Liandrin Guirale

Leigh-Ahn-drihn Gweer-Ah-Le




Year of Birth:

964 NE



Hair Color:

Honey Blonde

Eye Color:


Other Names:


Article Author: 

Daraus Sedai

Basic Information


Liandrin has honey blonde hair which she wears in a multitude of thin, beaded braids in the Taraboner style. She stands about 5’5” (165cm), shapely and attractive with doll-like features and a petulant rosebud shaped mouth. She has the typical ageless face of an Aes Sedai who has worn the Shawl for many years.




Liandrin is quite intimidating, aggressively selfish, cunning, and possesses a manipulative streak. She is jealous of the skills and abilities others possess and generally behaves as though she has deep-seated anger at the world, especially men. Like many bullies, Liandrin is commanding and cruel when she has the upper hand in a situation but is a cringing bootlicker who will scheme for standing with her masters when she is in a weaker position. She typically speaks and behaves with a highborn Taraboner’s accents and mannerisms, though she slips into the speech patterns of low born Taraboners when angry or afraid.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Liandrin was born into poverty in Tarabon in 964 NE. As a young woman Liandrin, whose father sold fruit from a wheelbarrow, took special care to learn the speech patterns of wealthy Taraboners as she dreamed of gaining status for a better life.


New Spring

Liandrin is not mentioned in the book, however during this time the Spark of channeling manifested in Liandrin who discovered her ability around 978 NE.  She then used her ability to formulate an imperfect weave of Compulsion which she referred to as “opening people” to her suggestions.  In 979 NE Liandrin went to Tar Valon with the express intent of becoming a member of the Black Ajah, although the exact timing of when she became a darkfriend is not known; she seems to have sworn her soul to the Dark One before entering the Tower.  While in the Tower Liandrin successfully convinced the Mistress of Novices, Amira Moselle of the Red Ajah, that she no longer used her personal weave, Aes Sedai actively root out such tricks from most girls who come for training, and Compulsion is forbidden to all Aes Sedai.

New Spring NICE.jpeg

Actions Between the Books


She was raised to the Accepted in 984 NE and successfully passed the test for the Shawl in 989 NE choosing the Red Ajah publicly and soon after joined the clandestine Black Ajah.  The Black Ajah is known to keep a close eye on Novices and Accepted who enter the Tower as darkfriends so it is likely that Liandrin was tested by the Black several times prior to becoming Aes Sedai and would have quickly been indoctrinated into the Black to minimize any risk of exposure.


Eye of the World

Liandrin is never mentioned in the book and is most likely in Tar Valon as she is aware of events going on in the world and is on hand to be part of the Amyrlin’s entourage.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

Liandrin’s first appearance is as part of the Amyrlin Seat Siuan Sanche’s entourage to Fal Dara which included two Sisters from Each Ajah.  Liandrin being one of the representatives from the Red Ajah.  She, along with Anaiya Carel of the Blue Ajah, is sent to summon Moiraine Damodred to attend the Amyrlin.  Liandrin is immediately suspicious of Moiraine when she discovers Moiraine has set wards against entry into her rooms in the keep.  While openly hostile to Moiraine, Liandrin still informs her of three new False Dragons, one in Murandy, one in Tear, and a man who can actually channel claiming the title in Saldaea.  Surprisingly to Moiraine, Liandrin is quite warm and friendly to Lady Amalisa Jagad, sister to the Lord of Fal Dara, Agelmar Jagad, and arranges to meet with the Lady in private to get to know her better.  Moiraine wonders what Liandrin is up to as the woman is not known to make friends outside of the Red Ajah, much less with those outside of the Tower.  Liandrin then tells Moiraine that Whitecloaks followed Daughter-Heir of Andor Elayne Trakand to Tar Valon and are now camped near the city as well as maintaining a force not far from the Andoran capital of Caemlyn. Anaiya is surprised when Liandrin even mentions the hints of rumors of trouble on Toman Head in Almoth Plain far to the west.

Later that evening Liandrin goes to find Lady Amalisa and finds her with a group of Shienaran noblewomen reading from a somewhat salacious novel known as The Dance of the Hawk and the Hummingbird by Teven Aerwin.  Liandrin sends the other women away and questions Amalisa, going so far as to ask her if she walks in the light.  Amalisa is offended by such a question, but Liandrin goes on to press her, telling the Lady that she is of the Red and their purpose is to hunt corrupted men, high or low born.  The hint that Agelmar could be a corrupted man pushes Amalisa into doubt and confusion and opens her to the weak form of Compulsion Liandrin developed as a child and hid from her fellow Aes Sedai.  While this weave is useful Liandrin cannot use it to directly control another person, only to make them susceptible to her arguments. Liandrin then convinces Lady Amalisa to use her influence and the servants in the keep searching for Rand, Mat, and Perrin as well as plant doubt about Moiraine and other Aes Sedai allegiances to the Light.

After Padan Fain’s escape Liandrin is on the scene when Rand finds and attempts to destroy, the message Fain has left for him.  Liandrin begins to use her Compulsion weave on Rand when they are interrupted by Moiraine.  Liandrin leaves after telling Moiraine what she witnessed Rand doing and arguing with her about Healing Mat.

As Nynaeve and Egwene head to Tar Valon along with the Aes Sedai retinue, Liandrin is among the Sisters that come to give the two women lessons in the use of the One Power.  She makes both nervous due to being Red Ajah, and her general demeanor and clear dislike of Moiraine.  When Moiraine vanishes before the Aes Sedai reach the river town of Medo it is discovered that Liandrin and Verin have also left the party without notice.

Liandrin is most likely first seen in the prologue of the book by the man known as Bors, one of two mysterious Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah at the darkfriend gathering held by Ba’alzamon.  Both women are seen swathed from head to toe in black with only their hands visible, and thus their Great Serpent rings identify them as Aes Sedai.  Each darkfriend receives private instructions from Ba’alzamon and is sent out without any sign of what instructions might have been given to others.  The specific timing of this event is unclear but seems likely that it is after the events in Fal Dara and likely after Liandrin leaves the Amyrlin’s party.

After spending several months in the White Tower Egwene is surprised when Liandrin appears in her rooms.  Liandrin tells Egwene and Nynaeve that Rand, Mat, and Perrin are in danger and that they must accompany her to Toman Head in order to save them.  The younger women are told to meet Liandrin at the edge of the Ogier grove one hour before sunset with their horses and supplies for travel.  Elayne and Min overhear the commands and join the others, much to Liandrin’s irritation.  The party then enters The Ways following the aloof and mysterious Aes Sedai all the way to the Western Edge of the continent.  Upon exiting the Waygate Liandrin meets with The High Lady Suroth of the Seanchan and attempts to hand all the other women over into slavery.  Only Egwene and Min are captured and Liandrin departs back through the Waygate after threatening Suroth and making it clear that both women are darkfriends.

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The Dragon Reborn

Upon returning to the Tower from Falme Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne are informed by Siuan Sanche that some months earlier Liandrin fled the Tower along with twelve other women also presumed to be of the Black Ajah. The thirteen women have stolen several ter’angreal and murdered twenty-one people in the Tower including three Sisters and two Warders.  The Amyrlin has kept most of the details hidden and proceeds to set Nynaeve and Egwene to hunt the Black Ajah within the Tower, as she is unsure if these thirteen are the only members or if there are others that remain.  Later she has Verin bring notes on the thirteen women sent to Egwene and Nynaeve who covertly bring Elayne into the hunt, allowing Siuan to say that she did not involve the Daughter-Heir in such a dangerous situation.  Elaida encounters the women and informs them that she is aware that Liandrin and her companions are darkfriends and wishes to protect Elayne from such an accusation.

Verin’s notes reveal that of the thirteen women there were two from each Ajah except the Red, Liandrin being the only one from the Ajah.  No two of these women were from the same country and they had a wide variation in ages, ranging from the youngest, Amico Nagoyin of the Yellow who was 32 (this was corrected from an earlier age of 22) to Joiya Byir of the Grey (also corrected from originally being stated as White) who was 171 years old.  Elayne proposes that the lack of a pattern may well be an indication that the Black Ajah could specifically choose women with so little in common.  Shortly afterward the Novice Else Grinwell comes to tell the three women that the Amyrlin has arranged for the belongings of the Black Sisters to be left in a storeroom for inspection.  Else mysteriously disappears when Egwene goes to find her in the hallway, but Egwene encounters a stunningly beautiful woman who tells Egwene that she saw Else running very fast and would likely not be caught and dismisses Egwene from her presence, the woman also mysteriously vanishes when Egwene has her back turned.

Upon inspecting the garbage left by Liandrin and her cronies it is discovered that the group is heading to Tear, each woman’s belongings having a suspiciously obvious clue which leads Nynaeve to suspect a trap but the three determine to follow and spring it regardless.  Siuan Sanche informs Nynaeve that she had not sent the message via Else and that she had arranged for the Black Sisters belongings to be burned, however, she also agrees they should be followed to Tear and arranges money and gives Nynaeve and Egwene letters from the Amyrlin to allow them to pursue the darkfriends.

After a frenzied voyage to Tear the three hunters arrive and begin searching for Liandrin and her group, eventually going to the home of Mother Ailhuin Guenna, an herbalist and Wise Woman in the city of Tear.  She allows them to stay in her home and eventually brings thief-catcher Juilin Sandar to meet the women and track down Liandrin.  Nynaeve is quite concerned that he will be discovered but gives accurate descriptions of the women and warns the man that they are very dangerous.  Meanwhile, Egwene is looking for clues in Tel'aran'rhiod using the ter’angreal given to her by Verin and discovers Liandrin and the others in the World of Dreams version of the Heart of the Stone staring at Callandor.  Liandrin sees her and smiles.

Liandrin, having used her form of Compulsion on Juilin Sandar has tracked the women down and along with former White Ajah Sister Rianna Andomeran, Joiya and Amico captures them and takes them to the Stone of Tear to be held prisoner by the High Lord Samon, aka Be’lal.  Liandrin informs Nynaeve that they are to be bait for a trap and that Be’lal has sent for thirteen Myrddraal who will be used to force the three younger women to the Shadow.

After the fall of the Stone and destruction of Be’lal it is discovered that Liandrin and ten of the women with her have escaped and fled the city.  Only Amico, who has been stilled by Egwene, and Joiya have been captured, Egwene, Nynaeve, and Elayne meaning to question the two women to discover where Liandrin and the others may have gone.

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The Shadow Rising

Amico admits that she only knew Liandrin, Chesmal Emry, and Rianna prior to leaving the Tower and believes only Liandrin knew more than two or three others before leaving.  She has overheard Liandrin and Temaile Kinderode speaking about something in Tanchico that may be dangerous to Rand and thinks that is where the Black Sisters are heading.  However, Joiya tells the women she believes the group is heading to Saldaea to free the False Dragon Mazrim Taim and use him to commit atrocities in Rand’s name.  Eventually, Egwene goes into Tanchico within tel’aran’rhiod to attempt to find the Black Ajah and discovers the Wise One Amys who informs Egwene there is something evil in the city.  Joiya and Amico are discovered brutally murdered and the women believe Liandrin would order such execution for failure.  Elayne and Nynaeve determine they will go to Tanchico while Egwene goes to the Aiel Waste for training.  They take passage on a Sea Folk Raker and are accompanied by Juilin Sandar and Thom Merrilin, who has been sent by Moiraine, Lan, and Rand to ensure the two women are protected.

Now in Tanchico, Liandrin goes to find Jaichim Carridin, aka Bors, a darkfriend and Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light who is charged with destabilizing Tarabon by Lord Captain Commander Pedron Niall but also under orders from an unusual Myrddraal to kill Rand.  Liandrin, reveals that she knows Carridin is a darkfriend who goes by “Bors” (thus revealing she was one of the two Aes Sedai at the gathering in the Prologue of The Great Hunt) and promises to save Carridin from his fate at the hands of the Myrddraal.  She then uses him to set up a distraction for her group to enter the Panarch’s Palace and find a device capable of controlling Rand.  Returning to the house she and the group have taken over from a darkfriend merchant. Liandrin encounters his servant Gyldin and becomes irritated by the woman for lack of respect, sending her off to be beaten by the cook.  She finds Eldrith Jhondar and Marillin Gemalphin, both former Browns along with former Green Sisters Jeaine Caide and Asne Zeramene as well as Rianna Andomeran.  Liandrin informs them of Carridin’s orders to kill Rand and they all realize that this must be due to conflicting factions within the Forsaken which makes them all nervous about being caught in the middle of such a dispute.

Juilin, Thom, and Bayle Domon, who had been encountered in Tanchico, have each discovered the Black Ajah are in the Panarch’s Palace, setting in motion a plan by Nynaeve and Elayne to enter the Palace in disguise and disrupt Liandrin’s plan.  After battling Moghedien and stopping the Black Ajah Nynaeve recovers the Domination Band (aka Sad Bracelets) and regroups with Elayne, Egeanin Sarna, and the Panarch of Tarabon Amathera Aelfdene Casmir Lounalt who has been held captive by the Black Ajah and tortured by former Gray Sister Temaile Kinderode.  Liandrin is seen running from the chaos in the palace and escapes Tanchico along with the ten other Black Sisters.

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Fires of Heaven

Now in Amador, Liandrin and the rest of her group have taken up residence in the home of a wealthy merchant and his wife Jorin and Amellia Arene who were darkfriends but did not appear to have taken their oaths seriously.  Liandrin and the other Sister have mistreated the family and the servants, including the fat cook Evon.  When Liandrin returns to the house Amellia informs her there is a guest who she believes is from Tar Valon in front of the withdrawing room and begs Liandrin to help her husband from injuries given to him by Temaile who enjoys inflicting pain.  Liandrin tells the woman she will see if Chesmal, who is very gifted with Healing, can help.  Liandrin enters the drawing-room to find the other Aes Sedai subdued in the presence of a sturdily handsome woman in a bronze-colored gown.  After a moment Liandrin recognizes the woman as the eavesdropping maid from Tanchico, Gyldin.  However, she is shocked to learn the woman’s true identity, the Forsaken Moghedien.  Liandrin tells Moghedien that they are awaiting orders from the Tower and is informed that Moghedien will be taking command of the group.  Moghedien commands Liandrin to attempt to attack her and when Liandrin does she is enveloped by unimaginable pain and is forced to beg Moghedien for release.  Moghedien places a full Compulsion weave on Liandrin for a few moments and explains how far beneath one of the Forsaken the modern Aes Sedai truly are.  Liandrin is released and notes the other women in the room have also been taught abject lessons.  Moghedien then places bindings on each woman and gives them each private orders.  Rianna, Berylla Naron, and Ispan Shefar, former Blues, as well as Falion Bhoda from the White each accepting their commands readily, but Marillin seemed surprised and Jeaine horrified by what they had been commanded to do. Liandrin along with Eldrith, Temaile, Chesmal, and Asne are to stay with Moghedien and help her search for Nynaeve.

After several weeks Liandrin is still in Amador with Moghedien when the Forsaken stumbles from her bed chamber with an injury, inflicted in tel’aran’rhiod by Birgitte and Nynaeve.  Moghedien commands Chesmal to Heal her and while she is still weak from the process Liandrin attempts to strike again.  However, Moghedien is vastly stronger and more skilled and easily subdues the Black Sister.  Unfortunately for Liandrin, Moghedien is already in a fury and chooses to inflict a horrifying punishment.  She places an incredibly powerful shield on Liandrin, tying it with a knot so intricate only another of the Forsaken would have any chance of removing it.  Now effectively stilled Liandrin begs Moghedien for mercy, but instead the Forsaken places a powerful form of Compulsion on her instructing her to live. As most stilled women end up giving up the will to live this is particularly cruel as Liandrin will live the rest of her days with saidar just out of her reach but never be able to take her own life.  Afterward, Moghedien gives Liandrin over to Temaile for torture and leaves her in Jorin and Amellia Arene’s charge.

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Lord of Chaos

Liandrin does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg

A Crown of Swords

Liandrin does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

After the Seanchan conquest of Amadicia Liandrin has been taken into custody by her former darkfriend rival Suroth who has made her da’covale but is not collared as a damane due to the shielding.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg

Winter's Heart

Liandrin does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Liandrin does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Liandrin is still under Suroth’s control, now in Ebou Dar.  Liandrin goes to inform Suroth that General Galgan is waiting for Suroth.  Liandrin admits to murdering Alwhin in the belief that she might gain some advantage with Suroth, but Suroth believes the other woman would have remained loyal regardless.  Liandrin is still not well trained as a da’covale, looking Suroth directly in the eyes and speaking of herself in the first person and then whines when Suroth orders her to be beaten.  Suroth wonders if she should have the former Aes Sedai made damane despite the shielding which the sul’dam could not comprehend fully.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Liandrin does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Liandrin does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Liandrin does not appear in the book and has no significant mentions.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Liandrin is a very strong modern Aes Sedai, standing very near the top of the strength hierarchy at Level 14 (2).  Among living Aes Sedai at the start of the series only six women possess more strength:  Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Romanda Cassin, Lelaine Akashi, Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan, Moiraine Damodred, and Siuan Sanche.  There are fewer than a dozen Aes Sedai who match her strength.  Within the Red Ajah Liandrin’s strength in saidar places her in the second rank along with Pevara Tazanovni, Shashalle Anderly, and Galina Casban.  In the Black Ajah Liandrin along with Galina and Sheriam Bayanar stood as the strongest living members.  However, there is some discrepancy between Liandrin’s stated strength in the Wheel of Time Companion and how she is portrayed in the novels themselves, while she is stated as the strongest amongst the thirteen Black Sisters who have fled to Tear, it is also noted that she is not a match for Egwene or Elayne in strength, neither of who at this time has come close to their full potential.  Additionally, there is the question of why Liandrin would have shown even a small amount of deference to Anaiya during The Great Hunt as the Blue Sister is in fact slightly weaker than Liandrin’s stated strength.  However, these scenes are early in the series and the strength of all Liandrin’s thirteen are consistent within the group in the Companion listings making this placement plausible.

Liandrin is considered a skilled modern Channeler; having undergone extensive training in the White Tower she would be able to perform the standard Aes Sedai weaves to various levels of proficiency.  She is perhaps most well known for developing a minor form of Compulsion, which she uses throughout the series.  She has only minor ability with the Healing weaves known to Aes Sedai, being able to Heal nothing beyond scrapes and bruises and laments over her lack of ability to use these weaves to kill instantly.

After a failed attempt to attack Moghedien Liandrin is taught a harsh lesson by the Forsaken who shields Liandrin with a weave of both incredible strength and tied off with amazing complexity, something only one of the other Forsaken might be able to remove, leaving her completely unable to channel, but still able to sense the One Power.  Moghedien also lays a powerful weave of Compulsion on Liandrin, commanding her to live despite the knowledge that she will likely never touch the True Source again.

Notable Possessions


Liandrin was the leader of the cell of thirteen Black Ajah who murdered three Aes Sedai, two Warders, and sixteen servants/bystanders when they broke into the storerooms of Tar Valon to steal objects of the Power.  On orders from Ishamael to serve Be’lal they travel to Tear where they capture Nynaeve, Elayne, and Egwene as part of a trap for Rand al’Thor laid out by Be’lal.  They are ultimately defeated when Rand claims Callandor and Moiraine destroys Be’lal with balefire.  The remaining group of eleven fled to Tanchico where they failed to obtain the Domination Band despite Liandrin co-opting fellow darkfriend Jaichim Carridin (aka Bors). After this plan fails the group heads to Amador and are eventually brought under Moghedien’s command and sent on various missions of her own design in Ebou Dar, Amadicia, and Ghealdan. Ultimately the remnant ends up in Caemlyn with Mili Skane (aka Lady Shiaine Avarhin) and Daved Hanlon. With Liandrin herself becoming da’covale to High Lady Suroth, last seen in Ebou Dar.

Liandrin is associated with a set of ter'angreal, that she and her twelve cohorts stole from the White Tower.  Most of these items were minor sleepweavers, ter'angreal, which allow a channeler access to tel’aran’rhiod.  There were several other items, some of great power, including the fluted black rod that produces balefire and a small hedgehog shaped device used to trap Faile and Perrin in the world of dreams. Asne Zeramene was also in possession of a bent black rod that had a strangely dull look, which she recovered after searching Moghedien’s rooms in Samara when the Forsaken went missing.  This ter’angreal was a weapon that could be used to stun or kill someone from as much as one hundred paces distance and remained undetectable by channelers, it is unclear if this device was one of the items the group originally stole or something Moghedien had in her possession when she took over.

Sleepweavers known to have been used by Liandrin’s group include:

  1. An alabaster figurine in the shape of an unclothed woman

  2. An amber plaque bearing an image of a sleeping woman

  3. A clear crystal rod a foot long and an inch in diameter

  4. A bracelet made of unbreakable glass rings used by Temaile Kinderode

  5. A silver ring worked with spirals used by Ispan Shefar

  6. An iron disc three inches in diameter and engraved with a spiral on both sides used by either Amico Nagoyin or Joiya Byir

Several of these objects were later duplicated by Elayne Trakand for use by Rebel Aes Sedai under Egwene al’Vere.



Liandrin’s fate is unknown after the Last Battle, but when last seen she was da’covale to Suroth who has in turn been sold into slavery for her role in the attempted assassination of Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag, Daughter of the Nine Moons and now Empress of the Seanchan Empire, Fortuona Athaema Devi Paendrag.  Likely Liandrin was taken into another retinue and potentially leashed with an a’dam due to her ability to channel. If she has survived, she is the only living person within the Seanchan Empire that can recognize the Forsaken Moghedien who has been collared as damane herself and is responsible for shielding Liandrin.

Early in the series Liandrin was a significant antagonist, she is the first Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah introduced openly in the series and was positioned to be a threatening foe to the young protagonists throughout the first part of the main series. From her introduction in The Great Hunt until her last major scene in The Fires of Heaven Liandrin is constantly seen as a threat by the main characters.  She was responsible for the capture of Egwene by the Seanchan, the death of several Aes Sedai and Warders, and played a role in luring Rand into the Stone of Tear to claim Callandor.  Ultimately Liandrin’s failures catch up to her and she is herself enslaved and made powerless much like several other women such as Galina, Elaida, Moghedien, Graendal, and Mesaana.  A large part of her actions take place off-screen and her characterization is usually seen through the eyes of Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve, and occasionally Rand which help give Liandrin a menacing presence even when taking a few on-screen actions.

Liandrin, along with Elaida are the earliest examples the reader has of the Red Ajah and are both set up as opposites to the heroic Blue Ajah members Moiraine, Anaiya, Siuan, and Leane.  In these early stages of the series, the Red Ajah was set up as the negative aspects of Aes Sedai culture with Rand and the other male protagonists constantly fearing encountering a member of the Red.  There are many narratives on the less than friendly Sisters of the Red, but late in the series the more positive side of the Ajah is seen through Sisters such as Tarna Feir, Pevara Tazanovni, and Silviana Brehon.  It is no surprise to learn that the Black Ajah has deeply infiltrated the Red Ajah and has taken control of the largest legitimate Ajah through women such as Liandrin, Galina (who is the Ajah Head), and Duhara Basaheen.

Liandrin is one of only two members of the Black Ajah that are confirmed as darkfriends prior to their entry into the White Tower.  Along with the Head of the Black Ajah Supreme Council, Alviarin Freidhen, Liandrin managed to hide her affiliation from most Aes Sedai and presumably gain the trust of the members of the Black Ajah who were in the midst of a power structure upheaval after Ishamael killed previous Ajah Head Jarna Malari the year before Liandrin became Accepted. Given Alviarin’s own experience as an Accepted, it is likely that Liandrin was put through similar tests by the Black Ajah to ensure her obedience, but this is never elaborated upon.  There are hints in the series that Liandrin may have stood on the Supreme Council and given her strength in the Power, it is possible she moved up the ranks quickly,  much like Alviarin.  However, it is unlikely she knew the identity of Alviarin and was clearly not one of the most senior members of the Supreme Council, if she was on it, as she does not have open contact with the Forsaken and never gives thought to Alviarin, but being in charge of a large contingent of Black Sisters and knowing the identities of many other darkfriends seems to place Liandrin very high in the command structure.

In Other Media

Veteran English actress Kate Fleetwood has been cast as Liandrin Guirale in the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.  Fleetwood was nominated for a Tony Award for her performance as Lady Macbeth in Chichester Festival Theatre's Macbeth, which transferred to the West End and Broadway. She was nominated for an Olivier Award for her performance as Julie in London Road at the National Theatre.  She has a range of acting credits including roles in TV series such as Fate: The Winx Saga, Brave New World, and Harlots.  Fleetwood’s acting career includes credits extending back to 1998.

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