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Basic Information


Damer Flinn is a leathery, old Andoran man who is mostly bald, with a small fringe of white hair left on his head. He walks with a limp and has a creased face. He has been described as having a grandfatherly appearance.




Damer Flinn is a veteran of over forty years in the Andoran Queens’ guard, which he was forced medically retired after sustaining a serious leg injury during a border skirmish with Murandy. Despite walking with a limp, the sword he wears on his hip looks like it belongs there. He is a hard worker and a fast learner. His experiences seeing people suffer and die in combat has made him want to learn how to heal.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Damer Flinn served Andor as a Queens’ Guard for forty years, his service would have started sometime within the ten years predating New Spring. He is a veteran of border disputes with Murandy. He gained a limp and lost his ability to grip a saddle when he took a lance in the thigh during a battle with Murandians. He lost many friends during his Military service.


New Spring

Damer is not present in the story, but was in the Queen's Guard of Andor at this time and most likely fought in the Aiel War.

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Actions Between the Books


At some point during this time, Damer gained a limp and lost his ability to grip a saddle when he took a lance in the thigh during a battle with Murandians. He retired from the Queen's Gaurd.


Eye of the World

Damer Flinn does not appear in this book.

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The Great Hunt

Damer Flinn does not appear in this book.

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The Dragon Reborn

Damer Flinn does not appear in this book.

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The Shadow Rising

Damer Flinn does not appear in this book.

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Fires of Heaven

Damer Flinn does not appear in this book.

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Lord of Chaos

Damer Flinn first appears at the farm, a compound set up to house and train the men who want to learn to channel after the amnesty announced by Rand Al’thor. Damer is the first man that Mazrim Taim tests, and it is determined that he has the ability to learn how to channel. 

During the battle of Dumai’s Wells, Damer is in the group of Asha’man that Mazrim Taim brings to help Rand escape Aes Sedai captivity at Dumai's Wells and Damer participates in the fighting there.

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A Crown of Swords

Damer Flinn is chosen as one of the eight Asha’man to escort Rand Al’thor back to Carihien following the battle at Dumai’s Wells. He seemingly begins to earn Rand’s trust and respect. Damer is chosen by Rand to be one of his escorts during his first meeting with the Atha’an Miere; he stays on the ship’s deck during the meeting. He is a member of Cadsuane’s entourage when Rand goes to visit the Tairen and Cairhienen rebels. 

When Rand is stabbed by Padan Fain’s ruby hilted dagger during the confusion caused by Mashadar, and Aes Sedai named Samitsu attempts to heal him. Samitsu’s healing has little effect on Rand’s wound. Damer Flinn attempts to heal Rand, and is able to stabilize him. Damer was able to give Rand a chance of living by sealing the evil of the ruby hilted dagger wound and the evil caused by the half-healed, never healing wound away from each other. Samitsu of the yellow ajah is very impressed with what Damer has done, she offers him gold, and even to carry his child to teach her. Cadsuane also seems impressed. Damer later travels with Rand to Illian when Rand goes to attack Sammael.

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Path of Daggers

While at camp in Illian (nation) Damer comes into Rand’s tent, and tells Rand that Torval Kajima, an asha’man, has a message from Mazrim Taim concerning training losses, and battle plans concerning the Seanchan. Rand shows a lot of trust in Damer, and promotes him to full Asha’man. Damer takes part in the battles against the Seanchan. 

Damer is a part of Rand’s entourage when he attempts to intimidate Cadsuane in the Sun Palace, Cadsuane would not be intimidated and she threatens to spank Rand, and his Asha’man. During the attack on the Sun Palace by the rogue Asha’man, Flinn and Narishma avoid Rand in fear of him killing them. When Rand does run into Flinn and Narishma, he almost kills the latter.

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Winter's Heart

Even though there is almost no possibility Mazrim Taim is unaware that Damer Flinn has been with Rand, Damer is put on the deserters’ list by Mazrim Taim. Damer is part of Cadsuane’s group that goes to Far Madding. When Cadsuane meets Rand at the Counsel Head Inn, she tells him that Damer has been bonded warder by a yellow sister, Corele Havien and also tells him that Damer has Healed the women Rand had stilled. 

Damer goes to the First Counsel’s chamber with Cadsuane’s group. Nynaeve and Cadsuane use their power wells to circumvent the Guardian ter’angreal to float Aleis Barsalla’s coronet from her head to the floor and back again. Damer bluffs by posturing that he is the one that channeled and Cadsuane states that the guardian most definitely stops a channeler from touching saidar, but who knows what an Asha’man can do? Aleis is very disturbed and worriedly relents, releasing Rand and Lan into Cadsuane’s care. Damer travels with Rand and company to Shadar Logoth to cleanse the taint on saidin. Damer controls the link with Corele and Sarene as they protect Rand and Nynaeve from the Chosen. After the Battle at Shadar Logoth, Damer heals Alivia and Beldine.

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Damer does not have any major impact in the story, or any character development, although he is still a member of Rand’s camp.

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Crossroads of Twilight


Damer is at Lord Algarins manor in Tear (nation) with Rand’s camp during the shadowspawn attack. He takes part in the battle and assists in healing after. He does not make any further express impact in this book; however, he continues to travel with Rand’s camp.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Damer is with Rand in Arad Doman. He Travels to bring Harine Din Togara Two Winds to Rand, as she is named Rands liason/advisor for the Sea Folk. Damer travels with the asha’man Naeff to set the meeting with Tuon at Falme. Damer is part of Rand’s entourage during the meeting with Tuon, and she is disturbed by Damer and Narishma when she realizes they are men that can channel.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Damer Travels to Bandar Eban with Rand’s group. While in the city, he watches the ghost procession with Cadsuane and a few other of the Aes Sedai. Before Nynaeve leaves to rejoin the White Tower, she cures Damer of the madness on his mind, left by saidin’s taint. He is also with Rand when he travels to Saldaea.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


During Tarmon Gaidon, Damer is a part of Aviendha’s group of channelers at Thakan’dar valley, near the Pit of Doom. Aviendha sets Damer to task looking out for male channelers. Their group’s goal is to take out Dreadlords, while the non-channelers fight the horde of Shadowspawn. Aviendha, using her amber turtle brooch angreal, leads a circle including Kiruna, Faeldrin, Sarene, and Damer Flinn. Damer notices flashes of fire, and the group moves to investigate. Aviendha decides to scout ahead alone. While Aviendha is scouting alone, she feels two of her wells of power vanish. She releases the circle and runs back to find Kiruna and Faeldrin dead, Sarene under compulsion by Hessalam. She also finds Damer alive, but he is in terrible shape and his completley missing his left arm. 

After Rand’s battle with Moridin and the Dark One, Nynaeve and Damer attempt to heal Rand’s body. Even with their combined strength, they are unable to improve Rand’s condition. Damer mentions it is odd that Elayne, Min, and Aviendha dont seem concerned for Rand, nor do they want to spend time with him.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Damer Flinn is the male channeler of above average strength in the One Power. He has the best ability in healing that we meet in the story. His skills in healing are considered to be alongside the likes of Sumeko, Samitsu, and Nynaeve. He independently from Nynaeve learns how to cure stilling, something that even during the Age of Legends was thought impossible. He is said to not have a talent for Traveling, even though this is contradicted by his ability to make gateways large enough for the Army of Tear to pass through on its way to the Fields of Merrilor. He was a veteran of combat before becoming an Asha’man. He also has all the benefits that come along with the warder bond.

Notable Possessions


Damer does not have any possessions of any note other than his Asha'man uniform.



Damer was the first man recruited and tested by Mazrim Taim. Damer remained loyal to The Dragon Reborn throughout the story. Damer is one of the few Asha’man that remain with Rand throughout his journeys. He never returns to the Black Tower after the battle of Dumai’s Wells. Damer is the best Asha’man healer and is considered to be on a level with the best of the female healers. He has the ability to heal stilling. He is bonded to Corele of the Yellow Ajah. He battled against the Chosen during the cleansing of the taint in Shadar Logoth.

In Other Media

Damer has not been cast as of yet in Amazon's Wheel of Time television adapation.

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