Logain Ablar

loh-GAIN ah-blar




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971 NE



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Basic Information


Logain is described as being very tall, with dark flowing hair that comes down to his shoulders. He is considered to be very handsome and an imposing figure. He has very broad shoulders and what is described as an “arrogant” face. He is known to wear the sigil of his House from Ghealdan which is three golden crowns on a field of blue.




Logain is a minor noble from Ghealdan and he very much carries himself as one nobly born. He has a domineering presence and many consider him dangerous when they meet him, although much of this can be attributed to his time as a False Dragon and the fear of him associated with that. He is also described as being on the edge of tension, always ready for battle or some surprise. Again, much of this can be attributed to his experiences in his life.

​He is fair and kind, yet firm when he needs to be. He often treads the line between ambition and responsibility but is able to inspire others to follow him.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Logain is not present in the events of New Spring and we know nothing of his time here other than he was born to a minor Ghealdanen house in 971 NE and was raised in that house.


New Spring

Logain is not present in the events of New Spring.

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Actions Between the Books


In the time directly leading up to the beginning of the events of Eye of the World, Logain proclaims himself the Dragon Reborn. He gathers an army in Ghealdan and marches through the country on his way to Tear. At his declaration of being the Dragon Reborn, he is stripped of his nobility by King Johanin of Ghealdan. Directly before the start of the story, the forces led by Logain win a major battle in Ghealdan.


Eye of the World

Logain is first mentioned by Padan Fain as he shares news of the outside with the town of Emond’s Field. He tells them of Logain’s declaration to be the Dragon Reborn and his victory, as well as his ability to channel the One Power. This prompts quite a bit of discussion among the townsfolk. 

Logain is later captured while marching near Lugard on his way to Tear. His followers are disbanded and he is paraded from town to town by his Aes Sedai captors with the purpose of showing that the Aes Sedai had handled the threat he posed. As part of this parade, Logain is brought to Caemlyn to be shown to Queen Morgase Trakand of Andor. He is brought through the streets on his way to the palace on a wagon with a cage. As the wagon moves through the crowd, Rand sees him from a distance. From Rand’s perspective, Logain appears to be a King despite being caged and Rand notices him laughing despite his captivity.

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The Great Hunt

Logain arrives in Tar Valon in the same party as Elayne Trakand, Gawyn, Galad, and Elaida. He is Gentled, meaning he has the ability to channel the One Power taken from him by the Aes Sedai to prevent the madness that always accompanies men who can channel the Power. He is kept under guard in the White Tower but is really no longer dangerous. He is assigned an Accepted to watch him and help take care of him as he wanders the Tower Grounds. 

Egwene and Elayne both come across and witness Logain’s Accepted escort guiding him back to the part of the White Tower gardens that he was allowed to walk. Later, Elayne sees Logain sitting on a bench on the White Tower grounds weeping. As Logain sees her, he flees.

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The Dragon Reborn

Logain does not appear in this book.

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The Shadow Rising

As Min Farshaw arrives at the White Tower at Moiraine’s behest, she sees Logain in the courtyard accompanied by his Accepted escort. She sees his shoulders slumped and a drooping, sad face as he lumbers around accompanied by the Accepted. However, she sees a viewing of him with a halo of gold and blue above his head, which she knows means glory to come in the future for Logain. Min tells Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat, of her viewings of Logain and she tells Leane Sharif, the Keep of the Chronicles, to have the guard increased on Logain. Later, as Siuan Sanche is deposed and the fighting overtakes the White Tower, Logain manages to escape the White Tower grounds. However, he is unable to leave the city as the bridges were ordered to be guarded against anyone leaving. As Min, Leane, and Siuan move to leave the city, they run into Logain. He tells them that he cannot leave the city. Siuan tells him that if he agrees to follow her, not only will she get him out of Tar Valon, but she can help him get revenge on the Red Ajah that Gentled him. He agrees to accompany them and Min again sees the gold and blue aura above his head signifying glory to come. They escape Tar Valon together.

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Fires of Heaven

Logain, Min, Siuan, and Leane are traveling south away from Tar Valon and into Andor attempting to find the group of Rebel Aes Sedai that had left the White Tower at Siuan’s deposing. As they travel, they decide to go by different names to conceal their identities. Logain wants to go by Guaire, a past False Dragon, but Siuan convinces him to not go by such an attention-grabbing name and he agrees to go by the name Dalyn. Logain gambles at dice in an inn and wins some money which enables him to buy a new coat, a sword, and a horse. As they travel south, they decide to stay in a barn at Admer Nem’s farm near Kore Springs in the north of Andor. In the morning, the group is discovered by Admer and Logain confronts him, knocking him down and causing his lantern to fall into the hay in the barn, setting it ablaze. He also steals a coin pouch from Admer and takes the horses, leaving Leane, Min, and Siuan to be captured and taken in front of the local Lord for justice. The local Lord happens to be Gareth Bryne who was previously the Captain-General of the Queen’s Guards for Andor and had just left his post after a fight with Morgase over her new lover, Gaebril. 

As Min, Siuan, and Leane are being transported to Gareth Bryne’s estate to work off their portion of the barn fire, Logain attacks the driver and knocks him out, rescuing the women. He seems surprised that the women thought that he would leave them and reminds Siuan that she made promises to him about the Red Ajah and his revenge and he intends to stay to make sure he achieves it, but he also warns her that time is running out and that if she cannot deliver on her promise soon, that he will leave them to their own devices. He tells them that his sword has protected them from people trying to take advantage of them on their journey. He also shows them the coin pouch he stole from Admer, but he refuses to give it to Siuan. He believes that by holding on to the money that they will not send him away. Logain begins to try and wrestle control of the group away from Siuan. He has the women cook his meals and serve them to him. Siuan allows this because she has big plans for Logain. 

They arrive in Murandy and Siuan leaves to go find an agent of the Blue Ajah Eyes and Ears. She tells Leane to practice flirting with Logain and she flirts with him as well as the rest of the patrons of the Nine Horse Hitch Inn. Many of the men are completely enthralled with Leane, but Logain is frowning much of the time. After Siuan discovers that Salidar is their destination, they travel south for roughly 15 days. Logain begins to appear more and more depressed during this time. Leane attempts to shower him with attention and flirting, but he is completely uninterested. The effect of his Gentling is beginning to affect him greatly, however, Min sees the halo surrounding Logain more and more, which confuses her. 

When they arrive in Salidar, they are taken to the Little Tower and Logain is watched by the Warders, although he appears to not even notice them, his depression truly taking hold. An Aes Sedai, Edesina Azzedin attempts to heal him, but tells Min that there is nothing to heal and that his Gentling has caught up with him and he has no desire to continue living. Siuan reveals her plan for his revenge on the Red Ajah is to have Logain tell everyone that the Red Ajah set him up to be a False Dragon and then brought him down. She tells the Aes Sedai in the camp of this and reveals to Logain that this is the story he will need to tell.

 Later, Nyneave al’Meara begins to study Logain to see if she can Heal Gentling. She has no real interest in Healing him, but Siuan and Leane resist being studied by Nyneave. Nyneave believes that Logain is more open to the study because he believes that Nyneave will eventually Heal him.

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Lord of Chaos

Logain is kept captive and under guard in Salidar. The Aes Sedai bring nobles from Altara and Murandy to see him and have him relate his tale of the Red Ajah setting him up as a False Dragon. Logain seems to delight in the attention and the depression seems to leave him as he sees this as revenge upon the Red Ajah. Nyneave and Elayne go to Logain’s house in Salidar for Nyneave’s study of Logain’s Gentling. While talking with Elayne and studying Logain, she manages to actually restore his ability to channel. She immediately shields him and sends Elayne to get Sheriam. 

While Elayne is gone, Logain tests Nyneave’s shield. She ties him to his chair with flows of air. He begins to talk to her quite a bit, telling her that he wouldn’t attack a full village of Aes Sedai and the shield isn’t necessary, clearly trying to get her to let him go. He also tells her that they are giving him what he wants, revenge on the Red Ajah. He also tells Nyneave of the first time he saw Rand in the streets of Caemlyn. He lets her know he has the ability to see ta’veren and saw Rand and couldn’t help but laugh because he knew Rand would cause more trouble than he ever did. When the Aes Sedai arrive, they do not believe that Nyneave restored his ability to channel. He tells them that she did not, trying to get them to not believe Nyneave, but they agree to continue shielding him just in case. Later it is determined that has actually been healed. The Aes Sedai then debate whether he should be Gentled again, but they decide he shouldn’t because they do not want to anger Rand. They have six Aes Sedai shield Logain and keep him captive, however. They also stop bringing nobles to see him after his healing. 

After Egwene al’Vere is raised to Amyrlin Seat, the rebel Aes Sedai begin their move toward Tar Valon and Logain is brought along, still shielded. Sixteen days after leaving Salidar, Egwene asks Logain what he thinks of Rand’s amnesty for men who can channel. Logain gets very angry with her and says that he wishes he was with Rand right now because despite him doing everything the Aes Sedai have asked, they are still considering killing him or Gentling him again. Egwene attempts to reassure him that she will not allow anything to happen to him as far as she can, but leaves and tells him that she will return when he has calmed down. Egwene and Siuan arrange for the Aes Sedai shielding Logain to be brought forkroot tea so Logain can escape the camp and join Rand. Egwene instructs Siuan to make sure Logain doesn’t hurt anyone as he leaves.

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A Crown of Swords

Logain does not appear in this book.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

Logain has reached the Black Tower and has been given the rank of Asha’man by Taim. He leads a group of Asha’men who capture the Aes Sedai sent by Elaida to capture the men in the Black Tower. Logain personally captures Toveine, a Red, and she fights against him as he tries to calm her. He kisses her, which is actually the way that they have learned to bond women to them with the Power. Logain tells her that he has bonded her and she breaks down and cries. Logain also bonds Gabrelle in the same fashion. We find that the bond allows Logain to control the Aes Sedai in a similar way to the Oath Rod, functioning much differently than the Warder bond from women.

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Winter's Heart

Logain finds the orders from Elaida to eradicate the Black Tower in Toveine’s possession. He burns them, effectively protecting Toveine from retribution in the Black Tower. Logain and Gabrelle become lovers, but rather than Logain being the one to initiate as Toveine assumed, Gabrelle attempted for four days to bed Logain for him to finally agree. Logain’s followers make reports to him. They speak of the new Two Rivers boys in the Black Tower, as well as the private lessons that Taim gives for select men loyal to him. Welyn Kajima reports to Logain that Taim is back from Cairhien and has posted new names on the deserter's list and Logain leaves with his followers, telling Gabrelle and Toveine not to touch his papers.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

As Logain is riding with Toveine and Gabrelle, he is approached by Atal Mishraille, one of the men loyal to Taim and receiving private lessons. He tells them that Logain’s request to go recruiting has been granted, but that he cannot believe Logain wants to do such a lowly task. Logain rides back to the village and prepares to leave. Gabrelle and Toveine agree to stay close to Logain. They both feel determination through their bond with Logain and that he feels as though he is riding to war. 

Logain, along with a party of his followers and their bonded Aes Sedai, arrive in Caemlyn. Included in the group are Donalo Sandomere, Mezar Kurin, Welyn Kajima, Ayako Norsoni, Adrielle, and Jenaire. Logain meets with Davram Bashere and they agree to find Rand together. Logain then arrives with his party in Cairhien still looking for Rand. They find Warders that were left behind by their Aes Sedai that are with Rand and they use them to try and find his location. They follow him to Tear. Samitsu, Loial, and Karldin join Logain and his party in Cairhien, as well. 

Logain’s party finally reaches Rand at Lord Algarin’s manor in Tear. Logain and Davram Bashere meet with Rand and Rand scolds Logain for bonding Aes Sedai. He tells Logain that he doesn’t need war with the White Tower. Logain tells Rand that Taim gave the order and often gives orders that are said to come from Rand. Rand sends Logain, Bashere, and Loial to make an alliance with the Seanchan. They set up a meeting between Rand and the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Rand sends Logain to Andor to meet with Elayne and check on the Borderlander army that is currently in Andor. He also has Logain go to the Black Tower to have Asha’men sent to Arad Doman and to Illian. When Logain returns to Rand, he reports that the Borderland army has 13 Aes Sedai with it and they are looking for Rand, contributing to Rand’s uneasiness in meeting with them. Logain also tells Rand that Taim needs to be dealt with, something Rand brushes off as needing to be dealt with later. 

A large army of Trollocs and Myrddraal attacks Lord Algarin’s manor and Logain participates in the ensuing battle along with the other Asha’men and Aes Sedai, as well as Bashere’s soldiers. Rand begins to channel Arrows of Fire, Blossoms of Fire, and Deathgates, all weaves that Logain has never seen before. Unbeknownst to Logain, Lews Therin had taken control of Rand’s mind and was controlling the weaves. Logain is able to copy the weaves Rand uses, although to a lesser degree than Rand, but they are able to wipe out the Trolloc army. During the fighting, the buildings on the manor grounds that Bashere’s soldiers were staying catch fire and Rand is unable to make Lews Therin extinguish the flames, so he yells for Logain to do put them out. At the conclusion of the fighting when all of the Trollocs have been destroyed, Logain asks Rand if he was trying to hold back weaves for his favorites like Taim. Lews Therin continues to hold on to Saidin after the battle is over, making Logain think that Rand is trying to prove that he is more powerful than he. He says this out loud and Rand finally convinces Lews Therin to release the Source. Logain’s men and bonded Aes Sedai set to burn the dead Trollocs and Myrddraal, but Logain is not happy that his people are tiring themselves out to burn dead bodies. He says he is worried that Gabrelle and Toveine will be exhausted by nightfall. Rand then orders Logain to burn the bodies of the Saldaeans that are covered in flies, but Alivia does it instead. Rand was primarily concerned about Lews Therin taking over if he attempted to channel. 

Rand then sends Logain to meet with the Atha’an Miere. He meets with the Wavemistresses and as they demand to know where Rand is, Logain tells them that he doesn’t know where he is currently, but that he carries a message from Rand. He instructs them that Rand requires the Sea Folk to carry food for up to a million people from Tear and Illian to Arad Doman. Logain tells them that Rand requires all of their ships for this and they must start immediately. Cemeille din Selaan Long Eyes enters and informs the Wavemistresses that all of the Amayar on the Sea Folk islands have committed suicide, a result of the female Chodean Kal statue melting after its use in the cleansing of Saidin. The Sea Folk tell Logain that they must send their ships to find any remaining Amayar, but he tells them they must act now and commit their ships to Rand’s purpose, not the Amayar. 

Logain then accompanies Rand and his party as he meets with whom they believe to be the Daughter of the Nine Moons in a manor in Altara. When it is discovered that it is Semirhage posing as the Daughter of the Nine Moons, Logain participates in the fight that breaks out and escapes unharmed.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


After the battle and capture of Semirhage in the previous book, Rand instructs Logain to get everyone away through a Gateway.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Logain does not appear in this book.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Logain has been captured by Taim and his men and they are attempting to turn him to the Shadow with 13 Myrddraal and 13 channelers, but they are forced to use male channelers which slows down the process. Androl and his allies attempt to free Logain and while initially stopped, they are eventually able to drive off Taim and Graendal (Hessalam). Logain is unable to help in this as he is too weak from the Turning process. He is somewhat changed, being described as darker. After his release, Logain reviews Taim’s plans for hours, attempting to figure out the plans for the Shadow. This eventually leads him and the remaining Asha’men to join the battle with Elayne and the Andoran contingent of the battle plan. They are able to help save the army and Androl eliminates the remaining Trollocs with lava straight from Dragonmount. 

Later, he releases Toveine from their bond as she has been Turned to the Shadow and he intends to kill her if he finds her. Logain at this point is completely consumed with a desire to get revenge on Mazrim Taim for his captivity and to have the power to never be controlled again, whether by the Shadow or Aes Sedai. He goes to fight Demandred using the little fat man angreal that Rand had given to him. However, he is overwhelmed by Demandred who is using the sa’angreal Sakarnen. Logain escapes by throwing a piece of shale at Demandred and jumping through a gateway. Logain is awed by the power that Demandred was wielding and later when Egwene dies defeating Mazrim Taim, who was wielding Sakarnen, he chooses to have the Asha’men look for it rather than protect the Dragons as he was ordered by Mat. 

Eventually, Logain finds the sa’angreal but before he can get to it, Androl tells him that the thousands of refugees from Caemlyn are about to be slaughtered by Trollocs and he makes a decision to save them instead of seeking his own power. After saving the refugees, the people are genuinely grateful to Logain and the Asha’men and many promise to send their sons to the Black Tower to be tested. For the first time in his life, he has seen people viewing the ability to channel in a man as a gift rather than a curse. This response solidifies in him that he made the right choice in abandoning the power of Sakarnen for the good of saving people. 

Not long after, he sees a beam of light coming from Shayol Guhl. Gabrelle encourages him to break the Seals on the Dark One’s prison that they had taken back from Taim’s men and he does so, thus allowing Rand to seal the Dark One’s prison for good. Gabrelle gives Logain the title of “Sealbreaker.”

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Logain is an especially powerful channeler of the One Power. He has a ranking of ++2 putting him near the very top of the scale in terms of the amount of the One Power he could channel. The only more powerful channelers are Rahvin, Moridin, and Rand al’Thor. As with other very powerful channelers, he is able to learn weaves very quickly, sometimes after seeing them just once. This is evidenced by when he learned Deathgates and Arrows of Fire from Rand at Lord Algarin’s manor while fighting the Trolloc army. We also know that one of Logain’s Talents is the ability to see ta’veren. He sees ta’veren as glowing and surrounded by light.

Notable Possessions


Logain does not have many possessions throughout the series as he loses most of his possessions early on in the story when he is defeated and Gentled. However, at the end of the story, Rand gives him the Fat Little Man angreal that he uses during the Last Battle. This was a moderately strong angreal that was tuned for a man.



Logain ends the story as the leader of the Black Tower, the most powerful male channeler in the world that remains alive, and a hero of the Last Battle. The viewing that Min had of Logain very early on in the story of him achieving great glory came true in the time after the Last Battle. 

He also had a change of heart after rescuing people. Much of his character arc is about protecting himself and those around him from being controlled by others. Male channelers were hunted and he had been hunted and Gentled. By saving the people and receiving their genuine thanks, he realized that he and the other Asha’men could actually provide service to the world rather than simply trying to survive through power. Logain begins the story as a man with power that loses it, loses his purpose, and survives simply on revenge. When he gains the ability to control his life again and the ability to channel, he is motivated by a desire to never be controlled again and to have the power to survive. His arc ends with him realizing that he can use his great power to give to the world.

In Other Media

In the upcoming Wheel of Time television adaptation by Amazon Studios, Logain Ablar will be played by actor Alvaro Morte. Alvaro Morte is known for his role as the professor in the popular series Money Heist. From early reports on the filming of the show, Logain will see an expanded role within the adaptation.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg