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Wheel of Time TV Show News Coming Friday

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Twitter account stirred up #TwitterofTime fandom with the suggestion that they will be dropping WoT TV Show news this Friday, in the following tweet:

Tomorrow? As barren as the Aiel Waste. Friday to celebrate the anniversary of The Eye of The World release? That's another story.

So, what will the news be?

Not a Trailer or Release Date.

WoTonPrime, as fans refer to them on social media, followed with a reply to their original tweet, setting fans expectations for what they might see.

also to set proper expectations... it's not a trailer. Or a release date. But it's something we've seen at least a few of you mention would be great to see. Looking forward to sharing with you.

So what, then?

It will be something WoTonPrime has seen some fans mention "would be great to see." In other words: it could be anything. Fans have suggested it could be related to Wheel of Time topics mentioned in those tweets such as the Aiel Waste, The Eye, Another Story, or even The Ways. Admittedly, you have to read between a variety of lines to get there, but that's part of what Wheel of Time fans do best!

Ok. I'm ready! What time?

We believe it will occur at 1pm EST. Why? While we can't be 100% sure, a fan, Malkier Talks, asked this very question to WoTonPrime:

Thank you! We love your dedication to us!! What time might we be blessed? Asking for a friend that runs an inn

And, they replied:

let's just say that The Innkeeper knows our ways

What does this mean? Considering the author of this article is "The Innkeeper" mentioned by WoTonPrime, he believes it will happen at the same time the last few releases of recent Teaser Trailers have happened on Wednesdays: 1pm EST.

Join Fellow Fans for Live News Coverage.

If you want to be there, Live with The Innkeeper and your fellow fans to react and discuss whatever this news is this Friday, you can join them at The Dusty Wheel Show on YouTube a little before 1pm EST on Friday. They do Live Coverage, of Wheel of Time TV Show News. Go like, subscribe, and set a reminder!

Finally, don't miss the next announcement!

If you want to be there when Wheel of Time news happens, make sure you follow The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime on Twitter and Instagram. Of course, you can follow The Dusty Wheel Show for Live Coverage, along with other content creators who cover Wheel of Time News on a weekly basis such as Daniel Greene, Nae'blis, WoTUp!,, here at, and the Talk'aran'rhiod Podcast.



My prediction is its a picture of either


Someshta or


any of those would be awesome



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