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12 Queer Wheel of Time Content Creators to Follow

LGBTQ+ Artists, Podcasters, and YouTubers You Won't Want to Miss

Moiraine and Siuan about to kiss

"Siuaraine" has many of these content creators hopeful about queer representation in the Wheel of Time TV series.

It’s time to kick off Pride month with a very special Maidens’ List featuring twelve queer Wheel of Time content creators you need to be following. Yes, this list is too big and too queer to be confined to just ten of them.

Last week, I put out a call to queer content creators both new and old, well-known and up-and-coming. What I found was an entire rainbow of amazing people eager to share their WoT origin stories and how they were inspired to share their creativity with the fandom.

Today's list is a blend of each content creator's story in their own words and some of my own thoughts on their work. It was a challenge to fit all of interesting tidbits of information about these creators into just one article, so be on the look out for more in-depth interviews in the future.

In the meantime, make sure you check out each and every one of these hard-working creators and support the vibrant LGBTQ+ community within the Wheel of Time fandom.

1. Morgan Thorson/Podcast of the Dragon

Morgan, with short dark hair and glasses poses with her chin on her Wheel of Time forearm tattoo of ravens. The logo for Pocast of the Dragon is in the top right corner.

Podcast of the Dragon is full-spoilers topical literary analysis of the Wheel of Time. As the solo host, Morgan (she/her) does casual, essay-style lit lectures about WoT with a personal flair. As she follows the path of the story, she uses empathy to enhance all aspects of her analysis, from individual character breakdowns, to what might have informed Robert Jordan’s writing, to imagining things that could have occurred off-scene.

Morgan, who is bisexual and genderqueer, is currently wrapping up episodes covering The Shadow Rising, including an exploration of the Tanchico subplot, Rand in the glass columns, and Aiel history. Fair warning: Podcast of the Dragon is NSFW and is oriented toward people who are very familiar with the series. You can follow Morgan on Twitter at @PodOfTheDragon.

2. Lezbi Nerdy

Lezbi Nerdy's signature memoji head

Lezbi Nerdy, aka Jenny (she/her), has a lot of thoughts about the Wheel of Time in her big memoji head, and she shares them with the world via deep dives into character and plot, lists of things she loves, lists of things she has questions about, and even lists of things she finds problematic. With her fresh takes and sincere commentary, Lezbi Nerdy’s love for the Wheel of Time, fostered over the course of two decades of reading the books, shines through in each one her videos.

On Jenny's channel, you can also find episode reviews for the Wheel of Time TV series, as well as other shows like The Legend of Vox Machina, Doctor Who, and Sex Education. I love Lezbi Nerdy for her meme reviews, fresh takes on Faile, and brilliant Seanchan post-series head canon, but one of her best videos is this heartfelt one about why queer representation matters.

3. Cool Story Podcast

logo for Cool Story Podcast

Cool Story is a first-time reader podcast hosted by Matt (he/him) and Enn (they/them). Matt is the first-timer and Enn has read the whole series more times than they can count. Their podcast goes chapter by chapter through the series, and along the way, they make endless jokes, references to pop culture and look for queer subtext wherever they can find it.

I personally love their thoughts on the queer coding within Perrin’s storyline, which they shared in an interview with Lezbi Nerdy. Follow them on Twitter at @CoolStoryPod1.

4. Kitsenugari/Uno

Kitsunegari in a black turtleneck, bordered by stripes from the non-binary pride flag. They have earrings, a nose piercing, rings, and a tattoo showing on their wrist.

Kitsunegari, aka Uno Nomesta (they/them), has been in love with the Wheel of Time for almost 20 years. You can find their original Wheel of Time artwork at Uno’s Art Station on Instagram along with the occasional dinosaur, animal, or fantasy creature.

Kitsunegari’s style is a blend of realism and cartoon, including manga style drawings and rough pen/pencil sketches. They enjoy experimenting with different styles and mediums, including traditional, digital, or a blend of both.

Kitsunegari's artwork of Uno Nomesta

Kitsunegari, who identifies as non-binary and pan, credits the Wheel of Time community for helping them understand their identity. They grew up in a small rural town in Sweden in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, where there was zero discussion about sexuality or gender dysphoria.

On the White Tower podcast Discord, Kitsunegari first encountered discussions about gender identity and discovered words to express things they struggled with all their life. Kitsunegari specifically asked to share their gratitude with the Wheel of Time fandom for being so open and inclusive. “It has made a world of difference for me.”

5. Tar Valon After Dark

Logo for Tar Valon after Dark

Tar Valon After Dark is what happens when three powerhouse content creators combine their efforts in the name of clever, snarky, and irreverent fun. Jess from The Amyrlin’s Study, Nae’blis, and Recappa Sedai will invite you for a romp in the hay, promise to love you forever and have your babies, and then insult you and kick you out on your ass—and you’ll love every minute of it.

Logos for the Amyrlin's Study, Nae'blis, and Wheel Talk

TVAD covers all the Wheel of Time TV news and book series deep dives you could ever want, but what makes it refreshing and unique is the whip-smart sketch comedy. Segments you don’t want to miss include Belladonna the Busty Bard, Bedtime Stories with Nae’blis, Marge the Shadow’s Therapist, and my personal favorite, Tony the Tinker.

6. Bodi/Just Some Bodi's Opinion

Logo for Just Some Bodi's Opinion

Who doesn't love a good pun? Bodi (he/him) of Just Some Bodi’s Opinion started his YouTube channel as a way to share his thoughts during a re-read of The Wheel of Time book series. When the TV series arrived, it quickly evolved into a way to talk about anything WoT-related and other geeky things that interested him, especially Star Trek.

The episodes of Just Some Bodi's Opinion featuring Bodi's non-reader brothers are a treat, particularly due to his brothers' backgrounds in music and film production, but also because of their adorable familial banter. Other highlights from Bodi's channel include parody songs about S-names and Cheez-Its, epic rants against racists, and his most recent video, a Wheel of Time themed travelogue of his visit to Phuket.

7. Christine/WoT You Feeling

The logo for Wot you Feeling alongside a black and white photo of Christine.

Christine (she/her) is a co-host on WoT You Feeling, along with Miki, and Ryan from The Way of the Leaf. WoT You Feeling focuses on mental health as it relates to The Wheel of Time. Christine, who identifies as bisexual, is a therapist who views The Wheel of Time from a psychological perspective and finds the series rich in such content. Catch WoT You Feeling to see Christine and her co-hosts nerding out about their two biggest passions: psychology and The Wheel of Time.

8. Sara/Maidens of the Spear

Sara with long pink hair and a black Maidens of the Spear t-shirt

One half of the Maidens of the Spear YouTube channel, Sara (she/her) is a trans woman who has been reading and rereading the Wheel of Time since she was 14. Rand has always been her favorite character—something struck her about the story of a young guy struggling to grow up in a world that taught him to hate and fear himself, even though she didn’t really know why the first time through.

Sara and her cohost, Mary Lou, combine their talents for comedy, improv, and music to enliven their YouTube videos, which include recaps, non-reader reviews, and livestreams featuring in-depth conversations about all things Wheel of Time—and of course, Sara’s rapping skills and the infamous Lord Perrin, which became an earworm for Marcus Rutherford himself.

9. Lian Crescent

Lian in a plaid shirt, walking by the ocean

Lian Crescent (he/him) is a bisexual artist who has been reading The Wheel of Time since 2002. He found the “wonderful and unreasonably attractive” WoT fandom in the early 2010’s through forums, blogs, and Tumblr. Lian creates art inspired by cartoons and animations, especially “Disney during the Renaissance Era” and 90’s anime, using watercolor and pen and ink.

Lian's artwork of Lanfear

Lian enjoys making Wheel of Time fan art for fun as well as for friends and fellow creators in the online community, many of whom have become lifelong friends because of their mutual love for The Wheel of Time. Check out Lian’s artwork on his Instagram account.

10. Queers of Time

Queers of Time logo

Newborn baby podcast Queers of Time is the very gay brianchild of James Starke (they/them), Wheel of Time Track Director at JordanCon. Legend has it that one night, James randomly tweeted the idea to their cohosts Kat, Matt, and Camille—and the rest is history. The podcast intends to flash a light in the Wheel of Time's closet and bring out all the fabulousness of its characters and stories in a way that, they think, hasn't been done before.

In order to understand the level of hype about Queers of Time, you need to know about its cohosts. I had the honor of meeting ¾ of them at JordanCon 2022 and was impressed with their participation on panels and fun personalities. The remaining ¼ I had seen and admired for dropping deep knowledge and theories on this episode of The Dusty Wheel.

Here’s the rundown: James keeps the podcast organized, obsesses about how gay The Wheel of Time is (and could be!) and still manages to find time for board games, pop music, comic books, and Lord of the Rings movie marathons.

Photo of Kat, a smiling black person resting their face against their hands

Kat (@NynaevesWifey)

Kat (she/they), avid fan of astrology, SFF, Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons, is the “idea witch” of Queers of Time. She recently dipped her toe into the world of Wheel of Time content-creating on her YouTube channel. Camille (they/them), when not ranting about Siuaraine on Twitter, does tech and editing for the pod and is the writer of WoT Data.

Photo of Matt, Camille, and James at JordanCon 2022, wearing colorful clothing and long badge ribbons.

From left to right: Matt, Camille, and James.

Matt (he/him) is a writer whose short fiction has appeared in Bards & Sages Quarterly, Every Day Fiction, and Monsters Out of the Closet, an LGBTQ+ horror podcast. He's also got work forthcoming in Scare Street publishing's Night Terrors anthology. On Queers of Time, Matt serves as the class clown, episode writer, and social media possum.

With these four dynamos at the helm, it's no wonder their first episode, which aired yesterday, was a total banger, and their Discord channel is already hopping.

11. Daylin/Loial’s Bookclub

Daylin and Eric stand in front of the Wheel of Time premiere background on a red carpet, holding their hands up to the logo.

Daylin (otherwise known as The Only Gay in the Two Rivers or Prince Adolin’s Husband) enjoys shouldering the burden of knowledge as he leads his co-host Eric through the Wheel of Time for the first time in their podcast, Loial’s Bookclub.

The podcast “enjoys being very gay,” and its hosts appreciate the WoT fandom for providing a safe and fun place to collaborate. Eric, currently reading Lord of Chaos, looks forward to continuing the journey all the way to the Last Battle. You can follow Loial's Bookclub on Twitter at @loial_s.

12. Randland TV Podcast

Logo for Randland TV Podcast

Randland is a podcast created and hosted by Jay Florence, Collin Frazier, and Tigraine (aka Zoë) from #TwitterOfTime. The podcast's thematic discussions of the Wheel of Time book series and the TV show adaptation explore intersectionality, gender, and sexuality. They've also graced the fandom with some impressively produced Wheel of Time Jeopardy episodes on their YouTube Channel.

Collin (he/him), also known as the ever-flirty Wil al’Seen on Twitter, has gifted The Eye of the World to many folks, including his cohost Jay (she/her). Jay, who identifies as bisexual, did not take Collin’s advice to pace herself on the series and has now reread it about seven times. When there was very little queer representation on TV, Jay took comfort in the Wheel of Time's empowered female characters and unconventional relationship dynamics.

The three cohosts of Randland, Zoe, Collin, and Jay, stand in front of a Lord of Chaos book cover background, wearing sexy black "darkfriend" clothing at JordanCon 2022.

Between Jay’s background in commercial and film production, and Collin's creative writing expertise, the two of them couldn't resist starting a podcast once the news broke that the Wheel Of Time was being made for television. They found their missing puzzle piece in Zoë, who, after a couple years of tweeting obsessively as Tigraine Mantear, was invited to join Randland TV Podcast as the #TwitterOfTime correspondent in November 2021.

Bain & Chiad (she/her) is a regular contributor to and the creator of Maidens’ List, a weekly opinion column about the Wheel of Time book series, TV show, and fandom.

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Jun 07, 2022

Such a great list! Thank you for making this article and including Queers of Time, we're very new to the podcasting scene so this is very appreciated!

There were several content creators on this list whose work I had not taken a look at yet, so I'll definitely come back to that article once I'm not at work to check them out...

Bain & Chiad
Bain & Chiad
Jun 08, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Camille! So glad you enjoyed it and found some new creators to check out. Your podcast is awesome so far!

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