Tam al'Thor




Andoran (Two Rivers)

Year of Birth:

Approx 940 NE



Hair Color:

Gray with sprinkles of black

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Basic Information


Tam al’Thor is described as having a very thick chest and a lined face. He is later described as being solid in every way. His hair is gray at the start of the story with sprinklings of black throughout, but as the story progresses his hair goes fully gray. Tam is about a head shorter than Rand, a little under 6 feet tall.




Tam is not only considered solid because of his appearance, but also his personality. He is generally thought of very well and as a leader. He is not quick to panic and has a humility to him despite having ability at many things.

Tam is almost never dishonest and keeping his word is extremely important to him. He has a strong sense of honor and duty, and works very hard at the things he cares about. He has strong morals and a sharp mind.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Tam was born in the Two Rivers sometime around 940 NE, but the exact date is unknown. As a boy, he leaves the Two Rivers on his own seeking adventure and joins the army of Illian. He rises to the rank of Second Captain in the Illianer Companions during this time and rises to the rank of blademaster by defeating another blademaster in combat.

In 962, Tam meets Kari, who he would marry. She was the daughter of a merchant in Caemlyn and her parents disapproved of the relationship, but they married anyway. Kari would accompany Tam in his campaigns with the Companions. They attempted to have children and she was pregnant twice. She gave birth to a girl who died in infancy and later a stillborn boy. She no longer believed she could bear children and stayed with Tam through the wars.

During this time, Tam fights in the Whitecloak war involving a number of nations, two separate wars with Tear and eventually the Aiel war, which ends right at the beginning of New Spring.

At some point, he is presented with the One Power crafted Heron-marked blade he later has and gives to Rand. He was given the sword by Mattin Steppeneos, the King of Illian for his service.

Directly prior to New Spring, Tam fights in the Battle of the Shining Walls right outside Tar Valon, where the Aiel eventually kill King Laman Damodred and retreat back to the Aiel Waste. At the end of this battle, Tam finds a baby on the slopes of Dragonmount. Tam and Kari adopt the boy, who they would name Rand.


New Spring

Tam is not mentioned in the book, but at this time he has found Rand on the slopes of Dragonmount and he and his wife Kari are making their way back to the Two Rivers.

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Actions Between the Books


5 years after the end of the Aiel War and his adoption of Rand with Kari, she would die in 984 NE. Tam would raise Rand alone in the Westwood and rose to the Village Council of Emond’s Field.


Eye of the World

In the Ravens prologue, Tam is in attendance at the annual sheep shearing for Emond’s Field. The entire town in present to help and in return for their help, Tam tells the boys of the town the story of the War of Power and Lews Therin Telamon.

About 8 years later, the main story begins and it opens with Tam and his son Rand walking down the Quarry Rd with their packhorse Bela. They are on their way to Emond’s Field bringing brandy for the Bel Tine festival. Rand sees a rider in black, but Tam doesn’t see it and doesn’t immediately believe Rand.

They arrive in Emond’s Field and Tam goes to speak with the other members of the village council. When Padan Fain arrives and mentions war in Ghealdan and False Dragons, Tam joins the rest of the Village Council in the Inn to debrief him. They decide to make some preparations just in case the war spreads.

Tam and Rand return to their farm for Winternight, primarily because Tam has heard about this black rider from other members of the council and now believes Rand and wants to make sure the farm is untouched. When they get back to the farm, they do some chores and begin to eat dinner when trollocs attack them both. Tam is injured in the attack by a trolloc blade that is poisoned and Rand takes him through the Westwood back to Emond’s Field on a cart. While Rand hauls him through the woods, Tam has a high fever and begins talking about how he found Rand on Dragonmount.

Once they are back in Emond’s Field the next day, Moiraine is able to heal Tam and when he awakens, he tells Rand to go and Marin and Bran al’Vere take care of Tam until he is recovered.

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The Great Hunt

Tam is not present in the book and is not mentioned.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

The Dragon Reborn

Tam is not present in the book and is not mentioned.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Tam has been hiding in the Westwood with Abell Cauthon as the Whitecloaks have invaded the Two Rivers. Tam greets Perrin when he arrives at the Old Sickhouse near Emond’s Field. He accompanies Perrin as they leave to go release the Luhhans and Cauthon’s from the Whitecloaks. Along the way, they stop at various farms and Perrin adds more people to his party, with Tam assisting.

Once the prisoners are rescued, Tam, along with Abell Cauthon, take the prisoners to a safe place while Perrin continues hunting trollocs. He returns to Emond’s Field with the prisoners and they begin to prepare the town for trolloc attacks, fortifying the town and organizing all of the new arrivals from the farms outside the town.

When Perrin returns injured from an arrow, Tam takes over preparing the town for the incoming attacks while Perrin recovers. During this time, Tam begins to teach Aram the sword.

As the Trolloc attack begins, Tam leads the defenses in the southern part of Emond’s Field along with Alanna and her warder Ihvon. He survives the battle as the forces of Emond’s Field are victorious.

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Fires of Heaven

Tam is not present in this book and is not mentioned.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg

Lord of Chaos

Tam is present training Aram in the sword while Perrin and Faile discuss Perrin feeling pulled towards Rand. Tam has given Perrin advice on handling the mayors of the towns in the Two Rivers.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg

A Crown of Swords

Tam is not present in this book and is not mentioned.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

Tam is not present in this book and is not mentioned.

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Winter's Heart

Tam is not present in this book and is not mentioned.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Tam is not present in this book and is not mentioned.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Tam is brought by Grady from the Two Rivers with men to help in the rescue of Faile from Malden and the Shaido. Perrin makes Tam his First Captain and Tam commands Perrin’s forces in combat with the Shaido.

Sometime prior to Tam coming to Malden, Mazrim Taim visited the Two Rivers to recruit Asha’men and tells Tam that Ran is the Dragon Reborn.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Tam is still serving as Perrin’s First Captain and as Perrin wants to send away all of the Two Rivers men that had come to help, but Tam tells Perrin that they would all rather stay with Perrin and that Perrin should allow them to follow.

While they are trying to save Rand from going down a dark path, Cadsuane asks Nynaeve to find Perrin’s camp with the intention of finding Tam.

Cadsuane has Tam brought to Rand’s rooms while he is away and instructs Tam on what to say when Rand arrives.

At first when Rand comes, he and Tam catch up and Tam talks to Rand about why he fights. He seems to be making headway with Rand when Tam mentions that he had stayed away because he didn’t want to be in the way and should have come sooner. The only reason, he says, that he came now was that Cadsuane told him to come. With the mention of Cadsuane’s name, Rand becomes furious and feels manipulated again and almost kills Tam with balefire. He stops himself and Travels away from the Stone of Tear.

Tam leaves Rand’s chambers and chastises Cadsuane for what has happened to Rand and Cadsuane wraps him in flows of Air. Tam calls her a bully and she releases him.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


When Rand returns from Dragonmount and to the Stone of Tear, Rand formally introduces Min to Tam and Tam and Rand embrace.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Tam returns to the Two Rivers forces to prepare for the Last Battle. Perrin eventually needs to leave to go protect Rand and he puts Tam in charge of his armies as the Steward of the Two Rivers in the name of the Dragon Reborn.

Prior to a major battle, Rand visits Tam to spend time with him before he goes to Shayol Guhl. Rand gives Tam the sword Justice, which had been Artur Hawkwing’s sword. This was to replace the sword that Tam had originally given Rand that had been destroyed in his fight with Ishamael. Then, Rand and Tam proceed to spar as he helps Rand deal with some of his past actions.

Tam leads the Two Rivers men, as well as Whitecloaks, and the Ghealdanin armies during the Last Battle.

Tam is present at Rand’s funeral and lights the funeral pyre for Rand’s body and tells Rand how well he did at saving the world in a very emotional moment.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Tam cannot channel the One Power, but is a blademaster. He defeated another blademaster in his youth and although he doesn’t boast about the title, he is very proficient with a sword despite his age. He is also a very good marksmen with a bow. Tam has master a technique he calls the “flame and the void” which he uses to push all of his emotions and distractions in to a flame and create a void in his mind that makes me super focused and able to make remarkable shots with a bow.

Tam has experience leading men in battle and battle tactics as well. He is a natural leader and combined with his knowledge, he is an excellent battle commander.

Additionally, Tam is a skilled woodsman and tracker, as well as a farmer. He is skilled at survival techniques.

Notable Possessions


Tam’s most notable possession was the One Power-forged Heron-marked sword that he possessed at the beginning of the story. The sword was given to him by the King of Illian in return for his service and Tam simply stored it in a chest until it was needed at the trolloc attack. He gives the sword to Rand, although it is eventually destroyed in a battle with Ishamael.

Later, Rand gives Tam Justice, the sword of Artur Hawkwing, which is also forged through the use of the One Power.



Tam will always be remembered as the man that fathered the Dragon Reborn. Although Rand was not his biological son, he did raise Rand and Rand very much considered Tam his father. He is now a noble in the Two Rivers, which is officially part of Andor again. His legacy will be one of service and of humility. He never strives to take advantage of his station or position as the father of the Dragon Reborn. He is a natural leader and his leadership will help shape the 4th Age.

In Other Media

Tam will be played by Michael McElhatton in the upcoming television adaptation of Wheel of Time by Amazon Studios. McElhatton is most known for his work on Game of Thrones where he played Roose Bolton.

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