Teslyn Baradon

TESS-lyn BEAR-A-dawn




Year of Birth:

870 NE



Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Dark Brown

Other Names:


Article Author: 

Daraus Sedai

Basic Information


Teslyn Baradon stands about 5’5” (165cm), has narrow shoulders, long bony fingers, and is thin enough to be considered scrawny but was actually physically quite strong. Her gaunt cheeks, thin mouth, and narrow nose gave her a very severe appearance, which almost hid the agelessness of an Aes Sedai face.




Teslyn has a commanding personality, intelligent, decisive, and thoughtful. She is an independent thinker but will fall in line with leadership when the occasion calls for it. She is very distrustful of men, even physically repelled by them, but will follow the letter of the law even if that meant dealing with a man. Teslyn is not necessarily a pleasant person, being very intense, even single-minded, but she does learn from her mistakes and is willing to observe someone’s actions before jumping to conclusions, and is willing to shift her thinking based on new information.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Teslyn Baradon was born in Illian in 870 NE and went to the White Tower at the age of 15 in 885 NE.  After seven years as a Novice, she was raised to Accepted in 892 NE and five years later in 897 NE she successfully passed the testing to become Aes Sedai, choosing the Red Ajah.


New Spring

Teslyn is never mentioned in the book.

New Spring NICE.jpeg

Actions Between the Books


Teslyn was raised to Sitter in the Hall of the Tower from the Red Ajah in 985 NE at least partially because she did not participate in, even disapproved of, the male channeler pogrom lead by her Sisters of the Red Ajah from 979-985 NE, the era known as “the vileness”.  She was relatively young to be raised as a Sitter, having worn the Shawl for less than 100 years, but with all three Sitters from the Red being sent into exile, the Red needed to put forth women acceptable to the newly Raised Amyrlin Seat Marith Jaen or risk having them un-chaired by the fierce former Blue.  Teslyn was subsequently part of the vote that saw Siuan Sanche, also of the Blue, raised to the Amyrlin Seat in 988 NE.


Eye of the World

Teslyn is never mentioned in the book.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

Teslyn is never mentioned in the book.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

The Dragon Reborn

Teslyn is never mentioned in the book.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Teslyn is never mentioned in the book.  However, she was in the Tower and participated in the deposing/stilling of Siuan Sanche along with the rest of the Sitters for the Red Ajah.

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg

Fires of Heaven

Teslyn is first seen on screen in the Prologue where she is one of four Red Sisters attending Elaida after she is Raised to the Amyrlin Seat, the Aes Sedai are discussing reports and rumors of world events.  Teslyn having received a message stating that the Marshal-General of Saldaea, Davram Bashere, was moving an army south and east from the Blight, which has been unusually quiet.  Alviarin commented that this may be in reaction to the escape of the False Dragon Mazrim Taim’s escape. Teslyn also comments on Gawyn Trakand leading the Younglings into a skirmish with the Whitecloaks outside of Tar Valon.  When Elaida reminds the group that Rand had taken the Stone of Tear, Teslyn flinches at the thought of a man who can channel.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg

Lord of Chaos

Teslyn, along with Joline Maza of the Green Ajah, has been sent to Ebou Dar by Elaida.  Both Aes Sedai having been forced to resign their chairs in the Hall and ordered to act as Ambassadors to an insignificant throne.  Teslyn and Joline resent this move as it is clearly motivated by Elaida taking on more power at the expense of several of the women who supported her from the beginning.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg

A Crown of Swords

Still in Ebou Dar with Joline, Teslyn has decided to sit quietly and send no word to Elaida of what is happening in Altara, an act of silent defiance to show her displeasure at being forced to resign her chair in the Hall of the Tower.  This infuriates Elaida who commands that the Sisters send regular reports or face her wrath.  She also sends information regarding the use of forkroot tea.

Teslyn and Joline encounter Mat Cauthon in the Tarasin Palace and the two try to convince Mat that they mean Nynaeve and Elayne no harm, despite their claims at being Aes Sedai.  Nynaeve, Elayne, Adeleas, and Merilille arrive on the scene and have words with the two Aes Sedai.  Teslyn tells Mat that they are aware that he is ta’veren and that his association with Rand is dangerous for him.  Joline tells him he should seek the Tower’s protection.  The two groups of Aes Sedai threaten each other as well as Mat.  After the encounter Mat discovers a note has slipped into his coat pocket reading: “Elayne and Nynaeve are pushing too far.  Remind them they are still in danger from the Tower.  Warn them to be careful, or they will be kneeling to ask Elaida’s pardon yet.”  He surmises that only Teslyn or Joline could have placed it there and thinks that is highly unlikely.

In Teslyn and Joline’s apartments, Joline reveals Teslyn’s deep-seated distrust of all men, including other Aes Sedai’s Warders.  Joline also speaks about being a Novice under Teslyn, and Merilille, who had also taught Teslyn, and Teslyn is surprised that Joline still remembers and holds on to resentment.  Teslyn tells Joline that this behavior is why Elaida thinks Joline is immature, despite Joline having been Aes Sedai 25 years before Elaida was born.  Teslyn changes the subject to focus on sending Nynaeve and Elayne back to Elaida as a bargaining chip to get back into Elaida’s good graces.  Joline argues for waiting longer and Teslyn quickly agrees.  However, Nynaeve and Elayne continue to be nervous of the two Aes Sedai, assuming they might attempt to kidnap them and send them back to the Tower.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

Teslyn and Joline remain in the Tarasin Palace in Ebou Dar, occasionally encountering the rebel Aes Sedai and Mat Cauthon.  Teslyn informs Nynaeve and Elayne that she has heard talk in the hallways about Sea Folk Windfinders and has no intention of interfering with that she has seen to it that Joline will not sit aside as well.  Nynaeve warns Teslyn that she and Joline may be in danger and tells the woman about Moghedien, the Gholam, the Black Ajah and about the “storm” she feels coming.  Teslyn clearly does not believe any of the information and tells Nynaeve and Elayne they and the Aes Sedai with them can expect to pay dearly for all the pretending they have been allowed to do in Ebou Dar.  Later as Aviendha unweaves a gateway, much to the shock of the Aes Sedai present, she explains she fears someone could read the residues and determine where they had gone, Merilille tells her that the Talent is rare and neither Teslyn nor Joline possess it.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg

Winter's Heart

Teslyn has been captured and made damane by the Seanchan invaders. In the month and a half since the fall of the city Teslyn has been subjected to damane training and has fleshed out a bit and has begun to grudgingly accept her situation.  Mat finds Joline Maza at the Wandering Woman and learns that Teslyn had dosed Joline with forkroot tea that knocked her unconscious. Joline is unconcerned that Teslyn has been captured and made damane and would happily let her rot in her captivity.  Mat realizes that Teslyn, not Joline, had been the Sister who warned him and now believes he has a debt to repay and determines to rescue her from the kennels.  She confirms this when he sneaks in to visit her and tells him she only did so to inconvenience Elaida, who desperately wants to get her hands on Elayne.  Teslyn also informs Mat that there are three other Aes Sedai in captivity, Edesina Azzadin, Guisin, and Mylen, once known as Sheraine Caminelle.  Teslyn believes that Guisin and Mylen have been completely broken by the Seanchan and would betray any rescue attempt, but Edesina remains herself and despite being a rebel Teslyn insists she must be part of any rescue.

Bethamin Zeami is later seen inspecting the kennels along with Renna Emain and makes note that Teslyn, now known as Tessi, has changed in demeanor recently, having gained a little weight and is behaving as though she is assimilating to damane life.  Bethamin suspects this is a ploy and after some thought writes orders to redouble Teslyn’s training to include more punishments and sporadic rewards.  She considers this a harsh method, but due to Teslyn being Aes Sedai she believes it the only way to break her to the damane lifestyle.  Mat begins planning how to free Teslyn and Edesina as well as escape the city with the still hidden Joline.  Mat also sees Ryma Galfrey, who now answers only to Pura and is also a true damane now.  Eventually, Mat comes up with a plan to disguise women as sul’dam and use the a’dam to take all three Aes Sedai from the city. Mat begins to worry that Teslyn is breaking under the strain of her captivity, when he sees her out for exercise, he notes that she has a near-panic expression about her.

Mat enlists Thom Merrilin, Juilin Sandar, and Setalle Anan to help him track down items necessary for the escape plan.  When he informs Joline that he plans to help Edesina as well and Joline insists he free all the captive Aes Sedai, to which he says he will not leave any Aes Sedai who wishes to leave behind.  Mat is then forced to come up with another idea when Mistress Anan cannot make the a’dam work with Joline and they all realize they need proper sul’dam to work the a’dam.  Mat’s ta’veren nature manages to draw in exactly what he needs as Bayle Domon appears in the Wandering Woman along with Seanchan Captain of the Green, the Lady Egeanin Tarmath’s.  Bayle and Egeanin have access to three sul’dam who are ready to desert the ranks of the Seanchan as they have each learned they can be held by the a’dam themselves and therefore must have the ability to Channel.  Bethamin, Renna, and Seta Zarbey are each eventually recruited into Mat’s plan.  Using Renna to hold Teslyn’s leash and Seta for Edesina Mat and Egeanin manage to leave the damane kennels with the captive Aes Sedai, however, as they are leaving the Tarasin Palace the group encounters Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag, the Daughter of the Nine Moons who Mat takes hostage along with her so’jhin Selucia and tells the group he will marry.  They then leave and connect with the rest of their entourage leaving the city with Joline, her two warders Blaeric Negina and Fen Mizar, Bethamin, Setalle, Thom, Juilin, and his lady friend Thera (aka the Lady Amathera Aelfdene Casmir Lounalt, former Panarch of Tarabon).

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

After their rescue, Teslyn along with Joline, Edesina, Bethamin, Renna, and Seta are housed together in one of the wagons in Valan Luca’s Grand Traveling Show and Magnificent Display of Marvels and Wonders.  The show is just outside of Ebou Dar having waited to leave so they do not raise suspicions about Tuon’s disappearance but is now on the move toward Lugard.  Her experience as a damane has deeply affected Teslyn, who is visibly nervous and mistrustful of the sul’dam, and argues with Joline who wishes to go back to Ebou Dar and take a ship to Illian.  The Aes Sedai inform Mat that there is an overwhelming amount of saidar being channeled far to the north, Joline wants to investigate the event, but Teslyn and Edesina are fearful of heading back into Seanchan control.

As the show travels farther from Ebou Dar the Aes Sedai grow bolder and begin to assert themselves more strongly with Mat, going so far as to leave the show and enter villages.  The Sul’dam continue to keep an eye on all three Aes Sedai, speaking of the Aes Sedai as though they were well-behaved damane, but still wishing to collar the women.  Even though she has regained some of her composure she is still uncertain around the Seanchan women.  Teslyn tells Mat that they have overheard Seanchan soldiers speaking about heading east to invade her home nation of Illian but accepts Mat’s conclusion that this will mean the road to Lugard will likely remain clear.  Despite Mat’s request the three Aes Sedai continue to leave the confines of their wagon.  When Renna decides to abandon Mat and flee to a Seanchan outpost she stabs Egeanin in the back, nearly killing the woman.  Teslyn is just strong enough with Healing to save her life, but it takes her notable effort.  Afterward, Egeanin explains why Renna stabbed her, informing Mat that Renna had been collared once and that Egeanin was the only one to know her secret.  Teslyn is stunned to learn this information about sul’dam.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Mat, through his foxhead medallion, feels channeling coming from the Aes Sedai wagon and goes to investigate.  He finds the two remaining sul’dam have been immobilized and Joline slapping Bethamin repeatedly.  When he stops the situation Joline slaps him and he spanks her in retaliation.  The three Aes Sedai are stunned when the weaves of saidar they attempt to use on Mat melt around him, however, Setalle Anan has an idea of what he must possess and comments that she believed Cadsuane Melaidhrin had been rumored to possess such a ter’angreal.  The three Aes Sedai are confused that Mistress Anan would know a woman they believe to be long dead.  Teslyn also notes that Setalle made a comment about the test for the shawl.  Setalle claims she has heard many things as an Inn owner, but the Aes Sedai are not convinced.  Setalle refocuses the conversation on Joline’s actions, telling the Green that she would not interfere with Mat in the future and both Teslyn and Edesina agree that they would not attempt to stop Mat either.  Mat eventually demands to know what was going on and is told that Bethamin has begun channeling.  Joline and Edesina decide they will teach her enough to not die, but Teslyn refuses to offer the former sul’dam any help and tells the group Bethamin can die for all she cares.

Joline and Edesina begin to test the boundaries of Mat’s medallion, eventually discovering that indirect use of the Power such as throwing objects at Mat still worked.  However, Teslyn puts a stop to this behavior but is reluctant to talk to Mat about what she said to Joline or to accept his gratitude.

Once the Aes Sedai discover Tuon is a High Lady of the Seanchan they begin making overtures to her to open lines of communication between the Tower and the Seanchan, although Teslyn seemed surprised by Joline’s information about the Tower being behind a huge force from the Borderland nations moving south to repel the Seanchan invaders. Becoming irritated by the ongoing harassment by the Aes Sedai, Tuon and Selucia plan an ambush and manage to collar Teslyn, causing her great distress, and using her ability to capture the other two Aes Sedai before they could react.  Tuon uses the a’dam to instruct Joline until Mat intervenes and removes the a’dam and extracts a promise from the Aes Sedai to leave Tuon alone.  Teslyn, reduced to tears by the experience, and Edesina gratefully agree, Joline also agrees, but is less than gracious, but asks Mat if he would like to become one of her warders.

After leaving Luca’s show, Teslyn stays with Mat’s party as they cut across Altara and into Murandy.  The group eventually encounters The Band of the Red Hand and learns from Lord Talmanes Delovinde, one of Mat’s senior officers, that Egwene al’Vere is the Rebel Amyrlin Seat and that they have Traveled their large army near Tar Valon to pursue the war on Elaida. Teslyn again stops Joline from pressing Mat for more information and leads the other Sister away.

When an army of Seanchan traitors come hunting for Tuon under order from High Lady Suroth Sabelle Meldarath, who is herself being directed by the Forsaken Semirhage, Teslyn joins Mat and notes that his battle plan relies heavily on luck.  Teslyn goes on to warn Mat to be careful with Joline, she is childish, but she is fascinated by Mat and will try and trick Mat into allowing himself to become her warder.  This information infuriates Tuon, who has given Jolene the damane name Rosi, and tells “Tessi” to pass that along.  Teslyn becomes enraged, but Mat stops the two from further fighting.  Teslyn returns to pointing out the disadvantaged situation Mat’s forces are facing but remains prepared and when Mat gives her the signal, a touch on her shoulder which made her flinch, she sends a ball of red light into the sky, illuminating the enemy soldiers and making them easy to target for Mat’s crossbowmen.  After the fighting Teslyn wants Mat to offer the enemy aid, but he informs her that there are new rules for war now.

Soon after another Seanchan force, the Deathwatch Guard enters the area in search of Tuon, led by Banner-General Furyk Karede and accompanied by Tuon’s der’sul’dam Melitene and the damane Mylen, who was once the Aes Sedai Sheraine Caminelle of the Blue Ajah. Joline demands her release, but Teslyn and Edesina tell her the woman is no longer Sheraine and would betray them to the Seanchan.  Mylen then shields all three Aes Sedai but releases them when Karede gives the command.  Mat and Karede devise a plan to return Tuon safely to Ebou Dar and Tuon finishes the marriage ceremony making Mat her husband and announces that she is no longer under the veil.  Teslyn, along with Joline and Edesina participate in the fighting, but only after they are placed in enough danger to use the Power as a weapon.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Teslyn, along with Mat and the Band of the Red Hand are making their way through Murandy and are now 200 leagues from Caemlyn.  Joline wishes to leave the Band to make better time to Tar Valon, and both Teslyn and Edesina agree to go with her, but Mat refuses Joline’s demand for horses and escort.  Mat sees that Teslyn is disappointed in how he speaks to Joline and is bothered by the fact that it upsets him.

Teslyn, Joline, and Edesina accompany Mat, Thom, and five Redarms from the Band to the town of Hinderstap where the three Aes Sedai go to the finest local inn near the center of the town.  After the sunsets the townspeople transform into a mindless horde, forcing Aes Sedai and Mat to flee for their lives.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Now near Caemlyn thanks to Verin Mothwing’s help in Traveling, Teslyn approaches Mat to inform him that she, Joline, and Edesina will be leaving for Tar Valon the next morning due to the rumors they have heard of an attack on the city.  However, she wished to thank him and let him know that she will not forget her debt to him.  Teslyn, despite her aversion to men, reaches out and shakes Mat’s hand and gives him a respectful nod as she turns to leave.  Her sincerity touches Mat, who gives her the horses and supplies he had earlier refused Joline.  Moments later the Gholam attacks Mat and Teslyn jumps to Mat’s aid, using the One Power to divert the creature by throwing objects in its path, ultimately the attention driving the shadowspawn away.  The next day Teslyn and the other Aes Sedai collect their entourage and leave for Tar Valon with a final message from Mat to whoever sits on the Amyrlin Seat, he will be coming to collect something from the Tower before the Last Battle.  Teslyn, slightly amused, agrees to pass his message along with in his exact words.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Having returned to the Tower to find the situation not to her liking, Teslyn spends the Last Battle fighting alongside a group of Dragonsworn.  Mat encounters her one last time when she and Lady Tinna, a woman turned out of the Tower for “complicated” reasons, link and create a gateway large enough to move troops to the Heights.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Teslyn is in the higher tiers of modern Aes Sedai Strength at level 17 (5) placing her in the top 60-70 living Aes Sedai at the start of the main series.  Her strength in the Power is likely a factor in why she was selected as a Sitter in the Hall of the Tower for the Red Ajah at a relatively young age, she stands high enough in the Red Ajah hierarchy to be able to influence other Sisters, standing in the top ten of known strength within the Red Ajah only Elaida (level 13), Pevara Tazanovni, Shashalle Anderly, Liandrin Guirale, Galina Casban (each level 14)  Katerine Alruddin, Lemai Ambani and Silviana Brehon (each level 15) are confirmed to stand above Teslyn within the Ajah. Teslyn shows herself to be intelligent and quick to react in dangerous situations, immediately adapting to the Gholam’s immunity to direct weaves of the Power and thinking quickly to aid Mat.  Teslyn has enough strength to form useful gateways for Traveling without aid and has a moderate degree of ability with Healing, able to Heal Egeanin from a near-fatal stab wound, although this visibly pushed her limits.  Teslyn is also seen Healing soldiers during the Last Battle.  Teslyn is also seen hurling fireballs and creating lights with the Power during the series.  As an Aes Sedai Teslyn has some degree of proficiency with all of the standard weaves taught in the Tower.

Notable Possessions


Teslyn has no notable possessions, but as a former damane she is connected to the a’dam on several occasions.



Teslyn Baradon appears to have survived the Last Battle as she is last seen near the end of the fighting and helps Mat by creating a gateway to move troops.  However, her future may be more complex than most Aes Sedai as she chose to leave the Tower after returning from Ebou Dar.  Having found the current political situation in the Tower uncomfortable, Teslyn joined a group of Dragonsworn to fight the Last Battle on her own terms.  Entering the Fourth Age the White Tower and the Red Ajah find themselves with dramatically altered purposes.  Teslyn, having been a leader in the Red for the last fifteen years, may find herself as one of the leaders in the Tower or continue to keep herself separate finding a new purpose.

Teslyn is one of the handful of Aes Sedai throughout the series that the reader sees change drastically.  When we first meet Teslyn she is actively political within the Tower, helping overthrow Siuan and Raise Elaida.  Later she continues to manipulate others going so far as to dose another Aes Sedai with forkroot to ensure Elaida did not get her hands on Elayne.  Teslyn goes through a massive transformation after her traumatic experience as a damane.  Being on the verge of breaking prior to being set free by Mat Cauthon seems to have opened Teslyn’s eyes to the world outside of the Tower, giving her a perspective beyond politics.  Teslyn often acts as a foil to the much more flamboyant Joline Maza, keeping the other Aes Sedai in check where Mat was concerned and even learning to have some trust for a man.  Teslyn, while physically repelled by all men, eventually becomes a staunch ally to Mat, accepting him as a leader and even saving his life from the Gholam.  Returning to the Tower, Teslyn now sees an organization she no longer identifies with and chooses to fight the Last Battle on her own terms, joining a band of Dragonsworn fighters and openly stating that the old ties no longer apply.  This could imply that Teslyn will retire as an Aes Sedai or that she may return to the Tower and work toward positive change.

There is some confusion as to which Red Sitters were in the Hall when Siuan was deposed.  Teslyn, Pevara Tazanovni, and Javindhra Doraille are each mentioned as the women who replaced Tsutama Rath, Toveine Gazal, and Lirene Doirellin in 985 NE when they were un-chaired, birched, and sent into exile by Marith Jaen for their actions during the Vileness.  However, Amira Moselle was said to have stepped down from her seat in the Hall to allow Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan to become a Sitter for the Red, ultimately leading to the coup.  For either Amira or Elaida to have been Sitters for the Red one of Teslyn, Pevara or Javindhra would have needed to have stepped down prior to 999 NE and then returned to the Hall after Elaida was Raised to the Amyrlin Seat.

In Other Media

No announcement regarding Teslyn’s character has been made for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.

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