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MalkieriCon Top 10

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

The Best and Most Unique Aspects of Europe's First Wheel of Time Convention

Jim from Way of the Heron stands with arms stretched out and sword pointed forward in front of a circle of participants in his sword form workshop. Jim is in the foreground, wearing a tunic and leather accessories. He has short red hair and glasses. The participants are blurry in the background.

All photos by Laura Spires Photography unless otherwise specified

What a year for Wheel of Time conventions. In April, JordanCon resumed in full capacity. Less than three months later, the first WoTCon was a smashing success. And then there was MalkieriCon, the first ever European Wheel of Time convention.

Produced and hosted by Malkier Talks, MalkieriCon was held on September 10th and 11th at the Holiday Inn in Manchester, UK.

A small crowd of 54 in-person attendees (and 38 virtual participants) spent the weekend together in one main convention hall, located across from an adorable downstairs lobby area of the hotel, equipped with plenty of tables, couches, and hot beverages at their fingertips (more on that shortly).

A group of 4 MalkieriCon attendees stand in the lobby socializing. Someone is using an espresso machine in the background. Electric lights decorate one of the columns behind the group in the lobby.

With only one track of panels and events, the Con had a cozy, intimate feel. In just two short days, folks from all over Europe who had never before attended a Wheel of Time convention were completely hooked, marveling at the sense of belonging they felt and already planning for next year’s convention.

They didn’t have to wait long for more information about 2023. Just last week, MalkieriCon tweeted a Save the Date for next year’s Con, which will be held on September 9th and 10th at the same location. Thinking about making the trek to MalkieriCon next year? Here’s 10 reasons you should.

10. #EspressoCon

Close up of an espresso machine pouring espresso and milk into tall white mug.

If you’ve managed to get through a Wheel of Time convention without caffeine, you are either a robot or you are lying. Between traveling, staying up late talking to friends, and/or hitting the hotel bar a little too hard, it’s nearly impossible to get through a day of panels without a kaf or two to keep you going.

While there are plenty of options for procuring coffee at other Cons (including the most adorable Starbucks ever next to The Crowne Plaza in Atlanta where JordanCon is held), it often means leaving the Con space and spending extra money.

About 20 MalkieriCon attendees sit in rows of chairs in the conference hall. Two women in the front row are sipping from white coffee mugs.

MalkieriCon had the best approach to this problem: free and unlimited hot beverages from not one but four self-serve espresso machines right outside the convention space. This meant fast and easy drinks without having to leave the lobby, so you could get your caffeine fix and get right back to the next panel.

9. The Official Artwork

Digital art of a golden crane flying through a foggy mountain valley into the sunrise, glinting through a narrow gap between two mountains in the distance. The light of the sunrise is reflected in the dark clouds above.

Original art by Tree-x-hugger

Tree-x-hugger’s glowing rendition of the golden crane flying toward Tarwin’s Gap was the perfect artwork for the inaugural MalkieriCon. Not only does it perfectly capture the symbol of Malkier, it evokes a sense of anticipation for a journey into the beautiful unknown—exactly the feeling one might have when attending a brand new Wheel of Time convention, especially those for whom it was their first.

A small white 3-d printed nightlight with the MalkieriCon log etched onto it, with a light shining through from the back.

The art was printed on badges, t-shirts, mugs and other merch that could be purchased specifically to support the artist. One Con-goer, Nils, was so inspired by the artwork that he made it into a 3-D printed night light.

8. Friday Night

About 6 or 7 MalkieriCon attendees sit at a long rectangular table in the lobby. A man with a long beard and a blond woman with glasses smile in the foreground. Behind them is a pillar wrapped with electric lights.

With MalkieriCon being a 2-day Con, Friday night became like the Thursday nights of other Cons—people started to arrive and mingle in the lobby, buzzing with anticipation. Normally folks break off into smaller groups as the crowd expands, but the MalkieriCon early arrivals remained in one large group for most of the night. One of the many perks of having a smaller Con.

The MalkieriCon channels in the Discord server helped break the ice, as newcomers posted their names or photos before arriving in the lobby. Several people shared about feeling nervous or socially anxious, and were met with reassurance and encouragement from the group.

Although the Con had not officially started, Rob from Malkier Talks naturally assumed the role of Master of Ceremonies, warmly welcoming and orienting everyone. Later, he took the Malkieri on an unofficial tour of the nearby restaurants and pubs.

A group of 5 MalkierCon attendees stroll down a street in the Manchester City Centre. They are all smiling and laughing

Photo by Kitsenugari

The group ended up at a pub where Rob used to work, which made a convenient party spot. After chatting with the staff for a moment, Rob signaled for the group to head straight for the back of the place, where a Tetris game of connecting tables ensued.

Gradually, the tables began to accumulate more and more Malkieri arriving in Manchester. Table after table was added to accommodate newcomers, until it became a legitimate banquet-style dinner situation. Highlights included Dark Fruit Cider, servers carrying around pre-made Jägerbombs, and the arrival of the charming Aemon’s Heir, who could not have been more enthusiastic about his first convention.

7. The Lightfriend/Darkfriend Social

A group of 5 women sit at a small round table in the lobby at MalkieriCon, with drinks on the table in front of them. They are all smiling.

Photo by Anxiety and Books

Saturday nights are generally the time to play dress up, head to a fancy dinner, hit the dance floor, or attend a rollicking “after-dark” panel. MalkieriCon’s version of this was the “Lightfriend/Darkfriend Social” in which partygoers identified themselves as friends of the Light or Dark based on the color of their ribbon, or in some cases, how they were dressed (spoiler alert: Lanfear's costume is highly misleading).

Highlights of the party were an assortment of delicious appetizers and access to a cash bar designated just for the Con. The photographer, Laura, set up a photo booth area for attendees to pose for group photos.

A selfie of 7 people dressed up in various costumes at MalkieriCon.

Photo by Zireael

Any good Saturday night Con party needs an after-party, so when the downstairs lobby closed, the Malkieri migrated upstairs for more drinks and late night pizza.

This is where things get a little fuzzy, but I remember a lot of laughter and vibrant discussion, flirtation, hilarious photos from a Russian dating website, and the distinct feeling that no one wanted the night to end.

6. The Costume Contest

Sulin, a pretty young woman, dressed as the Lady Selene, wearing a long white dress and silver belt with stars and moons. She wears a black wig with a silver moon headband around her head.

Similar to WotCon, the costume contest was held during the Saturday night festivities. But MalkieriCon’s runway show was much cozier, with audience members nearby in the downstairs lounge, at eye level with the contestants—a less intimidating arrangement than the catwalk at WotCon (though it was still one of WotCon’s best moments).

Being up close and personal with the costumes gave the audience a better appreciation of the details on each one. The entrants came up with a lot of amusing names, too, such as "Very Hot Asha'man," "Definitely Not a Shaido," and "Younger, Sexier Gleeman."

There were also costumes with backstories, like Mr. and Mrs. Z's "Double-bonded Yellow Sister and Asha'man" and the winners of Most Creative Costume, Triyan and Chrises as a “Malkieri Aes Sedai and her accidental Warder.”