Egeanin Tamarath

egg-ee-AHN-ihn tam-a-wrath




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Lielwin, Egeanin Sarna

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Basic Information


Egeanin is a tall and lean Seanchan woman with very fair skin, and short dark hair. She has sharp blue eyes and a hard stern face. Her face has been described as being too hard to be pretty, although she also has been described as lovely. She speaks with the Seanchan drawl, and her voice is said to sound like silk sliding against iron.




Egeanin is a Seanchan ship’s Captain. She is a stern woman, who is described by the Sul’dam Bethamin as being the model of duty. Egeanin has a no-nonsense military personality, she understands her place and position in every situation. She shows deference and respect to her superiors and demands respect from her inferiors. She likes things neat and tidy.

She wishes to follow in her mothers’ steps as a Captain of the Gold, Commander of the Empresses fleets. She has very neat handwriting and has been considered to be prudish. Egeanin has always prided herself on being level-headed, having risen to command by skill and daring. She is a veteran of sea-battles, storms, and shipwreck. She is is very direct and is generally thought of as being a woman of honor and independence.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Egeanin was likely alive prior to New Spring but is not apart of the story.


New Spring

Egeanin was likely alive during New Spring, but is not apart of the story.

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Actions Between the Books


Egeanin was born to Seanchan parents, her mother was a Captain of the Gold in the Seanchan Navy, which is a very high ranking position, and her father was a Soldier. She was chosen to captain the ship “Fearless” during the Hailenne.


Eye of the World

Egeanin does not appear during Eye of the World, but she is either arriving in Falme at this time or already there helping to establish Seanchan rule.

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The Great Hunt

Captain Egeanin Sarna sails to Falme with the Hailenne to recapture the ancient lands of Artur Hawkwing. During the expedition, she captures Bayle Domon, who is sailing on his vessel “Spray”. While she is searching “Spray” for marath’damane, she uncovers Bayle Domon’s stash of “old things” to include a cuendillar seal for the Dark One’s prison (even though she is unaware of what it actually is). She confiscates Bayle’s stash and orders him to make way to Falme. 

When in Falme, she escorts him to visit the High Lord Turak. Egeanin presents Bayle and the cuendillar seal to the High Lord and is thanked for her discovery. Turak offers her a boon but she denies, saying that her service is payment enough. Turak implies that she may be raised to the blood after the return. Egeanin is dismissed, and she leaves Bayle Domon with High Lord Turak.

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The Dragon Reborn

Egeanin does not appear in this book.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Egeanin is in Tanchico searching for deserted sul’dam under the alias “Mistress Elidar." She has funded a soup kitchen in the city. While searching, she finds out sul’dam can be leashed by the a’dam and captures Bethamin, whom she has known for a decade. Egeanin hires a man named Floran Gelb to find women matching the description of the runaway sul’dam, and any a’dam he can find. Gelb has brought Egeanin the wrong women in the past, so she does not have complete confidence in his ability. While following Gelb, who was stalking Elayne and Nynaeve to capture them, Egeanin realizes he is making a mistake. Egeanin assists Elayne and Nynaeve in fighting off the would-be kidnappers. 

Elayne and Nynaeve invite Egeanin for tea. While Egeanin is having tea with Elayne and Nynaeve, Juilin enters and mentions the hunt for the Black Ajah. Egeanin offers to help them search in exchange for the girls answering questions about Aes Sedai. Elayne and Nynaeve refuse her help, but offer to answer questions anyway. Egeanin is surprised to find out that a person can learn to channel. Thom enters and mentions Bayle Domon. After Egeanin leaves, Nynaeve exclaims that she thinks Egeanin knows Bayle. Egeanin continues to spend time with Nynaeve and Elayne, they develop a mutual liking. While kindling a friendship with Elayne and Nynaeve, Egeanin starts to question the Seanchan way of treating women who can channel, for this reason, she releases Bethamin. 

During one of the meetings with Elayne and Nynaeve, Bayle Domon comes in, Egeanin notices him and tries to attack him. Bayle grapples her to the floor and tells the women that Egeanin is Seanchan. The women are upset by the fact that Egeanin did not tell them she is Seanchan and they accuse her of trying to wiggle her way into their friendship so that she can collar them. They decide to hold Egeanin captive. While under captivity Egeanin overhears Elayne and Nynaeve discussing something similar to an a’dam, but for men. They ask Egeanin about it, Egeanin tells them that no Seanchan would try to control a man who can channel. Egeanin convinces Elayne and Nynaeve to allow her to help them rescue the Panarch, Amathera, and find the male a’dam. 

During the rescue, Egeanin knocks out one of Amathera's captors, and along with Elayne whisks her to safety. Egeanin wants to go back into the palace to search for Nynaeve, but Elayne dissuades her. Egeanin and Bayle are charged with dumping the male a’dam in the deepest part of the ocean.

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Fires of Heaven

Egeanin does not appear in this book.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg

Lord of Chaos

Egeanin does not appear in this book.

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A Crown of Swords

Egeanin does not appear in this book.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

Egeanin does not appear in this book.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg

Winter's Heart

Egeanin now cuts her hair in a bowl with a bit of the side shaved in the Seanchan Low Blood fashion. Her fingernails have grown long, and the nails on her little fingers are lacquered sea green. She has been raised to the Low Blood and given a new rank as the Captain of the Green due to her work in Tanchico. Egeanin appears in Ebou Dar, at the Wondering Woman inn. She demands the inn’s best room. Setalle Anan, the innkeeper, apologizes but tells Egeanin that her best rooms are already rented out by higher-ranking Seanchan officers. They accept other accommodations. While in privacy, Bayle asks Egeanin to free and marry him. She explains that she is not able to do that at the time, because she would have to give him enough money to make a living, she refuses when Bayle explains he can make a good living for them, as Egeanin does not like the lawlessness of smuggling. Bayle claims he also can make an honest living. 

Egeanin is visited by Bethamin, who was questioned by a Seanchan Seeker, regarding a suspected conspiracy involving Egeanin, Bayle, Suroth, and the White Tower, to kill the High Lord Turak. Bethamin tells Egeanin the Seeker has told her to spy on her. Egeanin denies the conspiracy and tells Bethamin to report to her daily. Bethamin does so because she does not want Egeanin to reveal that she can be collared. Egeanin asks Bayle about any involvement in the conspiracy, she believes his denial. Egeanin decides to flee from Ebou Dar, in fear of the Seeker. Bayle Domon suggests Mat Cauthon, who is also in the city may be able to help them. 

When Bayle brings Mat to Egeanin, Egeanin agrees to find sul’dam and a’dam to facilitate their escape. Thom and Juilin vouch for Egeanin’s trustworthiness. Egeanin and company enter the Tarasin Palace to retrieve the Aes Sedai held as damane. Mat separates from the group to release the Sea Folk damane. Egeanin attempts to take Teslyn when she is confronted by a der’sul’dam who explains to Egeanin that Teslyn is not properly trained. Egeanin explains that the High Lady Suroth has given her permission to use whichever damane she wants, the der’sul’dam relents. 

When Mat attempts to rejoin the group, he is confronted by Tuon who tells him he cannot leave. The two come to blows, and Mat is saved by Noal, who bear hugs Tuon and assists Mat in tying her up. Egeanin sees this and is horrified. She tells Mat it is death by slow torture to touch the daughter of the nine moons. Mat laughs and says Tuon is his wife. Egeanin, even more horrified, slaps Mat, and to no avail, commands him not to say that. The group then kidnaps Tuon and Selucia.

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Egeanin approaches Mat and Noal who are fishing along the river not far outside of Ebou Dar and tells the men it is time to return to the camp with Valan Luca’s show. Egeanin is under the guise of a noblewoman on the run from an abusive husband. Mat is supposed to be her lover. Members of the show believe their story. Egeanin is removed from the Blood, and demoted from her position as Captain of the green by Tuon for being a traitor. Selucia suggests the name Leilwin because it is a good name for a shae dancer (it is implied that a shae dancer is a woman of questionable virtue). Tuon agrees and pronounces that Egeanin will forever be known as Leilwin Shipless. Leilwin is utterly humiliated but accepts her new station in life. Much to her dismay, Leilwin has to constantly remind Mat of her new name and position. Angered by Mat’s insistence that it is silly, and no one can force a person to change their name, Bayle puts him in his place on behalf of Leilwin. Mat begins to court Tuon which upsets Leilwin because they are supposed to be lovers on the run; she is concerned he will expose their story for a lie. 

While Mat is courting Tuon, he gives Tuon a necklace which Tuon dislikes and says it is more fit for a shae dancer. Tuon has Selucia give the necklace to Leilwin and makes her put it on. Leilwin is once again completely humiliated, and angry with Mat. On another occasion, Tuon tells Mat that she wants to go shopping. Mat is concerned about Tuon attempting escape, Leilwin tells Mat that Tuon will not try to escape because Tuon has given her word. Despite being humiliated time after time, Leilwin continues to be a steadfast person and loyal subject of Seanchan. While Mat takes Tuon shopping, Leilwin is stabbed by Renna, who has fled the show toward a Seanchan controlled town. Leilwin is healed by Teslyn. Renna is killed before she can reach her destination.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Leilwin shares a wagon with Bayle Domon and Mat Cauthon. The wagon only has two beds. Leilwin sleeps in a bed every night, while the men take turns sleeping on the floor. Since Leilwin is no longer a member of the Seanchan blood, Bayle is no longer her property. Leilwin and Bayle go into the town of Jurador and are married by Mother Darvak. Mat leaves the wagon and buys a tent so the newlyweds can have the wagon to themselves. 

While on the road, Leilwin and Bayle befriend Juilin and Amathera, the couples often hang out together and share wine. During their travels, Leilwin continues to teach Mat about the Seanchan, and what he can expect from Tuon.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


During their travels with the band, Leilwin and Bayle assist Aludra with building the dragons. Bayle acts as Aludra’s guard, Leilwin assists with mixing powders and helping Aludra with whatever else she needs.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Leilwin and Bayle leave the band to travel to Tar Valon with the Aes Sedai.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Leilwin and Bayle Domon travel by gateway to the field of Merrilor. Leilwin meets Nynaeve, who berates her for not disposing of the domination band. Leilwin is horrified to learn that Semirhage used the domination band on Rand Al’thor. Leilwin attempts to give herself to Nynaeve as payment, Nynaeve declines but takes her to see Egwene. Leilwin declares herself to be da’covale to the white tower. Egwene is skeptical of Leilwin and does not trust her, because Leilwin is Seanchan. Leilwin tells Egwene about Seanchan customs, the Seanchan military powers and abilities, she also gives Egwene information about Tuon. 

While Leilwin and Bayle are sitting outside of Egwene’s tent Leilwin has a conversation with Gawyn Trakand. Leilwin tells Gawyn that she is upset that Egwene does not trust her, and if Egwene will not allow her to serve Egwene herself, Leilwin will serve Gawyn. Leilwin gets Gawyn some chow and they talk, Leilwin tells Gawyn about the Bloodknife rings and that they are very dangerous. While Egwene and Gawyn are escaping from the Sharans who have decimated the Aes Sedai camp, Egwene becomes shielded by a Sharan channeller. Leilwin knocks out the Sharan channeller, saving Egwene and facilitating their escape from the Sharan forces lead by Bao The Wyld. 

After Gawyn’s death, Egwene bonds Leilwin as her warder. Leilwin goes with Egwene, Merise, and Jahar Narishma to hunt M’hael. During the search for M’hael, Leilwin tells Egwene that Logain Ablar has the seals to the Dark One’s prison. During a heated battle with M’hael, Egwene tells Leilwin to have Logain break the seals when they see a brilliant light. Egwene realizes that she is holding too much of the one power during her fight with M’hael and she will die when she releases the power. Before Egwene burns herself out she weaves a gateway, releases Leilwins bond and uses saidar to push Leilwin through the gateway to safety. Egwene then dies. Leilwin finds Logain and gives him Egwene’s message to break the seals when he sees the light.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Egeanin is a very intelligent person. She was considered to be an excellent Naval officer. She is skilled with the quarterstaff. She has shown herself time and again to be competent and resilient, adapting to any situation she finds herself in. She briefly served as warder to the Amyrlin Seat.

Notable Possessions


Egeanin is briefly in possession of a cuendillar seal to the Dark One’s prison, and the Domination Band.



Egeanin/Leilwin will be remembered for being representative of the Seanchan and the ability to change. She starts as a dedicated Seanchan military officer and when she meets Elayne and Nynaeve and they do not fit what she had been told about women that can channel, this challenges her world view and she gradually comes to see the flaws in the Seanchan Empire. She provides a lot of information and context to the Seanchan and is instrumental in Mat marrying Tuon as well as Egwene understanding Tuon. Egeanin is extremely brave and honorable despite often being a traitor to her people. She does what she believes is right.

In Other Media

As of right now, no one has been cast in the role of Egeanin.

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