Myrelle Berengari

My-rEHL-Le Beh-rehn-GAH-ree




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954 NE



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Daraus Sedai

Basic Information


Myrelle stands 5’4” (163 cm) and is quite beautiful with an olive complexion, large dark eyes, dark hair and a perfect oval shaped face. She often wore a knowing smile and dressed in fine silks, often in green and sometimes with an elegant hat to keep the sun off her face. Her complexion indicates that she is most likely from the southern part of Altara near the capital of Ebou Dar rather than further north near the Andoran border where fair hair and skin are more common. She has the expected ageless face of an Aes Sedai who has worn the shawl for several years.




Myrelle was known for being gregarious as well as for her fiery temperament which was remarkable even within the Green Ajah. She is a passionate woman who will break rules if it means saving lives. She also has a quick wit, known to tell jokes to her Warders and enjoys the company of a wide group of friends both inside and outside of the Green Ajah. Myrelle is noted as having friends in the Blue, Brown and Yellow Ajah which is somewhat atypical of most Aes Sedai.

Spoilers Below!!!

Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Myrelle was born in Altara in the year 954 NE and went to the White Tower at the relatively young age of fourteen in 968 NE.  In 975 NE, after seven years as a Novice, she was Raised to the Accepted in the same year as Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche and was close friends with both women as well as Sheriam Bayanar and Ellid Abareim who she had been both Novice and Accepted alongside at this time.


New Spring

Myrelle is in her third year as Accepted during the events of New Spring.  She is one of the few Accepted who help Moiraine and Siuan practice weaves for the test for the Shawl.  Myrelle is very good at creating distractions forming ice with the Power and using it in creative ways.  Myrelle was known as a prankster among the Accepted and was nearly as accomplished in this as Siuan and Moiraine.  Myrelle, along with all the Accepted at the time was summoned to the Oval Lecture Hall and was addressed by then Amyrlin Seat Tamra Ospena.  Tamra announces a thanksgiving bounty in celebration of the end of the Aiel Wars.  She plans on distributing one hundred gold crowns to every woman in the city who bore a child between the day the first soldiers arrived and the day the threat ended.  As many Aes Sedai are still out of the city coordinating with the Armies the Amyrlin has decided to have the Accepted go out and collect names of these women.

Once again helping Moiraine and Siuan practice, Myrelle witnesses Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan come to the Accepted rooms and begin to push Moiraine and Siuan incredibly hard, essentially beating the women as they attempt to channel the 100 weaves.  After Elaida leaves Myrelle brings Sheriam and Ellid to help Moiraine and Siuan with their bruises, all three Accepted were angry over Elaida’s behavior.  After several nights of this behavior the Mistress of Novices, Merean Redhill intervenes and forbids Elaida to “help” the women further.   Moiraine suspects Myrelle, Ellid and Sheriam must have informed Merean, but this action sets off a lifelong animosity between Siuan, Moiraine and Elaida.

After Moiraine passes her test to become Aes Sedai she notes that her dear friends Myrelle and Sheriam, who are still Accepted, recognize that their friendships must be put aside until they also reach the Shawl.

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Actions Between the Books


About one year following the events of New Spring, Myrelle finishes her training as Aes Sedai and successfully passes the test for the Shawl in 980 NE choosing the Green Ajah.  She goes on to Bond three Warders, Andoran Croi Makin, Illianer Nuhel Dromand and Saldaean Avar Hachami.  Myrelle saved the lives of both Nuhel and Avar after their original Aes Sedai had died, something no Sister had managed in hundreds of years.  Rumors that Myrelle broke all customs and is married to all three of her Warders become prevalent as one of the known methods to save a Warder from his Aes Sedai’s death involves sexual activity.

Her expertise in saving these men and their long-lasting friendship is what led Moiraine to her decision to approach Myrelle with a request to have Lan Mandragoran’s bond passed to her should Moiraine die.  Just before the events of the Eye of the World Myrelle agrees to take Lan’s bond, but this was done without his knowledge or consent and as such is considered a violation of custom.  While this was once commonplace with Aes Sedai it is now an action many Aes Sedai consider criminal, many considered this a form of rape.  Myrelle herself rationalizes her actions with the belief that an Aes Sedai owes this to their Warders to do everything possible to ensure these men live.


Eye of the World

Myrelle does not appear in the book and is never mentioned.

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The Great Hunt

Moiraine tells Lan of the arrangement she has made with Myrelle and warns him that he will be compelled to seek the woman out should Moiraine die.  Moiraine tells Lan that Myrelle, who has three Warders of her own, will not see him as a pet and although she would like to keep Lan, she has agreed to pass his bond to another Aes Sedai when she finds a suitable Sister for Lan’s bond.  Lan is furious at Moiraine reminding her of the unsavory thought of using compulsion as well as the fact that no Aes Sedai has passed a Warder bond in over four hundred years.  Moiraine tells him it is for his own good and she will not undo the actions she has taken.

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The Dragon Reborn

Though Myrelle does not appear in the book, Moiraine and Lan prod each other with comments about her.  Lan claims he must learn to smile as he has heard Myrelle tells her Warders jokes.

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The Shadow Rising

Myrelle never appears in the book and is never mentioned.

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Fires of Heaven

Myrelle is first seen on page in Chapter 26:  Sallie Daera.  She is one of the first Aes Sedai who have joined Sheriam and the Blue Ajah in Salidar after they have fled the White Tower due to Elaida’s overthrow of Siuan and Leane.  After being Stilled Siuan and Leane look very different than they had before but Myrelle admits that she has read accounts that imply this could happen as a result of stilling.  Myrelle instantly recognizes Siuan’s voice and immediately accepts that this must be Siuan.  She observes as Anaiya Carel, Sheriam and Carlinya Sorevin pepper Siuan and Leane with questions only the real women would be able to answer but does not participate beyond a few amused comments.  Myrelle is genuinely embarrassed when the Salidar Sisters admit that they have considered returning to the Tower to follow Elaida. Siuan and Leane deftly manipulate the Aes Sedai into forming a true rebellion, using Logain Ablar’s story of being set up as a False Dragon by the Red to convince the women.  Myrelle immediately voices support for her longtime friend Sheriam when the Blue is brought up by Morvrin Thakanos of the Brown for the Amyrlin Seat in Salidar.  But along with the other leaders in Salidar, casually known as the Salidar Six, eventually agree that a more neutral woman should be considered for the Amyrlin Seat rather than Sheriam.

Myrelle begins to hint that she should be sent to find Rand al’Thor in the Aiel Waste, but is shut down by Sheriam, who does not want any of the ruling council being sent to Rand.  The Salidar Six decide to send Green Ajah Sisters Bera Harkin and Kiruna Nachiman to the Waste to establish communication with Rand.  Myrelle’s Warder Nuhel enters the meeting with Sheriam’s Warder Arinvar to inform the council that Gareth Bryne is approaching Salidar with a few well-seasoned men.  The council realizes that Bryne is one of the Great Captains and Beonin Marne of the Gray Ajah believing they will have to pay him handsomely to agree to join them.  When the truth of Siuan, Min and Leane’s oath breaking comes out, Myrelle promises Bryne the women would honor their oaths and that they already regret running away but chooses to support their loophole in not specifying when they would serve.  Bryne realizes this is a clever way of getting him to join the rebels, but he agrees.

When Nynaeve and Elayne find Salidar they are greeted less congenially than they anticipated at first.  Myrelle participated in searching their belongings and being less than happy to find the letter written by Siuan Sanche while still Amyrlin giving Nynaeve massive authority if she used it.  Siuan defends herself and they agree that this was within her authority to do as Amyrlin.  The Aes Sedai then move on to the sleep weaver ter’angreal in Nynaeve and Elayne’s possession and are stunned to learn that women are actively using tel’aran’rhiod again as it has drifted into more of a scholarly subject than a reality since no Aes Sedai Dreamers have existed in nearly five hundred years.  They are happy to realize they can use the ter’angreal to communicate with Egwene al’Vere, however.

Lan’s bond moves to Myrelle as soon as Moiraine and Lanfear go through the redstone door frame ter’angreal in Cairhien, something she would have become aware of immediately.

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Lord of Chaos

Myrelle, along with the rest of the Salidar Six debate how rulers and major nobles would react to their choice for Amyrlin.  Myrelle appeared particularly irritated and snapping at the other women.  Elayne believes the rather humiliating experiences the women have gone through in tel’aran’rhiod are the cause of this anger.  When Nynaeve attempts to give instruction to the Aes Sedai in the world of dreams she drops herself into hot water with Myrelle being increasingly hard on the woman.  The Sisters allow themselves to be diverted by Elayne and the group goes to Elaida’s study in the White Tower to look for information.  Myrelle finding a report from Danelle saying that Mattin Stepaneos, King of Illian, accepts wholeheartedly, while Roedran, Kind of Murandy is playing both sides and Alliandre, Queen of Ghealdan and Tylin, Queen of Altara wish for more time.  The group also learns Elaida has sent a delegation to Rand in Cairhien, Myrelle suggesting they warn Rand through the Dreamwalkers and Egwene.  When Anaiya, Carlinya and Morvrin become trapped in a nightmare, Myrelle, Beonin and Sheriam link and attempt to save the others but become trapped themselves.  Eventually being saved by Elayne and Siuan who enter the nightmare and help the others refuse to believe it is real.  Myrelle ends up naked, white-faced and covered in long red scratches and welts, not as badly injured as Sheriam or Anaiya but still in need of help and Healing.

Myrelle continues to be hard on Nynaeve, causing the other woman to begin avoiding her whenever possible.  Myrelle claims the other Aes Sedai are too easy on Nynaeve and has given Theodrin instructions to make special efforts at breaking Nynaeve’s block.  Siuan threatens Elayne and Nynaeve by exposing their ruse at being Aes Sedai while out of the Tower and tells them how hard Myrelle could be, relating that Myrelle had once discovered a former Novice in Chachin claiming to be of the Green and punished her severely.  Myrelle is present when Nynaeve claims she has Healed Logain and goes on to Heal Siuan and Leane.  Myrelle comforts Nynaeve after the Yellows excitedly go on to extrapolate on her work and begin to ignore her presence.

Myrelle is with the Salidar Six when Egwene returns to Salidar after traveling through tel’aran’rhiod in the flesh.  The group inform Egwene they intend for her to be the next Amyrlin Seat.  They go on to drill the ceremony into Egwene and prepare her to go before the Rebel Hall of the Tower.  Myrelle and Morvrin accompany Sheriam as Egwene’s support when she goes before the Hall and pledge their support to Egwene as part of the ceremony but is openly unhappy when Samalin Naerodan of the Green does not initially stand to support Egwene, as supporting a failed attempt would likely have resulted in Myrelle’s own exile from the Tower and it is revealed that Myrelle is in fact the Captain-General of the Green Ajah in Salidar.

Myrelle shows some interest in Mat Cauthon when he appears with the Band of the Red Hand, and he vaguely remembers her but does not believe she is aware of anything about him that could be dangerous, but she tries to speak to him about becoming her Warder which he declines.

Lan Mandragoran arrives in Salidar where Myrelle has convinced Nisao Dachen of the Yellow Ajah, who has an interest in Healing of mental illness, to help her deal with him.  Nisao worries that if they are caught, they will end up in exile for their participation in passing his bond.  However, the two Aes Sedai continue their actions, Myrelle resorting to using compulsion through the bond to bring Lan to heel.

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A Crown of Swords

Siuan and Egwene discover what Myrelle and Nisao are up to with Lan and are horrified.  However, Egwene leverages the knowledge to force the two Sisters to swear fealty to her and then takes Lan via skimming to a location near Ebou Dar so he can find Nynaeve and help her survive.  Egwene believes this task will be the key to saving Lan from the breaking of his bond with Moiraine.  When Lan arrives in Ebou Dar and finds Nynaeve he informs her his bond is held by Myrelle now, but Nynaeve, although furious at Myrelle, still insists they marry.

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Path of Daggers

Along with the rest of the Salidar Six, Myrelle is sent by Egwene to Gareth Bryne to engage with a faction of Andoran and Murandian Nobles who have gathered large armies and intend to stop the rebel Aes Sedai forces from marching through Northern Murandy or Andor.

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Winter's Heart

Myrelle does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Myrelle and the other Aes Sedai who have sworn fealty to Egwene are a semi-formal circle of advisors, one from each Ajah.  Although the council no longer holds the same level of influence within the Rebellion as they had in the early stage.  Now outside the walls of Tar Valon the council debates if Egwene should send Sisters to negotiate with the Tower faction under Elaida’s rule.  Myrelle is against any such talks, but Beonin supports the idea and Egwene allows her to proceed but cautions Beonin to keep the secret of the Rebel spies, known as the ferrets, and the newly discovered weaves such as Traveling hidden from the White Tower.  Myrelle is also present in the Hall meeting when Akarrin Comeris of the Brown Ajah and her team of Sisters return from the sight of Shadar Logoth and give testimony about what they were able to uncover regarding the massive amount of the One Power all Aes Sedai had felt emanating from the area.  Noting that not only had a massive amount of saidar been used during the event, but an even greater amount of saidin.

After Anaiya’s death Egwene meets with the rest of her council to discuss her True Dream regarding a Seanchan attack on the White Tower.  The women tell her the other Aes Sedai do not seem to take this seriously as only Anaiya, who had been known for arcane knowledge, believed in Egwene’s ability.  Myrelle begins to relate thoughts she’s had on the events at Shadar Logoth, but is interrupted by Maigan, the new representative to Egwene’s council appointed to replace Anaiya by the Blue Ajah.  There is a distinct chill between Myrelle and Maigan which leads to Myrelle cutting her statement off in mid-sentence.  Gareth Bryne sends news that a small force of armed men, accompanied by Tower Aes Sedai have been seen on the Army’s side of the river and worries of possible incidents if Aes Sedai do not stay close to the main camp.  Romanda enters with Theodrin Dabei of the Brown Ajah.  Romanda informs Egwene that the negotiations with the Tower are going poorly and questions the truth of the Kin.  Egwene reminds Romanda that it was the Yellow Ajah that had discovered the number of Sea Folk wilders in the port of Illian.  Egwene begins to suggest the removal of the Oaths for Sisters who wish to retire into the Kin, but it is not well received.  Myrelle as well as the other Aes Sedai present were shocked by the idea.  Egwene informs them she will take the Oaths but intends to lay out the facts of the consequences of the Oath Rod’s use on the lives of channelers and allow the Hall to determine how to proceed.  Lelaine Akashi Sitter of the Blue Ajah enters the tent and informs Egwene that the discussions of how to manage an alliance with the Black Tower have become stagnant since the death of Kairen Stang, also of the Blue Ajah.  She mentions that perhaps Myrelle, who has saved two previous Warders after their Aes Sedai died, would consider working with Kairen’s still living Warder, Llyw.  Myrelle leaves the tent at this point, but Maigan and Lelaine joke that Myrelle is said to be married to her Warders and may be worried because Llyw is “as wide as a horse”, but also mentions knowing a young Blue, who is not interested in men that way, who might take on the task of saving Llyw.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


After Egwene is captured by the Tower Myrelle along with the other Aes Sedai who have sworn fealty to her meeting to discuss what they should do now.  Siuan tells the women Egwene and Leane Sharif are both alive and in Elaida’s custody and Egwene does not wish to be rescued as she believes such an attempt would lead to Aes Sedai killing Aes Sedai and she does not want this to happen.  Siuan goes on to tell the council that Elaida has demoted Egwene to Novice and intends to break her and reintegrate her into the Tower.  Lelaine enters the tent and Siuan informs the women that Egwene has called for a Sitting of the Hall in tel’aran’rhiod, inside the actual Hall of the Tower.

After some arm twisting by Green Sitter Faiselle Darone, Myrelle has bonded Llyw, which surprises Malind Nachenin, also a Sitter for the Green.  At some point after this Myrelle is sent as part of the delegation to bond men in the Black Tower.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Myrelle along with Nisao, Faolain Orande of the Blue and Theodrin have not been heard from since they departed for the Black Tower.  Egwene considers these four women being selected as part of the delegation as odd given its mission of bonding male channelers and is concerned by the lack of communication.  As the rebel force begins preparing for an assault on Tar Valon Egwene considers the need to send word of the developments to the delegation.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


After passing her test for the Shawl, Nynaeve Travels to find Myrelle and though she thanks the Green for saving Lan’s life she demands the woman pass his Bond to her.  Myrelle considers for a moment but agrees and passes Lan’s bond to Nynaeve.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Myrelle, along with Lyrelle Arienwin of the Blue Ajah, Faolain, Theodrin, Seaine Herimon and Aledrin Malenry, both White Ajah, and the rest of the group sent to bond male channelers remain outside the Black Tower and consider their options.  They have noticed that the ability to Travel within the Tower has been restored, but the Aes Sedai are suspicious of possible Black Asha’man inside.  As they enter the Black Tower, they are joined by Red Sitter Pevara Tazanovni under Logain Ablar’s suggestion that the Aes Sedai would be more comfortable with one of their own to guide them.  Pevara gives them some information about the bonding of Asha’man, specifically that they cannot be compelled through the Bond like normal men.  She advises the Sisters to Bond the men who will make good Warders rather than worrying about finding exactly forty-seven men per Rand’s offer.  Pevara’s Warder/Asha’man Androl Genhald joins the group and brings them to the forty-six men that are available in the Tower, sparking some debate but ultimately the group bonds the men who have indicated their willingness to be Warders.  Each Aes Sedai Bonding two, except for Faolain and Theodrin who are only allowed one Warder each.  Myrelle learns from her new Warders about the dark events that happened inside the Black Tower and passes the information along to other Aes Sedai to beware of the possibly Turned channelers.

Myrelle is last seen during the Last Battle with a large contingent of Green sisters hurling fireballs at Trollocs fighting the Aes Sedai army on the Kandor side of the battlefront.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Myrelle is quite strong in the One Power by modern Aes Sedai standards.  Her strength level in saidar is level 15 (3) placing her very near the pinnacle of the Aes Sedai hierarchy, with only about 30 living women in the Tower who could match or exceed her strength.  When her training time is considered, Myrelle stands within the top 20 highest ranking Aes Sedai.  Within the Green Ajah only four living women are known to surpass her at the start of the main series, Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Bera Harkin, Kiruna Nachiman and Merise Haindehl.  Talene Minly, Sitter for the Green matches Myrelle at level 15 (3) and, before her death in New Spring, Kerene Nagashi at level 11 (+2) also surpassed Myrelle, although Myrelle was not yet Aes Sedai at this time. Several women who join the Tower during the events of the series far surpass Myrelle, including Nynaeve al’Meara of the Yellow Ajah level 3 (+10), Amyrlin Seat Egwene al’Vere level 8 (+5) and Elayne Trakand, who joins the Green Ajah in Salidar once she is Raised to Aes Sedai is also considerably higher in Strength than Myrelle with a current strength of 11 (+2) and a potential strength of 8 (+5).  There are also several Novices who will one day stand higher than Myrelle in the Power as well.  Sharina Melloy, level 2 (+11) and Bodewhin Cauthon, level 9 (+4) most notably of those who survived until the Last Battle.  Nicola Treehill who was killed in the battle of tel’aran’rhiod had a higher potential than Myrelle as well at level 9 (+4).

Myrelle would also be considered a highly skilled modern channeler, having undergone extensive training in the White Tower.  She would have mastered the standard Aes Sedai weaves and seems to have an affinity for creating ice.  As a member of the Green Ajah it can be presumed that Myrelle has more extensive military training with the One Power, while this is never elaborated upon in the books, Egwene does note that the Green Ajah lives up to its nick-name of “The Battle Ajah'' during the Last Battle, destroying hoards of Shadowspawn throughout the military operation.

Notable Possessions


Despite her youth, Myrelle is the head of the Green Ajah in Salidar, known as the Captain-General.  This would have given her a high degree of influence, perhaps bordering on autocratic control, over a large group of Aes Sedai and their Warders.  Perhaps as many as 60-80 Green Sisters joined the rebellion.  Myrelle was also a member of the group known as the Salidar Six which were the early leaders of the rebellion and later became the advisory council, albeit oath sworn, to Amyrlin Seat Egwene al’Vere.

Myrelle also had Bonded several Warders throughout the series, including Lan Mandragoran, one of the most elite warriors in the Wheel of Time.  Just prior to the Last Battle Myrelle Bonded two additional men from the Black Tower giving her a total of six active Warders when she entered Tarmon Gai’don.  Myrelle’s total of seven Warders, including six concurrently,  during the series is the most seen by any living Aes Sedai during the series.



Myrelle is a somewhat divisive character in the Wheel of Time.  Her actions in agreeing to take on the bond of a Warder without his consent are noted as something akin to rape by some Aes Sedai, yet her intention of saving his life may be some small mitigating factor.  In fact, Myrelle saves the lives of several men by assuming their bonds and working with them to overcome the inevitable death-rage that consumes a Warder when his Aes Sedai dies.  Out of the seven Warders connected to Myrelle, four of these men had been Warders to previous Aes Sedai.  Aside from placing a new Bond on these men Myrelle also develops sexual and emotional bonds with each of her Warders, likely marrying these men in defiance of laws across all nations.

It is unknown if Myrelle survived the Last Battle as she is last seen operating as an offensive force with other members of the Green Ajah.  However, given that she is a powerful modern Aes Sedai and has bonded two male channelers from the Black Tower it is very possible that she survived.  Given her strength and history as one of the leaders in the Green Ajah it is likely that Myrelle will take on a leadership role within the White Tower post Tarmon Gai’don.  However, it is possible that Myrelle’s actions involving Lan could earn her censure from Aes Sedai if the truth ever comes out.  Even should the Oaths not be removed, Myrelle would have an expected lifespan of around 250 years after the Last Battle.  Without the Oaths Myrelle could possibly live to reach an age of 600-700 years.

In Other Media

No announcement regarding Myrelle’s character has been made for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.  However, the character could make an appearance as early as season one given her appearance in the prequel New Spring or if they choose to show the conversations with Moiraine regarding passing Lan’s bond. Producers could also choose to expand the character or combine her role with another Aes Sedai character to simplify the TV adaptation.

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