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Egwene al'Vere




Andoran, Two Rivers Region

Year of Birth:

981 NE



Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Other Names:

Tuli, Joslyn

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Basic Information


Egwene is short (5’3”) and slim with brown hair and large brown eyes. Egwene is around 17 years old when the story begins. In the Two Rivers, she is considered of marriageable age and wears a braid. Egwene is often described as very beautiful.




Egwene is very determined and has a very strong desire to learn, even when that might be dangerous. She has a strong yearning to be a part of something greater. Like many people from the Two Rivers, she has a strong stubborn streak. Egwene is very clever, often observing what others might not. Egwene strives for excellence in whatever she does, and can perhaps seem overbearing to those who do not know her well.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story

Actions Before the Story

Egwene was not born prior to New Spring and therefore was not apart of the story.


New Spring

Egwene was not alive during New Spring and therefore was not apart of the story.

New Spring NICE.jpeg
New Spring

Actions Between the Books

Actions Between the Books

Egwene was born in 981 NE to Brandelwyn and Marin al’Vere. Her father, Bran, is the Mayor and Innkeeper in Emond’s Field, a small village in the Two Rivers region of Andor. Egwene has four sisters who are all older than her (Berowyn, Elisa, Alene, and Loise). 

From a very young age, most assume that Egwene will marry Rand al’Thor. She was taught to read at a young age and would often read stories from her father’s collection of books. 

When she is nine, she gets breakbone fever. Nynaeve, who was the apprentice to the village Wisdom at the time, heals her. Soon before the events of the Eye of the World, she is allowed to braid her hair.


Eye of the World

Egwene is now the apprentice of Nynaeve who has become the Wisdom of Emond’s Field. She listens excitedly as Thom Merrilin, the Gleeman, promises the types of tales he has planned to tell for Bel Tine. 

She is caught up in the Trolloc attack on Winternight and helps Nynaeve as she attempts to care for the injured. While doing errands for her, she encounters Rand struggling to pull his father, Tam al’Thor, to safety and hurries to find Nynaeve. Egwene is devastated to hear that Nynaeve is unable to help Tam and continues to help Nynaeve. 

The next day, Egwene puzzles out that Rand, Perrin, and Mat are leaving with Lan and Moiraine and so, surreptitiously decides to follow them, surprising them in the stables when they are attempting to leave. Lan advises against her coming, but Moiraine surprisingly allows Egwene to stay, as she can feel Egwene’s potential with the One Power. The group, with Egwene riding Bela (the al’Thor family workhorse), races away from Emond’s Field, pursued by Draghkar, Trollocs, and Myrddraal. When taking a rest after crossing the Taren, Moiraine starts to teach Egwene about Saidar and the True Source. Egwene learns that she has the spark and channels for the first time. She is at the inn at Baerlon with the group when Nynaeve surprises them. She is uncomfortable about being in between the Wisdom, who despises Moiraine, and the Aes Sedai, as she respects both women. 

As they escape Baerlon, being chased by Myrddraal, they are harried by the Whitecloaks and Egwene observes Moiraine using a channeled illusion, but cannot see the weaves behind it. The group is herded towards Shadar Logoth and attacked. When Mat shouts a battle cry in the Old Tongue, Egwene thinks she understands it. During the trip, Egwene unbraids her hair, since Aes Sedai rarely wear their hair that way. 

The group takes shelter in Shadar Logoth. When Lan reports that the Trollocs have entered the city, the group tries to leave but is separated. Egwene finds herself with Perrin. They race towards the Arinelle river and plummet into it. The next day, Egwene is found by Perrin across the river. They worry about the others but decide to keep traveling through the woods to try to make it to Caemlyn by themselves. Egwene reveals to Perrin that she had previously channeled to start a fire but cannot find the Source anymore. 

After several days of traveling, they encounter Elyas Machera, a Wolfbrother, who informs them they are traveling in the wrong direction if they want to find civilization. They travel with Elyas and the pack of wolves until he leads them to a group of Tuatha’an. They spend several nights traveling with the Tinkers. Egwene spends time with a young Tinker boy named Aram, of whom Perrin disapproves, and learns about the Way of the Leaf. It is there that they discover that the Dark One is aiming at the Eye of the World, through a story reported from the Aiel to the Tinkers. After several days, Elyas gets an intuition and decides to leave the Tuatha’an. 

After leaving the Tuatha’an, they are followed by ravens. In fear, they run from hill to hill trying to hide from the birds. Thankfully, they reach a Stedding just as the ravens were closing in on them. They plan to stay the night in the Stedding, but Elyas senses men coming their way. He leaves them to investigate and they are captured by Whitecloaks, led by Geofram Bornhald, who accuses them of being Darkfriends, as Perrin had killed two of the Whitecloaks. Egwene and Perrin are rescued by Lan, Moiraine, and Nynaeve. 

Egwene and the rest arrive at the Queen’s Blessing in Caemlyn, where Mat and Rand are staying. After Moiraine heals Mat, the group discusses their plans and decide they need to travel to the Eye of the World through the Ways. The group travels in secret to the Way gate and enters the darkness of the Ways, traveling to Fal Dara with Loial as a guide. They exit the Ways just as Machin Shin, the Black Wind, discovers them. 

They make their way to Fal Dara in Shienar, and Moiraine explains their need to Lord Agelmar. The group discovers that Padan Fain has been captured and imprisoned in Fal Dara. After Moiraine speaks to Fain, the group decides to leave early the next morning. They ride through the Blight and discover the Eye of the World and speak to the Green Man. Egwene, along with the rest, views the pool of untainted saidin. 

Balthamel and Aginor enter the Green Man's grove and attack several of the group. Egwene tries to help Nynaeve as she had been struck, but is tackled by Rand who wants to keep her safe. Rand forces Egwene to run away from danger and she hides in some trees. After Rand’s battle with Aginor, Egwene, Nynaeve, and Moiraine talk to Rand about his ability to channel. The Eye of the World fading, the group leaves through the Blight and returns to Fal Dara.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg
Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

Egwene is in Fal Dara with the rest of the group. When Rand tries to hide from the Amyrlin, he encounters Egwene and she confesses to him that she has been visiting Padan Fain in prison without permission from Moiraine. She suggests hiding there and leads him down, where Egwene remarks that the guards are acting increasingly suspicious. Egwene re-evaluates and thinks that staying in the dungeons may not be a good idea and takes him to the women’s apartments instead. Later, Egwene takes Mat to go see Fain. While in the dungeons, the keep is attacked by Trollocs and Myrddraal and Egwene and Mat are knocked unconscious with Fain going missing. Moiraine Heals Egwene and she is taken back to her rooms. When Egwene awakens, she does not remember anything that happened. She and Rand have a parting conversation before they go their separate ways. 

Egwene and Nynaeve leave with the company of Aes Sedai heading towards Tar Valon. On their journey, they are trained by multiple Aes Sedai, including Verin, Alviarin, Alanna, and Liandrin. At the village of Medo, they board the River Queen and Egwene discovers that Moiraine has left. She speaks to Anaiya about a dream she has that seems to indicate Rand is in danger. Anaiya proposes that Egwene might be a Dreamer. On their last day onboard, Siuan Sanche herself gives Egwene and Nynaeve their lesson. 

When they reach Tar Valon, they are welcomed by Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices and Egwene is enrolled as a novice. In the Tower, Egwene meets Elayne, the Daughter-Heir of Andor, and Min, whom she recognizes from the inn at Baerlon. They see Logain, the False Dragon, in the Tower. She also becomes acquainted with Galad and Gawyn. Thirteen weeks later, Egwene has greatly improved in her ability to channel, no longer having difficulty in embracing Saidar. She has become good friends with Elayne and Min. She and Nynaeve still spend a lot of time with each other, despite Nynaeve being one of the Accepted. 

One day, Liandrin, an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah, interrupts them and demands to talk to Egwene and Nynaeve. She tells them they need to come to Toman Head to help the boys. They agree and after she leaves Elayne and Min reveal that they overheard Liandrin. Both girls decide to come with them. The girls sneak out of the Tower and meet Liandrin who takes them through the Ways. 

When they exit the Ways, they are met by a group of Seanchan led by the High Lady Suroth. Min and Egwene are captured by them and Egwene is made damane, while Elayne and Nynaeve escape. She is disciplined by Renna, the sul’dam holding her leash, called the a’dam. Egwene is taken back to the damane complex in Falme, where she is trained to use Earth. She is still allowed to be visited by Min, but feels to be losing herself and is more and more compliant with the sul’dam. When she is discovered to be channeling without permission, Renna punishes her and renames her Tuli. Egwene is rescued by Elayne, Nynaeve, and Min, by capturing Seta, a sul’dam, with an a’dam. When they encounter Renna, they capture Renna with an a’dam as well and Egwene punishes her with it until the other girls stop her. They leave Renna and Seta to be found by others. 

When Falme is being attacked, in the confusion, Egwene and Min are separated from Nynaeve and Elayne. After the battle is mostly over, Egwene finds Min with an unconscious Rand. Egwene explains that she feels a tug from Rand like he needed her. She leaves to find Nynaeve. Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve leave with Verin, Hurin, and Mat for the White Tower.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg
The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve discuss what their reception will be like when they arrive at the White Tower. Close to Tar Valon, the Whitecloaks challenge the group and Egwene responds with destructive displays of the Power that she learned at the hands of the Seanchan. The other girls join her but Verin admonishes them for using the Power in such a way. When they reach the Tower, Sheriam has them taken to their rooms by the Accepted Theodrin and Faolain and they are warned not to speak to anyone about their travels until they can see the Amyrlin. 

After a little time contemplating their fate, the girls are escorted to Siuan. They are told that not only is Liandrin Black Ajah, but that twelve other women left with her. They stole a number of ter’angreal and murdered several, including Aes Sedai, escaping the Tower. The girls are told that they will be punished for running away from the Tower in order to keep people from thinking they are tied to Liandrin in any way. However, Egwene and Elayne are to be raised to Accepted. Elayne is told to leave and Egwene and Nynaeve are set to hunt for the Black Ajah. They are told that Verin will give them information about the known Black Ajah. They are also given two letters signed by the Amyrlin that will allow them to do things normally not in their authority. 

On their way back to their novice quarters, a Gray Man shoots and grazes Egwene’s ear with a crossbow. When they discover the Gray Man, he is already dead with a dagger in his chest. Sheriam finds them standing over the body and tells them about the nature of Gray Men. She tells them to keep quiet about the incident. Egwene goes to retrieve the crossbow bolt but it has disappeared. 

They go to Nynaeve’s room and find Elayne, Gawyn, and Galad. The boys express their concern for them and are told to leave by Nynaeve. When they are gone, Elayne tells Egwene that she is better off looking at Gawyn than Galad. They tell Elayne about their hunt for the Black Ajah and she joins them. Elaida interrupts them in the middle of talking and interrogates them about their time away from the Tower as well as about Rand. Thankfully, Sheriam arrives, ending the interrogation. She escorts them to watch Mat’s Healing. They witness his Healing and when he shouts in the Old Tongue, Egwene feels that she almost understands it. 

Later, after she had been scrubbing pots, Verin summons Egwene to her quarters. Verin gives her the list of the names of the Black Ajah women who escaped the Tower and their possessions. She talks to Egwene about being a Dreamer and gives her the Dream ter’angreal owned by Corianin Nedeal. She tells her about the World of Dreams, called Tel’aran’rhiod, and tells her to be careful while exploring it. 

As she is leaving Verin’s quarters, Sheriam stops her to take her to her Accepted test. On her first pass through the ter’angreal, Egwene is married to Rand, has a daughter named Joiya, and must leave him as he experiences channeling sickness. On the second pass through she must leave him in Caemlyn as he is asking her to kill him and she learns that channelers can be Turned to the Shadow. When she exits, she asks Sheriam if it is possible to be Turned to the Shadow and Sheriam begrudgingly tells her that is true with thirteen channelers and thirteen Myrddraal. On her third pass through the ter’angreal, Egwene is Amyrlin and must pass sentence on Rand for channeling. When she cannot, she is knocked out and wakes up surrounded by thirteen Myrddraal and thirteen Aes Sedai. She escapes and has to leave Rand again. When she exits the ter’angreal the Aes Sedai waiting for her, including Siuan, are there. They are worried that something happened to the ter’angreal while she was inside it because of a strange reverberation. Egwene thinks it may have something to do with the dream ter’angreal that she had with her. 

She goes to Nynaeve’s rooms and cries with Elayne about all that they experienced into Nynaeve’s lap. Egwene has Dreams of Rand, Mat, and Perrin. She knows they probably mean something but does not know how to interpret them. Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve try to parse through the information given to them by Verin and realize that there must be more Black Ajah than the ones that left the Tower and that many of the items they took were last studied by Corianin Nedeal. They wonder if the World of Dreams might have answers for them. 

Else Grinwell comes and brings them a message about where the belongings of the Black sisters are stored. Egwene tries to follow her but runs into a beautiful, mysterious woman instead. They search through the Black Ajah’s belongings and find multiple items that reference the city of Tear. They feel like this is a trap and are unsure what to do about it. Egwene uses the Dream ter’angreal for the first time. She visits both Perrin and Rand’s dreams. She tries to imagine what she needs and encounters Silvie in the Heart of the Stone. Silvie shows her Callandor. Someone is coming and Silvie pushes her out of Tel’aran’rhiod. She discusses what she saw with Nynaeve and Egwene and they become even more convinced that they must travel to Tear, even if it is a trap. 

The girls visit Mat and ask him to carry a letter to Morgase for Elayne and give him one of the Amyrlin’s immunity letters. The next day the Amyrlin visits them while they are cleaning in the kitchen, she sends Egwene and Elayne away to have their mouth washed out with soap so that she can speak privately with Nynaeve. When they return, Nynaeve tells them that they will be leaving as soon as possible. The girls set out on board the Blue Crane. Egwene has more Dreams and recognizes one with Mat as meaning that he has a Gray Man following him. 

The ship runs aground and the girls decide to disembark and walk to the next village on the Cairhien side. Once they are walking, they come across a group of Aiel Maidens of the Spear, including Aviendha, Chiad, and Bain. The three Aiel take them to Jolien and Dailin, who is hurt. Egwene and Elayne speak to the Maidens as Nynaeve Heals Dailin. Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne leave the Aiel and are kidnapped by Darkfriends several miles down the road. Nynaeve realizes that the Darkfriends gave them a root that is not effective in keeping them drugged. They discover that they are being taken by Myrddraal. While they are deciding how to escape, the Aiel Maidens, Rhuarc, and several other algai’d’siswai rescue them. They board the Darter at Jurene and Egwene uses the name Joslyn. 

When they arrive at Tear, Nynaeve finds a Tairen Wise Woman named Mother Guenna and they decide to stay with her. Mother Guenna recommends the thief-catcher Juilin Sandar to them. They hire him to look for the Black Ajah, though he is not aware they are Black Ajah. Egwene visits Tel’aran’rhiod and gets a glimpse of Liandrin, who seems to notice her. Juilin betrays them to Liandrin and they are captured by the Black Ajah. Egwene tries to fight her way out but is beaten severely. 

When Egwene awakens she realizes that she and the other two women are shielded and in a cell in the Stone of Tear. She goes into Tel’aran’rhiod and shields Joiya Byir, preventing her from waking. She goes in search of Amico Nagoyin who is holding their shields. She finds her halfway between the World of Dreams and the waking world. She cuts off Amico from the Source. When she awakens, they are still shielded from the Source. She thinks she might need to go back to sleep to try again. Just as she begins to fall asleep, Mat and Juilin rescue them. When they leave, Nynaeve punches Amico and their shields vanish. They reunite with Moiraine and receive a letter from Lanfear.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg
The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve are pretending to be Aes Sedai in Tear with Moiraine’s tacet agreement. They question Amico and Joiya about what the Black Ajah are doing. Both give them different answers. Amico, who has been stilled, tells them there is something they should look at in Tanchico that might be a danger to Rand whereas Joiya tells them that Liandrin means to break Mazrim Taim free and declare him as the Dragon Reborn. Moiraine enters and they talk about how Rand does not seem to be doing anything particularly useful at the moment and that he should invade Illian. Moiraine also tells them about her plans to enter the Redstone Doorway and gain answers to three questions. 

Egwene lets Elayne know that she no longer has romantic feelings for Rand. Egwene and Elayne visit Rand to try to help him with channeling. They talk about the specifics and differences between their channeling, realizing that it is very different. Egwene and Rand admit to each other that they do not love each other anymore and Egwene leaves Rand with Elayne. 

After leaving Rand's rooms, Mat joins Egwene and he asks her advice. She tells him about the Redstone Doorway. In Tear, Egwene continues to spend time with the others questioning the Black sisters before they are sent to the Tower. She also becomes closer friends with Aviendha. 

Egwene decides to try going to Tel’aran’rhiod without the ter’angreal. In the World of Dreams, she explores the Panarch’s Palace in Tanchico and observes several strange artifacts. She finds herself in the Aiel Waste, and observes whom she thinks is an Aiel Maiden. She goes back to Tanchico and looks around for anything that might give her a clue. She is pulled into the Waste again and chastised for wearing cadin’sor by the same Maiden. She goes back to Tanchico and is tracked down by the “Maiden”, who is actually Amys, an Aiel Wise One. Amys tells her to join her in the Three-fold Land if she wants to learn. 

When Egwene awakens, she tells the others about her meeting with Amys and her desire to learn in the Aiel Waste. Moiraine arrives and tells them that Joiya and Amico are dead by suspicious circumstances. Egwene tells Moiraine of her plans. Egwene feels hurt when Aviendha reveals she does want to go to the Waste with her, but Moiraine tells her she will be going whether she likes it or not. Egwene says farewell to Elayne and Nynaeve. 

Egwene and Moiraine observe Rand grounding Callandor into the Heart of the Stone. Rand reveals to them that he is also going to Rhuidean. He explains his plan to them to use a Portal Stone to travel to Rhuidean. Egwene thinks using the Portal Stone is a bad idea, but Rand goes ahead with his plan and they appear close to Rhuidean, at Chaendaer, successfully. After Rand, Mat, and Aviendha leave for Rhuidean, Egwene introduces herself to the Wise Ones and is told that she is now a pupil again and they start to teach her of the dangers of Dreamwalking. When Rand returns from Rhuidean, he forces the Aiel leaders to allow Egwene to stay to hear about his experiences. 

After some time, Elayne and Egwene meet in Tel’aran’rhiod and exchange information, specifically about the fact that the Sea Folk Windfinders and the Aiel Wise Ones can channel. Suddenly, Egwene is yanked out of the World of Dreams by Amys who warns her not to go there without permission. She makes her have a nightmare to enforce the point. Egwene promises not to go back to Tel’aran’rhiod without permission. 

Egwene joins the Wise Ones, Aviendha, and Moiraine in the sweat tent to talk about Rand. She is confused about why Aviendha is vehement about not wanting to teach Rand and tries to convince her that she would not be betraying any oath to Elayne. Aviendha relents sullenly. The group leaves Chaendaer and travels towards Imre Stand. Egwene rides with Moiraine, Lan, and the Wise Ones. She is wearing two braids like an Aiel child. 

At Imre Stand, they are ambushed by trollocs. After the battle, Egwene helps Moiraine and the Wise Ones tend to the wounded. She then scolds Rand for upsetting Aviendha. Soon after she goes to Tel’aran’rhiod with Amys to report to Elayne, though Amys does most of the talking. Once again, Egwene travels with the Wise Ones, Moiraine, and Lan. Egwene is allowed to take her hair out of the braids and has a long talk with the Wise Ones. 

The group arrives at Cold Rocks Hold and is greeted by Rhuarc’s wife and the roofmistress of Cold Rocks Hold, Lian. Egwene, Amys, and Bair meet Nynaeve in Tel’aran’rhiod. The Wise Ones teach Nynaeve about using Need in the World of Dreams with Egwene looking on. The group reaches Alcair Dal and Egwene, Moiraine, and the Wise Ones wait at the edge while Rand speaks into the bowl. When Rand returns from tracking down Asmodean at Rhuidean, Egwene and Moiraine have joined the Clan Chiefs at the ledge.

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg
The Shadow Rising

Fires of Heaven

Egwene is in Rhuidean with the Aiel. She and Moiraine go to visit Rand and show him how the Seals to the Dark One’s prison are failing. After Moiraine leaves, Egwene tells Rand that Elayne loves him. Later she discusses her progress of Dreamwalking with the Wise Ones and converses with Aviendha about being apprentices. Amys tells her to find her in her dreams. 

The next morning, Egwene and Amys celebrate the fact that she was successful. Egwene watches as Rand opens up the fountains in Rhuidean before they leave for the Jangai Pass. Egwene and Melaine meet Nynaeve in Tel’aran’rhiod and they exchange information. When Melaine leaves, Egwene returns to help Nynaeve search the Amyrlin’s study. They realize that Elaida is now Amyrlin. Egwene warns Moiraine that there is a warrant out for her arrest. Egwene and Aviendha comment on the destruction of Taien, worried that it bothers Rand what the Shaido have done. Shadowspawn attack and Egwene and several of the Wise Ones check on Rand to see if he is all right. Egwene notices that Rand had upset Aviendha and scolds him for it. Aviendha tries to get Egwene to speak to the Wise Ones about having to be with Rand. Before she is able to, Sorilea berates them both for questioning the Wise Ones’ decisions. 

Egwene visits Tel’aran’rhiod and spies Elayne speaking with a woman she thinks looks like Birgitte. The Wise Ones enter the Dream and warn her against entering early before they arrive. She heavily implies to Elayne that she wants to meet with her later. Elayne reports to them about Cerandin, the Seanchan s’redit handler. She meets with Elayne and they share information though Elayne does not admit that she was speaking with Birgitte. Egwene continues to rifle through Elaida’s study in the World of Dreams. Egwene starts to see first Galad and then Gawyn. She transports herself to Emond’s Field and finally goes back to her own body, not realizing that Moghedien was observing her and causing her dreams of Gawyn. Egwene continues to use Tel’aran’rhiod to exchange information with Nynaeve and Elayne. Before the battle with the Shaido, Egwene reluctantly agrees to help with the battle. 

On the day of the battle, she convinces Rand that he should stay with them and channel from the tower as well. Aviendha and Egwene channel lightning at the Shaido. They take turns in order to give the other a rest. The tower is destroyed by lightning from Sammael. Aviendha, Egwene, and Rand ride horses closer to the battle to continue channeling. 

At dusk, Aviendha and Egwene leave to find Moiraine and the Wise Ones. After the battle, the newly arrived Wise Ones from other clans demand to meet one of the Aes Sedai who follows Rand. As Moiraine declined, Egwene is forcefully woken up to go meet with them. Egwene enters Nynaeve and Elayne’s dreams to tell them of the battle in Cairhien and that Rand’s spearhead is of Seanchan make. 

She meets them again later with the Wise Ones and repeats her news, as the Wise Ones are not supposed to know about her covert trips to Tel’aran’rhiod. She again gives them a hint that they can talk in private later. They meet in the Mistress of Novice’s study and she berates them for almost mentioning that Egwene had previously visited their dreams. Egwene tells Rand some of the news that she has received, like the fact that Masema is the Prophet and that there are Aes Sedai willing to support Rand. 

Rand, Moiraine, and Egwene ponder over the letters from Elaida and Alviarin. Mat enters and delivers the news that Morgase is dead. Rand decides to attack Rahvin and reluctantly allows Egwene and Aviendha to come along with Moiraine. Moiraine tells Egwene to be careful when they go to the docks. 

The next day, they arrive at the docks and are attacked by Lanfear, who wants revenge against Aviendha. Lanfear wraps Egwene and Aviendha in weaves and crushes them. Egwene, severely injured, collapses, unconscious. When she wakes, she is told that she will not be allowed to enter Tel’aran’rhiod until she is completely healed. Egwene cries when she hears that Moiraine is dead.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg
Fires of Heaven

Lord of Chaos

Egwene visits Tel’aran’rhiod earlier than she is allowed and sees Elayne, Nynaeve, and others she does not recognize there. She avoids them all. She spends time in the place between dreams where she can see others dreams like stars. She is forcefully pulled into Gawyn’s dreams and gets caught up in them. The next morning, Egwene is visited by the Wise Ones who check her health. She asks about why certain people’s dreams might be attracted to her. They tell her that only strong emotions like love or hate cause that issue. Egwene goes to the Sun Palace while the Wise Ones speak to Aviendha. She speaks to Sorilea there, who believes that she will one day marry. She talks to Rand and they both ask for favors which they both deny. 

Egwene wanders through the city of Cairhien and sees the arrival of the White Tower embassy. She lets the Wise Ones know that they have come. The next morning, she gives the Wise Ones specific details about two of the Tower Aes Sedai. She spies on Lady Arilyn’s palace and tries to listen in on the Aes Sedai. She panics thinking she might be discovered and walks right into Gawyn. They catch up. He tells her that he is with the Tower Aes Sedai. Egwene tries to convince him that Rand did not kill his mother. They express their love for one another and plan to meet again. When they meet, Egwene and Gawyn spend some time kissing each other at The Long Man. He also warns her that the Aes Sedai he is with are looking for someone who sounds like her. 

She goes back to the Sun Palace to talk to Rand about how he deals with the Tower Aes Sedai. Before she is able to leave, the Aes Sedai ambassadors arrive. Rand hides her in an Illusion weave so that she can observe the meeting without being seen. She watches them link until Rand commands them not to channel and thinks she can figure out how to do it. Egwene spends her last few days in Cairhien visiting Gawyn at the inn. She also tries to board a Sea Folk vessel but is rudely dumped into the river off of the ship. In retaliation, she throws some of the Sea Folk women into the river as well. She finally is allowed to return to Tel’aran’rhiod with the Wise Ones. 

When she arrives and meets the Salidar Aes Sedai, they summon her before the Hall of the Tower. She is worried they are punishing her for acting as Aes Sedai but is willing to face whatever comes to be a real Aes Sedai. They advise her to come as quickly as possible to Salidar and she suggests entering Tel’aran’rhiod in the flesh, which the Wise Ones think is evil. In the real world, as she is packing to leave, she is visited by the Wise Ones and she admits to lying about being Aes Sedai. She asks them to help her fulfill her toh to them. They whip her until her toh is satisfied. They say their farewells. Egwene opens a Gateway to Tel’aran’rhiod. She summons a dream version of Bela and rides her to Salidar. 

When she arrives, Sheriam, Anaiya, Beonin, Carlinya, Morvrin, Myrelle, and Siuan greet her. She is astonished to find Siuan healed from stilling. Sheriam informs her that she is going to be the next Amyrlin Seat. Egwene is told that through a loophole in the law she is to be raised from Accepted. She is taken to the Little Tower and the Hall splits in half in voting for her. She washes the sisters’ feet who did not stand. When the vote is taken again, Romanda is the last to stand, but all do and Egwene is raised Amyrlin. 

The Aes Sedai explain to her the situation in Salidar. In her acceptance speech as Amyrlin, she raises Nynaeve, Elayne, Theodrin, and Faolain as Aes Sedai, against the wishes of Sheriam. Egwene realizes she is going to have to juggle the wishes of Sheriam, Romanda, and Lelaine to survive as Amyrlin. Elayne and Egwene come to speak with her and tell her about a ter’angreal bowl, which they think will help to fix the weather. Elayne and Nynaeve tell Egwene about how they captured Moghedien with an a’dam. Nynaeve goes to retrieve Moghedien. While she is gone Egwene speaks to Elayne about her future plans of connecting the Aes Sedai with the Aiel Wise Ones and wanting to bring in more women who can channel. Nynaeve brings in Moghedien. Egwene puts on the a’dam bracelet and is able to extract more information from her, putting the fear of the Light into her. She sends Moghedien, Elayne, and Nynaeve away when Siuan enters. Siuan promises to help Egwene become Amyrlin in more than just title. 

By Rand’s request, Mat arrives at Salidar and confronts Egwene about being Amyrlin, which he takes to be a joke. Egwene, Elayne or Nynaeve try to channel at him and are shocked to see their weaves melt because of his foxhead medallion. He finally believes when a servant comes in and calls Egwene “Mother”. Egwene lets Mat know that the Aes Sedai are worried about Mat’s army, whom they believe to be Dragonsworn. 

When he leaves, Egwene decides to use Mat’s army as leverage and to suggest that Mat go with Elayne and Nynaeve, since he had promised not to leave Elayne until she is in Caemlyn. Because of Mat’s army on their doorstep, Egwene is able to convince Sheriam that they have to leave Salidar. 

When Mat, Elayne, Nynaeve and several others prepare to leave for Ebou Dar, Egwene comes out to say farewell to them. Mat gives her honor by bowing, which startles Egwene. The Salidar Aes Sedai begin marching north. Egwene speaks with Logain about his thoughts on Rand’s amnesty. She then goes to Tel’aran’rhiod and exchanges information with Elayne and Nynaeve. Later, she asks Siuan to find a way to free Logain and allow him to escape. Egwene feels the a’dam necklace taken off Moghedien and goes to check on her only to find her gone.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg
Lord of Chaos

A Crown of Swords

Starting this book, Moghedien is still under Egwene’s control. Egwene and the Salidar Aes Sedai are marching northward and Egwene receives pushback from many of the Aes Sedai including Sheriam, who is her Keeper of the Chronicles. From Siuan’s tip, Egwene forces Sheriam to admit to sending spies to the White Tower. She feels Moghedien’s a’dam opened and realizes that a man has set her free. She lets Siuan and Leane know about Moghedien’s escape and asks them to set Faolain and Theodrin to investigate. 

Nicola approaches Egwene and tries to blackmail her with the knowledge that Egwene pretended to be Aes Sedai before arriving in Salidar. Egwene shuts her down and warns her against threatening Aes Sedai and especially the Amyrlin. 

Egwene speaks into Nynaeve’s dreams and warns her about Moghedien’s escape and Nicola’s threats. Egwene meets with the Wise Ones in Tel’aran’rhiod. They try to convince her to come back to them but Egwene insists that her place is with the Aes Sedai. Faolain and Theodrin come to give their report. They tell Egwene that the only person that was seen around Moghedien’s tent was Halima, Delana’s secretary. Faolain and Theodrin swear fealty to Egwene. 

Later, she pins down Myrelle and follows Gareth Bryne and Siuan. When they reach their destination, they speak to merchants who told Bryne that Rand had sworn fealty to Elaida in the White Tower. Egwene dismisses these rumors as false. They continue riding to where Myrelle has been hiding Lan, whose bond was transferred to her by Moiraine. She chastises Myrelle and Nisao, who had been helping Myrelle. Egwene asks Lan to go to Ebou Dar to support Nynaeve as if her true Warder. Egwene forces Myrelle and Nisao to swear to her. Back in her tent, Egwene has a headache and Halima gives her a head massage.

Crown of Swords Nice.png
A Crown of Swords

Path of Daggers

Halima now has an even closer relationship with Egwene and stays in her tent to soothe Egwene’s headaches. Egwene also now knows about the secret of the Kin. 

Gareth Bryne reports to her about a large army north of them composed of Andorans and Murandians. Egwene tells him she wants to avoid any battles and asks that he set up a meeting with the army. Egwene and Siuan have a discussion about the importance of the Three Oaths to the Aes Sedai. Egwene asks Siuan to wake up Beonin, Anaiya, and Myrelle and have them speak to the leaders of the Andoran army, Arathelle, and Pelivar. Egwene gathers the Hall and tells them that the Aes Sedai’s army will stop for several days. Egwene juggles meetings with Romanda and Lelaine who both give her suggestions regarding Rand and the Sea Folk. Siuan tells Egwene about how suspicious it is that many of the Sitters are too young. Romanda and Lelaine discover about Egwene’s meeting with the army to the north and demand to do the speaking at the meeting. The day they meet, Egwene ignores the machinations of Romanda and Lelaine and speaks to the army herself. She tells them they will stay a month where they are and not enter Andor at all. She then adds that the novice books are open to any woman of any age. Talmanes speaks with Egwene about staying in Murandy to help Roedran. Egwene makes him promise not to start a war. She speaks with some of the nobles and finds varying reactions to her. Egwene races back to their camp and calls a meeting of the Hall. Bryne reminds her that he supports her. 

In the Hall, Egwene proposes they declare war upon Elaida. After the vote is passed by lesser consensus, Egwene reveals that she has all authority over the Hall in anything regarding the War. She demands respect from those who have been slow to give it. She tells the Hall that they will Travel to Tar Valon in one month. 

Egwene chastises Elayne and Nynaeve for their disastrous bungling of the bargain with the Sea Folk. She tells them to stay in Caemlyn. A month later they prepare to Travel to Tar Valon.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg
Path of Daggers

Winter's Heart

Egwene has taught the Aiel Wise Ones how to Travel in thankfulness for them teaching her Dreamwalking. Before they leave for Tar Valon, Egwene meets with Elayne and Nynaeve in Tel’aran’rhiod and they exchange information. Egwene tells them that she intends to keep the Three Oaths as part of the Aes Sedai institution. The women notice they are being watched by a man who looks like Rand’s mean uncle. 

Later, Egwene and Elayne meet in Emond’s Field, which has changed drastically since Egwene lived there. Egwene expresses worry over how Rand is dealing with the Aes Sedai.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg
Winter's Heart

Egwene’s Aes Sedai are now outside of Tar Valon. She discusses with Gareth Bryne about the status of the siege. Bryne tells her that it is not much of a siege as ships are still getting through to Tar Valon bringing more troops. Delana reports that several members of the Hall have brought up the subject of negotiations with Elaida. She allows the sisters to proceed with negotiations with her one term: that Elaida resigns and goes into exile. 

Egwene inspects the work of making cuendillar, which they have been doing as a way to make money for the army. Many Aes Sedai are against the idea of making something for money. With the introduction of so many new novices of different ages, many changes have been made in the organization of the initiates, many brought about by Sharina Melloy. Egwene wonders if these will be good changes or bad changes. Siuan visits Egwene in her tent. Egwene sends Halima out and Siuan expresses her disapproval of Halima. They discuss the youth of the Sitters in both Halls. They discuss how to handle the different channelers as well as the fact that the Oath Rod clips their lives short. They also worry about the possibility that some of the Aes Sedai they sent to Rand now serve him along with some that sided with Elaida. 

The Hall is called and Egwene attends. They listen to Akarrin and Nisain speak about the large hole she saw at Shadar Logoth. The Aes Sedai in the Hall panic about the amount of the Power used there and that the only way to achieve that much power is to link with men. Moria puts forward a motion to ally with the Black Tower. Amidst shouting, Egwene takes charge and brings order, calling for a vote. They achieve the lesser consensus but not the greater. 

After listening to the Hall argue over who should be sent to the Black Tower, Egwene meets with Aviendha in Tel’aran’rhiod. They exchange information and Egwene can tell that Aviendha is turning into a Wise One. Later Egwene Dreams of being saved by a Seanchan and the Seanchan attacking the White Tower. When she awakens, Nisao asks to see Egwene and reports to her that Anaiya and her Warder were murdered by saidin. Later, Nisao reports that another Aes Sedai, Kairen, is dead. Siuan comes to speak with her about several things and mentions that the Aes Sedai now see her as a true Amyrlin. 

Siuan gives Egwene a report saying that Nicola has run away. Egwene tells a few Aes Sedai, including Romanda, about her plans regarding the Kin and having Aes Sedai retire into it. Later Lelaine discusses with her about bonding Asha’man and tweaking the bond to make them more compliant. Egwene replies that this will not be done as it is too near to Compulsion. 

Leane and Bode are sent to the Erinin to turn the chains into cuendillar. Egwene decides to ride after them on Bela to do it herself. She takes Bode’s place at Northharbor, turns the chain into cuendillar, and is captured by the White Tower forces and forced to drink forkroot.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg
Crossroads of Twilight

Crossroads of Twilight


Egwene awakens in a coach with Katerine, Barasine, Felaana, Berisha, and Pritalle on their way back to the White Tower. Egwene is surprised to see Nicola, now a novice with the Tower. Egwene notices the tension between sisters of different Ajahs immediately. She discovers that Leane has also been captured, though the Tower Aes Sedai do not believe that it is truly her. Egwene is taken to the study of the Mistress of Novices, Silviana Brehon. Silviana explains that Egwene is to be demoted to novice and is told that she will be given forkroot to dull her ability to channel. She tries to warn Silviana about her Dreams of the Seanchan attacking and Silviana promises to pass along her warning. 

Egwene meets with Siuan in Tel’aran’rhiod, tells her of the situation but warns her not to try to rescue her. She calls the Salidar Hall to meet in the World of Dreams in the Hall of the Tower. In the Tower, Egwene takes the pain of the punishment but refuses to see herself as anything less than Amyrlin. Egwene shows her abilities in her class, which angers the Aes Sedai and Accepted. As a result, Egwene is given her lessons by individual Aes Sedai. She is allowed to visit Leane several times. 

When she is given lessons by the Aes Sedai, she plants seeds to generate distrust against Elaida and brings the novices to her side as well. She speaks with many in the Tower, including Alviarin, who has lost her place as Keeper, and Mattin Stepaneos, the former King of Illian. She discovers Beonin as the Aes Sedai that betrayed her to the Tower. She convinces Beonin to warn the Salidar ferrets that Elaida knows about them and forces Beonin to see her as Amyrlin still.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg
Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams


Egwene is still in the Tower and is summoned to attend Elaida. On her way, she asks Katerine if she is proud of the job Elaida has done as the first Red to be raised Amyrlin, pointing out the obvious problems with unity in the Tower. Egwene wonders if Silviana overheard her statement when the door shuts fiercely behind her. As she heads towards Elaida’s study, the Tower rearranges itself. She contemplates how to act toward Elaida and decides that a small amount of deference would be needed in order to continue her work in the Tower. When there, Egwene realizes that the Aes Sedai serving Elaida is Meidani, one of the rebel ferrets. Egwene listens to an obviously staged conversation as Elaida demonstrates her power over Meidani in a cruel way, jokingly threatening to take away her shawl, then casually mentions creating a new Oath to serve the Amyrlin. In a rage, Egwene drops her soup on the floor. Elaida orders Meidani to help her to clean it up, and while doing so, Egwene secretly orders Meidani to send for her. 

After observing Elaida’s ineptitude, Egwene realizes that she doesn’t need to undermine the Tower but save it from Elaida. She is sent to Silviana again and does not even have the desire to cry out as she is punished and even laughs at the absurdity of her predicament. Later Egwene visits Leane in her cell and watches as Leane’s cell melts into wax around her. Egwene is able to save Leane and speaks to the two Yellow Aes Sedai about the Last Battle approaching and that Elaida seems unprepared. As she walks back to the Novice Quarters she realizes that they have been swapped with the Brown Ajah apartments. 

Egwene meets with Siuan in Tel’aran’rhiod and Siuan gives her reports about the goings-on in the rebel camp. She reports that either Delana or Halima was one of the Forsaken in disguise (most likely Halima) and that one of the women was using saidin. She also tells Egwene of the Asha’man who was sent as an envoy and that some Asha’man have bonded some of Elaida’s Aes Sedai. This Asha’man also claims that the taint on saidin has been cleansed. Siuan tells Egwene that Lelaine is becoming very powerful by acting as the Amyrlin’s dutiful servant. Siuan also verifies the existence of a small storeroom filled with objects of power. Several weeks later, Egwene meets with several sisters. She visits Bennae first and realizes that Bennae is asking her for advice about dealing with her Ajah regarding a secretive matter. She is then invited to the rooms of Nagora and Suana, who both ask for advice, with Suana going as far as inviting her to the Yellow Ajah. 

She finally is able to go to Meidani’s quarters and questions her as to why she has not left the Tower despite knowing that Elaida is aware that she is a rebel. Meidani admits to being forced to renew her relationship with Elaida in order to get closer to her, but she is unable to tell Egwene why she is still in the Tower due to the Three Oaths. Meidani promises to show Egwene even if she cannot tell. In order to leave the rooms, Egwene teaches Meidani how to Travel. They Travel to where four Aes Sedai are meeting: Seaine of the White, Doesine of the Yellow, Yukiri of the Gray, and Saerin of the Brown. Egwene discovers that they are using the Oath Rod to discover members of the Black Ajah and that they have sworn Meidani to a Fourth Oath to obey them. She manages to convince the four sisters that Elaida was raised unlawfully due to the interference by the Black Ajah. Satisfied with their reaction, she orders Meidani to continue to serve them. 

Later, Egwene speaks with some White sisters about how she as Amyrlin would have handled Rand as the Dragon Reborn. After their discussion, Katerine informs her that she will have no more lessons and will be spending all her time doing chores. While working in the kitchen, Laras tries to help her escape but Egwene refuses the offer and explains that she needs to be in the White Tower. 

Katerine arrives to tell Egwene that she is going to wait on Elaida. When she arrives, many of the other sisters in attendance are those with whom she has made inroads, including Doesine and Yukiri. When Elaida asks Egwene pointedly about the Seanchan and a fictional involvement with Rand, Egwene tells her she cannot lie because she has taken the Three Oaths in her heart. She then states that she has Dreamed that the Seanchan will attack the White Tower. When Elaida threatens to use the Power on her to make her obey, Egwene stands up to her, debates with her, and calls her a coward. In a rage, Elaida starts to beat Egwene furiously with the Power. Egwene continues to ignore the beating and stands courageously against Elaida until she orders her to be taken to the dungeons. 

Seaine later visits her in the dungeons and tells her that Elaida is going to be tried for her treatment of Egwene, but will not be deposed. They speak of the problems the physical changes in the Tower are presenting and the effect of the Dark One in the world, and Egwene reminds her that the Last Battle is their ultimate goal. In Tel’aran’rhiod, Siuan begs Egwene to allow her to get her out of the Tower dungeons, but Egwene denies the request for the moment but allows her to only do that if Egwene is sentenced to death. Siuan tells Egwene that Gawyn has come into the rebel camp. Egwene tells Siuan that she wants to meet with the Hall in Tel’aran’rhiod in a few days. Egwene is surprised when Siuan tells her she may be one of the best Amyrlins. Egwene spends time wandering around Tel’aran’rhiod. 

When she awakens, Katerine explains that Egwene is to be freed and that someone else is taking her punishment. Egwene reasons that it is Silviana, who had been unsuccessful in breaking Egwene’s spirit. On her way to the new Mistress of Novice’s chambers, Saerin speaks with Egwene, despite the Red sisters’ annoyance. Saerin reveals to Egwene that Silviana spoke to the Hall on Egwene’s behalf and called for Elaida’s removal. Saerin tells her that the Red Ajah is in disarray which displeases Egwene. Egwene orders Saerin to motivate the Hall to promote unity. Egwene tells her Red Ajah minders that if they want to go find out what happened, she will take some forkroot tea. She takes the tea and goes into her quarters where she finds Verin waiting for her. 

Verin tells her that her dress is green instead of novice white and Egwene realizes that Verin can lie. Verin then admits to being Black Ajah. Verin explains that she has been studying the Black from within their ranks and reveals that her Black Oaths contain a loophole that allows her to betray them at the hour of her death, at which point Egwene realizes she has taken poison. Verin gives Egwene a cipher and a book full of information about Darkfriends and a list of the Black Ajah. Verin tells Egwene that Mesaana is in the Tower but does not know whom she is masquerading as. Verin dies and Egwene starts to decipher the names of the Black sisters and comes across several surprises, including Sheriam, her own Keeper, and Alviarin, Elaida’s former Keeper. After doggedly going through the list of names, Nicola comes in with a meal for Verin, unaware that she is dead, but gives a covert message telling her to wait. After Nicola leaves, Meidani visits her and Egwene tells her that Verin was poisoned by a Darkfriend. Meidani reports that the Hall has formally censured Elaida but that she is not deposed. She tells Meidani that their group needs to seize Alviarin and test her on the Oath Rod. Meidani leaves her by Traveling and takes Verin’s body with her. Later, she meets Siuan in Tel’aran’rhiod and tells her that Sheriam and Moria are Black Ajah and that she wants them watched but not arrested. 

As she is speaking with Siuan, she is pulled unexpectedly out of the World of Dreams by Nicola, who is panicking over an attack by what she thinks are Shadowspawn but what Egwene realizes are the Seanchan. Egwene teaches the frightened novices how to link. Egwene Travels to a storeroom in the Tower and obtains a white, fluted rod sa’angreal. Adelorna is rescued from being made damane by Egwene and her group of novices. Egwene asserts her authority and Adelorna follows her command. Egwene continues to fight against the Seanchan, throwing them back. 

Eventually, Egwene grows exhausted and is found and taken by Gawyn, Siuan, and Gareth Bryne back to the rebel camp despite her feeble protests. When Egwene wakes up, she is furious with Siuan and the others for taking her away from the Tower. Gawyn comes to speak with her and she argues with him about his feelings for her and that he did not listen to her wishes. Egwene then meets with the Hall and reveals she has the Oath Rod. She swears the Three Oaths in front of them. She then announces the existence of the Black Ajah and that she knows who is in their number. Egwene exposes Sheriam as Black, and soon Moria is captured as well. All the Sitters in the Hall reswear the Oaths and say that they are not Black Ajah. Egwene tells them that after they purge the camp from Black, they will begin their assault on the Tower. Egwene has the Black Ajah members executed that they captured. She worries over the fact that they have had no news from the Aes Sedai sent to the Black Tower and that all their dream ter’angreal have been taken. Egwene speaks with Bryne about their attack and after some discussion she announces that they will wait an hour before they begin their assault. 

Sitters from the White Tower emerge and call Egwene to be raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Egwene prepares to repeat the ceremony for the raising of the Amyrlin, in order to further solidify her representation of all Aes Sedai. She then tells Siuan that the rebel Aes Sedai must apologize for the rebellion and promise to stand together with the White Tower Aes Sedai. The Reds are not represented in the Hall, so she calls for Silviana. 

After the ceremony, she censures the Aes Sedai in the Hall for not stopping Elaida when she got out of control. She then asks Silviana if she will serve as her Keeper of the Chronicles, to help heal the rift with the Red Ajah. She then goes out and gives an inspiring speech to the rebels and all the rest to help them know that they are once again united and must prepare for the Last Battle. In the Amyrlin’s office, Egwene pores over the lists of Aes Sedai, whether Black or captured by the Seanchan. Silviana calls her out to see the gleam of sunlight that is touching the Dragonmount.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg
the Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm


Egwene gives commands to Nynaeve and Elayne in Tel’aran’rhiod. While asleep she Dreams about Mesaana still in the Tower and worries about how she is going to find her. Silviana wakes her up to advise her that Rand is in the White Tower. She goes to meet him in the Hall of the Tower. She is surprised that his demeanor is different from what she had heard and notices that he is much calmer and sounds more educated than he ever was. She wants to have Aes Sedai check him for madness, but he does not allow it. He tells her that he needs women to help him seal the Bore. He tells her that he is both Lews Therin and Rand al’Thor and that in a month he is going to go to Shayol Ghul and break the Seals on the Dark One’s prison. She argues against it and he tells her she has a month to plan and they can discuss it at the Field of Merrilor. 

When he leaves, the Aes Sedai are astonished that they were not able to speak while he was there. Egwene admits that she did not feel that and wonders if it is because she still sees him as Rand and not the Dragon Reborn. Gawyn enters Egwene’s chambers and she allows him to speak with her. He tries to speak with her about the murders that have been occurring but she is frustrated with him for refusing to accept her authority as Amyrlin. He advises her to have the Aes Sedai take more Warders to prepare for the Last Battle. She tells him about Mesaana being in the White Tower. She asks him to stop guarding her door and he balks at the request but finally acquiesces. Egwene worries about her ability to control her feelings around Gawyn. 

She meets with the Wise Ones and is surprised by the respect they now give to Rand. She discusses sending novices or Accepted to study with the Wise Ones. After they leave, Nynaeve appears in Tel’aran’rhiod. Egwene asks Nynaeve for advice about being a leader when everyone thinks you are too young. Then she chastises Nynaeve for not accepting her authority and going her own way. Elayne arrives and they speak of news. Egwene orders Nynaeve back to the White Tower so that she can complete the testing and be raised officially as Aes Sedai. She then asks Elayne to make more Dream ter’angreal if she is able to manage it while pregnant. As they are talking, they are attacked by several members of the Black Ajah including Alviarin, but are able to drive them away, killing one. Egwene speaks with Saerin, Yukiri, and Seaine and they discuss how to find Mesaana within the Tower and how she might have avoided swearing the Oaths. Egwene participates in Nynaeve’s testing for the shawl and when things go wrong, Egwene reasons that Nynaeve’s experience in Tel’aran’rhiod may have something to do with her ability to manipulate the test. Gawyn tries to protect Egwene, who is angry at him for foiling her trap for Mesaana. 

After having written to King Darlin of Tear, Egwene receives a response from him that emphasizes his loyalty to Rand but expresses concern for Rand’s plan to break the Seals. He promises to meet at the Field of Merrilor and discuss the plan. She writes to other leaders as well, hoping that together they will be able to convince Rand that his plan to break the Seals is foolish. 

Silviana enters her study and tells her that the invasion in the Borderlands has begun. She also tells her that the Hall is meeting. When she joins the Hall, she merely listens as they talk about not letting Egwene control the war effort. She surprises them by agreeing that the Hall can control the war effort if she is allowed to deal with the rulers of the world. Saroiya realizes that Egwene now has sole responsibility for dealing with the Dragon Reborn. In anger over the secretive nature of the meeting of the Hall, Egwene proposes that no more meetings of that kind will take place without everyone being aware. 

Egwene hears that Gawyn is in Caemlyn and orders that he be sent a message to return. When Nynaeve arrives at the Tower, she meets with Siuan and Egwene. They discuss the changes in Rand and then plot a way to capture Mesaana in Tel’aran’rhiod. 

Later, Egwene and Siuan prepare to bait the trap. Before she goes to sleep, Silviana tells her that there is no news from Gawyn. Egwene asks her to write another more polite letter. In Tel’aran’rhiod, Egwene meets with Nynaeve and asks her to lead the charge if Mesaana appears. Egwene then meets with the representatives from the different groups of channelers, the Aes Sedai, the Wise Ones, and the Windfinders. Egwene puts forward a plan to exchange Accepted, young Windfinders, and apprentice Wise Ones so that they can receive different training. The Windfinders leave but the Wise Ones stay. 

Siuan appears and tells them that the Black Ajah has attacked. Egwene and the others join the battle and realize that they cannot leave the World of Dreams. She appears in her rooms and suddenly Nynaeve is there with her. They make a plan to watch each other’s backs while attacking any Black sister that they see. While doing this, they run into Bair, the Wise One. While talking to her the wall explodes and they see six women. Perrin runs into Egwene and she is stunned at his ability in the World of Dreams, as he is able to stop balefire, telling her that it is only a weave. Continuing her fight, she observes Nicola being killed. While Egwene is distracted by an illusion of Mesaana, which turns out to be Katerine, the Forsaken snaps an a’dam around her neck. Egwene fights her fear and panic away and causes the a’dam to disappear. Egwene and Mesaana have a battle of wills and as a result, Mesaana’s mind snaps. When Egwene wakes up, she finds Gawyn wounded and dying in her apartments, having killed two Seanchan assassins. Egwene bonds him to give him the strength to heal. 

Later, Egwene is with Gawyn and she reveals to him that Mesaana was posing as Danelle of the Brown Ajah. They discuss the Seanchan assassins and then discuss getting married. Through a dream, Egwene tells Elayne that Mesaana had been defeated. Egwene goes to the Field of Merrilor, where the armies are gathering. Elayne sends word that she is coming to visit the Aes Sedai camp. When Elayne arrives, Egwene watches Gawyn run to see that his mother is alive.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg
Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight


In her tent at the Field, Egwene tries to write a letter to Rand. She decides to Travel to visit Elayne. They discuss Rand’s intention to break the Seals on the Dark One’s prison. Elayne suggests that it may not be a bad idea and Egwene thinks that perhaps they would need to wait for the right moment and not do it immediately. As they are talking, Elayne receives a message that Caemlyn is being attacked by trollocs. Egwene orders the Aes Sedai and their army to help Elayne. They find Talmanes who is wounded by Thakan’dar blades. Egwene Travels to Nynaeve who comes to Heal him. 

While surveying the refugees, Egwene comes upon Leilwin and Bayle Domon. Leilwin tells Egwene that she has come to serve her. She orders soldiers to watch them, as she is mistrustful of Leilwin being Seanchan. Egwene links with Nynaeve, who is tired from Healing Talmanes, in order to lend Nynaeve her strength. Egwene wakes up in the Tower and finds Gawyn in Silviana’s study looking over some things. They discuss the loss of Caemlyn and Egwene sees a note saying that Rand wants to meet with the various leaders in half an hour’s time. 

They Travel back to the Field of Merrilor and she observes the variety of different leaders from around the Westlands, including the Sea Folk, but absent any leaders from the Seanchan controlled lands. She greets Elayne, Darlin, and Gregorin, who are supporting the Aes Sedai. Egwene observes others that have come to support Rand. She speaks to Roedran, the King of Murandy. Despite not seeming to understand what is going on, he promises to side with her. Rand enters the meeting and Egwene notices that grass becomes greener around him. Using the Power, he erects a tent and tells Egwene that she can bring five with her. She chooses Silviana, Saerin, Romanda, Lelaine, and Gawyn. The Aes Sedai enter first followed by the rest of the rulers. Rand addresses them all and declares that they need to work as a group and that after the Last Battle is fought, they must have unity and not immediately turn to fight one another. Egwene asks if he intends to become a tyrant, and he brings in the document that he titles the Dragon’s Peace. The Peace gives the current countries several stipulations they must follow and also requires that the White Tower allow the Seals to be broken. Rand and Egwene argue about whether it is a good idea. Rand tells Egwene that he intends to kill the Dark One, which Egwene thinks is an insane idea. Rand tells them his third requirement is that he will command the forces of the Light. They argue themselves into a stalemate until Moiraine enters the tent. 

Egwene greets her as Amyrlin and Moiraine is pleased with how far she has risen. Moiraine quotes the Karaethon Cycle to Egwene and the leaders and calms them, reminding Egwene that the Tower is foretold to bend the knee to the Dragon Reborn. They also decide that Rand cannot be the battle leader if he is also going to fight the Dark One. When Romanda suggests the White Tower direct the Last Battle, Egwene does not speak up, knowing that it would be out of her hands. Moiraine suggests to Egwene that she will be the one to break the Seals as her title is officially the Watcher of the Seals. Reluctantly, Rand gives the Seals to Egwene and she promises to break them when the time is right. She then signs Rand’s document and the rest of the leaders follow. Rand promises to deal with the Seanchan and bring them into the agreement. Then they appoint Elayne to lead the Last Battle. Egwene helps Elayne and others look through maps and start to plan how they are going to fight the Last Battle. Egwene marries and bonds Gawyn and he is with her while the White Tower’s forces are preparing to Travel to Kandor. They are delayed under the advice of Gareth Bryne. Egwene speaks with Silviana about Elayne’s suggestion to find a stationary area to send the wounded. Egwene suggests Mayene as an appropriate location and orders the Yellows and all novices and Accepted to help with that. Egwene and Gawyn go to meet Leilwin who swears her life to Egwene’s service. Egwene proceeds to question her about the Seanchan military. Later, Adelorna, whom Egwene suspects to be the leader of the Green Ajah, speaks to Egwene about the way the Green supports Egwene, acknowledging that the Green did not support Egwene as they should have. 

After Adelorna leaves, Egwene walks into Gareth Bryne’s command tent, almost falling into a Gateway that they have opened on the floor of the tent. She questions the safety of using Gateways this way, but Yukiri convinces her that it is worth the risk. She discusses with Bryne about using Aes Sedai in the Battle and convinces him that they are fully prepared to be used in that manner. Egwene walks with many of the other Aes Sedai, carrying with her Vora’s sa’angreal, to the Kandor battlefront. The Aes Sedai attack the Shadowspawn army with the Power, killing them efficiently. The Shadowspawn retreat and Gawyn expresses his respect for their efforts. Gawyn and Egwene speak with Bryne and Siuan about the Battle, specifically expressing concern over the Asha’man fighting for the Dark One. 

Egwene goes to another Aes Sedai’s tent to sleep but disapproves that Leilwin is guarding it. Egwene meets the Wise Ones in Tel’aran’rhiod as they are discussing their visits to Rhuidean. She mentions that Rand wants to meet with her as friends. Melaine shows Egwene an image of a rock with cracks that peer into nothingness. They report that these have been seen by many of their people and believe them to be cracks in the pattern due to the excessive use of balefire. They note that Tel’aran’rhiod is becoming increasingly dangerous and they do not want to continue to visit it. Egwene and the Wise Ones exchange solemn goodbyes and step out of the World of Dreams. 

When Egwene awakens, Rand visits her. After a rocky start, they settle into acting like old friends. He asks to see the Seals and announces to Egwene that the Seals are fakes. They are both stunned at this realization that the Seals to the Dark One’s prison might be in the hands of Darkfriends. 

Later that day, the Aes Sedai continue to fight against the Shadowspawn. With a fireball, Egwene clears a hill in the middle of the trolloc army and then a part of the Aes Sedai army Travels to that hill. They lay waste to the surprised trollocs, and as the trollocs organize against them they retreat back into their Gateway. 

While they are discussing the success of their tactics and the fact that the Myrddraal are connected to the trollocs, Egwene notices that something is wrong. Suddenly, a group of strange women channelers Travel to their position. She commands all of the Aes Sedai to let go of the Power. Romanda tries to weave a Gateway and is immediately killed by what Lelaine reports as the Sharan army. They realized they are penned in with the trollocs on one side and the Sharans on the other. Egwene realizes that any time the Sharans feel channeling, they immediately react and destroy the source of the channeling. This happens in the command tent and Egwene and Gawyn are able to escape but are unsure of who else may have survived. They hide under a broken cart from the advancing Sharans and Gawyn advises her to wait before they try their escape. They watch as several captives are tattooed with the Power by a male channeler. Egwene and Gawyn try to make sense of the interactions between the Sharans but are unable to make heads or tails of it. A man appears who claims to be Bao the Wyld. For a moment, Egwene fears that he has sensed her, but Leane is revealed to also be hiding nearby. Egwene listens as Bao instructs Leane to announce his arrival to the Dragon. To Egwene’s horror he reveals his ancient name as Barid Bel, also known as Demandred. Gawyn scouts ahead and Egwene follows. When sneaking, she is shielded. She tries to stab the woman holding her shield but is unsuccessful. Egwene raises her own feeling of panic to alert Gawyn to her capture through their bond. While the Sharan woman is speaking to her, Leilwin takes her out and Egwene’s shield vanishes. Gawyn returns and they head out of the camp, coming across Bayle Domon as well. 

As soon as they are far enough away, Egwene Skims to the White Tower. Egwene has a meeting with the leaders of the war and agrees with Elayne about standing despite the fact that they are outnumbered. When she returns from the meeting, Siuan challenges her identity with a question about their shared past. Then they discuss the raken that are scouting for them, with some apprehension about the Seanchan fighting with them. Egwene meets with Fortuona and they verbally spar about their perspectives. Egwene shocks the Empress with the knowledge that she was once a damane. Fortuona complains to a man near her and Egwene realizes that it is Mat. She is amused at the fact that Mat and Fortuona are married. They then talk about the agreement the Seanchan have made. They disagree over whether Tremalking should be part of Seanchan lands. Fortuona agrees to let go of Sea Folk land. She also requires Egwene’s promise to allow anyone who wants to become damane be allowed to. In return, Egwene asks that she allow those that do not want to become damane leave Seanchan controlled lands. Egwene brings up the fact that sul’dam could learn to channel. Egwene and Fortuona are at the edge of fighting when Mat intervenes and diffuses the situation. Fortuona promises to send sul’dam and damane to help Egwene’s army. 

Later, Egwene is fighting the Shadowspawn and they are trapped by the Sharans. They escape through gateways. Egwene does not understand why it happened and also notices that Gawyn is starting to look ill. Egwene intends to speak to Gareth Bryne about the poor tactics and speaks with Leilwin about the Seanchan cavalry and is told that Mat is leading them. Uno approaches and colorfully describes his confusion about the tactics as well. Egwene drives the Trollocs back with weaves of Air and Water, with attacks from others. They continue fighting but seem to be getting nowhere. She and Gawyn go back to camp. 

Min arrives as a representative of Mat, who believes that Gareth Bryne might be a Darkfriend by the way that he is leading the battle. Mat wants her to turn her armies over to him, but Egwene tells Min that he can send suggestions. Later, Egwene is in her camp wondering where Gareth Bryne is and debating if she can trust Mat with her army. When Silviana tells Egwene where Bryne is, Egwene orders the Hall to convene. She notices Bryne looks tired and she asks how he is. Gawyn bursts in and reports that Davram Bashere turned against Elayne. As they question Bryne as to why he keeps making terrible life-threatening mistakes, he tells them that he doesn’t understand why he keeps making them. Egwene realizes that the Great Captains have all been Compelled. Egwene decides that they need to turn all their armies over to Mat since he cannot be Compelled. 

With the Hall and through a Gateway, Egwene meets with Elayne, Mat and the Seanchan. They discuss the problems with the Great Captains and Mat gives his suggestions. Mat decides that they need to combine their forces and pick one spot to defend. They decide to go to Merrilor. Later, Mat complains to Egwene about the Seanchan expecting him to hear cases. They discuss the search for the Horn of Valere, the whereabouts of Perrin, and the state of the battle. Mat suddenly announces that the final stand of the Last Battle has come. Egwene and Gawyn inspect Yukiri’s viewing gateways and watch the Battle from above. They discuss Mat and Demandred’s plans. Egwene is able to Heal some of the cracks made by balefire using a weave that turns them crystalline. After she does this, she realizes that Gawyn has left to fight with the Andoran army. She angrily orders that someone find him and Bryne volunteers. Egwene Travels to her army and meets with High Captain Chubain who is unsure what the battle plans are. 

Closer to Gawyn, Egwene now realizes that he is where the fighting is thickest. She feels Gawyn’s injuries from afar and realizes he is dying. Silviana offers to take Gawyn’s bond so that Egwene doesn’t have to feel the pain of it during the Last Battle. Egwene fights to find him, but is unsuccessful as she feels his life end. In a rage, she slaughters the nearby Sharans with the Power, but quickly becomes out-of-control until Silviana calms her and takes her away from the Battle. 

Egwene awakens in Mayene, looked after by Silviana, Rosil, and Leilwin. They encourage her to rest and recover from her loss, but Egwene insists on fighting. Rosil tries to give her advice about the loss of a Warder and the emotions she will be dealing with, but Egwene is resolute and asks for another Warder. Leilwin agrees to Bond Egwene and they set out for the battlefield, channeling fiercely with Vora’s sa’angreal. Other Aes Sedai and Asha’man rally to her. Narishma warns that M’Hael is about to unleash lightning but Egwene is able to deflect it by channeling a rod of metal. She orders Narishma and Merise to stay with her so that Narishma can warn her of attacks from saidin. She continues fighting M’Hael with the Power. He almost balefires her out of existence and she tries to cut him off from the Source. When she is close, he disappears and Egwene suspects he is using the True Power. 

Egwene and the Aes Sedai continue to fight to exhaustion. Leilwin then brings word that the Asha’man have finally found the Seals. She watches as balefire causes chaos on the battlefield. She realizes that M’Hael has returned and desperately seeks a way to destroy him, without using balefire. Leilwin encourages her to retreat. She uses a modified version of the weave she used to heal the cracks. Realizing that it is the opposite of balefire, she calls it the Flame of Tar Valon. She negates M’Hael’s balefire with this new weave and he crystallizes. She realizes that she has pulled in more of the Power than she can safely handle and commands Leilwin to have the Seals broken when they see a light. She pushes Leilwin through a Gateway and releases their Bond. She pulls in more the Power and channels her last energy into the Light, sacrificing herself.

Egwene later appears to Rand as he battles the Dark One and tells him that she should be allowed to sacrifice and that it isn't all about him.

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A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities

Special Abilities

Egwene is a strong channeler of the One Power. Her strength level is 8(+5). She has many Talents and abilities, foremost among them her ability as a Dreamer. She has great control in Tel’aran’rhiod. She also is able to channel Earth better than many women and is able to find metals and ores in the ground. She can make cuendillar quicker than any other. She is extremely clever and learns quickly. She also has a small dose of the Old Blood effects, though not as strongly as Mat.

Notable Possessions

Notable Possessions

Egwene used the Dream ter’angreal at the beginning of the story, when she was just learning how to control her Dreaming abilities. The Dream ter’angreal was a small twisted ring that allows the bearer to enter Tel’aran’rhiod when sleeping. After Egwene learned more about her Talent, she did not need the ter’angreal anymore. Later she used Vora’s sa’angreal to enhance her channeling abilities. Vora's sa'angreal was described as a white fluted rod. Egwene used it to fight against the Seanchan in the White Tower and then later during the Last Battle. As Amyrlin, Egwene controls the forces of the White Tower.



Egwene leaves behind a massive legacy both as a wielder of the One Power and as Amyrlin. She was the youngest Amyrlin ever raised and never declared an Ajah. She discovered Talents that had been forgotten and a weave to negate balefire. She also strengthened the White Tower by eliminating division and brought the Aiel Wise Ones, Sea Folk Windfinders, and the Kin into a positive relationship with the White Tower. She helps the Dragon Reborn negotiate the Dragon’s Peace. During the Last Battle, Egwene destroys M’Hael, depriving the Shadow of a powerful channeler and signaling the breaking of the Seals on the Dark One’s prison. Egwene’s deeds will live on far after her death during the Last Battle, perhaps becoming a legend to those who come after her.

In Other Media

Egwene is set to be played by Madeleine Madden in the upcoming Wheel of Time television show being produced by Amazon Studios. The show is currently in production and is shooting for a 2020-2021 release.

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In Other Media
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