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A Weekend of Wheel of Time & DragonCon

DragonCon has arrived! As with other large fan conventions, DragonCon went virtual this year, which makes their weekend "focusing on science fiction & fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film" available to everyone. Yes, there is a fee for a portion of that entertainment, but some of the panels, such as the High Fantasy Track, are freely accessible and on YouTube. In fact, Wheel of Time fans will be excited to know there will be two related panels.

First up, there is "DragonCon High Fantasy Presents Wheel of Time 30th Anniversary" on Saturday, September 5th, at 5:30pm EDT. Brandon Sanderson will be there, along side Dr. Michael Livingston, Jennifer Liang (moderator), and Jason Denzel.

The second, and final, Wheel of Time panel at DragonCon, DragonCon "High Fantasy Track Presents Wheel of Time TV Show Speculation" will be on Sunday, September 6th, at 2:30pm EDT. Jennifer Liang will be the moderator, accompanied by Jason Denzel.

If that's not enough Wheel of Time content for you, directly following the second DragonCon panel above, join the Live, Talking WoT, Variety Game Show at The Dusty Wheel at 4pm EDT with special guests Jay, from Randland TV Podcast, Recappa Sedai from the Wheel Talk YouTube channel, and Brian The Gleeman from the Barside Chats Podcast, along with the Innkeeper. It's a raucous, fun time with fellow Wheel of Time geeks!

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