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The Great Wheel of Time Meme Challenge: The Finals!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Last night, The Dusty Wheel Show, with fellow hosts, WoTUp!, Unraveling the Pattern, and The Way of the Leaf, premiered the Live Finals of the The Great Wheel of Time Meme Challenge. Prior to the Finals, Wheel of Time fans submitted over 200 Wheel of Time Memes to compete for the $100 prize. Then, during last night's show, fans chose between the top 16 Wheel of Time Memes and crowned the winner. You can watch the show, view the top 16 and final 3 winners, along with viewing a presentation of all 200+ submitted Memes, below!

Watch the Wheel of Time Meme Finals

Top 16 Memes

Finalist 01

Submitted by @deej_raithar

Finalist 02

Submitted by Lars

Finalist 03

Submitted by Lezbi Nerdy

Finalist 04

Submitted by @malkiersking Malkiers King

Finalist 05

Submitted by Vance the Gleemen

Finalist 06

Submitted by @rob_stoneshield

Finalist 07

Submitted by Mustafa Sedai

Finalist 08

Submitted by Edward

Finalist 09

Submitted by @eriennasedai

Finalist 10

Submitted by @robertozimek

Finalist 11

Submitted by Rob Christianson of Weekly Wheel News

Finalist 12

Submitted by @ChildByar / @kcoleman21372

Finalist 13

Submitted by @BSanderfans

Finalist 14

Submitted by Drew C