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Barside Chats Podcast


Content Description

Content Description

Barside Chats from The Dusty Wheel is a talk show about epic fantasy, and The Wheel of Time in particular. The hosts, Matt and Brian, delve into the mysteries and wonder of the world of the Wheel of Time. It's just pure, good, clean fun! A podcast for all ages and for fans old and new. Come join the crew as they cover wide-ranging topics and have lots of fun along the way!

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

Brian has been a Wheel of Time fan since the late 90s and first got involved with the WoT community via Theoryland. Over the last twenty years, he's become good friends with Matt from The Dusty Wheel and dozens of other Theorylanders. With the announcement of the Wheel of Time TV series from Amazon Prime, Brian decided to team up with his buddy Matt and begin a new podcast about his favorite subject, The Wheel of... well, you know where he's going with this...

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