Daigian Moseneillin

DIE-ghee-ahn Moe-sen-ell-Ihn




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907 NE



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Daraus Sedai

Basic Information


Daigian is 5’2” (157cm) and is slightly plump with round cheeks. She has pale skin and long black hair. She tends to wear the fashions of her native Cairhien, having been born into a minor noble house she was entitled to four slashes of color, but usually incorporated only white stripes to reflect her Ajah. She also often wore a kesiera in her hair, with a silver chain and a dangling moonstone.




Much of Daigian’s personality was because she stood at the very bottom of the Aes Sedai hierarchy, and as a logician, she accepted this position and worked very hard to maintain the proper behavior. When in groups of other Aes Sedai she was quiet, even meek, and when none but Aes Sedai were present she always took on menial tasks, usually performed by servants, such as preparing and serving tea or running errands for higher ranking Aes Sedai. This acceptance of her position endeared her to other Sisters and as a result, she was accounted as having a wonderful demeanor, an excellent mind, and an incredibly persistent attitude, never giving up or quitting a task assigned to her.

However, when not in the presence of other Aes Sedai Daigian was quite firm in being treated with the respect due to an Aes Sedai by those outside of the Tower, even being considered pompous by non-Aes Sedai. From an outsider’s perspective, she was the quintessential Aes Sedai in her behavior, maintaining her Aes Sedai calm and commanding respect from non-initiates.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Born to a minor Cairhienin noble house in 907 NE Daigian went to the White Tower in 921 at the slightly young age of 14.  Daigian would end up spending longer than any woman in living memory as both Novice, 27 years, and Accepted, 21 years, totaling an astonishing 48 years to earn the Shawl.  In 969 she passed the test for the Shawl and chose the White Ajah, and became the weakest living Sister.  Littler stronger than most of the Kinswomen, Daigian had to work incredibly hard to earn the Shawl, having no room for any kind of failure during her training if she hoped to gain the Shawl.


New Spring

Daigian is never mentioned in the book.

New Spring NICE.jpeg

Actions Between the Books


She was raised about 10 years prior to the events of New Spring, but her activities once she had been raised are unknown.  Given her low status in the Tower, it is likely that most Aes Sedai pay her little mind, most women who stand low in the hierarchy tend toward becoming hermits within the Tower engrossed in their own studies or go out into the world where they receive more respect from non-initiates.  At some point between the Aiel War and the events of Lord of Chaos Daigian encounters Cadsuane and becomes part of the Green’s network of Aes Sedai.


Eye of the World

Daigian is never mentioned in the book.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

Daigian is never mentioned in the book.  But many have been swept up by Cadsuane around this time as Cadsuane began gathering Sisters she trusted when she began hearing of strange events in Shienar.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

The Dragon Reborn

Daigian is never mentioned in the book.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Daigian is never mentioned in the book. However, we know she was out of the Tower at the time of the deposing of Siuan Sanche and is one of the roughly 300 Sisters who are sitting to the side during the Schism.

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg

Fires of Heaven

Daigian is never mentioned in the book.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg

Lord of Chaos

Daigian is never mentioned in the book but is likely with Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Corele Hovian, Samitsu Tamagowa, Kumira Dhoran, Rosara Medrano, Silvane Redfor, and Shahal Comanli heading to Cairhien.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg

A Crown of Swords

Daigian’s first on-screen appearance is in A Crown of Swords, Chapter 19:  Diamonds and Stars.  She has joined Cadsuane’s entourage who are in the Sun Palace.  Daigian is in Bera and Kiruna’s rooms when Cadsuane brings Annoura and Merana in to discuss recent events leading to the capture of Aes Sedai by Rand.  Daigian made tea for the stronger women and was self-effacing in their presence, only shocking information about Aes Sedai being taken as Wise One’s apprentices achieving a reaction from Daigian.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

Daigian is with Cadsuane and Kumira heading to the Sun Palace from Lady Arilyn’s palace.  Daigian is discussing the newly altered weather with Kumira and concludes an agent outside of the Dark One was behind the reversion.  Cadsuane agrees, believing Daigian’s logic was always impeccable, but Kumira wants Daigian to focus her mind on the Aes Sedai being held by the Wise Ones, but Cadsuane believes they deserve their fates and reminds Daigian of a task Cadsuane had given her.

Upon reaching the Sun Palace they encounter Bera, Faeldrin, and Merana, each of whom has sworn fealty to Rand and are under the Wise One’s command. The Sisters tell Cadsuane that they will not help her with Rand until she makes her intentions clear to them and they may go so far as to oppose her should they feel she is a danger to Rand.  Cadsuane leaves Daigian and Kumira with the three Sisters, with the intention that they would listen and be able to glean information about Rand’s plans from the women without them realizing.  Cadsuane cleverly wanting to use Aes Sedai hierarchy prejudices, Daigian and Kumira being much weaker in the Power made them perfect moles as they would be treated little better than servants by the much stronger Aes Sedai who wouldn’t be as wary to speak openly in front of the Sisters they considered negligible.

Even though Cadsuane thinks that Sorilea was weak enough in the Power to make even Daigian look at least moderately strong she still respects the woman.  However, Cadsuane herself uses her standing in the hierarchy and sends Daigian to run errands for her frequently.  Even sending the Sister to Rand to refuse his summons.  Daigian presents herself as the perfect Aes Sedai to Rand and Min, coming across to the pair as cold and calculating to the point that Min wanted to hit her.  Daigian accomplished the goal of infuriating Rand and glided off without a backward glance.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg

Winter's Heart

Daigian is with Cadsuane in Cairhien after the attack on Rand by several Asha’man defectors.  She has induced Eben Hopwill into a Warder Bond and already appears very fond of the young man who is helping serve spiced wine to the Sea Folk Wavemistress of Clan Shodein, Harine din Togara Two Winds, and her Sailmistress Derah din Selaan Rising Wave as they demand Cadsuane release of Harine’s Windfinder, and sister, Shalon din Togara Morning Tide from her custody, eventually ending with Cadsuane sending them away with Sarene Nemdahl with instructions to the Aes Sedai to withhold food and administer spankings should the women become uncivil.

Daigian keeps herself and Eben on the far side of the room, amusing themselves playing “cat’s cradle”, while five of the Sisters who have sworn to Rand after being held as da’tsang for his capture are being observed by Cadsuane. Nesune Bihara, Beldeine Nyram, Sarene Nemdahl, Erian Boroleos, and Elza Penfell all appear to be behaving normally, but their reasons for swearing fealty to Rand are both unknown and concerning to Cadsuane.  Verin Mathwin, accompanied by Sorilea, enters the room, and Sorilea gives Verin a potion to aid her sleep and warns her that it can be dangerous, even fatal if she uses the incorrect dosage.  Sorilea announces that Chisaine Nurbaya, Janine Pavlara, Innina Darenhold, and Vayelle Kamsa have all sworn an oath of fealty to Rand.  Directly on the heels of this announcement Verin informs Cadsuane that she has pried information out of Shalon and Ailil Riatin, the two are hiding that they became pillow friends. Shalon having broken marriage vows which would put her in a precarious place with her sister if the truth came out has been resisting the admission as she (rightfully) fears Cadsuane will blackmail her.  Corele Hovian enters with news that Damer Flinn, has healed Irgain Fatamed of Stilling and intends to also heal Sashalle Anderly and Ronaille Vevanios.  Irgain has already sworn fealty and Corele anticipates the other women will as well.  Suddenly Jahar Narishma runs into the room to announce that Alanna Mosvani has been found unconscious in the hallway and has been taken to her room by Merise Haindehl.

Daigian, along with the Sea Folk Wavemistress Harine, her Swordmaster Moad din Nopara Red Hawk and her Windfinder Shalon, as well as fellow Aes Sedai Merise, Nesune, Beldeine, Verin, Alanna, Sarene, Erian, Corele, Elza, Kumira, and Asha’man/Warders Damer Flinn, Jahar Narishma and Eben Hopwill, is part of the entourage Cadsuane takes to Far Madding searching for Rand and Min.  Shalon notices the Aes Sedai hierarchy is strained as even Daigian was willing to face down Nesune and the other embassy Aes Sedai for what had happened with Rand.  Daigian and Eben join Cadsuane when she secures Rand and Lan’s freedom from the First Council of the city, Aleis Barsalla.

Rand, having devised a plan to cleanse saidin from the Dark One’s taint, takes the party to Shadar Logoth and, using the Choedan Kal access keys he links with Nynaeve.  Cadsuane organizes a defensive perimeter including several circles:  Daigian, Nesune, Beldeine and Hopwill.  Flinn, Sarene, and Corele.  Verin, Kumira, and Shalon.  Merise, Elza and Narishma also link and use the powerful sa’angreal Callandor.  Cadsuane sends Erian (off-screen) to protect the non-channelers, Harine, Moad, and Min before sending the circles out to the perimeter to engage any enemy forces sent their way.  Daigian leads her circle, much to Beldeine’s displeasure as she stands much higher than Daigian.  The small group encounters a beautiful woman, with green eyes wearing a lush green silk dress cut very low, who claims to be lost and in need of help.  Eben screams that she is channeling saidin and throws himself between the woman and the Aes Sedai he is falling in love with just as she draws deeply on their link to fight the Forsaken Aran’gar off. While successful at defending Rand, Daigian is devastated at the loss of her Warder Eben and is being comforted by Nesune in the aftermath of the battle.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Along with the rest of Rand’s entourage, Daigian is at Lord Algarin’s manor in Tear recuperating from the battle at Shadar Logoth.  Beldeine is considering taking an Asha’man for a Warder and Merise advises her to speak to Daigian as it will be good for both women.  Merise thinks Daigian is bearing up better than she expected but is concerned that she is still spending too much time privately weeping over her loss.  Flinn going so far as to offer to attempt to heal Daigian, who refused as grieving is part of honoring and remembering a lost Warder.  Merise seems proud of Daigian for how she is managing.  Merise is unsure if Rand was successful in cleansing saidin but believes the male half of the Source feels cleaner than before despite how alien it seems to her.  Samitsu, along with Davram Bashere as well as a group of Asha’man led by Logain Ablar and their force bonded Aes Sedai, appear with several of the Warders left behind when Cadsuane took the group from Cairhien.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Daigian is never seen in the book, but she is present when Trollocs attack Algarin’s manner and are repelled by the combined forces of Asha’man and Aes Sedai.  She is also mentioned when Jahar Narishma and Merise go to the Rebel Hall and inform them of Rand’s offer to bond forty-seven Asha’man in recompense for the fifty-one Aes Sedai bonded against their will.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


After the capture of Semirhage Daigian is with Rand’s group in the capital of Arad Doman, Bandar Eban, and has been showing Nynaeve the one hundred weaves necessary to pass the test for the Shawl.  Daigian tells Nynaeve a little about what to expect from the test itself and is impressed with how quickly Nynaeve can replicate the needlessly complex weaves.  She reminisces about Eben and Nynaeve asks her if she will accept an attempt at Healing her emotional pain.  Daigian refuses the offer and turns the question around on Nynaeve, asking her if she would willingly set aside the emotional pain of losing Lan, Nynaeve then accepts Daigian’s decision and goes so far as to apologize to her, seeing now that the offer was insensitive.  Nynaeve realizes how difficult Daigian’s situation as the lowest ranking Aes Sedai must be, but when she mentions the flaws in the system Daigian becomes embarrassed by the taboo conversation and urges Nynaeve to move to a different topic and continues showing her weaves for the testing.  Nynaeve sees Cadsuane and Corele crossing the courtyard below and excuses herself from Daigian, but notices that Daigian begins to call her by her name rather than “dear” or “child”, a sign of respect.

Daigian is placed on guard duty for Semirhage along with the other Aes Sedai in Arad Doman, being instructed by Cadsuane to keep Semirhage awake with her eyes open to attempt to break the Forsaken.  The Aes Sedai always maintained a shield held by three Sisters on Semirhage to ensure no possibility of escape.  Daigian was present when Cadsuane humiliated Semirhage by spanking her and forcing her to eat food from the floor.  However, when Semirhage is freed by Shaidar Haran Daigian is killed.  Corele and Nesune were each injured but left alive so as not to alert their Warders that something was happening.  Her death was mourned by the remaining Aes Sedai as they had seen her as a pleasant companion.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Daigian is dead and is never mentioned in the book.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Daigian is dead and is never mentioned in the book.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Daigian can channel but is very weak by Aes Sedai standards.  Her strength level is described as level 45 (33) in the Companion and she is mentioned regularly as the weakest Sister in the White Tower.  However, she is still a competent channeler, able to replicate the standard Aes Sedai weaves to at least some degree, and has enough skill to fight off one of the Forsaken while leading a link with her Asha’man Warder Eben Hopwill and Green Sister Beldeine Nyram.

She is known for having a high level of intelligence and being an impeccable logician, worthy of her place in the White Ajah.

Notable Possessions


Daigian is never directly associated with any significant possessions.  Many Aes Sedai in the series consider that Daigian was very “possessive” of her Warder Eben, but in fact, the two channelers seemed to have developed a very close emotional bond and had mutual respect, even love, and camaraderie rarely seen (at least on-screen) with other Aes Sedai/Warder pairings.



It is unlikely that Daigian’s name will be more than a footnote in the histories written of the Tarmon Gai’don, but her contributions make her one of the unsung heroes of the Third Age. Even though she dies before the Last Battle she participated in many of the great events leading to Rand’s final confrontation with the Dark One.  Her most notable action in the series is during the Cleansing of saidin, where she, leading a linked circle including Hopwill and Beldeine, was able to drive off Aran’gar and help keep Rand and Nynaeve protected while they operated the Choedan Kal.  Daigian was well-liked by other Aes Sedai and her death was quite tragic.  She was one of the few Aes Sedai who had gained Cadsuane’s trust and respect, who must force herself to not mourn Daigian in the moment but is deeply saddened by her friend’s demise.

Daigian’s weakness in the One Power has made her a well known Aes Sedai, often used as a measuring stick for comparing weak channelers in the series and helping the reader understand the overall range of Aes Sedai strength tiers.  Daigian is one of the only weak Aes Sedai who has a significant role in the series and stands out for this unique feature.  While often seen as little more than a wilder by other Aes Sedai she also shows that she has true heart and despite her low standing in the Tower was able to be an effective member of the Light’s ultimate victory.

It is also notable that Daigian, along with Merise and Corele were the first Aes Sedai to bond Asha’man outside of a forced bonding.  Considering the ramifications of being bonded to a man destined to go mad and die, this takes a lot of courage for anyone to do.

In Other Media

No announcement regarding Daigian’s character has been made for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.  It seems unlikely for her to make an appearance early in the series given her timeline in the books, although producers could also choose to expand the character or combine her role with another Aes Sedai to simplify the TV adaptation.

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