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Age of Legends



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Saine Tarasind

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Basic Information


Mesaana is 5’5” and slight. She is described as pretty rather than beautiful. She has large, blue eyes and has dark hair cut at her chin. When giving instruction to her followers, she appears as a tall woman all in silver. She has a voice that sounds like chimes.




Mesaana is extremely intelligent and practical. She is analytically-minded and observant, but often appears dreamy. However, she was less aware of her own strengths and weaknesses . She wanted power above anything else and was single-minded to her devotion to the Dark One, believing that power only came from him.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


She was born about 400 years before the sealing of the Bore as Saine Tarasind. Of the other Forsaken, she was less well-known and never achieved the third name. She originally wanted a research position at the university of Collam Daan, but was denied and so became a teacher. This also became her key motivation for turning to the Shadow. She became a governor of conquered territories and was instrumental in the education of young children, teaching them the ways of the Shadow and having them commit atrocities in her name. She killed those that did not learn quickly enough. Mesaana’s Children, as they were called, would roam the streets as a mob and kill or destroy anything that wasn’t devoted to the Shadow. Courts were formed entirely of children to judge those that hadn’t converted to the Shadow.

When Lews Therin and the Hundred Companions attacked, she was with the other Chosen and was sealed for over 3,000 years.

After she was sealed away, her Children continued to cause chaos during the Breaking of the World.


New Spring

Mesaana is not present in this book and is still trapped in the Dark One's prison.

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Actions Between the Books


Mesaana is still trapped within the Dark One's prison at this point in the story.


Eye of the World

Mesaana is not present in the book.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

Mesaana is not present in the book.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

The Dragon Reborn

Mesaana is not present in the book.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Mesaana is not present in the book.

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg

Fires of Heaven

Mesaana is not present in the book.

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Lord of Chaos

Mesaana goes to Shayol Ghul twice but is given no information from Shaidar Haran. She then meets with Semirhage, Demandred, and Graendal and they discuss the Great Lord’s plans.  Demandred tells them that the Great Lord wants them to “let the Lord of Chaos rule”.

Demandred, Graendal, Mesaana, and Sammael have another meeting. At the meeting, Mesaana is annoyed at Semirhage for not appearing and lets slip that she is hiding in the White Tower.

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A Crown of Swords

Mesaana appears to Alviarin in the Tower, asking her what happened. She disguises herself and masks her ability to channel. Alviarin tells her about Elaida’s Foretelling. Feeling out Alviarin’s ambition, Mesaana warns her against following any of the other Chosen. She then teaches Alviarin how to Travel.

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Path of Daggers

Appearing to Alviarin again wearing a dress with bronze scrollwork that is visible below her disguise, Mesaana asks if the decree relating to Rand al’Thor has gone out, which Alviarin confirms. Alviarin asks if they can dispose of Elaida. Mesaana denies this and expresses her belief that Galina is dead. She asks Alviarin to find out why the Ajah heads, except for the Red, are meeting together in secret.

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Winter's Heart

Mesaana is mentioned to be avoiding meetings of the Forsaken.

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Alviarin uses a ter’angreal to summon Mesaana and expresses her worry that Elaida knows that she is Black. Mesaana thinks the idea is ridiculous and is about to punish Alviarin when Shaidar Haran, the Hand of the Dark, appears. Mesaana’s disguise disappears. Shaidar Haran, menacingly censures Mesaana for not appearing at the cleansing of saidin. Mesaana is punished and tortured.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Mesaana and the rest of the living Chosen are called to a meeting by Moridin. Mesaana looks sickly from her punishment. Halima and Mesaana have a confrontation about Egwene’s abduction. Mesaana feels like this is messing up her plans to cause chaos among the Aes Sedai. Moridin orders them to kill Perrin and Mat but to leave Rand for him.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


The Chosen meet again and Mesaana begs Moridin to rescue Semirhage from Rand. Moridin denies her wish as he believes Semirhage failed by injuring Rand and thus deserves her punishment. He forbids any of the Chosen to go after her. Moridin asks how they are preparing for the Last Battle and Mesaana tells him she has the White Tower in the palm of her hand. Mesaana and Demandred are not permitted to hear Moridin’s conversation with Graendal.

Mesaana visits Sheriam in the Rebel camp and asks her to find a way to remove Egwene as Amyrlin. She then tells Sheriam to end the Rebel Hall meetings by stealing the dream ter’angreal which she calls sleepweavers. She then returns to the Tower. At some point, Mesaana removes one of Sheriam’s fingers for failure to return all of them.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Egwene and Nynaeve attack Mesaana and the Black Ajah in Tel’aran’rhiod. Katerine reports to Mesaana that they cannot find the dreamspike that was brought to the Tower, which keeps them from leaving the World of Dreams. Mesaana orders Katerine to focus on capturing Egwene and then places a weave on her that disguises Katerine as Mesaana. While Egwene is distracted by Katerine disguised as Mesaana, the Chosen snaps an a’dam around Egwene’s neck. Taking her to a room with no windows, Mesaana questions Egwene about the dreamspike. Egwene is able to free herself from the a’dam by believing it is not there. Mesaana tries to push her will upon Egwene but breaks her own in the attempt. Later, after a search, they find Mesaana in Danelle’s rooms, whom she had been impersonating. Danelle had been deeply involved in Elaida’s coup.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Mesaana is not present in the book.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Mesaana was a teacher and was very good at influencing others. She had a strength level of 2(+11) in the One Power, thus she was one of the most powerful female channelers in the Age of Legends. Though it is not a Talent, Mesaana was adept at disguising herself and her ability to channel.

Notable Possessions


At one time Mesaana was in possession of a ter’angreal that she gave to Alviarin. This ter’angreal allowed Alviarin to summon her. Mesaana took charge of leadership of the Black Ajah and thus had much influence among the Aes Sedai. She was considered to be a type of Dark Amyrlin.



Mesaana will forever be remembered as the Chosen that played a large part in breaking the White Tower. If it were not for Egwene, the Tower would not have been able to participate in the Last Battle and would have been a hindrance. This was mostly due to Mesaana’s machinations. This event will live on in the histories of the White Tower.

In Other Media

No actor has been announced for Mesaana.

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