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Entertainment Weekly's Wheel of Time First Look: 34 Things You May Have Missed!

Entertainment Weekly released a First Look at The Wheel of Time, an Amazon Original Series, highlighting the story, cast, and production, while inviting readers to "take a magical first look at Amazon's new fantasy adaptation." But, for fans of the books, it was the four new photos of the cast and locations that captivated.

Here are more than 34 things hardcore fans of The Wheel of Time noted, starting with the image of what fans are calling The Magnificent Seven. This article is brought to you by Vance, the Bard of the Red Hand, and The Innkeeper. Expect spoilers well into The Wheel of Time books, below!

1. Nynaeve's braid

Ok, you didn't miss this one, right? That braid, though! Fans freaked out about Nynaeve's braid, and rightfully so. Look at it! But, it wasn't just the size that was notable.

2. Good, stout, Two Rivers wool!

It's hard to imagine you missed it, but those are some stout Two Rivers woolens on display, most apparent with Nynaeve and Rand's overcoats. But let's not forget Egwene's cloak or Perrin's jacket! All the Two Rivers clothing appears quite hefty, except for one individual.

Fans expressed appreciation for the way it dominated Nynaeve's outfit, considering how often she thinks about her home and missing such good, stout, Two Rivers wool.

What do you think, good enough and stout enough for you? Tell us in the comments below.

3. Rand has the heron marked blade

Earlier this year, Amazon Prime released a First Look at the Heron Marked Blade. And, this photo confirms that Rand is carrying this same blade.

First, you can watch how The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime imagined this well known blade, specifically the braided look of the hilt.

Now, compare that with the look of the blade peeking out from Rand's sheepskin coat. The hilt from the First Look matches the hilt of the blade we see Rand carrying in the Entertainment Weekly photo of Rand.

This is of note, as fans wondered if the sword would be an exact replica, as compared to the First Look video, which appears to be the case.

What about other noteworthy weapons, such as Mat's bow and Perrin's axe?

From what is seen in the photo, they appear to be missing, something Nae'blis noted in his news breakdown, though some fans believe that the leather strap across Mat's shoulders could be indicative of a quiver on his back, and that he may be holding his bow in his left hand. Do you see anything like that in this closeup enhancement?

While we are talking about Mat, let's take a closer look at his disheveled self!

4. Dagger-fevered Matrim

It's no surprise that at a certain point in the first season Mat would look haggard. While not shown, we can assume that Mat has the ruby hilted dagger and is already suffering its effects. How did the cast and crew decide to show, not tell? Look closely, and you can see how little clothing Mat is wearing as compared to his cohorts, suggesting a possible fever. Additionally, the threadbare state of his clothing, and the misaligned buttoning of his shirt, are suggestive of carelessness, possibly associated with his illness.

However, one fan, Marcelle, suggested another explanation. Do you agree with him that Mat's state of dress may symbolize a greater rift in the class of Matrim's family when compared to his friends?

5. Perrin' ring?

For almost two years, ever since a supposed leak about early plot changes involving Perrin and a character named Layla Aybara, fans have contemplated the idea of a married Perrin. Fast forward to this photo, and The Innkeeper at The Dusty Wheel noted Perrin appears to be wearing a ring. What do you think? Is that a ring?

Regardless, some fans were quick to point out that ring does not equal marriage as a tradition in the Two Rivers. Though, it's possible Rafe and the team are using some symbols from our own world and Turning that would be familiar to viewers. Let the speculation continue until November!

Did you know?

A lot of this analysis came out of a 3+ hour long livestream breaking it all down, with almost a thousand fellow fans feeding the flames. If you missed it, you can see how it all came together on The Dusty Wheel Show!

6. Women's Circle Jewelry?

We also got a glimpse of what could be a few fashion accessories of the Women's Circle. While such jewelry of the Emond's Field Women's Circle was not something we recall being discussed in depth in the books, that did not stop the team over at Sony/Amazon from giving life to the speculation of these precious metals and gems. We can see something shining on Nynaeve's index finger, what appears to be a large metallic ring.

Then, focusing on Egwene, we see that she also has something metallic on the middle finger of her left hand, along with prominent earrings. Do these have anything to do with the Women's Circle? Perhaps something Rand gave Egwene? Or, are these indicative of her status as the Mayor's daughter? Maybe Egwene is just a fan of jewelry, in general? Something else?

7. Lan's clothing appears to be fashioned after a Traditional Korean Hanbok (한복)

Traditional Korean Hanbok
Traditional Hanbok

Several fans pointed out the stylistic influences of Lan's clothing.

Actor Daniel Henney is of Korean descent, as well as quite active and popular in The Land of the Morning Calm, and it appears that the costumers took that into consideration when designing Lan's outfit.

Influences can be observed when looking at the upper part of his clothing as it visually looks quite close to the Jeogori (저고리). While difficult to make out, the pants are also very similar to the Korean baji (바지).

8. Emond's Field 5 are out of step with Lan & Moiraine

Beyond the clear distance established between Nynaeve and Moiraine, is there another subtle nod to the undercurrent of this moment? One eagle-eyed fan on Twitter, book bulge, noted that Lan and Moiraine each have their left foot firmly planted and their right foot already in motion, while the EF5 appear to be stepping more in unison, with their right foot forward. Unity? Apprehension? Happenstance?

This may have been a good excuse to post a picture of their boots.

9. On their way to a Waygate, in Episode 6?

Initially, it was mystery where these "Magnificent Seven" were headed, some wondering if this was a photo specifically created for advertisement purposes. Though, it didn't take long for fans to discover metadata attached to the images, which gave away precious details about what is happening associated with these images, or what fans are led to believe. Rob, from Weekly Wheel News, posted this image of that metadata. Note the following under Description:

“Wheel of Time” S01_106_D04 - 6/28 - EXT MEADOW/WAYGATE MOIRAINE arrives at the Waygate, met by LOIAL. And all the other. Who is the Dragon?

This suggests this picture occurs in Season 1 (S01), Episode 6 (106). Apparently, Moiraine arrives at the Waygate, and is met there by Loial and the others, who it can be imagined are those in this picture. Are there any others think would be meeting them at the Waygate?

Then it asks: Who is the Dragon? One interpretation: Moiraine is coming to a decision and reveals who she believes to be the answer to that question, possibly as motivating them all, especially "the Dragon" to enter the unknown. What do you think it means?

But, more importantly, where are the horses?

Many fans wondered this very thing. Though, from early reports in 2020, of what appeared to be the filming of the Waygate scenes, a white horse was reportedly seen. It seems likely horses were not included in this photo, so fans could get a good look at these costumes.

10. Is that Moiraine's Aes Sedai Ring? And...wait a minute, Egwene?

Finally it is revealed! Or, is it? The great serpent ring of the Aes Sedai? Fans noted a ring on Moiraine's middle finger. It appears distinctly different that the much smaller replica version fans were accustomed to seeing and wearing. Not only is it larger, there appears to be a stone in this one that is blue. Is that something that will hold true for all Aes Sedai, or unrelated to showing one's Ajah?

If this is the Aes Sedai ring, why would they make this change to the ring? A variety of suggestions have been made including that this is a merchandising opportunity, where fans can buy the rings of their favorite Ajah. Or, since it appears that the Ageless look of the Aes Sedai isn't something Amazon decided to spend money on, perhaps the ring is a way to show an Aes Sedai more clearly to the world, and easily identify their Ajah. In addition, some wondered if Rafe was trying to speed up the political turmoil in the tower, moving it earlier into the show, where Aes Sedai were drawing clear lines in the sand between the Ajahs.

Other fans noted the potential future problems with this decision: what about the Accepted? Do they also get rings? If so, would they be the same? Do they have similar rings, but choose a jewel of the color of their choice?

While at first many doubted this had to be the great serpent ring, it was noted, as we'll later discuss, that Alanna also appears to be wearing such a ring in the photo that focuses on the capture of Logain.

And, while we are talking rings, it is stated that "an Accepted may only wear the ring on the third finger of her left hand." Note: There appears to be a ring on Egwene's third finger of her left hand. Nah...

11. Pants, a cloak, and those shoulders, oh my!

Not long ago, after an accidental posting of what appeared to be an extended First Look at Moiraine by the German Prime Video account, fans could not stop talking about Moiraine's clothing. Now, we have our best look, yet, at Moiraine.

Book fans may be unaccustomed to the idea that Moiraine wears anything but blue dresses, but it appears the WoTonPrime Production decided to give Moiraine her own iconic show look. From finger-less gloves and a luxurious, draping blue fabric becoming her iconic cloak, to a full-sleeved formal coat with stylistic shoulder pads, over a light blue blouse and what appear to be blue pants. But, our favorite touch: the dirty boots and edges of her cloak.

This doesn't come as a surprise, after hearing from costume designer, Isis Mussenden, in the recent Entertainment Weekly article. When speaking about female characters in The Wheel of Time TV Series, Isis states that they are "not just a bunch of princesses swanning around in pretty dresses." Instead, she says, "These are women doing jobs. They're taking care of the governance; they're taking care of healing."

Let us know how you feel about Moiraine's show look!

12. A Nod to Nynaeve and the Yellow Ajah

It's the little things that matter! Peaking out from under Nynaeve's green coat, is a yellow dress, which fans took to be a definitive nod towards her future as a member of the Yellow Ajah, and in line with her Wisdom roots.

While we are here, nice boots, Nynaeve!

13. The Emond's Field 5 have been aged up. This is not YA!

As part of the Entertainment Weekly article release, Rafe Judkins answered five questions. One of those was by MK Genest, who asked: who's idea was it to have Mat have a beard?

According to Rafe, they purposefully aged up all five, Nynaeve, Mat, Egwene, Perrin, and Rand, to make sure the TV show did not feel like a Young Adult series. This seemed like one of the more obvious changes to make, considering the mature themes that are immediately apparent. Also, it prevents the Production from having to worry about possibly filming for years and having to attempt to portray these five cast members as more youthful than they really are.

14. What's with the sword on Lan's back?

In a strange turn of events, some fans wondered why the show would include this often maligned look from the cover of The Eye of the World. Despite the disbelief in the practicality of such sword carrying, and while an interesting nod to the cover of The Eye of the World, it is also a fact from the books: Lan, at times, wears his sword on his back. Fans who run a Wheel of Time YouTube channel focusing on sword forms, Way of the Heron, pointed this out, recently, citing a passage in The Great Hunt, from Rand's point of view:

"A lady short and slender, and a fighting man with blue eyes. He's tall, and sometimes he wears his sword on his back." – The Great Hunt

Surprised this is canon? We were! By the way, Lan does not wear a helmet and armor in the books, even though you may have been led to believe otherwise...

But, wait! There is more to that story.

While not armor plate, it does appear that Lan's tunic had overlapping metal scales, providing him some armored protection.

The Warder had donned a dull gray-green tunic of overlapping metal scales. – Chapter 9, The Eye of the World

Thanks to Brick Ninja on Twitter for pointing this out! By the way, if you've never heard of Brick Ninja, he's responsible for this beautiful lego rendition of the EW cover photo. Go follow him already!

15. Hey, where is Moiraine's kesiera?

With every Moiraine sighting, so far, from The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime, there has been an inevitable question: why is she missing the chain and pendant on her forehead?

Rafe Judkins, the showrunner, has guaranteed fans that this iconic look will appear in the show. He gave the following answer on Instagram, after The Wheel of Time revealed their First Look at Moiraine.

I can confirm here officially that the kesiera will appear in the show. I can also confirm I correctly spelled kesiera on my first try, but I did google it to double-check. – Rafe Judkins

While we may return to this photo, let's focus on this image below, where Alvaro Morte, as Logain, is kneeling in a cage.

16. Is that Alanna's Warder, Ihvon, behind her?

Let's ignore the cage, Logain, and the rest for a moment, and focus on someone few fans noticed. One hour and 54 minutes into the livestream coverage on The Dusty Wheel Show, a fan Humberto noted a head barely visible above Alanna's right shoulder! On close examination, this being one of her warders, Ihvon, played by Emmanuel Imani, seemed most likely, considering how close she was to both Logain and the two sisters of the Red Ajah riding behind them.

17. Is Priyanka Bose wearing a wig?

Many days after the Entertainment Weekly article dropped, Wheel of Time sleuth, and contributor, Geekyeri, noted the following:

Whether or not she is wearing a wig, Priyanka is rocking this photo. While we are on the topic of Alanna's look...

18. The Battle Ajah Armor

Unexpectedly, we got our first look at the Green Ajah and Priyanka Bose as Alanna Mosvani! Known as the Battle Ajah, fans noted what appears to be a bracer on Alanna's right forearm, heavily padded (armored?) boots, along with what could be a ter'angreal fans know as a paralis-net in her hair, perhaps? Considering her proximity to a captured Logain, fans suggested the bracer like device on her arm could also be a ter'angreal that is in some way related to the cage that holds Logain. Battle Ajah, indeed!

Let's talk about that cage...

19. Is that a Ter'angreal for transporting captured male channelers?

While considering the unique looking cage that holds Logain, fans theorized the symbols on the cage, the metal plate on which he is kneeling, along with the custom nature of the chairs and the wagon itself, suggest that this may be a custom built device for the capture and transporting of male channelers. Maybe the cage is a Ter'angreal that helps hold a shield around the inhabitant?

Do you think the symbols and the specific design of the cage and wagon, are merely creative decoration, or do you believe they have more "mystical" purposes?

20. Speaking of Logain... Look at how regal he is!

Another First Look that sent shock waves through fandom: Alvaro Morte as Logain! Despite aging up Logain for the show, everything we see in this caged Logain carries the same air as the books. It is no secret that Logain is quite proud and confident, when readers meet him. And, from the looks of him here, despite his captivity, he appears in control.

But, what should fans make of his regal attire? He certainly strikes the look of a wealthy man, wearing what appears to be a silk robe with the pose of a lion, sporting a distinct black ring on his the middle finger of his left hand. It's not hard to imagine this cage as his protection, and his stare leading this procession.

21. New Spring forward! Kerene Nagashi in the present timeline

When Clare Perkins was cast as Kerene Nagashi, and Peter Franzen was cast as her warder, Stepin, fans suspected that there would be flashbacks in the 1st Season. Though, this picture smashes those theories: Kerene Nagashi, the powerful Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, even more powerful in the One Power than Moiraine and Siuan, is now part of the present timeline in the show.

How much of her story will be carried forward? Will it involve the Black Ajah? And, why would Rafe and his team move Kerene forward in time to be part of the capture of Logain?

We'd love to hear your theories in the comments!

22. Ajah Color Codes

The Ajahs appear, from these few images, to exclusively dress in their colors. This is a departure from the source material as they never dressed only in their colors. However Jordan did use their shawls, always in the color of the Ajah the Aes Sedai was a member of, to great effect when writing about Tower politics and strife. As we mentioned above regarding the rings, this could be another indication the show is setting the stage for more strife and division among the Aes Sedai earlier than it happens in the books.

23. Do Egwene & Perrin run into the Logain train?

This is an odd question, but it's one fans found themselves asking, as this picture was also accompanied by metadata giving clues in its description that, on first glance, appears to be a mistake.

First, here is the metadata.


“Wheel of Time” S01_Ep103_D14 - 3/22 - EXT. CARALAIN PLAINS EGWENE and PERRIN see wagon tracks heading east, friend or foe?

As with the 1st photo we discussed, the description tells us that this photo is supposedly connected to Season 1 (S01), Episode 3 (Ep103). But, why does it mention Egwene and Perrin?


Beyond confirming that we will get the Perrin and Egwene split, one would assume after Shadar Logoth, this begs the question if the description in this photo is merely describing the events of the 3rd episode, and we only are reading the first portion of that description that fit in the metadata.

Or, is this suggesting that Perrin and Egwene will run into the Aes Sedai and Logain? Or, as other fans have theorized, is the friend or foe the Tinkers, who we know from the books Egwene and Perrin meet? Perhaps, Entertainment Weekly was going to release the photo as described, but they chose to go with Logain in a cage, instead? If you don't like any of those theories, how about the idea that this data was purposefully left here to drive fans insane?

Adding some fuel to the speculative fire, Richard from Wheel of Time Theory noticed this post on Instagram post by Madeleine Madden, who plays Egwene, with a quote perhaps suggesting that Egwene herself sees Logain in this cage. Not buying this explanation, others note that it wouldn't make sense for Egwene to end up so close to Logain.

Do you think Madeleine Madden's quote is relevant to this photo, Egwene, and the metadata description?

We bet you missed Alanna's other warder, Maksim, blending into the background!

Just kidding! But, you stared intently at that image for a second, didn't you? This memorializes a moment of levity as fans scoured each of these images for small things they might have missed. Plus, according to Rafe, it doesn't sound like fans will be seeing the color-shifting cloaks any time soon, but fans haven't given up hope!

You are still looking closely at this photo, aren't you?

But, really, where is Maksim? You'd think he would be close. There may be an answer to that. When looking closely, fans remarked about a hand that is visible under Alanna's chair (thanks for the reminder Geekyeri!). Think he is back there next to Ihvon? Or, just someone from the crew who inadvertently ended up in the shoot?

Did we forget anything else you thought was noteworthy from this photo? Leave us comment! But, now it's time to turn our attention to Shadar Logoth!

24. An entire Shadar Logoth set for 15 minutes

Thanks to Rafe, we know we'll get 15 minutes of screen time in Shadar Logoth. In Entertainment Weekly, he stated:

We literally built Shadar Logoth from scratch just for 15 minutes (emphasis ours) of airtime, because it's just that important to the series.

25. Return to Shadar Logoth Confirmed?

Typically, productions do not build sets for single use. The fact that they meticulously constructed Shadar Logoth implies that we will see a return to the cursed city. What massively pivotal moments in the series could occur here later on? Hmm...

26. A Mandarb and Aldieb sighting!

Two horses were spotted in the shot and it gives us our first look at Mandarb (Lan's horse) and Aldieb (Moiraine's horse)! While their tack doesn't appear as ornate compared with The Eye of the World cover, this makes sense. The horses are impressive and would already draw comments from the small village stables they visit.

But will they both survive this sojourn in Shadar Logoth?

27. Lan's leaving Shadar Logoth, metadata for the win!

We are back with another dive into the metadata Keywords and Description, which gives us some insight as to what is happening in Shadar Logoth

The first thing to note, this takes place in Season1 (S01), Episode 2 (Ep102), which falls in line with fan expectations from previous news reports. Now, let's take a look at the Keywords, first!


Mandarb, Aldieb, gloomy, Blue cloak, Lan, Ha’dori, MOIRAINE DUMMY, Moiraine, carry her, SHADAR LOGOTH RUINS, destroyed, Ha'dori, horse, set, city

It's hard to know what to read into "MOIRAINE DUMMY" but it might either be that in this photo, Daniel Henney is holding a dummy, or in the actual show, as he carries her out, it's not Rosamund? Keep reading for a funny story about the Dummy, below.

Then, it states "destroyed", but is unclear what may be destroyed. The description helps give some clarity, but doesn't appear to answer that question.


“Wheel of Time” S01_Ep102_D17 - 2/38 - EXT SHADAR LOGOTH RUINS – TEMPLE LAN, with MOIRAINE exits Temple & races races down the street on his warhorse.

Lan appears to be exiting the building; fans noted the door into that "Temple" is open. Then it states that he races down the street on his warhorse. Considering the state of Moiraine at this time, is Aldieb left behind, or is there something worse that occurs here?

Will Aldieb die during that escape?

The name "TEMPLE" showed up months ago, when The Dusty Wheel unblurred a script from the First Look at Mat's Dagger released by Amazon Prime. If you never saw it, it's worth catching up now, because it leads towards some disturbing speculation.

In the unblurred script, it appears that Mashadar attacks and consumes a horse. This would make sense to Lan racing down the street, and it leaves fans wondering which horse was consumed? We only see two horses in the picture, but fans retained hope, which is helped by the idea that supposedly a white horse was seen during filming of The Waygate scenes, which would be episodes later than this moment.

This still leaves us wondering, what is destroyed? Any ideas?

About that Moiraine Dummy mentioned in the Keywords metadata

Fun note, thanks again to the ever sleuthy Geekyeri, Rafe once mentioned this hilarious behind the scenes moment with the Dummy in a tweet.

28. What do those symbols "say" on the Statues?

An image displaying the equivilent old tongue letter to ones in the latin alphabet

The statues on the sides of the temple entrance have what appears to be an ancient script relief on the front. Could this possibly be Old Tongue script?

A screen clip of the possible old tongue script from the left side statue
A screen clip of the possible old tongue script from the right side statue

Time for another Unblurring?

Yes, yes it is! Go ahead and take a first tab at interpreting some Old Tongue, and then let us know over on Twitter!

Now, let's tackle what we know, or can speculate about, from this picture of Egwene and Rand.

29. Romantic tension?

On The Dusty Wheel live stream covering the release of these photos, the panel all noted the chemistry on display between Rand and Egwene. Every fan knows that "Ragwene, Egwand, Randwene" never truly felt impactful in the books. The fact that this image perfectly conveys the conflict we are told exists, in the books, speaks volumes to the level of detail that has gone into the show to convey relationships well. Let's hope this carries through into every relationship in the show.

30. The Mountains of Mist, ye'all!

Looking beyond Rand and Egwene, fans noted the majestic backdrop to this moment: the Mountains of Mist! This was made abundantly clear thanks to the metadata description attached to this image. Let's dig in!

31. A breakup? Let's break it down!

Let's begin with the Description and we'll return to the Keywords, from the metadata in this photo:


“Wheel of Time” S01_Ep101_D11- 1/24 EXT MOUNTAIN RIDGE EGWENE joins RAND. He knows what she's going to do .....

We know it's the Mountains of Mist, because this is Season 1 (S01), Episode 1 (Ep101). Where else would they be? And, from this description, we can tell that Rand has been away, and Egwene joins him, apparently to do something Rand expects. Initial fan reaction centered around Egwene's look in the photo as one of conflict, and paired with this information, speculated that Egwene is about to break Rand's heart. If you recall from Chapter 3 of The Eye of the World, Egwene tells Rand, "A Wisdom almost never marries. Nynaeve has been teaching me, you know. She says I have a talent, that I can learn to listen to the wind. Nynaeve says not all Wisdoms can, even if they say they do."

Do you think this is that moment? Or, is it something else?

Perhaps the Keywords that accompany this metadata, give us more clues as to what is happening.


Josha Stradowski as Rand, mountains, Madeleine Madden as Egwene, tree, couple, push, talk, Slovenia, Soca River, jump, set, woman, mountain, rocks

Let's tackle the Slovenia and the Soca River keywords. If you recall, in this 2019 Article by, we learn that there may be an initiation of Egwene and the Women's Circle. Mentioning a source, WoTSeries writes:

Allegedly, the show filmed scenes of Egwene’s initiation into the Women’s Circle, involving “caves and jumping from cliffs.” Nynaeve, as the Wisdom, led the ceremony. This is not a direct scene from the books; we only know that when a young woman comes of age in Emond’s Field, she braids her hair. Perhaps the show decided to expand on this by creating more of a ritual around the experience.

The accompanying photos by a tourist occurred near by the Soca River, and WoTSeries continues by noting:

During his brief appearance at JordanCon in April, 2020, Rafe Judkins mentioned a scene filmed with Nynaeve and Egwene in Slovenia "in this beautiful gorge, way off in the countryside…"

Finally, WoTSeries noted dialogue from a possible audition tape, potentially involving Rand and Egwene, which dialogue would make sense of this photo.

R: How’d it go today? E: You know I can’t talk about— R: It’s me. You can at least say it was good or bad, can’t you? E: It was….good. (looks uncomfortable) Sorry. It’s just, I was thinking about—

While this is speculation, the photo and its metadata, taken together with some of this reporting over the last two years, paints a more full picture of what may be occurring in those glances between Rand and Egwene.

32. Egwene's clothes without the cloak! And, boots!

We finally see a better look at Egwene's full ensemble. We also get a good look at her her shirt, belt, skirt and leggings. Overall, it appears that Egwene has the nicest looking outfit, in terms of quality of the entire Emond's Field 5.

But, this is really about boots. It didn't take long for fans to begin focusing on one particular wardrobe item for all of the cast, their boots! This took on a life of its own, including memes, and even showing up in a recent Charity event held by Wheel of Time content creators, hosted on the tWoTcast YouTube channel and sponsored by the Charity of Time.

Egwene's boots, along with those worn by Alanna, took top honors, and helped to raise more than a $1000 in donations while fans ranked the best and worst boots of the bunch.

Fan discussions around the "Boots of Time" captured the attention of The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Twitter account. They tweeted, "Thank YOU for your marathon broadcast today. (And don't be embarrassed about the boots thing.)."

You heard the Tweeter of Chaos, don't be embarrassed, fans, if you enjoyed the boots.

33. But, where are the Forsaken?

Yes, where are the Forsaken? There has been no news, nor leaks, about the casting or appearance of the Forsaken. In fact, this was one of the questions Rafe answered last week. This is what he said.

This has led many fans to speculate that we may see Forsaken, while not knowing for sure that we have seen them. Basically, everyone is a Forsaken suspect going into Season 1.

Do you think we'll have a Forsaken casting before the premiere of Season 1? Let us know in the comments!

34. Yes, The World of Dreams will appear! Right?

Rafe, for those Tel'aran'rhiod aficionados among fandom, answered a key question The World of Dreams. This is what he said.

While there is a little wriggle room, it seems clear that The World of Dreams will be part of The Wheel of Time TV Series. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a darkfriend.

Now to a few memes!

And, more analysis you might have missed!

Many content creators broke this all down in their own videos, and these breakdowns are easier to consume than almost six hours of livestreams. Enjoy!

Plus, a new fan with another perspective and reaction!

That's it for now!

If you think we missed something important or noteworthy, reach out to Vance or The Innkeeper, and we'll keep growing this list until we've properly captured Wheel of Time fandom's reactions and analysis.


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