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al'Lan Mandragoran

AHL'LAHN man-dra-GOR-an




Year of Birth:

953 NE



Hair Color:

Black with gray at the temples

Eye Color:


Other Names:

Lan, Andra, Aan'allein

Article Author: 


Basic Information


Lan is described as being very tall with facial features that are angular with stony planes. He has blue eyes and shoulder-length hair graying at the temples, held back by a leather band called a hadori. His face appears weathered, but doesn’t show any sign of old age despite the grey at his temples. He frequently wears a color-shifting Warder’s cloak and has a sword. His facial features and expressions are often stoic and emotionless.




Despite often having an overtly stoic and emotionless exterior, Lan has many layers to his personality. On the outside he seldom reveals what he is thinking or feeling. Underneath, however, he loves passionately and can feel deeply. Lan is a man of honor and duty, a characteristic he displays often. He does also have a softer side as is shown by his recital of poetry.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story

Actions Before the Story

Lan was born in 953 NE, the same year his homeland of Malkier was destroyed by the Shadow. As Malkier was falling to the shadow, his parents, the rulers of the kingdom, placed the sword of the Malkieri Kings, the blade of which was forged with the One Power before the Breaking of the World in his hands. He was given the name Dai Shan, Battle Lord of the Malkieri, swearing the ancient oath of Malkieri kings and queens. He was given a locket which his mother placed around his neck as a symbol of remembrance and was then carried off to Fal Moran by twenty of Malkier’s best swordsmen. Only five of the twenty survived the journey and helped raise and teach him about Malkieri heritage, the Blight and how to fight.

At the age of fifteen, a Malkieri noblewoman living in Fal Moran became his first lover with the hopes of getting him to marry her daughter. She later raised the Golden Crane for him as well as an army of Borderlander soldiers. A year later when he turned sixteen, he was given the hador, a strip of braided leather to hold his hair back which named him as a man. At this point, he bagan his one man war against the Shadow in a bid to avenge the destruction and loss of his lost kingdom of Malkier


New Spring

Lan is making his way through a camp of over three hundred soldiers that he commands. Along the way, he checks on his soldiers and wakes others. His friend and teacher Bukama joins up with him, and the two speak about the Aiel War that they are currently fighting in. As they are walking, a Tairen officer is brought to them who was sent by Lord Emares who wants to form an anvil and hammer attack on a group of six hundred Aiel. Agreeing, Lan sends Bukama to awaken the soldiers.

After setting off, they soon reach a treeless crest called the Hook where Lan and his soldiers will form the anvil against the Aiel. Lan hopes that the Aiel do not simply use their bows from a chosen spot as that would lead to him losing a lot of men. When the Aiel do arrive, Lan estimates there are easily two thousand of them. He decides to stay where he is because if Lord Emares strikes without the anvil in place, the Tairens will be crushed. If Emares doesn’t show up by the time the Aiel are within two hundred paces, he will get his men to try to ride around the Aiel to join Emares.

The Aiel approach and halt at five hundred paces. They raise their spears and start shouting “Aan’allein!” which in the Old Tongue means “One Man Alone”. This confuses Lan and his soldiers, and they are confused further when the Aiel veer to the east instead of attacking them. Deciding not to pursue them, Lan seeks out Emares so that they can speak.

As Lan and his mentor Bukama ride into Canluum the hadori on their heads draw a lot of attention to them. Reaching the outer tower a young guard calls out to Lan telling him that they thought he had died fighting the Aiel and that he is ready to stand by his King, referring to Lan. In a calm voice, Lan replies that he is not a king. Bukama becomes upset at the fact that the guard speaks as if he were a Malkieri but has short hair and no hadori on his head. Another soldier appears to welcome Lan, but seeing Bukama’s anger, doesn’t let them in until Bukama swears that he won’t cause any trouble.

Once they enter the city, Lan and Bukama search for a place to stay as Lan refuses to stay at the palace of Lord Marcasiev so that he doesn’t have to attend balls and hunts. Failing to find an Inn after several attempts, they finally reach an Inn called The Blue Rose. The Inn’s innkeeper is a gray haired woman who approaches the two men upon seeing them and kisses Bukama, yelling at him for not sending a word for six years.

While Bukama is occupied, Lan is approached by an old friend named Ryne Venamar and the two find a table and sit down. One of the serving maids brings them wine and invites lan to spend the night with her. The two discuss a few things, including that Edeyn Arrel, Lan’s first lover having raised the Golden Crane in Lan’s name. There are several hundred men in the city ready to follow Edeyn and Lan, and with a lot to think about, Lan paces in the stables thinking about everything. Eventually he sits and meditates to calm himself.

Lan is interrupted by Bukama who tells him that he has learned about Edeyn and the Golden Crane. As they leave the stable, six men walk towards them. Before they draw their swords, Lan knows they are going to attack them. Knowing Bukama doesn’t have his sword and can’t cause trouble, Lan orders him back to the stables and is obeyed. As Bukama runs back towards the stables, Lan goes towards the six attackers

Lan reassumes the void and begins to fight. He takes out one of the attackers’ left and takes a slash across his ribs from another of the attackers. He then cuts off another's left arm and gets a slice near his eye from the same attacker who slashed his ribs previously. Lan realizes that the likely outcome will be his death, but continues to fight regardless knowing his duty is to protect Bukama who cannot defend himself while in Canluum. He kicks in the head of the attacker who has wounded him twice and continues fighting while receiving more injuries along the way.

When Lan eventually stops he realizes that all of his attackers are dead. The ruckus draws people out of the inn who demand to know what has transpired. Bukama and Lira run towards Lan  and check on his wounds, and Racelle sends a woman for the city Watch. Lan is also approached by Ryne who informs him that two of the attackers were men who had listened to Edyn. This leads him to think that Edeyn could potentially be behind the attack. She has already raised the Golden Crane in Lan’s name and if he were to die she could have claim as Queen of Malkier. This upsets Lan because Ryne says all of this in the presence of strangers. Bukama asks where they will go next, and Lan says Chachin.

Along their journey to Chachin, Lan veers off the path into the forest while his other two companions continue on the road. He finds a pond and sits down facing it and places his hands on his knees to mediate. As he is meditating he quickly grabs his sword as it is being dragged away from him, and throws a woman into the pond. When she comes up to the surface he offers her a helping hand and says he will start a fire and hang blankets so that she can dry off.

After Lan’s travelling companions return, Moiraine claims the right of a woman along and asks the three travelers for shelter and the protection of their swords until she reaches Chachin. During a guard change later that night, Lan makes an unfavourable comment about Aes Sedai which angers Moiraine. She channels a cylinder of water from the pond and dumps it onto Lan. This brings Lan and his companions to their feet as they think it is the work of Shadowspawn. Moiraine addresses Lan telling him that it is not Shadowspawn and that it is not wise of him to show anything but respect towards an Aes Sedai. After the kerfuffle, Lan returns to his guarding duties while everyone else goes to sleep.

The next day, Lan, Bukama and Ryne are approached by Moiraine who asks them to refer to her as Lady Alys. When the group reaches a town called Manala, Moiraine tells them that they will stop for breakfast. At some point, Lan and his companions eventually notice that Moiraine is no longer with them. Lan and Ryne go out to look for her, leaving Bukama at the inn in the event that Moiraine returns there. Lan finds her speaking to a woman and overhears her asking about someone named Avene Sahera. He overhears that there are some Saheras that live nearby and suggests that he and his companions could help in order to hasten her search. His offer is declined and he departs to return back to the inn.

En route to Chachin, many things transpire. The party is attacked by bandits and weather storms, both of which are easily thwarted by Moiraine. Lan is pranked many times at the hands of Moiraine with the hopes of getting him to apologize for throwing her into the pond, but he hardly reacts to any of them. The group reaches a village named Ravinda where Moiriane continues to search for Avene Sahera and eventually finds her. As they continue their journey to Chachin, Lan is attacked by an assassin. Moiraine asks Lan if he is allergic to wasps when he is pierced by an arrow and she weaves a shield of air in front of them both. Bukama and Ryne loose arrows towards the assassin, and when the group reaches the him, they are shocked to see that it is Candiedrin, a soldier that had fought with Lan and Bukama in the Aiel War. He tells them that he was paid to kill them and dies after doing so. Bukama and Ryne remove the arrow in Lan’s shoulder and Moiraine gives him healing.

Once the group reaches Chachin, Lan and his companions depart ways from Moiraine and head towards the Aesdaishar Palace. After introducing himself at the palace, they are escorted inside and given rooms. Lan is given two serving-women and a messenger boy alongside his rooms. When he checks into his room, Lan asks the serving woman if Queen Ethenielle is in the palace and upon learning that she isn’t, he asks if her consort Prince Brys is present. He also asks if any nobles are visiting and learners that Edeyn is present.

After changing into more suitable clothing Lan sits and waits and is eventually approached by a messenger sent by Edeyn. He tells the messenger that he would like to recoup from his journey. He then receives a note from Edeyn that says, “Come to me, sweetling, Come to me now,” but Lan just burns the note. Eventually, Mistress Romera asks if he is rested enough to be received by Brys. He is led to a large hall filled with Kandori lords and ladies, as well as men with hadori’s and women with ki’sain’s on their foreheads. He is greeted by Brys who leads him to Edeyn.

After Edeyn greets him, she kneels before him and swears fealty which perpetuates cheers of “The Golden Crane!” and “Kandor rides with Malkier!” from the crowd. Lan is quickly led to a private balcony by Brys who tells him that he wouldn’t have welcomed Edeyn into the palace had he known she was going to do what she just did. Lan returns to his room and finds Edeyn waiting there for him. After speaking for a bit, she makes a comment to Lan about marrying her daughter Iselle which horrifies him. Lan eventually ends up sleeping with her.

Lan gets a visit from Moiraine in his rooms and she tells him that she wants him to do something for her. She reminds him about the Malkieri pledge that has been held since the War of the Hundred Years which said that whenever the White Tower called, Malkieri would ride, and that she is an Aes Sedai calling upon him. Lan agrees to help her if she answers a question for him and asks where the White Tower was when Malkier was dying. Moiraine proceeds to tell him that the Tower had sent sisters, but that they arrived too late and that it was easier for the Tower to have others believe that they didn’t show up at all instead of finding out the tower had failed.

Lan accepts her answer and asks what it is she wants of him. He is told that she wants him to get someone to watch Merean to keep track of where she goes, what she does, and who she meets. They both agree to have Bukama watch Merean and that he will report to Suian who is acting as Moiraine’s maid Suki.

Later, Lan makes his way through the palace trying not to be noticed in the hopes of avoiding running into Edeyn. He sees Merean and Iselle and hides behind a statue, sneaking away when they leave. As he descends a set of stairs, he slips and falls. Since there wasn’t anyone around to push him, he surmises that someone tried to kill him using the One Power. Servants appear and help him up, telling him how lucky he was to not be seriously injured.

A man stops in front of Lan and asks him to follow, and that something has happened to Bukama. When they get to Bukama, Lan learns that he has died, and that  he was stabbed in the back with a dagger. Lan turns without saying anything and leaves. Lan confronts Moiraine in her rooms and tells her of Bukama’s death and that he was almost killed by someone wielding the One Power. He tells her that he thought it was Merean at first, but that she was with Iselle which only leaves her, Moiraine as the possible culprit. Moiraine tells him that he should keep Iselle away from Merean if he cares about her. This leads Lan to tell  her that all Aes Sedai are dangerous and that he just saw Iselle hurrying by with Brys and Diryk. Moiraine asks him where Brys would go to be alone and asks him to take her there.

Lan, along with Moiraine go to Brys’ private balcony and spot Iselle talking with Merean with Brys and Diryk standing by the rail of the balcony wrapped in flows of Air. Meran tells Ryne, who they now know is a Darkfriend, that he did a good job killing Bukama and orders him to take care of Lan. Lan engages in a fight with Ryne as Moiraine attacks Merean with the One Power. As the fight ensues, Moiraine is knocked unconscious. Defeating Ryne, Lan pulls Moiraine away from a falling Iselle and tells her to never watch a death you don’t have to.

Lan is eventually healed by Moiriane and Merean’s body is burned, having been killed by Moiraine’s knife. Lan is told that there isn’t any proof of Merean being Black Ajah. He tells her that she is a very hard woman to which Moiraine replies that she is as hard as she must be.

New Spring NICE.jpeg
New Spring

Actions Between the Books

Actions Between the Books

During this time, Lan travels with Moiraine as her Warder as they search for the Dragon Reborn all over the world. 


Eye of the World

Nearly 20 years after the events of New Spring, Lan arrives in Emond’s Field the day before Winternight along with the Lady Moiraine in search of the Dragon Reborn. Both take a room at Emond’s Fields only Inn, the Winespring Inn, without anyone knowing who they are or why such strange visitors are in their quiet village. As the Lady Moiraine speaks to various villagers under the guise of a collector of old stories, Lan is always nearby or directly beside her. Although he doesn’t say much, his physical appearance and demeanor mark him out as someone who is a walking weapon.

Later that night, Lan aids the Lady Moiraine in defending Emond’s Field against an unexpected Trolloc attack. The major role they both play in defending the village reveal their true identity to the villagers as Warder and Aes Sedai. This instills fear towards the two from some of the villagers as many people don’t know the true nature of Warders and Aes Sedai. The next morning, in the aftermath of the attack, Lan searches through the Trolloc corpses in hopes of discerning what bands they are from.

While Moiraine heals a feverish and injured Tam, Lan quietly speaks to Rand, questioning him about his heron-marked sword. During the discussion Rand discloses to Lan that he saw a Rider in black in the woods during his overnight journey from the farm to the village. Upon completing her healing, Lan and Moiraine tell Rand that he, along with Mat and Perrin are being hunted by the Shadow, and that they want all three to accompany them to Tar Valon in order to keep them safe. Lan is relieved when Rand agrees to go in order to save his village from further Trolloc attacks. With all three boys agreeing to depart to Tar Valon, Lan and Moiraine make arrangements to depart in the evening. As the group prepares to leave, they are confronted by Egwene and Thom, both of whom express their desire to tag along on the journey. Lan is displeased about this, but Moiraine states that it is part of the Pattern.

With preparations complete, Lan proceeds to lead the party out of Emond’s Field, taking the North Road towards Taren Ferry in order to escape the Two Rivers. The group takes a small break at Watch Hill to allow Moiraine to channel away the fatigue of both the horses and party members. Lan himself does not require Moiraine’s assistance as his energy levels are not as low as that of the others. During their rest at Watch Hill, a Draghkar spots them whilst flying high above, and the party makes a hasty retreat yet again. Moiraine aids their retreat by conjuring up mist that hides the group from the Draghkar, and Lan’s fast pace eventually brings them to Taren Ferry.

Upon arriving in Taren Ferry, Lan proceeds to wake up Master Hightower, the village’s ferryman and through the promise of gold, convinces him to take the party across the river in the middle of the night. Once the group is safely across the river, Lan scouts ahead and finds a safe place for them to spend the night. As the group settles into their campsite, Moiraine once again diminishes the group's exhaustion, this time including Lan himself. Lan proceeds to watch over the group through the night and wakes everyone when it is time to leave. During the coming several days, Lan leads the group towards Baerlon, taking various and winding paths in order to avoid pursuit, often scouting ahead and trailing behind to check their trail for signs of pursuit. In the evenings while the group rests, Lan trains Rand, Perrin, and mat how to use their respective weapons.

Nearly a week after departing the Two Rivers, Lan and the party finally reach Baerlon. At the gates, Lan tugs a frayed rope ringing a bell, getting the attention of the guard. The guard dismisses the party from the gate, but changes his mind after Moiraine makes herself visible to him. As the group dismounts inside the city’s gates, the guard comments on the odd party which prompts Lan to remind the guard about forgetting about letting them in previously as well as this time. The guard assures Lan, who he refers to as Master Andra, that he has not told anybody of their previous coming and going and that he won’t this time around either. In his reassurance, the guard mentions the Whitecloaks, prompting Lan to question the Children’s presence in the city. The guard proceeds to explain that the Children of the Light are in the Baerlon to stamp out any stirrings the False Dragon in Ghealdan may have caused. Lan asks if they have caused much trouble, to which the guard shakes his head vigorously in affirmation.

Lan proceeds to lead the group to The Stag and Lion inn where he goes to the common room to see what he can learn before joining the boys in the bathing room. He interrupts Mat’s story about Trollocs to Ara, displeased at his lack of caution. After the group eats dinner in a private dining room, Lan returns to the common room to try and gain more information. He retires to his room later that night that he shares with Rand and Thom.

The group spends the next day in Baerlon to continue resting. Later, when Nynaeve shows up at the inn, having followed the party to Baerlon, Lan inquires how she was able to find them. He is impressed by her ability to track them and compliments her for being able to do so. Lan, instructed by Moiraine, leaves the room and stands guard at the door so that Moiraine can speak to Nynaeve alone. The group decides to leave early the next morning, but end up leaving that night after a Myrddraal finds the inn they are at, Nynaeve tagging along. At the gates, a group of Whitecloaks stops them. Lan tries to talk his way past them, but when it doesn’t work, Moiraine uses the One Power to intimidate them so that the group can escape. Upon exiting Baerlon, they head east down the Caemlyn Road.

The group follows the Caemlyn Road for two days, but a Myrddraal and Trollocs eventually catch up with them. As Moiraine leads the group onwards, Lan falls back to assess what they are up against. When he rejoins the group, he informs Moiraine that three are three fists of Trollocs following them who will catch up to them in no more than an hour. He suggests that they should head to Shadar Logoth for cover, but Moiraine is reluctant to take them there. They push north in hopes of reaching the Arinelle River where they can possibly catch a boat. Eventually, however, some of the Trollocs catch up and they are forced to fight them. During the battle, Lan kills a Myrddraal, which immobilizes the Trollocs that are linked to it. The group desperately continues riding on, followed by more Trollocs. Moiraine stops the group and causes an earthquake and then channels a wall of fire to protect the group. Fatigued by her use of the One Power, Moirain is unable to continue helping the group without resting first. Lan again urges her to go to Shadar Logoth, this time succeeding in his request.

Lan quickly proceeds to lead the party to Shadar Logoth, and chooses a building for them to rest in once they are within the ruined city’s walls. Lan carries an exhausted Moiraine into the building. After, they notice the boys have taken off to explore the city without having told anyone and Lan goes out to look for them. During his search, he finds Trollocs within the city and kills three of them. With Rand, Perrin and Mat back with the group, Moiraine decides to lead them out of the city immediately to head to the Arinelle where she will weave a ward to keep the Trollocs at bay while they construct rafts to cross the river.

During their attempted escape out of Shadar Logoth, Lan is separated from Moiraine as they try to avoid Mashadar. Once out of the city, he rejoins with her and they figure out what to do next. Nynaeve finds them and Lan is irritated at not having noticed her sneaking up on them. The three eventually take off, riding south to find Rand, Mat, and Perrin. Unsuccessful, they travel towards Whitebridge to continue their search. Along the journey, Lan begins to develop feelings for Nynaeve, and she him, but neither of them speak of it. Lan unsuccessfully tries to convince Nynaeve to return to the Two Rivers where she would be safe.

When they reach Whitebridge, Moiraine senses that two of the boys were there not too long ago, and Lan can sense that a Myrddraal was also in the city. The three stay in Whitebridge long enough to rest and ask some questions before leaving. Eventually, they track down Perrin and Egwene who have been captured by Whitecloaks. Lan scouts the camp with Moiraine while Nynaeve remains behind to guard the horses. Lan goes back to Nynaeve, asking if she can create a distraction so that he can break Perrin and Egwene out of their imprisonment. He sneaks into Perrin and Egwene’s tent, knocking out Byar who was keeping watch over them. He leads them out of the camp, reaching Moiraine. She tells him that Nynaeve has yet to return, prompting Lan to go find her, but he is stopped by Moiraine. Nynaeve arrives shortly after, and Lan is relieved to see her and leads everyone south. They stop to rest just before dawn. Lan speaks to Perrin, he sees his golden eyes for the first time and tells him what he knows of Elyas and Wolfbrothers.

The group eventually reaches Caemlyn where they are happily reunited with Rand and Mat at the Queen’s Blessing. Mat tries to attack Moiraine with his ruby dagger, which springs Lan into action. He stops Mat and stays with her while she heals him, the rest of the group having been sent away. The group begins to plan what they should do next and Lan keeps watch so they are not disturbed, and joins them when it’s night time. They eventually decide to travel to Fal Dara through the Ways so that they can find the Eye of the World in the Blight. They depart the Queen’s Blessing and enter the Ways from a Waygate that is located in Caemlyn. As they travel through the Ways they are chased by Machin Shin, managing to escape just before it devours them.

After exiting the Ways near Fal Dara, the group rides towards the city. Upon arrival, Lan is greeted warmly by the Shienaran soldiers who are guarding the gate. They go into the fortress and are greeted by Ingtar who takes them to see Lord Agelmar. Agelmar is happy to receive them as he thinks Lan and Moiraine have come to help him fight at Tarwin’s Gap. He updates the group on recent activities along the Blight and the bad circumstances they are in. Agelmar is unable to convince them to fight alongside his soldiers. They tell him they must ride to the Blight, and seeing the importance of what they are about to do, Agelmar offers to send a hundred men with Lan and Moiraine, but they turn down his generous offer.

Later that night, Lan along with the rest of the party dine with Agelmar when word is brought about a man who has been caught trying to enter the city. When they discover that it is Padan Fain, Lan accompanies Moiraine as she goes to question him. Lan and the group depart the next day on their journey towards the Blight. After a long day's ride, they camp at night near the remains of the Seven Towers of Malkier. Lan speaks privately with Nynaeve, where she confesses her feelings for him. Lan professes his love for her as well, and when Nynaeve hints that she wants to be wed to him, he denies her wish stating that he doesn’t want to make her a widow. As they continue towards the Blight the next day, they are attacked by Shadowspawn. Lan and the group fight them off and ride towards the Mountains of Dhoom. Almost being overrun by Worms the group suddenly reaches the Green Man’s garden.

Lan and the party are guided by The Green Man to the Eye of the World. Once there, they are attacked by the Forsaken Aginor and Balthamel, both of whom have been released from their prison at Shayol Ghul. Lan tries to attack the Forsaken, but is torn between protecting Moiraine or Nynaeve. As a result, he is knocked unconscious by Aginor. After Aginor, Balthamel and Ba’alzamon are defeated, Lan regains consciousness, his wounds being tended to by Nynaeve.

Having witnessed the events at the Eye of the World, Lan along with Moiraine, Egwene, and Nynaeve now know that Rand is the Dragon Reborn. As they wait for Rand to return from his fight with Ba’alzamon, Lan takes Perring, Mat and Loial back to the Eye where they find a Dragon banner, the Horn of Valere, and a seal of the Dark One’s prison. The group spends the night in the garden of the Green Man, but it starts to fade as a result of his death. The next day they ride back towards Shienar and Lan avoids speaking to and making eye contact with Nynaeve. Once they are back in Fal Dara, Agelmar is told of the Green Man’s death and the finding of the Horn of Valere. In the following days, Lan spends time with Rand, practicing sword forms with him. Rand tells him that he intends to leave Fal Dara.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg
Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

Over a month after the encounters at the Eye of the World, Lan is sparing atop a tower with Rand in Fal Dara. During their sparring, Rand is temporarily held in place by a wall of air which concerns Lan, but he tells Rand that strange things sometimes occur this close to the Blight. He talks with Rand about Rand’s heron marked sword and why Rand hasn't left Fal Dara yet. Rand admits to Lan that it’s because he hopes Moirane will tell him something about what he is. Lan, however, tells Rand that he isn’t sure that Moiraine can help him any longer. Upon hearing trumpets, Lan realizes that the Amyrlin Seat has arrived at Fal Dara and tells Rand he should have left a week ago and proceeds to go inside.

After Padan Fain is rescued by a Myrddraal and Trollics and escapes Fal Dara, Lan goes to the dungeons of the keep where he finds Rand and tells him that Moiraine says he can leave Fal Dara whenever he wishes. Later, Lan goes to Rand’s room to inform him that the Amyrlin has sent for him. He aids Rand in choosing an appropriate outfit and gives him instructions on how to behave in the Amyrlin’s presence. He instructs Rand to pay proper respect, to look into her yes but not to grovel. When Rand asks Lan why he is helping him, Lan tells him that he is on Rand’s side to a degree.  Later, Lan contemplates whether his actions were a result of Rand being so strongly ta’veren. Before leaving Rand’s room, Lan gives Rand a pin in the shape of the Red Eagle of Manetheren and escorts him to his audience with the Amyrlin. When they arrive at the Amyrlin’s room Lan is denied entry by Lean, instructing him that Moiraine has another task for him. As the door is about to close behind Rand, Lan says, “Tai’shar Manetheren” to him.

Before departing with the Amyrlin’s delegation back toTar Valon, Lan speaks to Nynaeve, who has been avoiding him during the entirety of their time in Fal Dara. After telling her he has nothing to offer her, he gifts to her his signet ring which is the ancient ring of the Kings of Malker. He informs her that the ring will grant her guest rights and aid from any Borderland lord, as well as help from any Warder. He also adds that if she ever sends him the rings or a message marked with the rings signet he will come to her. Lan then departs to complete his preparations for the journey to Tar Valon which is later that day.

Just before departure, Lan finds Rand to give him one last sword lesson, informing him that a time may come when he needs to use a sword form called Sheathing the Sword. He tells Rand that this is to be used, “when you must achieve a goal at all costs,” and involves sheathing your sword into your own body.

Lan departs Fal Dara along with Moiraine and the delegation. During the journey he speaks and argues with Nynaeve, although it is not known or revealed about what. At the end of the argument he stands outside watching her tent for a long time while she cries.

While staying with the twin Aes Sedai Vandene and Aldeleas in Arafel, Lan has a conversation with a frustrated Moiraine about how they met and became bonded to one another. Lan is asked if after all these years he is feeling the strains of being bonded to her, and being uncertain of what Moiraine is getting at he replies that he accepts the bond without any reservations, even now. He is told that arrangements have been made that in the even of Moiraine’s death, his bond will pass to another Aes Sedai, Myrelle of the Green Ajah. Lan is upset by this revelation.

After the conversation with Moiraine, Lan goes outside to spar with Jaem, but being too angry to focus decides to go back inside. He just makes it in time to save Moiraine from a Draghkar attack. 

After the attack, Lan accompanies Moiraine to find Rand. They reach Falme before Rand battles Ba’alzamon in the sky, and help him get out of the city. Five days after the attack lan and Moiraine are with Rand when he awakens.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg
The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

After the battle at Falme between Rand and Ba’alzamon, Lan along with Moiraine and a group loyal to Rand are camped in the Mountains of Mist. Eventually Leya arrives with news for Moiraine and Lan is present for their meeting. They learn that there is a force of five thousand Whitecloacks and that the young men who look like Rand are being killed by Grey men. Later that evening chaos ensues in the camp as a result of Rand losing control of saidin. Lan, along with Moiraine join Perring, Uno, Min and Loial around a campfire to share the news from Leya.

At some point during the night, the camp is attacked by Trollocs and Fades. Lan shouts warnings to the camp and proceeds to defend it, killing many Trollocs and Fights a Myrddraal. After the Shadowspawn are defeated, Lan catches a drained Moiraine after healing Rand, and takes her away to sleep. In the early morning Lan wakens Perrin to inform him that Rand has disappeared. Perrin discloses that he has been having dreams of Callandor which prompts Lan to find out if anyone else in the camp has had similar dreams at Moiraine’s request. Lan tells Moiraine that others have had similar dreams which leads Moiraine to determine that Rand has gone to Tear. With that, Lan along with Moiraine, Perrin and Loial prepare to follow Rand. Before they depart, Lan is approached by Min (who was instructed by Moiraine to go to Tar Valon) and is asked if he has any message he would like her to carry to Nynaeve. He tells Min that he prefers telling Nynaeve anything he has to say to her in person himself.

Lan spends most of the next several days on their way out of the mountains scouting ahead. The group eventually enters into Ghealdan and stop for the night in Jarra, learning that Rand had spent the previous night there. The party travel through Ghealdan and eventually ride into Altara in the hopes of trying to catch up to Rand. They cross the river Boem and pass through several towns and villages until they reach Remen. When they near Remen, Lan rides ahead and arranges rooms at an inn, learning that two Hunters of the Horn have captured an Aielman. He returns back to the group to lead them and upon reaching the inn he questions one of the Hunters (Orban) about his story of capturing an Aielman.

Later that night Lan ventures out to find if he can learn anything about Rand. Along the way he comes across Perrin who has freed Gaul (the captured Aielman) and has killed several Whitecloaks while defending himself. Lan inquires if anyone saw what transpired, and Perrin tells him that a woman did, but that he doesn’t want Lan to hurt her. With this new development, Lan decides they must leave Ramen immediately and hurries back to the inn with Perring and arranges for their horses to be saddled and finds a ship for them called the Snow Goose. They depart for Illian, where they plan to catch another ship to Tear.

On their journey to Ilian, Lan is amused at the tension between Moiraine and Faile and is surprised when Moiraine allows Faile to join their party. They eventually arrive at an inn called Easing the Badger and are attacked by six Grey Men during dinner who are trying to assassinate Perrin. Lan helps to kill the Grey Men and searches the dead bodies, finding nothing. After Moiraine leaves in the evening having instructed Lan to stay with the others, he leads the others outside to scout around the area. They discover Darkhound tracks which prompts Lan to seek out Moiraine to warn her. He kills a Darkhoud that is on Moiraine’s trail and they discover that they were sent by Sammael who is in Illian disguised as Lord Brend.

Lan returns to the inn with Moiraine and they leave the city on horseback with the rest of the party that night. They are hunted by more Darkhounds and search for a place to make a stand against them. When they find a suitable location, Moiraine balefires them, and they continue their journey away from the city.

Lan, along with the group, finally arrive in Tear and stay at an inn called The Star. Lan ventures out with Moiraine to see if they can learn anything and discover that Be’lal is in Tear. Both return to the inn whereupon Lan fetches the others so they can discuss the new situation. Moiraine is intent on finding a way into the Stone of Tear and Lan is told she wants him to stay behind. Lan refuses the request which eventually leads Moiraine to accept his refusal, and he goes out in order to find a way into the Stone.

Later the next day, Lan along with Moiraine discover that Rand is in Tear and plan to get into the Stone that night. Lan manages to get himself and Moiraine into the Stone as Rand takes Callandor and the stone is taken by the Aiel.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg
The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

After Rand’s taking of the stone and wielding Callandor, Lan continues practicing the sword with Rand and spends a lot of time together with Nynaeve. After the bubbles of evil attack Rand and others, Lan along with Moiraine goes to check on Rand. Moiraine heals Rand’s injuries, except for the wound on his side. Rand asks if the wound on his side will be what kills him, and when Moiraine chastises him, Lan defends Rand’s right to know where his path leads.

Later, when the Stone is attacked by Trollocs, Lan helps defend alongside Moiraine. When the fighting ceases, they both find Rand and are worried that he is going crazy. Lan informs Rand that the Trollocs entered the Stone by hiding in grain barges. When Rand nearly collapses to the ground, Lan catches him and aids him in standing while Moiraine heals him.

Once things settle, Lan is set to journey to the Aiel Waste with Moiraine and Rand. He is told by Nyneave that she too is leaving the Stone. Lan mistakenly assumes she is going to Tar Valon and Nynaeve doesn’t correct his false assumption. When the day of departure arrives, Lan learnes that Nynaeve’s actual destination is Tanchico and goes to see her in her room. There he finds Nynaeve as well as Elayne and Egwene and confronts Nynaeve about her voyage. He conveys his anger and concern because of how dangerous Tanchico is as a city. Lan is torn between his love for Nynaeve and his duty to Moiraine, but hesitantly offers to go to Tanchico with her. His offer is refused as Nynaeve doesn’t want him to neglect his bond to Moiraine and to ease his worry, she shows him her letter from Siuan which grants any who read it to obey the bearer. After exchanging a few more words, Lan picks Nynaeve up and kisses her. He reminds her that if she dies, he will not long outlive her, and departs.

After leaving Nynaeve’s room, Lan finds Juilin and asks him to watch over Nynaeve. He later rejoins Moiraine and the others who are commencing their journey to the Aiel Waste. The ride east and although everyone is expecting a long journey, Rand surprises everyone by revealing he is going to get them there using a portal stone. Rand’s uncertainty on how to find its exact location prompts Lan to suggest having the Aiel scout it out.

The journey through the portal stone brings Rand to his knees and Lan helps him up. Once everyone reorganizes after the journey through the portal stone and they are greeted by Wise Ones, Lan gives Moiraine and Egwene water to drink and then dumps some over their heads to help them hold off heat stroke. After Rand and Mat leave for Rhuidean, Lan is approached by Amis who asks him to let the women speak alone and Moiraine acknowledges him to obey. Later he learns Moiraine has also gone to Rhuidean, but is too late as he is convinced not to follow, but is very unhappy about the entire situation.

Upon Rand and Mat’s return from Rhuidean a week later, Lan sits in the Wise One’s tents with Rand, Mat, Rhuarc, Egwene and the Wise Ones. Lan asks Rand if he saw Moiraine while he was in Rhuidean, after which he goes outside to continue waiting for her. Moiraine finally arrives later in the day and is barely conscious. Lan runs out to meet her and carries her to the Wise Ones but is barred from entering the tent with them as they tend to her. The next day, the group departs for Cold Rocks Hold and when they camp for the night at Imre Stand, Lan continues his sword fighting with Rand, and continues to do so every night of their journey. They finally reach Cold Rocks Hold on the twentieth day of travel and are greeted by Lian upon their arrival and Lan, along with the others are welcomed under her roof.

Lan accompanies Rand and the others to Alcair Dal, but doesn’t enter with him. Lan is asked by Moiraine to accompany Rand as she is not allowed to enter herself on account of not being a Clan Chief, but Rand asks Lan to stay back and watch over Moiraine instead. After Rand is revealed as the true Car'a'carn, everyone enters Alcar Dal.

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg
The Shadow Rising

Fires of Heaven

Lan, along with Moraine and Rand’s Aiel move into Rhuidean where he continues to practice sword forms with Rand. Nearly a month after Rand’s revelation at Alcair dal, the group prepares to leave Ruidean, and Lan helps Moiraine oversee the packing of all the ter’angreal that were found in the ancient Aiel city. During the process a man falls halfway through a red door frame ter’angreal which Lan pulls him out of. Later in the evening, Moiraine goes to speak with Rand and Lan waits for her outside.

Darkhounds attack Rand and as he rushes to check on Mat after he balefires them, Lan following Moiraine go after him. Moiraine eventually brings up Rand’s use of balefire which causes Rand to put her off which upsets Lan. As the conversation continues, Lan is incredulous at Moiraine's begging of Rand to stop shutting her out so that she can help him, going as far as swearing an oath that she won’t manipulate him.

As Rand and the others leave Rhuidean the next day, Lan, along with Moiraine follows and he questions Moiraine’s oath to Rand. He says that he is concerned about her, as he has never before seen her as worried as she is now. When Moiraine confesses that she feels Rand is drawing away from her, but she is certain he needs her help, Lan jokes about her learning a bit of humility.

Lan continues to spend time with Rand on their journey out of the Waste. Eventually Mat speaks to Lan in the hopes of gaining some information about his new memories, but doesn’t divulge why. After two weeks of travel the group arrives at the town of Taien near the Jengai Pass, clearly showing signs that it has been annihilated. Lan notices someone hiding which reveals three of the town’s inhabitants who inform them that the town was attacked six days earlier by the Shaido.  Lan fears that Couladin could have laid a trap ahead for Rand and the party which prompts Rand to set up camp and send out scouts.

Lan accompanies Moiraine to check in on Kader’s wagons where she had packed the ter’angreal from Rhuidean. At some point the camp is attacked by Dragkhar. After things settle, Lan accompanies Moiraine to check on Rand.  After four days of riding, the group eventually exits the Jangai Pass and emerge out into Cairhien. As they continue to approach Cairhien, the party is occasionally attacked by small groups of mounted men which Lan believes could be bandits or supporters of a claimant to the Sun Throne.

Finally, the group arrives near Cairhien where Rand prepares to face the Shaido in battle and Lan accompanies both Rand and Moiraine to observe Kin Tovere’s telescopes which are mounted on tall towers.

The day before the battle is to take place Lan is asked to visit Mat to gather information and to try and understand more about Mat’s recently acquired knowledge of battle tactics. When Lan talks with Mat, he asks questions about how he would engage with the Shaido and his answer parallels what the clan chiefs have suggested. Lan talks with Rand about Mat after Mat leaves and then attends a meeting with the clan chiefs, Weiramon and Rand regarding the upcoming battle with the Shaido.

Before the battle the next morning, Lan speaks with Rand and notices he is wearing his sword even though he can kill using the One Power. Rand replies that he doesn’t think it’s fair to fight someone who can’t channel using the Power which leads Lan to posit that Rand is planning on killing Couladin himself and feels that it is a foolish idea.

Throughout the battle, Lan stays with Moiraine who is healing the wounded. When the battle ends with Rand’s side being victorious, Lan goes to inform Rand of the victory. Rand collapses and the wound at his side begins bleeding which prompts Lan to call for Moiraine. Later, Lan watches Mat celebrate Couladin’s defeat with his companions from afar. In the days following the battle, Lan resumes practicing the sword with Rand.

Later, down at the docks when Lanfear attacks, Lan tries to take her down but is stopped by her use of the One Power and is sent flying. When Moiraine tackles Lanfear into the red framed Ter’angreal, Lan is wrapped in flows of air by Rand to stop him from following Moiraine. Lan informs the others that Moiraine is dead as he can no longer feel his bond with her. He is given an apology from Rand who says he wishes he could have saved Moiraine and hopes that Lan can continue to be his friend. Lan ensures that they are still friends, but that he has to leave, telling Rand about the passing of his bond to another Aes Sedai. Lan asks Rand to tell Nynaeve that he has found someone else as he believes it will be better for them both to have a clean break and proceeds to ride off to find Myrelle to whom his bond has been transferred to.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg
Fires of Heaven

Lord of Chaos

As a result of Moiraine’s death and his bond to her broken, Lan travels through Cairhein, Andor, and Murandy to reach Myrelle Sedai in Salidar to whom his bond was transferred to. Along his journey, compelled by his grief for the death of Moiraine, he has many confrontations and fights causing him to sustain several wounds, cuts and scrapes. Despite this, he travels in a near straight line towards Salidar, guided by his sense of Myrelle via the bond. He eventually arrives in Salidar to an awaiting Myrella just outside the village. He nearly kills two of Myrella’s other Warders, Nuhei and Croi, stopping short when he realizes who they are.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg
Lord of Chaos

A Crown of Swords

Lan is practicing sword forms in a small encampment just outside Salidar when he is reunited with Egwene who was led to him with the help of Suian. As a result of having his bond with Moiraine severed after her death, and despite his boing having been passed against his will to Myrelle Sedai Lan is in a state of frenzy. After a brief encounter and discussion with Egwene, Lan is told where Nynaeve as Egwene believes the only way to save Lan from his current self-destructive path is for him to seek her out in order to help her current mission in Ebou Dar.

After being transported near Ebou Dar by Egwene via skimming, Lan journeys towards Ebou Dar on horse. He arrives in Ebou Dar and ends up saving Nynaeve from drowning after she was attacked by Moghedien. After the ordeal, Lan informs Nynaeve of his bond to Myrelle which angers her greatly. Lan tells Nynaeve that he has been lent to her by Myrelle until she can find her own Warder, but Nynaeve insitst and makes it clear that she intents to wed him and have him as her Warder. As such, after both reach Nesta’s ship, they get Married in a Sea Folk ceremony. Sea Folk custom dictates that if one partner obeys the other in public, the other must obey when they are alone or in private. This allows Nynaeve to command Lan in public while she must obey him when they are in private.

After being wed, Lan goes to the Tarasin Palace with Nynaeve and their marriage is discovered the next day when they encounter Mat. Lan is congratulated by Mat despite his shock at the event. Against Nyneave’s wishes, Lan informs Mat that two of his Redarms were killed during Moghedien’s attack the day before.

Lan, along with Nynaeve, Elayne, Mat, and the others goes to look for the Bowl of the Winds. Upon arriving at the six story building the bowl is located in, the group is attacked by Falion Bhoda, Ispan Shefar and a group of Darkfriends. Lan throws himself towards the two Black Aes Sedai, managing to knock them down to the floor before proceeding to attack the Darkfriends. After the ordeal with the Bowl in their possession, Lan and the rest go back to the Tarasin Palace and prepare to leave Ebou Dar.

Crown of Swords Nice.png
A Crown of Swords

Path of Daggers

Lan makes a promise to Mat that he will take care of Nynaeve which upsets her. He gets into an argument with Nynaeve again about the promise later in their rooms and continues it once the both of them join Elayne, Avienda, and Birgitte. Nynaeve insists to Lan that she needs no protection, but Lan cuts her short by telling her the day she does is the day he does as well. After stopping to speak with Teslyn, Lan urges Nynaeve and Elayne to hurry out of the Tarasin Palace before the storm Nynaeve has been sensing actually arrives.

As Aviendha weaves a gateway out of Ebou Dar, Lan proceeds to go through the gateway ahead of the others to scout the area along with Birgitte and Cieryl Arjuna, taking the north. Once all the packhorses and the rest of the party are through, he helps Nynaeve mount her horse in preparation to ride to the Kin’s farm. Lan continues to scout as they travel accompanied by Nynaeve. As they get close to the farm, Lan is sent by Nynaeve to bring Reanne to her. Upon arriving at the farm the Kin living there begin to scramble once they see the Aes Sedai which prompts Nynaeve to send Lan to stop them.

After the Bowl of Winds has been used, Lan stands by Nyneave’s side. When the Seanchan attack, he travels to one of Elayne’s Andoran estates along with everyone else. Lan and Nynaeve lead everyone from the gateway while it is being unweaved by Elayne and Aviendha. Once everyone is safe, Lan and Nynaeve go back to aid Elayne, Aviendha and Birgitte. Lan removes an crossbow bolt from Birgitte’s leg so that it can be healed by Nynaeve after which they all ride to join the others at the estate.

As Lan and the others ride towards Caemlyn they pass through many villages including Harlon Bridge and Cullen’s Crossing. Near Cullen’s Crossing lan discovers that both Adelas and Ispan have been poisoned and sends for Nynaeve and Elayne. Vandene arrives to see what has happened and protests Lan’s blockade to enter the room. Later when Vanden is grieving her sister, Lan stops Nynaeve from intruding. After two weeks of travel, Lan and the others finally reach Caemlyn.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg
Path of Daggers

Winter's Heart

As the party arrives and settles into the Royal Palace in Caemlyn, Lan is forbidden by Nynaeve to attend her teaching sessions with the Sea Folk. Lan keeps Nynaeve in their rooms all morning, not allowing her to put on any clothes. Later on in the day Lan keeps an eye on the hallway to allow Nynaeve and Elayne to speak about Zarya and Kirstian, and then continues to stand by as they speak to Reanne and Alise. Nynaeve and Elayne learn that Alivia wants to be uncollared and have to decide if they are going to trust her or not. Lan tells them that if they refused her wishes, they would be no better than the Seanchan. Lan is proud that Nynaeve removes the a’dam.

After Talaan tries to talk Nynaeve into taking her to the White Tower, Lan is asked by Nynaeve to go back to their rooms and that he should not let her out of there again which makes him laugh out loud. Later, Rand sneaks into the palace to speak with Nynaeve and Lan is present during the discussion. At some point, Rand and Lan briefly discuss their similar situations and how they are not able to send away the women they love. Lan recognizes that Rand is now dangerous and stays on guard while he speaks with Nynaeve. Rand reveals that he wants Nynaeve to help him cleanse saidin which concerns Lan as it would put Nynaeve in danger. Both Lan and Rand become displeased when Nynaeve agrees to help Rand, but that she would like to leave now. Later, when Aviendha, Elayne, and Min join them, Lan is started at Rand’s confession at loving all three of them.

Early the next morning, Lan and Nynaeve, along with Rand, Min, and Alivia leave the Royal Palace to depart to Far Madding to locate the rogue Asha’man who attempted to kill Rand in Cairhien. They bed at The Crown of Maredo Inn, and after an excursion, Rand seeks out Lan at the Inn and informs him that he had an encounter with Kisman and Rochaid, killing the latter. The small party leaves The Crown of Maredo and checks into The Counsel’s Head Inn in case the other Asha’man figure out where they are staying. Eventually the group is joined by Cadsuane, Verin, Alanna, and others.

Lan continues searching for the remaining rogue Asha’man with Rand, but they are not having any luck in their pursuit. Later while drinking wine at the Inn, Rand tells Lan that he wants to leave Far madding. They continue their conversation and discuss how Nynaeve, Min, and Alivia are out riding with Cadsuane. Lan tells Rand that Nynaeve and Min are out with Cadsuane in the hopes of smoothing the relationship between himself and Cadsuane. Lan also tells Rand that Nynaeve is sacrificing herself for him because Cadsuane treats her badly and that he should keep that in mind.

When Rand Receives a letter telling him that Torval and Gedwyn are staying on Blue Carp Street, Lan, along with Rand and Nynaeve come up with a plan, although both Lan and Rand believe that it is likely a trap. They proceed to Zerman’s shop where two Asha’man are renting a room where Nynaeve proceeds to lift Lan and Rand to the roof, and once they are on the roof they use a trapdoor to go inside. Lan and Rand find Torval and Gedwyn inside, but both are already dead, killed by Fain. Further inside the building they find both Fain and Toram Riatin and Lan kills Toram, getting injured in the process. Lan and Rand climb back onto the roof after Fain escapes, and Lan slips but is caught at the wrists by Rand. Seeing that Rand is struggling, Lan tells him to let him fall, but Rand refuses and they both fall over the edge. Lan’s arm breaks as a result of the fall and both he and Rand are arrested by guards and thrown into prison cells.

Both are freed by Cadsuane and Lan’s arm is healed by Nynaeve. The group leaves Far Madding and travels to somewhere near Shadar Logoth. Lan scouts the nearby forest with Nethan and Bassane and protects both Rand and Nynaeve while they cleanse saidin. When the male half of the source is cleansed, Lan rushes to Nynaeve’s side.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg
Winter's Heart

Upon the completion of the cleansing of saidin by Rand and Nynaeve, Lan travels with both to the estate of Algarin Pendaloan in Tear in order for both to recover from the ordeal. During their stay Lan spars with Narishma in the courtyard of the estate, defeating him at least three times in a row which results in Narishma demanding another round of sparing.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg
Crossroads of Twilight

Crossroads of Twilight


Lan along with Nynaeve are at Algarin’s estate in Tear, still part of Rand’s party. As Rand prepares for dealing with the Seanchan, Lan voices his disapproval of his plan, thinking it a better idea for Rand to concentrate on the Borderlands with Tarmon Gai’don soon approaching.

Sensing and knowing his torn duty to be close to her and his duty to the Borderlands, Nynaeve offers Lan the opportunity to go there via a gateway. Lan, however, must vow to ride to Fal Moran before he enters the Blight, letting any man who wished to ride with him join his party along the way. Agreeing, Lan is taken to the Borderlands by Nynaeve. Upon reaching the Borderlands, Lan realizes that he has been taken to World’s End in Saldea, instead of Shienar, which is where he thought he was being taken. Before he can react or protest, Nynaeve leaves him there, traveling through another gateway. Before she returns to Rand, Nynaeve instructs a Malkieri merchant to spread the word of Lan’s journey through the Borderlands to every Malkieri he knows so that he does not ride alone to Tarmon Gai’don.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg
Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams


Although not appearing in The Gathering Storm, Lan journeys through the Borderlands towards Tarwin’s Gap, and is often thought about by Nynaeve.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg
the Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm


Lan travels across Saldea, trying to avoid detection in the hopes of not attracting anyone to join him. He is first joined by Bulen who catches him off guard. Despite his desire to go to Tarwin’s Gap alone, he is obliged to accept Bulen and all other companions as a result of his promise to Nynaeve to allow such. He instructs Bulen to keep quiet and not to raise the flag of Malkier.

A few weeks later while still traveling, Lan and Bulen come across three individuals who at first glance he thinks to be highwaymen. As they ride along, the three strangers join their party whereupon Lan recognizes two of them as Andere and Nazar, the third man being a fellow name Rakim, growing the army from two to five. As they continue travelling through Kandor, they are joined by eight more men who had been waiting for them, all of whom were previously part of Andere’s group. They had sold all their possessions, buying supplies and hiring men to pull them, increasing the party from five to twelve.

Lan leads the army of twelve to Silverwall Keeps which is were they can cross from Kandor into Arafel through the pass. Upon arrival Lan and his small army of a dozen find several thousand people waiting there flying flags, including those of the Golden Crane of Malkier. Lan rides quietly through the field of waiting people before he is recognized on the far end by the grandson of the Queen of Kandor, Kaisei Noramaga. He is informed that they have been waiting there for him, warned of his arrival ahead of time by Nynaeve.  Lan is told that the prince of Arafel is also coming.

Reluctantly, Lan eventually give in and welcomes them all into his party, growing the army from a dozen to thousands. Lan leads his new army to Tarin’s Gap, on the other side of which await an army of about one hundred and fifty thousand Trollocs. Lan contemplates the fact that Tarwin’s Gap is always held against shadowspan advances, but that this time, the army of twelve thousand will attack to reclaim Malkier. After making a speech, twelve thousand charge towards an army of Trollocs more than ten times their number.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg
Towers of Midnight

Towers of Midnight


Only six thousand or so of Lan’s original forces are left after several encounters with Trollocs on the battlefield, among them are many who were close to him. Although initially able to control Tarwin’s Gap, they are slowly pushed back towards Shienar. Eventually, Lan commands his troops to make a full retreat of Tarwin’s Gap and then to charge against the Shadowspawn. Knowing this will be the end of his small army, Lan still gives Kaisel the order. He knows that now is the moment to make a final stand, and hopes that his efforts here will reduce the number of Trollocs that make their way to the southlands as much as possible. As they prepare to make their final stand and knowing that this will be their end, Lan tells Bulen that he is proud of him and sends as much love as he can through his bond to Nynaeve.

One hundred thousand Borderlanders suddenly arrive through gateways along with a number of channelers, saving Lan and his forces from their impending doom. After the Trollocs have been thwarted, Lan learns that Agelmar and all of the other Borderland monarchs have come to join his cause. Their task is to help Lan with holding Tarwin’s Gap as long as possible, and they all decide to fight under the banner of Malkier.

Over the next several days, Lan’s new bolstered forces fight in shifts, with Lan often taking extra shifts. When Bulen is killed on the second day, Lan brings him back to the camp tied across Mandarb. Along the journey back to the camp, Lan uplifts and rouses remembrance among his soldiers with stories of all the good men who have died. While back at the camp, Lan asks Narishma to weave a gateway to a cold place and Narishma sends him to the top of a mountain. Lan takes Bulen’s body to the mountain top and stores him there so that he can give him a proper burial there later. As tradition dictates, Lan takes Bulen’s hadori with him and will return it to his body for burial when the Last Battle is done, and wraps it around the hilt of his sword.

Lan returns to Shienar and cracks in the Pattern reflecting in the land cause an earthquake. Worried about everyone’s fatigue levels from the non-stop battling, he searches out Agelmar. When he finds out Agelmar is planning to retreat, he argues against the idea, not wanting to abandon Malkier. Agelmar tells him that continuing to defend Malkier and be ready to die doing so is a selfish act, especially when his troops need him. Agelmar continues by insisting that they can do more damage by delaying via a retreat, and Lan realizes that Agelmar is correct. When a signal comes that backup is needed, Lan rejoins the fighting.

After nearly a week of fighting, Lan and his forces are attacked by two dozen Dreadlords. Lan issues several issues telling Agelmar to retreat, and Narishma to provide backup for Elayne to cover the retreat. As the forces retreat farther south into Shienar, they burn the lands along the way to forestall the Trollocs from finding easy sustenance.

Rand drops in to see the Borderland army and meets with Lan, giving him two crowns fashioned after the historical crowns of Malkier. One crown is for Lan, the other for Nynaeve. Rand provides a helping hand in the battle, doing what he can, but has to leave when he is almost defeated by Dreadlords.

As the fighting continues to progress, Lan is ordered by Elayne to burn and evacuate Ankor Dail, Fal Dara, and Fal Moran so that they do not fall into the hands of the Shadow. The fighting continues throughout the retreat during which Lan fights and defeats two Myrddraal at once. During another battle, they are attacked by Taim. In spite of all the chaos, Lan begins to dream of reclaiming Malkier with Nynaeve after the Last Battle ends.

Lan is approached by Lord Baldhere who informs him of mistakes that Agelmar has made of late. Lan defends the great captain who by this point is exhausted, but does promise to keep an eye on him nevertheless. As he looks over Agelmar’s plans, Agelmar confronts him admitting to his recent mistakes, but also reminds him that he is only human and that Lan should either relieve him of his duties or to trust him. Lan ensures Agelmar that he trusts him.

Lan begins to see that Agelmar is indeed making mistakes when Agelmar sends two separate units to complete a task that only requires one. This prompts Lan to speak with Baldhere and they both realize that Agelmar is directing the war in such a manner that is good enough to avoid any suspicion, but would eventually lead to losing. Lan begins gathering soldiers as he tries to reach Agelmar. As he approaches the command tent, he is intercepted by a messenger with orders from Agelmar that directs Kandori archers to withdraw from the east which would be disastrous. Lan redirects the messenger with new orders as his authority outranks that of Agelmar.

Upon reaching Agelmar, Lan questions him about the plans when he is interrupted by a messenger who announces the appearance of a huge force of Shadowspawn from the east. This leads Lan to realize that the Shadowspawn were expecting a way in from there since Agelmar had originally ordered the withdrawal of the Kandori archers from that direction. Lan relieves Agelmar of his duties and arrests him. When Agelmar realizes what he has done and the doom it will bring the Borderlands he tries to kill himself. Lan interjects, commanding him to remember who he is and to act like the soldier he is. Lan discerns that Agelmar is under compulsion by the Shadow and Agelmar confesses he’s sent Tenobia’s forces to die. Despite hurrying to save her and her forces, Lan arrives too late, losing two thirds of his forces in the attempt.

After Elayne wins her battle in Cairhien, she sends Logain and his Asha’man to help the Borderlanders escape Shienar. After all of the armies join forces at Merrilor for their last stand against the Shadow, Lan leads a force of cavalry against the Shadowspawn. Afterwards, Lan is sent by Mat to help Tam and his men and then Arganda. As the battle reaches its high point, all of the forces are joined under Mat’s direction. Lan volunteers to see if there are healed soldiers in Mayene who are able to return to the fighting. While he is doing so, he is given a package sent by Berelain that contains Mat’s foxhead medallion which he had lent to Galad earlier.

With the foxhead medallion in hand, Lan goes to attack Demandred, but is blocked by a force of Trollocs. With the help of Tam and his men, Lan is able to break through and eventually reaches Demandred. He engages the Forsaken in a sword fight, and although he impresses Demandred with his skills, he is not as good. Demandred gloats that Lan can’t win. Lan tells Demandred that he didn’t come to win, but to kill him. He allows the Forsaken to strike at him. Using the opening presented to him, Lan plunges his sword into Demandred’s throat, killing the Forsaken! As he begins to fall unconscious as a result of his wounds, Lan sends his love to Nynaeve through their bond.

Soon after, Lan regains consciousness and cuts Demandred’s head off and holds it in the air. Mat and the Borderlanders begin to ride towards him just as he falls unconscious again. He is healed back to consciousness by Narishma, and then along with Mat they retreat from Demandred’s forces.

After the Light's victory over the Shadow in the last battle, Lan joins Nynaeve in the camp that is set up outside Shayol Ghul. Feeling his presence through their bond, he is approached by Nynaeve who runs towards him and they embrace. Along with Nynaeve, he watches over Rand’s unconscious body as it continues to grow weaker, both wearing the crowns Rand had made for them. When Rand eventually dies, Lan comforts Nynaeve.

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A Memory of Light

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities

Special Abilities

Lan is one of the greatest swordsmen alive, very few able to equal or best him. He is able to defeat Myrddraal in one on one battle, and even bested two of them at once during The Last Battle. Lan also has a high aptitude for planning and leading battles. He is very good at scouting and tracking as well.

Lan also possesses the benefits of quick healing, more stamina, and a sensativity to Shadowspawn due to the Warder bond.

Notable Possessions

Notable Possessions

Lan doesn’t possess any notable possessions other than his Power Wraught sword, but did have Mat’s foxhead medallion for a short while during The Last Battle.



Born as a Malkieri prince whose kingdom was destroyed by the shadow, Lan’s life was bound to be full of glory. After being bonded as a Warder to Moiraine, he spent twenty years aiding her in tracking down the Dragon Reborn. He played a vital role in helping Rand, Mat, Perrin and Egwene safely get out of Emond’s Field and kept them safe throughout the first part of their collective adventures. From early on, he taught the three ta’veren boys how to use various weapons, with a large focus on teaching Rand sword forms. Lan didn’t make many major decisions, but took effective actions to accomplish whatever was asked of him by others. Although he played somewhat minor roles leading up to The Last Battle, he had a fairly large impact as the Light fought the Shadow. 

He led his own army defending the Borderlands, he took over others’ armies when they were unable to lead, and in a selfless and brilliant move, he killed Demandred, one of the Shadow’s most formidable Forsaken. His legacy is one of bravery and selflessness, even in the most dire of situations.

In Other Media

The role of Lan in Amazon’s production of the Wheel of Time is being played by Daniel Henney.

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In Other Media
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