Ingtar Shinowa

IHNG-tahr shih-NOH-wah




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Circa 958 NE



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Basic Information


Ingtar is depicted as a short stocky man, with dark hair and eyes. He wears his hair in a topknot, in the fashion of Shienaran warriors, with the rest of his head shaved.

He is usually seen in plate and mail armor with the swooping black hawk sigil of Shienar on the breast and a yellow surcoat bearing his house’s grey owl. Atop this, he wears a bright yellow cloak, edged in red. A crescent moon with its points turned upward adorns the brow of his helmet.




Ingtar is generally regarded as proud and strong; A man who might face down overwhelming enemy forces and expect to win. He is single-minded at times, driven towards completing the task in front of him.

​He is a Nobleman of Shienar, but is at home with soldiers and himself is a soldier. He is at home giving orders as well as receiving them.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


We don't have any information on Ingtar prior to the events of the first novels.


New Spring

Ingtar does not appear in the New Spring novel and nor is he mentioned.

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Actions Between the Books


It is implied that at some point prior to the Eye of the World novel, Ingtar has met both Lan Mandragoran and Moiraine Damodred.


Eye of the World

Ingtar greets Lan, Moiraine, Loial and the party from the Two Rivers as they enter Fal Dara, a city in Shienar, near the Blight. Ingtar escorts the group to the lord of Fal Dara, Agalmar Jagad. He greets Loial in the old tongue, as Ogier are honored as "the Builders" in Shienar, and asks Lan if he has come to aid the battle against the forces of the Blight. 

During the party’s conversation with Agalmar, Ingtar interrupts to inform them a madman, Paidin Fain was captured attempting to climb the walls of Fal Dara. Later Ingtar and a band of Shienarans escort Rand and company to the blight, at the border of what used to be Malkier. He is annoyed that he can neither escort them further and that the duty has delayed him to the point of missing the chance to fight the forces of the Dark One at Tarwin’s Gap. Upon their return, he once again escorts them to Lord Agalmar.

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The Great Hunt

Although all are masked, Ingtar is presumed to be the Shienaran noted in the gathering of darkfriends near Shayol Ghul. 

After escorting the Amrylin Seat into the city upon her arrival to Fal Dara, we don’t see Ingtar again until the night of the feast. That night shadowspawn and darkfriends attack the keep and he meets Rand confronting a fade. Ingtar sends Rand away, implying that he will battle the fade then goes to the dungeon with it to set Paidin Fain free. A short time after, he leads the party of Shienarans into the cells to help recover from the aftermath of the battle there. He tells Rand that the Horn of Valere was also taken during the battle, along with some other loot, and many warriors of Fal Dara are dead. Among the dead are guardians of the dog-gate, their throats apparently slit by darkfriends, which allowed the trollocs entry. Ingtar mentions that the keep is now on lockdown, but also claims to know nothing of a previous order to bar anyone from leaving Fal Dara. 

Ingtar is put in charge of the force that leaves Fal Dara in search of the stolen Horn. Mat, Perrin, Rand and Loial join the expedition, as well as Hurin, a sniffer capable of following the trail of evil. After receiving a blessing and rousing speech from the Amyrlin herself and swearing by his house and soul to find the Horn, Ingtar leads the party southward under the guidance of Hurin, setting a hard pace. Along the trail, when Rand expresses dismay at only finding fancy coats packed for him, Ingtar remarks that he will be able to dress for the eventual feast they might have after finding their quarry. He also notes that if he had not been told that Rand is from the Two Rivers, he would assume him to be an Aielman from his appearance. They spend days following the trail, which zig-zags south, then northwest and south again, with signs of death and violence at each turn. Two Shienarans, assumed to have been darkfriends who aided in the escape of Fain are found, horrifically tortured and murdered. Later a Fade is found, having met the same fate. 

Later in the evening after the murdered fade is discovered, Ingtar explains to a disbelieving Rand that he has been named the second-in-command of the expedition. Ingtar beds down with most of the force and apart from Rand, Loial and Hurin. He awakes to find the trio gone. Ingtar is furious that his sniffer is missing. Perrin informs Ingtar that he can follow the trail of Fain and the darkfriends with the help of the wolves with which he can communicate, and Ingtar allows Perrin to take up the trail, letting the others to believe that Perrin has the talent of a sniffer like Hurin. Ingtar is insistent to know the details that Perrin learns from the wolves as they come across the area where the horn was apparently retaken, but they are interrupted by a group of Aielmen, including Urien, who tells them he is searching for “He Who Comes With the Dawn.” 

We next see Ingtar having come to Cairhien, approaching a burning inn. There he finds Rand, Loial and an injured Hurin. Rand tells him that they had found the horn, but that it had been stolen by darkfriends. Ingtar notes that Rand has become more used to and capable of command. Settled in at a private dining room later, Ingtar listens as Rand explains how they travelled so far ahead of the party and took the horn, only to have it stolen again. A recently-healed Hurin returns from tracking the darkfriends, telling them they took the horn to Barthanes Damodred’s manor. As the group concocts a plan for getting into the manor to search for the chest containing the horn and Mat’s dagger, Ingtar appears to grow emotionally eager and insistent that he must find the horn. 

The following night Ingtar attends a party at Lord Damodred’s manor along with Rand, Verin and Loial as guests. Several other members of the party pose as servants so they can search for the stolen chest less obtrusively. Ingtar mostly talks to other party-goers and is gathered along when they depart. Ingar and the others gather and return to the inn, empty-handed, where Rand explains that the horn has been taken through a waygate to Toman Head, but that the waygate is now guarded by Machin Shin, the black wind. Ingtar appears despondent and angry at the loss of the horn, even calling himself, “lost.” 

The group decides to journey to Toman Head. They go first to Stedding Tsofu, hoping to use the nearby waygate and travel the Ways to speed their journey. At the stedding they encounter Erith, a young Ogier and three Aeil Maidens of the Spear. The meeting with the maidens nearly comes to blows before being broken up. After that situation is settled down, Ingtar and the others go before the Ogier elders, who grant them permission to use the waygate, then guide them to it. 

Upon opening the waygate, they find it guarded by Machin Shin as well. As a last resort, they use a nearby Portal Stone to travel to Toman Head. Ingtar and the others experience many alternate realities that might have been, had they made different choices. Ingtar lives many potential realities, some in which he acquired the horn, only to have more demanded of him. The experience seems to last moments, but about four months appear to have passed in the normal word by the time they arrive at Toman Head. 

Although they lost valuable time by taking the Portal Stone, Ingtar remains adamant that he must find the horn, and the party moves west across Toman Head, hoping to pick up the trail of the darkfriends with the chest containing the horn. Along the trail, they find villages ravaged by a strange army called the Seanchan. Ingtar’s zeal for finding the horn only seems to have increased. The trail is eventually found, leading to Falme. Ingtar, Hurin, Mat, Rand and Perrin volunteer to go into Falme to retrieve the Horn and dagger. Verin draws a five-spoked wheel in the dirt as they each volunteer in turn. Verin denies additional volunteers as well as Ingtar’s suggestion that she come along, mumbling an ominous line about how five will ride forth, and pointing out that a small group will get in more easily. She casually wipes away one spoke of the wheel as the discussion proceeds.

Ingtar leads the small party into Falme, their entrance to the city spaced out to avoid notice. Once there, Hurin follows a crisscrossing trail to a large, rich house, apparently visited often by Fain and occupied by Seanchan, and containing the dagger according to Mat. Despite a heavy guard out front, Ingtar insists upon infiltrating the house immediately, which the party does by way of a less-guarded rear wall accessed by an alleyway. Ingtar remains brazen and single-minded throughout the process and seems exalted when they finally find the horn and dagger, at which point they are ambushed by Seanchan forces, including High Lord Turak. 

A battle ensues, Ingtar and most of the party fighting Seanchan soldiers as Rand battles Turak. After the enemy forces are defeated, Ingtar insists upon leaving with what they came for. Ingtar is amazed by Rand’s insistence to remain behind to help a friend, despite the apparent victory. Rand explains to Ingtar that salvation would be useless while leaving a friend to a horrible fate. Overwhelming odds as the Seanchan regroup force the party to flee, regardless. Ingtar and the others try to escape from Falme under constant threat from Seanchan forces. 

In a narrow alley, Ingtar confesses to Rand that he was a darkfriend, who aided the would-be assassin in Fal Dara and committed other atrocities, but hoped to use the Horn of Valere to redeem himself. In the end, he seems to realize that his search for glory was not the path to salvation, and Rand offers some absolution as Ingtar guards their retreat, sacrificing himself holding the alley alone against the pursuing soldiers. The other four members of the party sent into Falme escape safely with the horn and the dagger.

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The Dragon Reborn

Ingtar does not appear in this book.
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The Shadow Rising

Ingtar does not appear in this book.

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Fires of Heaven

Ingtar does not appear in this book.

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Lord of Chaos

Ingtar does not appear in this book.

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A Crown of Swords

Ingtar does not appear in this book.

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Path of Daggers

Ingtar does not appear in this book.

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Winter's Heart

Ingtar does not appear in this book.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Ingtar does not appear in this book.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Ingtar does not appear in this book.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Ingtar does not appear in this book.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Ingtar does not appear in this book.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Ingtar does not appear in this book.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Ingtar is a skilled fighter and battle commander. He is an officer is the Shienaran army and has lead many battles against Trollocs as well as Aiel. He is also somewhat skilled at subterfuge as he was a Darkfriend for years in a place of authority with the forces of the Light.

Notable Possessions


Ingtar is the Lord of a relatively powerful house in Shienar. He is the Lord of House Shinowa and owns estates and has guardsmen at his command.



Ingtar was the first and one of the only Darkfriends we have seen renounce the shadow and truly embrace the light. Having long served the shadow, he sacrifices his life so that Rand and the others can escape the overwhelming Seanchan forces at Falme with the horn. As he tells Rand, “No man can walk so long in the Shadow that he cannot come again to the Light.” His arc was one of darkness, long unknown to his contemporaries, yet concluding in redemption.

In Other Media

Currently no one has been announced in the role of Ingtar Shinowa.

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