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Big Wheel of Time News at Comic-Con

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

The Wheel of Time TV Show will be one of five future shows highlighted by Amazon Prime Video & IMDb TV at ComicCon@Home on July 23rd at 2pm ET.

As announced by the official The Wheel of Time Twitter account, showrunner (The Shadowrunner) Rafe Judkins will appear on this virtual panel to share exclusive details about the highly anticipated epic fantasy TV series. Join us here on The Great Blight, with partner The Dusty Wheel for live coverage of this event.

This Thursday, they continued their social media push with another reminder, highlighting Rafe Judkins, and a new version of the logo.

What Exclusive News Can Fans Expect?

According to the official Comic-con panel description, host Tim Kash will lead each panelist through their own standalone series conversation. Accordingly, we anticipate Rafe will have around 10 minutes to discuss The Wheel of Time. Notably, the panel description mentions exclusive asset drops, along with further announcements.

Does this mean we should expect a Wheel of Time trailer?

Fueling trailer speculation, Rafe Judkins recently appeared in a video meant for fans attending a Wheel of Time Convention, JordanCon, in which he stated that we will see a trailer by the end of the summer. Though, this may reflect a slower roll out of the trailer than fans were hoping.

Poll Results

While speculation has run rampant among online communities, such as #TwitterOfTime, fans are hopeful for more than general Q&A news. If not a trailer, perhaps Amazon is ready to announce the long awaited release date of Season 1 Episode 1.

How Can Fans Watch the Event Live?

Comic-Con@Home 2021 will either post or stream the Amazon virtual panel on their YouTube Chanel at 2pm ET, but if you want to be among Wheel of Time fans while reacting to the news live you can join popular Wheel of Time YouTubers Daniel Green, Nae'blis, and The Innkeeper for their live coverage and commentary at The Dusty Wheel Show on YouTube. Live fan coverage will begin around 1:50 PM EDT / 5:50 PM UTC.

And, Filming for Season 2 Has Begun

This Monday, July 19th, The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime announced filming for Season 2 began, including a screenshot of what some fans to believe represents a location in The White Tower or Fal Dara.

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