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10 Things to Love About Recappa Sedai

Honoring the Wheel of Time Fandom's Most Beloved Cosplaying Creator

This article contains full series spoilers for the Wheel of Time.

Recappa Sedai dressed as Moiraine, holding a glass of wine and belting a song, with the Titanic set in the background

Last week, the Wheel of Time fandom was shaken by the news that one of our most beloved members, Brian (also known as Recappa Sedai of Wheel Talk), was seriously injured in a fall. His cohosts from Tar Valon After Dark, with permission from Brian’s family, shared that Brian sustained multiple head injuries and was under sedation to prevent further swelling in his brain.

Tonight, we just got a major update that Brian is off sedation, breathing on his own, speaking a little, and recognizing people in the room with him.

Naturally, the fandom has come together in full force to support Brian and his husband, Patrick, with an avalanche of messages of encouragement and generous donations to help cover medical bills. Brian's GoFundMe has raised over $35K in less than a week, and while the amount may be surprising, the magnitude of the fandom’s love and support is not.

This is the fandom that once pulled together to replace the entire Wheel of Time series for a fan after they lost their books in a fire. The fandom that raises funds for the Lightweaver Foundation every December for WoTaHoliday and donates countless dollars to Books to Prisoners. The fandom that pushes for accessibility and never fails to rush in with supportive comments and virtual hugs anytime a fellow fan reaches out for help.

Brian smiling in a hotel lobby, wearing a furry wolf hat with two long pieces that become paws if you put your hands into the pockets.

Brian as Hopper at JordanCon 2021

When I first began to understand the depths of kindness and generosity within the fandom, I couldn't help but wonder if a love this great would come with a price. As a person with anxiety, I feel compelled to prepare myself for every possible tragedy, so I thought to myself, "We are going to go through grief and loss together at some point.”

And while it’s a somber thought, especially now, I find comfort in a single word: together. We spend a lot of time coming together in joy, but we can also come together in sorrow. Pain, sadness, fear, loss—they are inevitable. It's the price we pay for caring about each other, but it's the same care that will get us through, together.

So, when Brian’s injury left me stunned, scared, and sad, I didn’t doubt for one moment that I would be alone. I knew the fandom would come through for Brian, for Patrick, and for one another. Life is fragile, but our fandom is strong.

As Recappa would say, “Enough of this!” Brian is a fighter. He is fierce, passionate, and cares deeply about bringing laughter and entertainment to the fandom. It’s going to be a long road, but he will pull through, and we will be there with him every step of the way.

Brian as Recappa Sedai in a blonde wig and square black-rimmed glasses, holding a glass of white wine and a wine bottle, making a goofy face

In the meantime, let’s pour ourselves a giant glass of wine and spend some time appreciating the best of Brian, Recappa Sedai, and the many creative gems he has shared with the fandom over the past two years. And if you are sad and unfortunate enough to have never experienced Brian's work, these ten pieces of content are a great place to start.

1. A Very Aiel Christmas

Brian as Amys, wearing a white wig and Wise One clothing, holding a glass of whiskey, and laughing hysterically

As an Aiel-focused content creator, I admit my bias, but when I see people still tagging #SoMuchToh and #TohTruck a year later, I am certain Recappa’s A Very Aiel Christmas has achieved legendary status. How can you not love the idea of Wise Ones sitting around, getting smashed and messing with Aviendha?

Without question, it is one of Brian's funniest videos, but it also highlights the depth of his theatrical talent. For example, Amys and Bair, both played by Brian wearing the same wig and costume, are instantly distinguishable through subtle differences in accessories, make-up, movement, and voice.

Aiel Christmas is also one of the best displays of Brian's skill with comedic timing and editing. If you haven’t seen the Christmas episode and its sequel, A Very Aiel New Year, you have SO MUCH TOH.

2. Weep for Manetheren: Lego Edition

Lego figurines with trolloc heads surround a King Eamon figurine, laying on the ground and looking scared as a trolloc spear "stabs" him

Brian has named Lego as one of his greatest passions in life, so when he dedicates his vast collection of minifigs to a Wheel of Time scene, magic always happens. Brian has created several Lego reenactments (the Season 1 Teaser Trailer, the Winespring Inn scene, and the Caemlyn Road battle), but Weep for Manetheren is the best and most passionately executed.

It’s also perhaps the most emotionally confusing—as you’re weeping for what is lost forever, with Lego heads and body parts strewn all about, you can’t help but guffaw at the “Dreadbane Fishmonger” wielding her fish as a weapon, and the baker by her side, smacking Trollocs with a pastry. But that is just like the people of The Mountain Home, isn’t it? They would take up just about anything as a weapon to defend their home and their loved ones.

Lego figurine of a woman with brown hair, looking stern and holding a lego fish in her hand

The story of Manetheren has been told many times, by many people (most recently, by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, live at WoTCon), but the love—and days of work, no doubt—Brian put into this Lego reenactment makes it one of the most memorable.

3. The Wisdom

Brian as Nynaeve wearing a braided wig, sunglasses, and holding two bunches of parsley in his hands, waving them around and singing. The caption reads: "The Wisdom of Emond's Field!"

Lego als