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Hard to believe it’s been three full years already! The WWN kicks off Volume 4 in 2022 with the hard-hitting journalism you’ve come to expect from Randland’s ONLY Reliable News Source!

Only in WWN 4-01:

  • Cadsuane Sedai LIVES! The return of Rodel Ituralde!

  • Gleeman seeks audience with the Amyrlin Seat!

  • Elaida summoned back to the Hall of the Tower!

  • Deadbeat Dragon rides off into sunset… ALONE!

If you don’t believe it… YOU’RE A DARKFRIEND!

The Weekly Wheel News is a #wheeloftime inspired project by Rob Christianson, a designer and art director based in the Pacific Northwest. As a comedic weekly satire of the old supermarket tabloid Weekly World News and Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, "The Paper" (as it is affectionately known in inner circles) is Randland's ONLY Reliable News Source... and if you don't believe that, YOU'RE A DARKFRIEND! The WWN continues to entertain thanks to the generous donations of its Patreon supporters. If you would like to help bring news (and laughter) to the fans of the Wheel of Time, please consider joining us at Support at any level is appreciated. Tai'shar Manetheren.

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