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Nae'blis is a Wheel of Time content creator primarily on YouTube, his partership in the podcast Tar Valon After Dark and Wheel of Time community website/wiki.

Nae'blis started creating Wheel of Time content on YouTube in October 2018. Nae'blis videos range from deep dives into cultures and characters from the Wheel of Time, news about the Wheel of Time television show on Amazon, and breakdowns of theories and concepts from the Wheel of Time books.

Additionally, Nae'blis founded in 2020 with the purpose of giving Wheel of Time fans a central place for community content, a revamped wiki, and a place to come together to enjoy Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Creator Bio

I started reading Wheel of Time in the winter of 2000 as a freshman in college at Ohio State University. I found an old copy of Eye of the World sitting in a box in his parents basement and just randomly decided to read the first book. After finishing Eye of the World, I was hooked and read all of the books as they came out until finishing the series the day A Memory of Light was released (yes, I read it in one day).

I started making YouTube content in the October of 2018 after seeing that Wheel of Time was finally going to be made in to a television series. There was only one Wheel of Time YouTuber I could find at the time and that was Daniel Greene. I didn't have any friends that had read the series, so I decided to make a YouTube channel just to start talking about the series and the rest is history!

Support Your Creator

It takes many hours and a lot of hard work to create content for the community to enjoy! Many of your favorite creators do this for little to no money. Your financial support shows them you value their work as well allows them to create more and more content for you to enjoy! Please consider the options below to support this creator!

  1. Patreon -  Patreon is the best way to directly support Nae'blis. Check out the various tiers on the Patreon as you get perks for your level of support!

  2. Audible Sponsorship - Nae'blis has a long-running sponsorship with You can get a free audiobook from Audible just for signing up for a free trial. Click the link and get your free book!

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