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Content Description

Content Description

We are The Asha'man of the Black Tower. We are here to talk about, geek out over, and blabber on incessantly about the Wheel of Time. We are always down to talk anything about the Wheel of Time with anyone who'll listen!

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

The Black Tower Podcast was originally founded in October of 2018 by Andrew and Aaron. Born out of a mutual love for The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, these two gentlemen set out to shatter the then-current mold that most WoT podcast seemed to follow. Foregoing the chapter-by-chapter format that was, and still is, so popular, the Black Tower Podcast set its sights on topical discussions that would span the entire 14 book series, the New Spring prequel, The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time (commonly known as the Big White Book of Bad Art), The Wheel of Time Companion, and other associated materials.

Over the life of the podcast, the hosts involved have changed as hosts needed to step away or moved on to create their own podcast. Currently, the podcast is hosted by original founder Andrew and two newer co-hosts Josh and Daniel. Though the members have changed, the format and atmosphere on the Black Tower Podcast has not. This is not one of those “family-friendly” or “politically correct” podcast as the hosts frequently use profanity, crude humor, and simply blunt and brazen statements - all under the umbrella of humor with no actual malice or ill intent.

From the topics of Sexism, the Five Great Captains, individual characters, geographic and cultural locations, all the way to reviews and overviews of the books themselves, the Black Tower Podcast has made its mission to cover anything and everything related to The Wheel of Time.

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