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Top 10 Moments from WoT Idol 2022

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

How the Wheel of Time Fandom's Beloved Song Parody Challenge Outdid Itself This Year

Recappa Sedai dressed as Moiraine, holding a glass of white wine as she sings in front of a background showing Jack from Titanic on the boat.

Wheel Talk's "My Part Will Go On"

If you’ve been anywhere near the hype train leading up to JordanCon in just two days, you could not have missed the excitement surrounding the Second Annual Wheel of Time Song Parody Challenge.

Hosted by The Dusty Wheel, Unraveling the Pattern, and Wot Up!, aka “The Village Council,” the Challenge started last Tuesday and clocked in at about nine hours over the course of three live shows, with a pool of sixty-seven contestants to last year’s forty-two.

Jen from Talk'aran'rhiod podcast, a short woman with blonde hair, dressed in a leather jack and sunglasses, standing outside a shed singing "Breakin' her back as a tavern maid."

Talk'aran'rhiod's "Somebody Darkfriend"

In what is now sure to be an annual tradition, fans gleefully witnessed the debut of 67 parody songs all about The Wheel of Time and reluctantly voted for their favorites (spoiler alert: everything was their favorite).

Song lyrics spanned the entire book series, many with full-series spoilers, while others focused on a particular character ("Min’s Lament") or events from the books ("Welcome to Dumai's Wells"). Others went meta and explored the fandom itself, including this year’s winner, “Turning of the Wheel.”

If you missed the shows last week, you can catch all the parody songs in this handy playlist. And while nothing can replace the experience of watching live and hanging out in Chat, here are some highlights that capture the essence of the Wot Idol Challenge this year:

10. Ilyena!

It's hard to pinpoint the source of inspiration for all the Ilyenas this year. Maybe it’s last year’s winning parody, or the fandom’s endless amusement with “The Winter Dragon,” or Lanfear’s signature mockery of that poor straw-haired chit. Whatever the reason, Ilyena is an endlessly funny and meme-able character, and the contestants knew it.

an animated background of rolling hills with a silhouette of a woman standing to the right. Over her head are the lyrics "You know Ilyena just really needs to die."

Melindhra's "Never, Lews Therin"

This year's parody submissions included two songs specifically about Ilyena, and four songs that mention Ilyena at least once. That's almost ten percent of the entries!

Every time Ilyena’s name was sung or shouted, Live Chat exploded with joy. My favorite “Ilyena” moment? A parody of the Goat Remix of Taylor Swift’s “Trouble,” featuring clips of Max Ryan as Lews Therin shouting “Ilyena!” in place of the bleating goats.

a man sitting in front of a projector screen holding a pointer stick. On the screen is a scene from Winter Dragon: Lews Therin standing over Ilyena's dead body. The man holds a hand to his mouth in an "oops" gesture. The caption reads "Ilyena! Ilyena!"

Avi Silber's "I Knew You Were the Dragon"

9. WoT Hive Mind

Does a shared love for the Wheel of Time mean shared taste in music? Probably not, but the Venn Diagram circles for taste in books and taste in music never overlapped more than during this year’s WoT Idol.

Fans started to feel like they were caught in a "flicker" moment when they started hearing different versions of the same songs—often with similar themes, but unique to the style of each contestant.

By the end of the last round of Semifinals, we counted two parodies of “Trouble” (Taylor Swift), two Morgase-themed versions of “Stacy’s Mom” (Fountains of Wayne), three parodies of “American Pie” (Don McLean), three versions of “The Sound of Silence” (Simon & Garfunkel), five Lin Manuel Miranda parodies (two of “Surface Pressure” from Encanto, two from Hamilton, and one from Moana), and a five parodies about Lanfear (trying to sway the Innkeeper, no doubt).

Alyssa from One Power Ballads dressed as Lanfear, making a crazy face. The caption reads in bloody letters: Lews Therin Telamon

One Power Ballads' "I Will Follow Him"

8. Kitties!

It’s always fun when pets appear on camera during a livestream, and WoT Idol 2022 featured an abundance of furry friends. Between Jon’s giant orange tabby Zoom-bombing during the first round of Semifinals, and Taylor Hatch wrangling cats onscreen at the end of each episode, fans had plenty of opportunities to type “KITTY!” into the chat.

Taylor Hatch smiling and proudly holding two black tuxedo cats, one in each arm, as the Innkeeper smiles next to him on air, behind his laptop.

The Finals even included a poll about which of the Hatch family’s cat names, Clark, Wayne, or Grayson, fans liked the best (Grayson won, despite Clark and Wayne being the only two to appear on the show that day).

The best cute critter cameo in the parodies themselves? WotSpoilers’ “Tribute,” which featured an outdoor cat wandering into the background while Seth and Aradia rocked out on their keyboards, and Seth holding his dog like a guitar.

7. The Closers

Each of the three rounds of WoT Idol closed with a crowd-pleaser. Even though it didn’t move on to the Finals, Lloyd Baron’s “Ajah Medley” wrapped up the first night of Semifinals. As one of the most unfortunate entries to fall victim to the Innkeeper’s strict 90-second cut-off, the medley was vehemently requested by fans who were eager to see the medley in its glorious entirety—the “Baby Shark” movement in particular.

a man in a blue hoodie crossing his arms, next to the lyrics "Blue Ajah, we want to rule the world"