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Entertainment Weekly's Wheel of Time First Look: 34 Things You May Have Missed!

Entertainment Weekly released a First Look at The Wheel of Time, an Amazon Original Series, highlighting the story, cast, and production, while inviting readers to "take a magical first look at Amazon's new fantasy adaptation." But, for fans of the books, it was the four new photos of the cast and locations that captivated.

Here are more than 34 things hardcore fans of The Wheel of Time noted, starting with the image of what fans are calling The Magnificent Seven. This article is brought to you by Vance, the Bard of the Red Hand, and The Innkeeper. Expect spoilers well into The Wheel of Time books, below!

1. Nynaeve's braid

Ok, you didn't miss this one, right? That braid, though! Fans freaked out about Nynaeve's braid, and rightfully so. Look at it! But, it wasn't just the size that was notable.

2. Good, stout, Two Rivers wool!

It's hard to imagine you missed it, but those are some stout Two Rivers woolens on display, most apparent with Nynaeve and Rand's overcoats. But let's not forget Egwene's cloak or Perrin's jacket! All the Two Rivers clothing appears quite hefty, except for one individual.

Fans expressed appreciation for the way it dominated Nynaeve's outfit, considering how often she thinks about her home and missing such good, stout, Two Rivers wool.

What do you think, good enough and stout enough for you? Tell us in the comments below.

3. Rand has the heron marked blade

Earlier this year, Amazon Prime released a First Look at the Heron Marked Blade. And, this photo confirms that Rand is carrying this same blade.

First, you can watch how The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime imagined this well known blade, specifically the braided look of the hilt.

Now, compare that with the look of the blade peeking out from Rand's sheepskin coat. The hilt from the First Look matches the hilt of the blade we see Rand carrying in the Entertainment Weekly photo of Rand.

This is of note, as fans wondered if the sword would be an exact replica, as compared to the First Look video, which appears to be the case.

What about other noteworthy weapons, such as Mat's bow and Perrin's axe?

From what is seen in the photo, they appear to be missing, something Nae'blis noted in his news breakdown, though some fans believe that the leather strap across Mat's shoulders could be indicative of a quiver on his back, and that he may be holding his bow in his left hand. Do you see anything like that in this closeup enhancement?

While we are talking about Mat, let's take a closer look at his disheveled self!

4. Dagger-fevered Matrim

It's no surprise that at a certain point in the first season Mat would look haggard. While not shown, we can assume that Mat has the ruby hilted dagger and is already suffering its effects. How did the cast and crew decide to show, not tell? Look closely, and you can see how little clothing Mat is wearing as compared to his cohorts, suggesting a possible fever. Additionally, the threadbare state of his clothing, and the misaligned buttoning of his shirt, are suggestive of carelessness, possibly associated with his illness.

However, one fan, Marcelle, suggested another explanation. Do you agree with him that Mat's state of dress may symbolize a greater rift in the class of Matrim's family when compared to his friends?

5. Perrin' ring?

For almost two years, ever since a supposed leak about early plot changes involving Perrin and a character named Layla Aybara, fans have contemplated the idea of a married Perrin. Fast forward to this photo, and The Innkeeper at The Dusty Wheel noted Perrin appears to be wearing a ring. What do you think? Is that a ring?