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Missed Opportunities With The One Power! - A Wheel of Time Deep Dive

One of the many perks that are bestowed upon my top tier patrons from Patreon is the ability to sponsor a video and choose the topic. Pharalax, my newest top-tier patron at the Chosen level chose this topic and I really think this is an interesting thought piece.

One of the biggest takeaways in making this video was that there are so many possibilities and I knew as I made it that fans would come up with some really good ones. Just think of all of the things in our world that could be solved if the One Power could be used. I'd love to see everyone's thoughts!


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Sep 28, 2020

I think that’s a very valid point. They aren’t bound by traditional constraints like the White Tower. I could totally see that being the case


I would expect the Black Tower to drive innovation going forward, more likely to be progressive towards new things. The BT Leadership will need to find ways for funding and they won’t want to put themselves in debt to the WT or to any Nation, in reality they only have one major Resource and that is channeling so i would expect them to hire out on Building Projects, Travelling, Medical services, Security etc.

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