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Hey y'all! Welcome to The Bard of the Red Hand's YouTube channel. Here you will find various videos pertaining to Robert Jordan's epic masterpiece "The Wheel of Time." My content mostly focuses on character dives, theories, philosophical themes, and the history of the series. I always enjoy the engagement from the community so drop a comment on my videos!


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Creator Bio


I began reading in 2005 and through various ups and downs finally completed the series in 2019. A glacial average of 1 book per year. He was extremely inspired to continue the series in 2010 thanks to Blind Guardian's epic album "At the Edge of Time" featuring not one but two epic songs based upon The Wheel of Time. Initially, my channel was called "The Gleemen" and I started with my friend.


Though the channel has rebranded we still have a monthly podcast that we host.

The podcast called "The Gleemen Podcast" features my longtime friend and series superfan, Drew . Along with our first-time reader Matt, another longtime friend we cajoled into reading the books, we talk about various characters, plot points, and theories about the series.

We decided to embark on the content creation journey when realized that there was so much for us to learn from the community. Inspired by many of the creators listed on The Great Blight we decided that it was time to engage and share with the community our perspective on Jordan's unique epic.