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Widow Aynal's Meadow

Widow AYE-NAL's Meadow


Andor (Two Rivers)

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Widow Aynal's Meadow


Widow Aynal's Meadow is a field to the southeast of Emond's Field in the Two Rivers. The field was formerly owned by the Aynal family, although no one from Emond's Field can remember which Aynal family widow the field is named after.

The field is often used by the villagers of Emond's Field to sheer sheep. Every year, the town will come together to sheer the sheep from all of the outlying farms. The event is a festival of sorts, with food brought to the meadow and everyone from town helping. 

The meadow is lined with trees, but is cleared with a few large stones sticking out from the ground. The Winespring Water runs along the meadow as well.


In the Ravens prologoue from Eye of the World, the entire population of Emond's Field is at the field for the annual sheep sheering event. Egwene helps carry water for the older people that are sheering the sheep in the meadow. While there, she speaks with a number of people from the village and listen's to Tam al'Thor tell the story of Lews Therin Telamon sealing the Bore on the Dark One's prison.

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