Morgase Trakand

moor-GAYZE trah-KAND




Year of Birth:

957 NE



Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Other Names:

Queen of Andor, Defender of the Realm, Protector of the People, High Seat of House Trakand

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Elder Haman

Basic Information


With blue eyes and red-gold hair that falls to her shoulders in curls, Morgase looks very much like her daughter, Elayne. She has a rich, warm voice. Though she is 43, she appears to be in her early 30s.

Morgase is considered very beautiful and regal by those who see her and the way she carries herself sets her apart from others.




Known to have a fierce temper and a commanding presence, Morgase is considered a just and capable ruler. She is adept at the game of houses and cares for the well-being of her subjects. Morgase is also a devoted and loving mother to her two children.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


At age 14, Morgase leaves Andor to study at the White Tower in accordance with Andoran tradition. When Tigraine Mantear’s disappearance leaves Andor without a queen, Morgase departs the White Tower to lay claim to the throne. The resulting contest - called the Third Succession War - lasts for two years, after which Morgase is crowned Queen. In order to solidify her claim, Morgase marries Taringail Damodred and becomes step-mother to his son, Galadred. Taringail immediately begins plotting to take the throne for himself.


New Spring

Morgase is not present during the events of the novel, but Elaida leaves Tar Valon in 978 NE to go to Caemlyn so she could attach herself to the new Queen Morgase as Elaida had a foretelling that the key to winning the Last Battle was linked to the Andoran Royal Line.

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Actions Between the Books


Morgase and Taringail have two children: Gawyn and Elayne. Taringail dies in a “hunting accident” orchestrated by Thom Merrilin, the court bard, who later becomes Morgase’s lover. When Thom leaves Camelyn to care for his nephew Owyn, Morgase becomes furious, exiles the bard, and orders his execution should he ever return.

Andor is involved in skirmishes along the Murandian border. Morgase meets with Siuan Sanche, the newly raised Amyrlin. The Amyrlin seat orders Morgase to back away from the Murandian border. Morgase complies and berates Gareth Bryne for questioning her orders.


Eye of the World

Morgase personally observes the procession as Logain Ablar is led through the streets of Camelyn by his Aes Sedai captors on his way to Tar Valon to be gentled.

After Rand Al’Thor falls into the palace gardens in Camelyn, he is brought before Morgase. Rather than imprisoning him as Elaida suggests, Morgase takes pity on Rand and allows him to leave.

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The Great Hunt

Morgase is not present in the novel.

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The Dragon Reborn

Morgase travels to Tar Valon to meet with Elayne and becomes furious when she discovers the daughter-heir is not in the Tower. She refuses to permit Elaida to return to Camelyn as her advisor and demands that Elayne be returned to Andor immediately.

After returning to Camelyn, Morgase falls under the sway of the Forsaken Rahvin (using the alias Gaebril) who manipulates her using Compulsion.

When Matrim Cauthon arrives in Camelyn with a letter from Elayne, Morgase receives him at the palace. She is of two minds about the letter - both happy to learn that Elayne is alive and angry about what she perceives to be poor decision making on her daughter’s part. She tells Mat that she wants to be reunited with her daughter and to make amends.

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The Shadow Rising

Morgase is not present in the novel.

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Fires of Heaven

At “Gaebril’s” direction, Morgase expels Lords Pelivar, Abelle, and Luan; Ladies Arathella, Ellorien, and Aemlyn; and Gareth Bryne - all loyal supporters - on fabricated charges of treason against the crown. She holds an audience with Lady Alteima, but is interrupted by “Gaebril” who orders her to her bed-chamber.

Later, Morgase hears about an uprising in the Two Rivers. She seeks out Lini - her old nursemaid - and is able to regain enough control of her faculties to flee the palace bringing Lini with her. The soldier Tallanvor, innkeeper Basil Gill, and the innkeeper’s employees Lamgwin and Breane join her as she flees Camelyn. The group decides to meet Gareth Bryne at Kore Springs, but when they arrive Bryne has left. They head West through Altara toward Amadicia.

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Lord of Chaos

Morgase and her party arrive in Amadicia, hoping to receive assistance from King Ailron. She is welcomed at Seranda Palace, but it becomes clear that Ailron is not in control. Pedron Niall, the Lord Captain Commander of the Whitecloaks, meets Morgase and informs her that “Gaebril” is dead and that Rand Al’Thor rules in Camelyn. Niall offers to help her reclaim Andor in exchange for a one-sided treaty heavily favoring the Children.

Paitr Conel is able to gain an audience with Morgase and offers to help her escape. Morgase takes him on as a servant.

Niall moves Morgase from the palace to the Fortress of the Light, where he continues to press her to sign the treaty. Morgase continues to demur, waiting to make her escape. But Niall learns of the escape plan and has Paitr hanged where Morgase can see. Seeing no way out, Morgase reluctantly signs the treaty.

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A Crown of Swords

Morgase tries to ingratiate herself to Niall by playing stones and talking with him, ruler to ruler. Her plans are foiled when Niall dies. She is tortured by Rhadam Asunawa, then submits to Eamon Valda’s sexual advances.

When the Seanchan attack Amadicia, Morgase is brought before the High Lady Suroth and told to swear the oaths or become a servant. Morgase returns to her rooms and makes the decision to abdicate her throne in favor of Elayne.

Morgase is ultimately rescued by Sebban Balwer, who arranges for her to escape along with Lini, Tallanvor, Lamgwin, and Breane. They leave the Fortress of the Light, headed east.

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Path of Daggers

Morgase and her party run afoul of a group of Dragonsworn but are rescued by Perrin Aybara. Morgase takes the name “Maighdin Dorlain” and agrees to become Faile Aybarra’s maid. Tallanvor declares his love for Morgase and kisses her.

Morgase serves refreshments and cleans during Perrin’s meeting with Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan. Later, she is captured by the Shaido Aiel and made gai'shain.

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Winter's Heart

Morgase (now Maighdin) and her companions are marched through blizzard conditions to the Shaido camp. Maighdin resists and is beaten and stricken with frostbite.

Upon arrival at the Shaido camp, Maighdin’s frostbite is healed by Galina Casban. Maighdin, Faile, and Alliandre are separated from the rest of the group. Therava has Maighdin spy on Sevanna and Galina tasks Maighdin with stealing Therava’s binder.

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Morgase (Maighdin) attempts to sneak into Therava’s tent, but is caught and punished.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Morgase (Maighdin) recognizes that Dairaine, with whom she shares a tent, is likely to reveal their plans to Sevanna. At her suggestion, Alliandre and Faile help her tie Dairaine up. She then accompanies Faile into the city where, she believes, Galina will help them escape. Instead, Galina lures the group into the basement of a building, then collapses the building leaving Maighdin, Alliandre, Arella, Lacile, and Faile trapped inside.

Maighdin is able to channel just enough of the one power to cause the red scarf Galina used to mark the building to move unnaturally. Her efforts attract notice and the group is rescued. After her rescue, Maighdin takes a drink of forkroot laced water and collapses.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Morgase is not present in the book, but is mentioned by Gareth Bryne multiple times when reflecting on his past in Andor as he explained to Gawyn how bad his mother had gotten towards the end of their relationship. 

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Morgase (Maighdin) and her group are rescued from the Shaido by Perrin Aybarra. She returns to her role as Faile’s serving woman. At a staff meeting, Perrin asserts his authority as Maighdin’s lord and attempts to command her to marry Tallanvor. She angrily refuses.

Morgase (Maighdin) finally learns “Gaebril” was truly Rahvin. Tallanvor comes to her, saying he intends to leave for Tear. Morgase asks Tallanvor to wait a little while, explaining that her feelings for Gaebril were the result of being manipulated.

Morgase (Maighdin) serves refreshments when Perrin decides to have a final parley with the Whitecloaks. During the meeting, she recognizes Galad. Galad also recognizes her and Morgase is forced to reveal her true identity. Perrin and Galad agree to hold a trial and Morgase agrees to serve as the judge. Galad tries to convince Morgase to return with him to the Whitecloak camp, but she refuses saying she prefers to remain with Perrin.

Morgase meets with Galad and relates her experience as a captive of the Whitecloaks. She talks with Galad about the nature of justice, relating the story of Tham Felmley - a man she hung for murder, then later learned was innocent. This conversation convinces Galad to agree to delay Perrin’s trial to allow Perrin’s camp to recover from a bubble of evil.

Sitting as the trial judge, Morgase finds that the battle between Perrin and the Whitecloaks was a fight between mercenaries and governed by the “Kainec Protocol”. Relying on the protocol, she finds Perrin not guilty of murder, but guilty of illegal killing. Morgase explains that under the protocol, Galad is responsible for sentencing Perrin. Galad chooses to delay sentencing until after the Last Battle.

Morgase evacuates to Whitebridge. Once there, Lini convinces her to admit her feelings for Tallanvor. Tallanvor makes a proper proposal and Perrin marries them. Later, Morgase returns to Camelyn where she is reunited with Elayne, informing Elayne of her abdication. Morgase attends the summit between Elayne and Perrin and Faile where she takes pride in seeing Elayne bring a just resolution to the issue of Perrin’s lordship.

She then accompanies Elayne to Merrilor where she is reunited with Gawyn. During the last battle, she helps organize and direct searches for surviving soldiers. Morgase survives the Last Battle.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Morgase is not present in any meaningful way in the book.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Morgase can channel, but she is extremely weak in the Power with a power rating of 72(60). Her slight ability and practice at the Tower did, however, result in slowing which accounts for her youthful appearance.

She is very skilled at politics and understanding people. She has a commanding presence and can inspire people to follow her. She is considered very deteremined and skillful at games of strategy like stones. 

Notable Possessions


Morgase begins as Queen of the most powerful nation in the Westlands. She has command over Andor’s army and access to plentiful resources.



Morgase’s fall is one of the most consequential political events in the Wheel of Time. The resulting power vacuum made Camelyn a focal point for the series. Her journey after fleeing Camelyn, though small compared to other characters, ultimately results in unity between Perrin and the Whitecloaks. That unity permitted Perrin to play his role at Tarmon Gai’don as well as allowing for Galad’s heroics at Merrilor.

In Other Media

No announcement has been made as of yet about the casting of Morgase for Amazon's Wheel of Time television adaptation.

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