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Talk'aran'rhiod: The Wheel of Time Showcast


Content Description

Content Description

They've finally decided to make the Wheel of Time into a television show! Listen to Joe, Jen, and Tom as they discuss the fantasy book series' long-awaited adaptation. They'll cover everything including the latest news and try to answer the question of just how will Amazon adapt this massive 14-book epic. If you love the Wheel of Time as much as we do, join us. But beware: spoilers abound! Want to share your thoughts, theories, and dare we say feeling?

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

The casters of Talk’aran’rhiod have been friends for just about twenty years and their history of reading Wheel of Time stretches back to around the same time. Joe introduced Tom, who, in turn, introduced Jen to this epic fantasy series. After spending years discussing the books and-in some cases-completing multiple rereads, the trio decided it was time to share their opinions with a wider audience.


The news of the upcoming Amazon series was just the impetus they needed to start podcasting, and Talk’aran’rhiod was born! On a weekly basis, Joe, Jen, and Tom discuss the latest production news and then dive deep into topics such as Tel’aran’rhiod, character profiles, and the history of some of the famous locations of Randland, as well as their love for barbers and #horsenews. But be warned, new readers: this is a spoiler-heavy podcast!

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