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The Wheel of Time Film Adaptation in the Works - The Age of Legends

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Sarah Nakamura tweeted out, in the early hours of morning, an article by The Hollywood Reporter. According to the article Zack Stentz of X-Men: First Class and Thor fame will pen the film scripts.

And get this: The films are base on the Age of Legends. That right the mythical utopian (dystopian depending on who you ask) age will becoming to life.

In the thread Sarah mused about how the #TwitterOfTime Community would react to the sudden news drop.

Update - Not Related to the Amazon Project

Information has surfaced that this is not related to the Sony Pictures and Amazon Prime series. In an exchange on Twitter between Sarah and fans, including the delightful GeekyEri of, Sarah confirmed that she is not a part of this project.

Further Updates: Dragonmount Tweets

The Dragonmount twitter account published a heft thread on the status of the Age of Legends trilogy and it's worth a read. Be sure to go check out the whole thread!

BREAKING: The Dusty Wheel went live today to talk about the announcement.

Guests were Kristy Lussier and Adam Whitehead. Further writer of the film project Zack Stentz popped up in the show's live chat!

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