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QUEEN-ELECT RECOVERS BOWL OF WINDS! {Image of Kate Franz as Indiana Jones recovering Bowl of Winds] Elayne appointing new Weather Task Force comprised entirely of qualified Windfinders.... and NO relatives! "It belongs in a museum, you Daughter of the Sands!" - Mistress of the Ships [Inset image of Sea Folk Windfinders]

INTOLERANT FANS DEMAND ELAIDA BE FIRED FROM 30-YR OLD BOOK SERIES FOR BEING CONSERVATIVE! [Photo of Gina Carano as Elaida wearing Make The Tower Great Again red ball cap] "She re-Pigeoned that Taraboners shouldn't wear veils! She must be a Darkfriend!" - Annoura Sedai (image of Taraboner Aes Sedai] "She turned me into a newt!" - Dirty peasant [Photo of John Cleese from Monty Python and the Holy Grail]

AIEL INVADERS LEAVE WESTLANDS AS SUDDENLY AS THEY CAME! "Let's Bounce!" - Rhuarc [Painting of huge armies of Aiel]

BAERLON GIRL JOINS 'PSYCHIC FRIENDS NETWORK' {Image of Min in Psychic Friends Network commercial]


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