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Big Wheel of Time News from Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson was a guest of for a Patreon Livestream, where he answered a variety of Wheel of Time questions, which were summarized into 7 Wheel of Time Highlights in this short 10 minute video at The Dusty Wheel. Not interested in watching? Then, skip the video for a quick guide below to all seven highlights!

Spoiler Rating: High.

You will encounter spoilers for the entire series.

Quick Guide: The Top 7 Wheel of Time Highlights

If you are unfamiliar with RAFO, or Read and Find Out, this is a famous response from Robert Jordan to fans when they asked about some mystery in the series that he didn't want to answer. And, it's a tradition Brandon has carried on with fans, both while he was writing The Wheel of Time, and now in his interactions with fans of his own series.

Listen to Brandon's explanation of being the heir to the RAFO Crown

Brandon explains that the last unreleased Wheel of Time scene that he wrote deals with Rand's engagement to Aviendha, Elayne, and Min. He points out that it is only two pages long, and just didn't fit into the narrative of the moment. He believes that fan may see it some day in the future.

Listen to Brandon explain why they didn't include that scene in the books

According to Brandon, Robert Jordan's Notes are the one place that remains for fans to get new information about The Wheel of Time. He gives the example of a note Jordan's assistants discovered the Jordan had written many years ago, perhaps around the time of The Path of Daggers, involving the use of the Choedan Kal in place of Callandor.

Listen to how Brandon explains this "what if" moment

In quite the coincidence, Brandon talks about learning that the new name he had come up with for Tuon, was only two characters off of the one he learned later that Robert Jordan had already created for Tuon.

Listen to how Brandon feels about this discovery

5. Brandon discusses the advice he gave Rafe Judkins, the Showrunner of The Wheel of Time TV Show

Brandon has been open about talking with Rafe about the upcoming Wheel of Time TV Show. In this answer, Brandon tells fans that what his advice to Rafe has been, included telling Rafe that Mat is much more difficult to write than he looks, but more importantly, discussing the themes of The Wheel of Time as he sees them.

Listen to the how Brandon distills down his advice to Rafe

6. Brandon talks about a WoT TV Show cameo, along with having cameos in adaptations of his own series

Everyone wants to know if Brandon will show up in The Wheel of Time TV Show. Brandon says he doesn't think it makes sense until they reach the books he wrote in The Wheel of Time, but then discusses his interest in doing cameos when his own series are adapted.

Listen to how Brandon describes how he'd like to be treated in cameos

Jason Denzel asks Brandon about The Wheel of Time TV Show scripts, and Brandon simply states he has read all the scripts for episodes 1-6, but not for episodes 7 & 8.

Listen to the exchange between the two of them

That's It! Your Thoughts?

Now that you know there is one more unreleased Wheel of Time scene, some potential alternate facts and endings in Robert Jordan's notes, and that Brandon has only read six of the eight scripts of the first season of The Wheel of Time, even though they are filming episodes seven and eight, leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Final Note

Brandon posted the full Livestream from on his channel a few weeks ago. It's worth a watch, especially if you are a Cosmere fans. You can see the entire livestream here. It's about 80 minutes long.



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