Setalle berates them for pretending to be Aes Sedai. The women insist that they indeed are Aes Sedai, but Setalle doesn’t buy it. She tells the younger women that she knows people who can help them. The pair allow Setalle to lead them to the Kin, a group of women who can channel. Upon arriving at the Kin’s building, Nynaeve and Elayne are shielded and interrogated. Reanne, one of the Kin’s leaders, decides that they have studied in the Tower, but they are not full Sisters. When Nynaeve and Elayne continue to argue with them, the Kin tells them that they should leave the City. On their way back to the palace, Nynaeve and Elayne are attacked. Nynaeve heals Elayne and they continue on to the palace. 

Nynaeve, who is visiting the Sea Folk ship, is spotted by Moghedien. Moghedien, despite her orders from Moridin, goes to the top of a nearby building and uses balefire to destroy the ship Nynaeve is on. Nynaeve is trapped in the sinking ship, she tries to escape. When Nynaeve realizes that she is hopelessly trapped, she gives in and fully surrenders to saidar. Her block is broken, and she channels her way out of the ship. She attempts to swim her way to shore but does not make it. Nynaeve is saved by Lan, who tells her that Moiraine has passed his bond to Myrelle. He also tells her that it was balefire that destroyed the ship. Nynaeve tells Lan that she will marry him. The couple makes their way to the Sea Folk ship, and are wed in the Seafolk fashion.  

Nynaeve and Elayne gather a party to search for the Bowl of the Winds, and when they find the building, they are attacked by the Black Ajah and the Gholam. Many are killed or injured in the fighting, but they capture a Black sister, and force the Gholam and the other Black sister to flee. 

Nynaeve heals the wounded after the dust settles. They find the Bowl and many other objects of the One Power.  When they return to the palace, Mat gets the Sea Folk Windfinders to leave the city to use the Bowl. Reanne suggests the Kin’s farm, and it is agreed. Mat goes to find Olver before the group leaves but gets trapped with the Seanchan attack. The party led by Nynaeve and Elayne is forced to travel to the farm without him. 

Crown of Swords Nice.png
A Crown of Swords

Path of Daggers

Nynaeve and Lan argue about who is protecting who while they’re rushing through the Tarasin Palace to flee the city. The group reaches the stable, and the party goes through a gateway made by Aviendha. The group then travels to the Kin’s farm. They arrive at the farm and inadvertently cause chaos as one of the Kin at the farm spots the Aes Sedai face of Careane Fransi. Nynaeve oversees restoring order to the farmhouse and rounding up the running women. Elayne and Aviendha are sorting through the stockpile of ter’angreal when Nynaeve tells them that it is time to use the Bowl of the Winds. The Windfinders who will be leading the group of channelers to use the Bowl choose a hilltop to use the ter'angreal. Nynaeve apologizes to Elayne for her foolishness. 

Once the women are ready to get to work, Nynaeve explains the Linking process to the Windfinders and the Kin. Caire din Gelyn Running Wave snatches control of the circle from Elayne and starts channeling into the Bowl. When Caire is finished she abruptly releases the circle. When the work is done, the Sea Folk demand the Aes Sedai fulfill their part of the bargain. Nynaeve tells them that she won’t be convinced of anything until the weather starts to change.  The channelers can feel an immense amount of channeling coming from Ebou Dar. Nynaeve wants to go back for Mat, but Elayne explains why that would be a bad idea. A raken is spotted flying toward the farm. Elayne takes charge trying to get everyone off of the hill and ready to travel to Andor. 

Once everyone is ready to flee the farm, Elayne opens a gateway to a meadow near one of her estates, about two weeks from Caemlyn. Nynaeve and Alise lead the women to the manor house while Birgitte and Aviendha stay with Elayne who has started pulling apart the weaves so that the Seanchan cannot follow them. Elayne loses control of the gateway as she pulls it apart and a giant explosion ensues, wiping out the Farm and destroying the area in Andor where they had arrived. At the manor house, Nynaeve heals those that have been injured escaping the farm.  

The group spends the night in Elayne’s manor, then leaves for Caemlyn in the morning. Nynaeve starts teaching the Kin how to have a backbone and not cower at the sight of Aes Sedai. On the road, Nynaeve and Elayne get a message from Egwene via Tel'aran'rhiod that tells them to stay in Caemlyn and be careful. One day during their travels, Elayne and Nynaeve are shown Adeleas and Ispan’s corpses. Nynaeve checks the teapot and finds that crimsonthorne, a poisonous herb, was used to kill Adeleas. The party arrives in Caemlyn. 

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg
Path of Daggers

Winter's Heart

In Caemlyn, Nynaeve continues to work with the Kin, teaching them how to assert themselves. After hearing from Reanne concerning the captured damane, Nynaeve decides that the former damane Alivia, Kara, and Lemore should be free of the leash, but kept under supervision. Lemore is to be made a Novice, because she is only nineteen years old. Nynaeve uses herbs to heal Elayne instead of using the Power. She is prickly because a few of the Kin are showing more prowess using healing weaves.  Nynaeve and Elayne go into Tel'aran'rhiod to meet with Egwene, who tells them to stay in Caemlyn until she gains more control over the rebel Aes Sedai. Egwene also tells the women her plans for using the Kin as a retirement organization for Aes Sedai who want to be free of the Three Oaths to live a longer life. The women realize at least two people have been watching them. They see a man in a Shienaran coat and hear a door close from somewhere else. They are unable to determine who was spying on them. 

Nynaeve is required to instruct the Windfinders on how to shield a channeler from the source. Talaan, a Windfinder apprentice, shields Nynaeve and turns her upside down. Nynaeve is not released until she uses all of her power to try breaking the shield; she is unable. Talaan tells Nynaeve that she wants to go to the White Tower to become a Novice. Talaan believes that if Nynaeve tells the Windfinders that Talaan should be able to train in the Tower, that the Windfinders will not argue with her.  

Lan takes Nynaeve to their room, where Mistress Harfor and a strange man are waiting for them. The man mentions “Women’s Circle business” and Nynaeve dismisses Mistress Harfor. Rand then drops his Mirror of Mists weave. Nynaeve delves Rand, because she is worried about the wounds in his side. Rand tells Nynaeve about his plans to cleanse Saidin. He gives Nynaeve the female Choedan Kal access key, and Nynaeve agrees to help him.  

Nynaeve travels to Far Madding with Rand and company to find and kill the rogue Asha’man. The group takes rooms at the Crown of Maredo inn. A few days after being in the city, Nynaeve goes riding outside of Far Madding with Cadsuane and a few other women. Cadsuane tells Nynaeve about the uses of the ter’angreal that Nynaeve is in possession of. Nynaeve had obtained these items from the cache from Ebou Dar. 

Nynaeve then goes with Rand and Lan to kill two of the Asha’man. Nynaeve lifts the men onto the roof of the shop Gedwyn and Torval are staying in, then she goes to keep watch. While Nynaeve is on watch, guards begin to flood the street in front of the shop. Cadsuane and Alivia grab Nynaeve as she was about to see what Rand and Lan were up to. Cadsuane tells Nynaeve that she spooked the Counsels when she channeled, because of Far Madding’s Guardian ter’angreal. Nynaeve, Cadsuane, Min, Alivia, and three of Rand’s Asha’man enter the Hall of the Counsels. Nynaeve draws on her well to help Cadsuane deceive Aleis, the First Counsel, into believing that the Asha’man are not affected by the Guardian.  

Aleis agrees to release Rand and Lan into Cadsuane’s custody. When they are leaving Far Madding, Rand says that they will cleanse Saidin. The group leaves Far Madding, and travels to an area outside of Shadar Logoth. Nynaeve loans Alivia her ter’angreal because Nynaeve will not need them when she is linked with Rand and using the Choedan Kal. 

Rand and Nynaeve link; Rand using Nynaeve as a conduit for Saidar, sets to his task. While Rand and Nynaeve are working, a battle with the Forsaken breaks out. Rand’s party, led by Cadsuane is successful in driving off the Forsaken, keeping Rand and Nynaeve safe. After the battle is finished, Rand and Nynaeve , having cleansed the taint on Saidin, fall unconscious. Cadsuane packs up the male access key, but the female one was destroyed during the cleansing. Where Shadar Logoth once had been, there is only a crater. Jahar Narishma declares that Saidin is clean. 

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg
Winter's Heart

After cleansing the taint, Nynaeve goes with Rand’s party to the Pendaloan estates in Tear. Nynaeve stays with Rand’s camp but does not have a major impact in this book.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg
Crossroads of Twilight

Crossroads of Twilight


At Lord Algarin’s estate in Tear, Rand and his entourage, including Nynaeve, are resting and recovering strength. Nynaeve continues to warn about a storm that is coming, not meaning the weather. After a massive Shadowspawn attack on the manor, Nynaeve heals the injured. 

Lan tells Nynaeve that he is upset with Rand for focusing on the Seanchan and ignoring the Borderlands. Nynaeve says that she will take Lan to the Borderlands, on the condition that he will ride to Fal Moran before entering the Blight, and that he will accept anyone who wants to ride with him. Lan agrees, so Nynaeve takes him via a gateway to World’s End in Saldaea, the westernmost part of the Borderlands, and leaves him there. Nynaeve travels to various locations in the Borderlands, telling people of Lan's coming and rallying support for him. She meets Weilin Aldragoran, and tells him to send word that her husband Rides from World’s End to Tarwin’s Gap. Weilin is skeptical but Nynaeve convinces him that Malkier lives. Weilin and his men agree to ride with Lan. “The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gaidon”. After Nynaeve spreads the word of Lan's coming to the men of Malkier, she returns to Rand. The party travels to Stedding Shangtai, but is denied entry. Rand decides to head to the city of Tear.  

Nynaeve is one of Rand’s entourage when he goes to Lady Deirdrus’ manor in order to meet with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. As they approach the manor, two women walk outside, one matching the description of Tuon. Nynaeve tells Rand that one of the women is channeling but is masking the weaves, so she cannot tell which woman. As they approach the women, Cadsuane interrupts the inverted weaves. The woman posing as Tuon flickers for an instant into a tall woman in a black dress. Rand recognizes the woman as Semirhage. Semirhage throws fire at Rand, knocking him down, and severing his hand. 

As Rand is recovering, his forces secure the area, capturing Semirhage and killing others. Nynaeve heals Rand’s wound into a clean stump, but she cannot replace the hand. Nynaeve is disturbed by Rand’s nonchalance at the situation, but Min tells her that he cannot change it, so he accepts it and has moved on. 

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg
Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams


Nynaeve is with Rand when he meets Rhuarc and Bael concerning their efforts in Arad Domon. Nynaeve travels with Rand’s camp to Bandar Eban. While there, Nynaeve and Rand argue about Rand’s actions and plans. They argue about Lan, the Last Battle, and the Seanchan. Rand gets very angry with Nynaeve but controls his temper. While in Bandar Eben, Nynaeve watches the parade of ghosts from the city wall. Later, she walks the streets and heals a sick child she finds. She enlists the help of some guards and makes her way to the candle shop used as a front for a jail. Nynaeve heals the prisoner of poison, then questions the jailers about how the King’s messenger had died. She finds out that Kerb, the chandler's apprentice, has been poisoning the prisoners’ food. The guards Nynaeve brought with her apprehend Kerb as he attempts to flee the shop. Nynaeve sends the Maidens to bring Rand to the shop where Kerb is being held. Nynaeve tells Rand of Kerb’s actions. Rand expects Compulsion and explains to Nynaeve how to check for it, and how to remove it. The Compulsion takes Nynaeve about an hour to remove. When she’s finished, Kerb seems as if his mind is broken. Rand presses Kerb and is able to coax Graendal’s location out of him before he dies. Nynaeve is completely shaken by Rand’s actions, but cannot argue with his response when she confronts him.  

Nynaeve travels to Falme with Rand to meet Tuon. Nynaeve’s presence, along with that of the Asha’man, seem to put Tuon off balance and out of focus. Nynaeve fiercely defends Mat when Tuon mentions him in a disparaging way. The meeting does not yield an agreement, and both sides leave angry.  

Nynaeve travels with Rand to Natrim’s Barrow. Rand sends Ramshalan into the fortress, expecting Graendal to use Compulsion on him. When Ramshalan returns, Nynaeve confirms the presence of Compulsion. Rand uses a huge weave of balefire to destroy the fortress and all inside it. Nynaeve ferociously berates Rand for using balefire in such a way, but Rand orders her to check Ramshalan again. Nynaeve finds that the Compulsion is gone. Whoever used Compulsion on him had been burned from the pattern prior to setting the weave, the result of Rand's balefire. 

Nynaeve and Min discuss what Rand has become. Nynaeve feels that if he were to face the Dark One in his current state, victory may be as bad as defeat. Nynaeve goes to Cadsuane and tells her and the Wise Ones what Rand had done. Nynaeve convinces Cadsuane and Sorilea to let her help them. They determine that they must locate Perrin. Nynaeve continues to argue with Rand about Lan. Nynaeve is one of the channelers that goes with Rand to meet the Borderlanders near Far Madding. The Borderland leaders send one man, Hurin, to speak to Rand. Rand mistreats Hurin, and questions why he was the only one sent. Hurin says he was sent to set the terms for the real meeting. Rand, enraged, starts pulling saidin through the Choden Kal access key. Before he can attack, Nynaeve convinces him not to kill anyone. Rand tells Hurin that if the Borderland Army wants to go back to the Blightborder, he will send them via gateway. Rand tells Nynaeve where Perrin is. 

When Nynaeve returns to Tear, she goes to Cadsuane and reluctantly tells her what happened, and where Perrin is. Cadsuane tells Nynaeve that Perrin isn’t who they actually need to locate, but Tam is with Perrin.  After Cadsuane brings Tam to see Rand in Tear in an attempt to give Rand back his conscious, Rand almost kills Tam at finding out Cadsuane was behind it. Nynaeve is sitting with Cadsuane when Tam storms out of Rand's sitting room, informing them that Rand had fled to Ebou Dar.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg
the Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm


Nynaeve is in the Stone of Tear, talking with Min and Cadsuane, when Rand arrives back in the city. He informs them that the Tower had been reunified under Egwene. Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene meet in Tel’Aran’Rhiod. Egwene tells the other two that Rand wants to break the seals. To her surprise, Nynaeve and Elayne think that Rand might be right. Egwene tells them both that they have to return to the White Tower, test for the shawl, and take the Three Oaths. Elayne notes her pregnancy, and Egwene agrees to postpone the requirements. Nynaeve agrees, stating that she already knows the weaves for the test. Egwene tells them about Sheriam stealing the dream ter’angreal for the Black Ajah. 

While they are talking, Egwene’s ward goes off. She shifts to where she set the wards, and finds Talva, a Black sister. Talva tries to attack Egwene but Egwene shields her immediately. Egwene hears something behind her and shifts again. Alviarin’s flows of fire, aimed for Egwene, take Talva instead. Alviarin then vanishes. Nynaeve suggests to Egwene that they set a new meeting place, but Egwene is set on trapping Mesaana.  

Nynaeve is walking the streets of Tear with Naeff. They come across a line of soldiers who are guarding an area that has experienced a bubble of evil. The soldiers let them through. The area has an “off” look to it. Nynaeve instructs the soldiers to look for injured civilians. Nynaeve and Naeff go into the affected neighborhood, everything they touch or step on turns into dust. Naeff continues to complain about myrddraal that he sees following them. They walk into an inn that looks as if time has stopped in place. Nynaeve Delves some of the people there but finds no sign of life. Nynaeve has Naeff create a gust of wind that causes the whole neighborhood to blow into a cyclone of dust. Nynaeve burns the dust away with flows of fire. Naeff says he thinks the myrddraal he has been seeing caused the bubble of evil. Nynaeve Delves him and discovers what looks like black thorns latched into his mind. Nynaeve takes her time and pulls each of the “thorns” free from Naeff. When she is finished, Naeff claims the myrddraal have disappeared. Nynaeve realizes she has cured his madness. Rand shows up and thanks Nynaeve for all her help. Nynaeve delves Rand, but she finds thousands of black thorns sticking into an area of bright light. She tells Rand that she is sorry, she cannot help his madness. She says she will heal the Asha’man before she goes back to the Tower. Rand thanks her, and tells her that he wants her to be with him when he faces the Dark One. She agrees. 

Nynaeve returns to the Tower, where she is led by Rosil, to where she will take her test to be formally raised Aes Sedai. Egwene is present, along with one member from each Ajah. Rosil shows her the six-pointed star symbol she must follow and explains how the testing works. 

Nynaeve begins the test and works her way through. She performs the required weaves in different stressful environments. Her trials continue to get harder. She is forced to leave sick children to certain death because she cannot use saidar to Heal them. She has to leave people she cares for to die in many different gruesome ways. One of her scenarios starts in Emond's Field, where the Two Rivers folks are being attacked by Shadowspawn. She sees Perrin, who calls her for help; but she also sees the six-pointed star on a hillside. She starts to walk toward the star but thinks of how silly it is not to run. She decides she needs to help her friends, so she tries to weave fire at the Shadowspawn, but hits some sort of shield, separating her from Saidar. She pushes through the shield and hurls fire at the Shadowspawn. She then sees the symbol on the inn’s roof and walks to it. She feels shame for leaving her friends behind. Her last scenario shows her Lan fighting against Darkhounds in Malkier. She sees the star below her feet and forms the last weave. She then sees the star on a shack door and begins to walk to it. She witnesses Lan begin struggling against the Darkhounds, so she turns around, and throws fire at them. The fire has no effect on the Darkhounds, so she weaves balefire under them, and they fall into the resulting hole. She then walks through the doorway and is back in the Tower. Rosil heals Nynaeve’s wounds. 

Saerin is upset because she’s never seen someone put through a test so demanding. Barasine says it doesn't matter because Nynaeve failed to keep an Aes Sedai’s bearing. Egwene admits that she was responsible for the Two Rivers and Malkier scenarios. Nynaeve says she is glad she would choose Lan over being Aes Sedai. She states that she does not need the title to fight the Dark One. Egwene reminds the judges of Nynaeve’s achievements and strength. With a judgment of four to three, Nynaeve narrowly passes the test. Nynaeve then travels to visit Myrelle and bullies her into passing Lan’s bond. 

After, Nynaeve returns to the Tower for a night of prayer and reflection. During her testing, Nynaeve’s hair becomes much shorter, and can no longer be worn in a braid. Nynaeve is formally raised and swears the Three Oaths. Nynaeve tells of events during her travels with Rand, and defends him when Egwene condemns Rand for allowing Asha’man to bond Aes Sedai. They talk about the plans for trapping and defeating Mesaana in Tel’Aran’Rhiod. Nynaeve takes part in the battle against Messaana and the Black Ajah in the World of Dreams. 

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg
Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight


Nynaeve is at the Field of Merrilor, awaiting the Last Battle. While in camp, a Warder named Sleete brings Leilwin (Egeanin) and Bayle Domon to her. Nynaeve berates Leilwin for not disposing of the Domination Band, which allowed Semirhage to obtain it. Nynaeve tells them how Semirhage used it against Rand, and how close to defeat the Light was because of it. Leilwin, shamed to her bones, tells Nynaeve of her demotion and attempts to give herself to Nynaeve as payment for her failure. Nynaeve declines but takes the pair to see Egwene. Talmanes comes through a gateway, very near death due to an injury caused by a Thakan’dar blade, Nynaeve heals him. When Moiraine enters the command tent, Nynaeve hugs her wholeheartedly. 

Nynaeve and Moiraine accompany Rand to the Thakan’dar battlefront. Rand has chosen them to be the two women that will link with him to use Callandor during his battle with the Dark One. Rand states he will invade Shayol Ghul the next day. Moiraine and Nynaeve enter Shayol Ghul with Rand. The three form a circle, and control is given to Rand. It is time for The Dragon Reborn to begin the Last Battle. Nynaeve receives a message from Perrin via Tel’aran’rhiod that he has set the Dreamspike to affect the area within the cavern. He tells her that if they need to make a gateway, they will have to go back to the entrance. 

Nynaeve watches Rand and Moridin, seemingly frozen in battle. She clings to rocks in fear of being pulled into the nothingness that seems to surround the men battling. Nynaeve sees Alanna, chained to a wall, and crying. Alanna has been stabbed in the stomach and is bleeding profusely. Nynaeve is unable to use the power to heal her because Rand is in control of the circle. Nynaeve fears that if Alanna dies, Rand will lose control and go into a rage caused by the Warder bond. Nynaeve makes a poultice with herbs to dress the wound. She is worried that it will not be enough to save the dying Aes Sedai. During Rand's battle of wills with the Dark One, Rand is shown a version of reality where Nynaeve has been turned to the Shadow. When this version of Nynaeve finds Rand, she takes him to be turned as well. Rand rejects this version of reality, and the world shatters.  

Nynaeve continues to help Alanna with herbs and bandaging. Moridin throws a knife that hits Alanna; however, thanks to Nynaeve’s treatment, Alanna is clear-headed enough to release her Warder bond to Rand before she dies. Moridin takes Callandor and uses it to draw on the True Power. Nynaeve and Moiraine exploit the weakness in the sa'angreal that allows them to take control of Moridin. They do so, then pass control to Rand who uses all three powers to seal the Dark One’s prison. Lanfear attempts to use Compulsion to force Perrin into helping her kill Moiraine and Nynaeve. Perrin breaks the Compulsion, then kills Lanfear. Moiraine, temporarily blinded by the light coming from Rand, hauls Nynaeve out of the Pit of Doom.  

After the battle, Rand is dying in the camp at Thakan’dar valley. Nynaeve and Damer Flinn attempt to heal Rand, to no effect. Rand dies. Aviendha, Min, and Elayne seem not to care. Nynaeve presses them about what they know, but Aviendha casually dismisses her question. Nynaeve presses again, but Aviendha states that they must prepare Rand's funeral pyre. After the story, Nynaeve and Lan are crowned King and Queen of Malkier. Nynaeve continues her duties as an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg
A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities

Special Abilities

Nynaeve is one of the strongest female channelers in the world. Her power ranking is 4(+9). Her power potential is 3(+10). She is strong enough to make gateways. She is very adept with healing weaves. She has cultivated her own ways of healing, different from the ones the Aes Sedai teach. She is capable of replicating complex weaves, after seeing them only once or twice. 

After the story, Nynaeve is the strongest active Aes Sedai. Nynaeve is equally strong in all the powers, which is very rare. She is skilled in the World of Dreams, if not at the same level as Egwene, Perrin, or the Aiel Dreamwalkers.  Nynaeve is great at stalking, hunting, trapping, and fishing. As Wisdom in Emond's Field, she was one of the few Two Rivers Wisdoms who could actually listen to the winds to predict the weather.

Notable Possessions

Notable Possessions

Nynaeve is in possession of many angreal, and ter’angreal. She wears a belt made of gold and covered in fine rubies that is a Well, a ter'angreal that stores a small amount of saidar. It allows her to fill it with Saidar that she can tap into even when cut off from the source. She has a golden ring that has a pale green stone set in it. This ring feels like it vibrates when someone channels saidin or saidar within a certain distance. She has a golden ring set with a sapphire that turns cold when someone nearby feels anger or hostility. She also has a gold bracelet with red stones that gives her better armor than steel. She has a few others in her set that we do not know the uses of; however, we can assume that one of them has the ability to disrupt weaves directed at the wearer, very similar to Mat’s Foxhead Medallion. 

She uses a modified a’dam to control Moghedien for a long period of time.  She shares dream ter’angreal with Elayne for most of their journey. Nynaeve is briefly in possession of many objects of the power that include the Domination Band, the Bowl of the Winds, the amber turtle brooch angreal, and the female access key to the Choden Kal. The access key was destroyed after the cleansing of saidin.



Nynaeve progresses from being the Wisdom of Emond's Field in the Two Rivers district of Andor to the Queen of Malkier, and a very prominent member of the Yellow Ajah. It is clear that Nynaeve is on the path to becoming a high ranking member of the Aes Sedai leadership. 

After the story, Lan and Nynaeve will serve as royalty for a newly revived nation of Malkier, overseeing the rebuilding of the nation as well as the reclamation of the lands that used to be the Blight. 

Nynaeve is easily one of the most accomplished healers of the Third Age. She taught herself more complex and more effective weaves than the Aes Sedai have been teaching. She studied three severed channelers and solved the puzzle of how to cure stilling/gentling. She assisted the Dragon Reborn in cleansing saidin. She can successfully test for, and remove Compulsion. She taught herself how to cure madness.  Nynaeve has been in direct conflict with multiple Forsaken. She and Elayne are the most experienced in Tel’Aran’Rhiod among all Aes Sedai (post story). She has strong friendships with many respected members of the Black Tower. Nynaeve was a mentor, confidant, and close friend to the Dragon Reborn. Nynaeve can expect to live for close to 700 years into the new Fourth Age, assuming the Three Oaths get removed after her retirement. She will also be associated with the sealing of the Dark One and the defeat of the Shadow and will be one of the best remembered and revered Aes Sedai of all time.

In Other Media

Zoe Robbins was cast as Nynaeve Al’Meara in 2019 for Amazon’s TV adaptation. Zoe is a twenty-seven-year-old actress from New Zealand. Her previous roles are as follows: The New Tomorrow (2005) is a New Zealand children’s sci-fantasy show about an adult free post-apocalyptic world. Zoe plays Faygar; leader of the ants group and high priestess of their religion. Power Rangers Ninja Steel (2017) is a series in the Power Rangers franchise. Zoe plays Hayley Foster, the White Ranger of the Ninja Steel Power Rangers. Black Christmas (2019) is an American slasher film remake of a 1974 film of the same name. Zoe Plays a minor character named Oona Apteau. 

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In Other Media
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