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Emond's Field

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Emond's Field

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Emond's Field is located in the Two Rivers region on the very western border of Andor, although most residents of the Two Rivers are unaware that they are apart of Andor.

The town sits near the center of the Two Rivers, north of Deven Ride and south of both Taren Ferry and Watch Hill. The village is at the very eastern edge of the Westwood, a vast forest that spans the entire western part of the Two Rivers region. The village sits at the intersection of the Quarry Rd, which moves off through the Westwood to the west, and the North and Old Road which moves through the city and runs south to Deven Ride and North to Watch Hill. The road is called the North Road north of Emond's Field and called the Old Road south of Emond's Field.

Inside the village, there is a spring that flows from a rocky outcrop at the west end of the village, and that spring, called the Winespring, serves as the starting point for the Winespring Water, a river system that runs to the southwest of the Two Rivers and into the Mire.  Two small bridges cross the Winespring within the village and there is a central Green for the village. 

The village is not large and the Winespring Inn sits at the eastern part of the village green next to the Wagon Bridge and is the village's only Inn and it's largest building. Buildings surround the Green and extend almost to the edge of the Westwood. The town contains a smithy, and outside of the town along the Winespring Water is a mill that is owned by the town miller Jon Thane.



The People

Emond's Field is a small village in the Two Rivers region. The town itself is quite small, with only one Inn and few people within the village itself. Most of the population that claims to live in the town lives in the farms outside the town. Farmers live on all sides of the town, including some in the Westwood forest to the West of the village. 

The residents of Emond's Field are mostly farmers and tradesmen. They are a fiercely determined people and are known to be very stubborn. They are very set in their ways and distrustful of outsiders. Even people from the other villages of the Two Rivers are sometimes not trusted, especially those that are from Taren Ferry to the north.  Due to their stubbornness, they are typically unwilling to give up or surrender when times are tough and are very loyal to each other.

Gatherings and Holidays

While most of the population of Emond's Field doesn't live inside the village, there are four different occasions during the year that the entire population of the village will congregate together. 

Bel Tine - This holiday is to celebrate the coming of spring and the passing of winter. It occurs on the first day of spring and is a time when the entire community comes together. On the day of Bel Tine, the villagers will gather on the Village Green and dance, listen to music or a gleeman, see fireworks, or participate in various games and contests, such as the archery contest. The night before Bel Tine, referred to as Winternight, is also a time of merriment in Emond's Field, but most of the celebrating is the next day during Bel Tine. 

Foolday - This is a holiday that occurs during the autumn. On Foolday, people from Emond's Field gather together and tell jokes and stories. Some of the more mischievous may engage in pranks on Foolday. The holiday is generally thought to be a carefree and fun time. It is a time for celebrating the coming harvest and is the last time the entire village gathers together prior to the winter.

Sheep Shear - Every year, the entirety of the village congregates in a meadow to the southeast of the village called Widow Aynal's Meadow where they wash and shear all of the sheep from the village. Wool is one of the main products from the Two Rivers, so it is a big event for the village. During the Annual Sheep Shear, families bring food and the younger children gather water while the older children and adults work on shearing and sorting the wool.

Sunday - This is a holiday held during the summer. Typically, merchants arrive in the Two Rivers and in Emond's Field around this time to purchase the wool for the year. During Sunday, villagers will feast and dance and will typically dress up in their finest clothing.  Homes and wagons will be decorated, and just like Bel Tine, there are typically contests and games between villagers.



The economy of Emond's Field is very dependent on both sheep wool and tabac. Both of these products are highly sought by merchants even as far as the Aiel Waste. Two Rivers tabac is considered the best tabac in the world and due to this, merchant trains make the trip to the cities of the Two Rivers, including Emond's Field, every year.

There are two major times that merchants will visit the city: Once in early summer after the sheep shearing and a second time in late summer/early after the tabac crop has had time to cure and is ready for sale. On both these occasions, merchants will meet with villagers on the Village Green.  Before the merchants arrive, the Village Council will meet and set the price for both tabac and wool for the entire village to keep each farmer from undercutting the others and that the prices are fair.

In addition to the visits from merchant trains, there are occasional visits from traveling peddlers that will trade various goods with the villagers that are beyond regular trade.

For the most part, people from Emond's Field are largely self-sufficient in the village and do not rely on outside consumer goods to survive. Other than their two major products, they are largely cut off from the rest of the world both economically and politically.



For being a small village, there is a surprisingly complicated governmental structure for Emond's Field. The village is governed by two groups of people that work in tandem to oversee the operations of the village. The government of the village is split between the Village Council and the Women's Circle.

The Village Council

The Village Council is a group of men that are elected by popular vote in the village. There are seven men elected the Council and they are led by a Mayor. The primary role of the Village Council in Emond's Field is to manage the day to day economic and logistical operations for the village. The main role is to set tabac and wool prices when the merchants come to the village. Additionally, the Council will settle disputes between landowners and even other villages. In times of trouble, the Council may also mobilize a militia to protect the village.

At the beginning of the story, the Village Council was composed of the following members:

The Women's Circle

The Women's Circle oversees the social and cultural lives of the villagers of Emond's Field. They make decisions on punishments for misbehavior, decisions about when women are of the age of marry or braid their hair, carry out weddings, and generally make decisions about the social norms for the villagers. 

The Women's Circle does not have a set number of members, but typically consists of many of the older and more influential women from the village. The Women's Circle is led by the Wisdom, who also oversees healing for the villagers.

At the start of the story, we don't know all of the members of the Women's Circle in Emond's Field, but these are the ones we know of:

  • Nynaeve al'Meara - Wisdom (abdicated)

  • Daise Congar - Wisdom (after Nyaneve)

  • Doral Barran - Wisdom (deceased, Wisdom prior to Nynaeve)

  • Marin al'Vere

  • Neysa Ayellin

  • Alsbet Luhhan

Village Council vs The Women's Circle

While each different group has different roles governing the village, they frequently come into conflict. There are frequent disagreements and bickering between the two groups. However, it is generally agreed that the Village Council governs economic issues and the Women's Circle will govern social and cultural issues in the village.

Tam al'Thor

Tam al'Thor

Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve al'Meara



Emond's Field sits in a region that was once part of the ancient nation of Manetheren. Manetheren was one of the Ten Nations that arose after the Breaking of the World. The nation grew to be a major opponent of the forces of the Shadow. During the Trolloc Wars around 1200 AB, a massive trolloc force invaded Manetheren. The forces of the trollocs and the armies of Manetheren first met at the Battle of Tarendrelle River, where the forces of Manetheren were soundly defeated.  

The armies of Manetheren were driven back into the area that is now the Two Rivers and to give time for civilians from the area to escape, King Aemon al Caar al Thorin and the remaining men in his army made a stand at a small crossroads town. The King and the entire army were destroyed and the site of the battle became known as Aemon's Field for later generations. 

Later, a small village grew around the area and the name morphed over time from Aemon's Field to Emond's Field. The legend in the town is that when the King died, a spring burst forth where he died to mark his sacrifice and began the Winespring.

Over the close to 1800 years from the fall of Manetheren, the people of the Two Rivers became mostly independent. Although they were technically a part of the nations of Farashelle after the Trolloc Wars, and later part of Andor,  the people of the Two Rivers are mostly unaware they are apart of Andor at the start of the story.

The Ten Nations

The Ten Nations

The Nations of the Free Years

The Nations of the Free Years

The Two Rivers

The Two Rivers

Events From The Story

Events From The Story


Emond's Field was attacked by a force of roughly 100 trollocs and a myrddraal on Winternight, or the night before the Bel Tine festival in 998 NE. The Shadowspawn were looking for the Dragon Reborn and specifically attacked the farms of Rand al'Thor and Mat Cauthon, and attacked the smithy that Perrin Aybara was working. Also in the attack, a few people were killed and some buildings burned as a distraction. More people and property would have been lost if not for the presence of Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran, who were also looking for the Dragon Reborn in Emond's Field.

Neither Rand, Mat, or Perrin was captured or killed, but to prevent future attacks, they were forced to leave the village with Moiraine and Lan. Egwene al'Vere tagged along with the group and gleeman Thom Merrilin. Shortly after their departure, the Wisdom, Nynaeve al'Meara followed after.

The Battle of the Two Rivers

Roughly a year and a half after the attack on Winternight, Whitecloaks entered the Two Rivers, led by Padan Fain posing as Ordeith. Fain came to the Two Rivers to lure Rand al'Thor to return so that Fain could kill him. He captured and imprisoned people from Emond's Field and even had Perrin Aybara's entire family killed. 

At the same time, a force of trollocs were led into the Two Rivers by Slayer with the purpose of killing Fain and any of the taver'en boys. The people of Emond's Field and the other villages of the Two Rivers were caught between the trollocs and the Whitecloaks.

Perrin Aybara and his future wife Faile Bashere returned to the Two Rivers and Perrin successfully freed the prisoners from the Whitecloaks and then led a force to hunt trollocs. Perrin rallied many residents of the Two Rivers, especially those surrounding Emond's Field.

This led to the Battle of the Two Rivers, which had roughly 1000 trollocs and 50 myrddraal attacking the village of Emond's Field. The Two Rivers forces were victorious and the people elected to have Perrin Aybara and his wife Faile Aybara as the first Lords of the Two Rivers.

Growth and War

After the defeat of the Shadowspawn and departure of the Whitecloaks, refugees from Tarabon, Arad Doman, and Ghealdan began to pour into the Two Rivers fleeing the Seanchan invasions there. This brought many new trades and craftsmen, as well as a huge influx of population. The village of Emond's Field began to grow dramatically. Many new homes were built and a new inn was constructed called The Archers. The village has grown to a town and now has a wall surrounding the village proper.

While this growth was occurring, Lord Perrin Goldeneyes left the Two Rivers with a small force to help the Dragon Reborn. During his travels, his wife Faile Aybara was captured by the Shaido Aiel and eventually at the Battle of Malden, more forces from the Two Rivers were brought by gateway to assist in freeing her. Many people from Emond's Field made this trip. 

The growing army was also present and active in the Last Battle and more and more troops were raised from the population of Emond's Field and the Two Rivers as a whole to fight. 

A trolloc attacks on Winternight

A trolloc attacks on Winternight

Trollocs attack from both sides in the Battle of the Two Rivers

Trollocs attack from both sides in the Battle of the Two Rivers

Characters From The Town

Characters From The Town
Bran al'Vere
Daise Congar

Bran al'Vere

Daise Congar

Adan al'Caar

Jac al'Caar

Jerilin al'Caar

Nela al'Caar

Paet al'Caar

Wil al'Caar

Master al'Dai

Mistress al'Donel

Nynaeve al'Meara

Tam al'Thor

Rand al'Thor

Alwyn al'Van

Alene al'Vere

Berowyn al'Vere

Bran al'Vere

Egwene al'Vere

Elisa al'Vere

Loise al'Vere

Marin al'Vere

Rhea Avin

Perrin Aybara

Jared Aydaer

Pel Aydaer

Corin Ayellin

Dav Ayellin

Marisa Ayellin

Neysa Ayellin

Sari Ayellin

Cenn Buie

Mistress Calder

Ailys Candwin

Darea Candwin

Eward Candwin

Abell Cauthon

Bodewhin Cauthon

Eldrin Cauthon

Mat Cauthon

Natti Cauthon

Master Cole

Bili Congar

Daise Congar

Wit Congar

Dag Coplin

Bandry Crawe

Samel Crawe

Bar Dowtry

Buel Dowtry

Elam Dowtry

Ewin Finngar


Rowan Hurn

Kimry Lewin

Jillie Lewin

Mistress Lewin

Alsbet Luhhan

Haral Luhhan

Tuck Padwhin


Berin Thane

Jon Thane

Kari Thane

Lem Thane

Mistress Thane

Nela Thane

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