Art & Wheel of Time Fandom: Live with Illustrator Maria Lia Malandrino!

Maria Lia Malandrino shot to Wheel of Time fandom fame on Twitter with her excellent WoT Chibi renditions of favorite characters in The Wheel of Time. Though, her illustration skills and fantasy fiction fandom go well beyond her Wheel of Time art. Join the Innkeeper at The Dusty Wheel, Live, this Sunday afternoon at 4pm EDT for a casual discussion with Maria Lia about work, The Wheel of Time, and Amazon Prime's upcoming Wheel of Time TV Series!

You can see a Maria's WoT Chibi work here, and don't miss out on the wide variety of here work by following her on Instagram and Twitter.

And, don't miss any episodes of The Dusty Wheel, the weekly, live, call-in, Wheel of Time Talk Show on YouTube!


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