Samitsu Tamagowa

Sahm-it-sue Tah-Mah-go-wha




Year of Birth:

856 NE



Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Dark Hazel

Other Names:


Article Author: 

Daraus Sedai

Basic Information


Samitsu is a slim woman standing 5’5” (165 cm) tall with dark hair and dark hazel eyes. She wore silver braids in her hair and like many Aes Sedai preferred clothing in her Ajah color, often dark Yellow. She had the ageless face of an Aes Sedai who had worn the Shawl for many years.




Samitsu has a commanding manner but could quickly become petulant when she did not get her way and sometimes needed to have her ego bolstered to regain her self-confidence. She was not bothered by getting dirty when her skills were required and barely noticed the sight of blood.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Samitsu Tamagowa was born in 856 NE in Arafel.  She went to the White Tower at the relatively young age of 14 in 870 NE and spent nine years as a Novice before passing her test for the Accepted in 879 NE.  After spending only four years as an Accepted, she went on to successfully pass the test for the Shawl in 883 NE and chose the Yellow Ajah.


New Spring

Samitsu does not appear in the book and her whereabouts are unknown.

New Spring NICE.jpeg

Actions Between the Books


Little is known of Samitsu’s actions before the main series events.  At some point, she befriends Cadsuane Melaidhrin and Corele Hovian and like these Sisters Samitsu seems to spend most of her time outside of the White Tower.  Samitsu appears to be one of the few Aes Sedai to be aware that Cadsuane is still alive after her second retirement at the end of the Aiel War.


Eye of the World

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

The Dragon Reborn

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book. She is not in the White Tower during the events of the coup.

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg

Fires of Heaven

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg

Lord of Chaos

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book, however, she is almost certainly with Cadsuane’s entourage seeking Rand al’Thor in Cairhien at this time.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg

A Crown of Swords

Samitsu first appears on screen with Cadsuane and Niande Moorwyn of the Gray Ajah attending the party held by Toram Riatin and Caraline Damodred outside the city of Cairhien.  The tent is hit by a bubble of evil and Padan Fain, using the name Jeraal Mordeth, attacks Rand leaving him seriously injured and on the brink of death.  Samitsu attempts to Heal his injury, and while her efforts stopped Rand from dying she was unable to fully Heal the wound.  Samitsu explains that both the wound Fain had inflicted and the older wound in Rand’s side seem to be similar to cysts but filled with evil rather than pus.  The two wounds seemed to be of different kinds of evil.  Samitsu has never seen the likes of these wounds and believes Rand will die as Healing seems to have almost no lasting effect.  Cadsuane attempts to bolster Samitsu’s confidence and tells the Yellow Sister that she is the most Talented Healer living, perhaps ever and the party makes their way toward the city of Cairhien, Cadsuane intending to go to the palace of Lady Arilyn where they can find another extremely Talented Healer, Corele.  Min warns Cadsuane that Rand will not take well to waking in a strange place with unknown Aes Sedai looking over him after his ordeal with Galina Casban’s embassy.  Min goes on to explain the events, including the stilling of three Aes Sedai which causes Samitsu and Niande to violently vomit.  After hearing the story Cadsuane agrees and directs the group to take Rand to the Sun Palace.

Samitsu is present when Damer Flinn attends to Rand and immediately begins to demand what he was doing.  Jahar Narishma blocks her from interfering despite her anger and commentary that she is worried Flinn will kill Rand through ignorance.  Cadsuane tells her to be quiet and Asha’man Corlan Dashiva informs the Aes Sedai that Flinn is quite Talented and has skills beyond Aes Sedai Healing.  Flinn begins to explain what he is sensing of the wounds, very similar to what Samitsu had sensed earlier and this starts to make Samitsu begin to realize the man knew what he was doing.  When Flinn successfully manages to stop the spread of the two wounds Samitsu immediately Delves Rand and realizes that Flinn had accomplished what she could not.  Knowing he cannot teach her directly she demands that he explain each detail of what he had done and even offers him wealth or any other possession she has to learn, even offering to bear him a child.  When Rand awakens Samitsu is present and Cadsuane explains that along with Flinn and Corele they had performed Healing likely not done since the Breaking, implying the three channelers had linked and used a mixed circle to Heal Rand.

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Path of Daggers

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book but is in Cairhien with the group of Aes Sedai collected by Cadsuane.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg

Winter's Heart

Samitsu is never mentioned in the book.  Cadsuane has left her in charge of the Sisters in Cairhien with the intent of influencing Dobraine Taborwin, the Stewart of the Dragon in Cairhien.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Now placed in charge of the remaining Aes Sedai following Cadsuane, Samitsu is still in Cairhien.  However, she is struggling to maintain her role after Sashalle Anderly of the Red Ajah was Healed of stilling by Flinn.  Sashalle is significantly stronger than Samistu and as she recovers from her situation she has begun to assert control, and without an official Tower position, Samitsu has difficulty maintaining authority.  Samitsu is unsure how or why the Wise Ones have given Sashalle such a high degree of respect rather than treating her in the way they have the other captured Tower Aes Sedai.  Nor can she understand why thirty-one Sisters, five of them Red, would swear fealty to Rand.  Sashalle presses Samitsu over the ascension of Ailil Riatin to the High Seat of the house as she has gained support from most of Riatin’s supporters, but Samitsu believes this move will outrage those who still support Toram Riatin as High Seat.  As the two Aes Sedai debate the issue Corgaide Marendevin, the Holder of the Keys in the Sun Palace, enters the room with news of an Ogier and a human man claiming to be masons arriving at the palace.  She finds this odd as Ogier are never seen working with human masons.  Samitsu notices that Sashalle’s face no longer has the look of agelessness of an Aes Sedai and she is perturbed by this realization.

The women go to the kitchens to investigate the arrival of the odd pair and Samitsu is frustrated that once again Sashalle has taken the lead between them.  Samitsu recognizes Loial and soon notices his companion is Asha’man Karldin Manfor, who she realizes is a potential threat as he is not bonded to an Aes Sedai as the men she was familiar was and he is already agitated by the situation.  The pair have been gone from Cairhien for some time and upon arriving have heard rumors of Rand going mad and the attack on him by rogue Asha’man, putting them both on edge.  Samitsu wonders if she and Sashalle could handle the man if the confrontation turned to violence, but Samitsu manages to diffuse the situation and tells Manfor that Rand was sane when she had last seen him.  Suddenly a panicked serving woman, Cera, bursts into the kitsch screaming that Lord Dobraine has been murdered and that they were all going to die.  Hurrying to Dobraine’s rooms Samitsu assumes the man is in fact dead, but Delves him to be certain and finds a tiny spark of life left within him.  She asks Manfor if he knows Flinn’s method of Healing as she worries Dobraine will not survive the traditional Aes Sedai Healing.  Manfor does not possess the skill or Talent, so Samitsu is forced to attempt Healing Dobraine herself.  Her incredible level of Talent allows her to modulate the weaves enough to successfully save Dobraine’s life but he is still in need of long-term care to recover.  Rosara Medrano of the Brown Ajah enters the room in a rush and announces to Samitsu that a group of Aes Sedai and Asha’man have entered the city, among them is Logain Ablar.

Samitsu, using the Warders left behind in Cairhien, accompanies Logain’s group to find Rand and Cadsuane, where she informs the Green that she has observed the behavior of the Aes Sedai and Asha’man and is convinced the Aes Sedai have been Bonded by the Asha’man and notes that she believes Gabrelle Brawley of the Brown is bedding Logain and that Toveine Gazal of the Red Ajah is also Bonded to the man. Cadsuane orders Samitsu to return to Cairhien to observe Sashalle and inform her what the woman does when not directly under the watch of Wise Ones or Cadsuane herself.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Samitsu is never mentioned in the book, but she has returned to Cairhien to follow Cadsuane’s orders to observe and report on Sashalle’s actions.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Samitsu is never seen in the book, but Rand acknowledges that she, along with Corele and Flinn saved his life and deserve his thanks and respect.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Samitsu, along with Sashalle, greets Elayne Trakand in Cairhien when she claims the Sun Throne.  Elayne has been in communication with both Aes Sedai and has obtained their support in taking the city.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Samitsu is never seen in the book but is most likely in Mayene with the bulk of the Yellow Ajah during the Last Battle operating the hospital facility.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Samitsu is a moderately strong channeler by modern Aes Sedai standards, possessing a strength level 20 (8).  This places Samitsu on the higher end of the Aes Sedai hierarchy, likely in the top 15-20% of strength among living Sisters, but not in the highest groupings.  Barring a strong Talent for Traveling, her strength level would be right on the edge of that necessary to create useful gateways, likely she would be unable to create one large enough to comfortably walkthrough.

She is a very skilled modern channeler, having completed the training and tests necessary to become Aes Sedai and she possesses the very highest level of Talent with Healing.  Samitsu’s ability with Healing is so strong she can control the weaves to the same extent as a circle of Aes Sedai, able to make alterations to the weaves that very few other individual channelers can match.  Cadsuane believes Samitsu possesses the strongest Talent for Healing among living Aes Sedai, and possibly the greatest in the history of the Tower.  Only Nynaeve al’Meara, Semirhage, Damer Flinn, and Sumeko Karistovan appear to have a similar or possibly higher level of Talent.  Several other Yellow Sisters have strong, but not equal ability to Samitsu; Suana Dragand, Corele Hovian, Dagdara Finchy, and Chesmal Emry each have exceptional ability but according to Cadsuane’s estimation are not as Talented.

Notable Possessions


Samitsu has one Warder, Roshan, who is likely a highly skilled warrior, although he did not originally intend on being a Warder until Samitsu decided to Bond him, so it is possible that he has other skills the Yellow valued enough to create the Bond.  Samitsu was also, for a short time, the acting leader of the Aes Sedai contingent in Cairhien.  Per Cadsuane’s command, Samitsu took charge of the various Sisters and held political influence with Lord Dobraine Taborwin, Rand’s Steward in Cairhien.



Samitsu was almost certainly stationed in Mayene working within the hospital facility set up by the Yellow Ajah during the Last Battle.  It can be assumed that she survived Tarmon Gai’don as she was not likely on the front lines due to her extremely valuable Healing ability.  Samitsu is relatively strong in the Power and has worn the shawl for nearly 120 years which will likely place her in a position of leadership in a post-Tarmon Gai’don White Tower.  She can be expected to live for at least another 150 years, much longer if the Oaths are removed, and given her extreme abilities with Healing and her reaction to the new knowledge explored by Nynaeve, Sumeko, and Damer Flinn it seems likely that Samitsu will wish to explore the full extent of Healing, and the value of mixed circles to the process.

Samitsu is portrayed as something of an arrogant medical doctor, she obviously has a passion for Healing and never allows the effects of injury or disease to bother her or slow her down, but she has a difficult time recognizing that anyone else could bring value to a situation where Healing is needed.  When she does learn of new and more effective ways to Heal, she immediately insists on learning what was done and how willing to give anything to achieve the knowledge.

Samitsu is one of the Aes Sedai who gives the reader some important clues on how the Aes Sedai hierarchy truly functions.  She is sufficiently weaker in the power than Sashalle Anderly that she must rely on the borrowed authority of Cadsuane to maintain even close to equal footing, and that does not last long.  Showing us that a 6-level strength difference, under normal circumstances, is sufficient for the stronger Sister to have unquestionable authority.  In contrast, we see with Sisters of 2-3 levels of strength difference that there can be resistance or at least a level of mutual respect shown in decision making. For instance, Samitsu’s relationship with Corele (level 18) illustrates a more equal friendship between women closer in strength.  This also illustrates how high Cadsuane truly stood among living Aes Sedai, being minimally six levels higher than the next strongest living Sisters in the Tower.  We can also see that extremely high level of Talent such as Samitsu possesses is valued by the Tower even though it does not necessarily play into the broader hierarchy/ranking this ability seems to have given Samitsu an advantage in training time as an Accepted shortening her overall training time.

In Other Media

No announcement regarding Samitsu’s character has been made for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.  The character is unlikely to make an appearance in early seasons given her timeline in the books, although producers could also choose to expand the character or combine her role with another Aes Sedai character to simplify the TV adaptation.

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