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    • Altara​

    • Amadicia

    • Andor

    • Arad Doman

    • Arafel

    • Cairhien

    • Falme

    • Far Madding

    • Ghealdan

    • Illian

    • Kandor

    • Mayene

    • Murandy

    • Saldaea

    • Shienar

    • Tarabon

    • Tar Valon

    • Tear

All maps are free to use for any creator and free for anyone to download! Enjoy!

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World Maps/Continent Maps

Shara Map with Abyrward.jpg

The Westlands, Aiel Waste, and Shara

Westlands Political Map Updated.jpg

The Westlands Political (start of story)

The Ten Nations.jpg

The Ten Nations (Historical)

Westlands Maps

Altara Maps



Andor Maps

Western Andor Revamp.jpg
Two Rivers Smaller.jpg

Western Andor

The Two Rivers

Emond's Field Smaller.jpg

Emond's Field

Watch Hill Shadow Rising.png

Watch Hill (During The Shadow Rising)

Taren Ferry.png

Taren Ferry



Watch Hill Large.png

Watch Hill (Prior to the Story)

Deven Ride.png

Deven Ride

Aybara Farm and Surrounding Area.jpg

Aybara Farm and Surrounding Area

Whitebridge Smaller.jpg


Shadar Logoth Smaller.jpg

Shadar Logoth

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