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868 NE



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Basic Information


Anaiya is a plain, blunt faced woman who looks more like a farm wife than an Aes Sedai. She is often described as looking motherly and possesses a smile that is considered quite beautiful and has the effect of putting others at ease making them feel comforted, safe and special. She has dark hair and is taller than either Moiraine or Liandrin, making Anaiya at least 5’6”, or roughly a hand taller than Moiraine. She has a fondness for ruffles. Anaiya’s Warder, Setagana is described as lean and dark and as beautiful as she was plain.




Anaiya is a kind woman who shows respect for the people around her and has developed close friendships with many Sisters, including women from different Ajah. She is capable of being stern when necessary, but largely she is seen as motherly to the younger characters in the series. She has an atypically positive attitude for an Aes Sedai, especially when speaking about dire events. Anaiya is what one would call a “glass half full” type of person.

Despite her positive demeanor and fondness for ruffles, Anaiya possesses gravity and is well grounded, never showing any frivolousness in her behavior. Anaiya is something of an enigma to many Aes Sedai and Nobles as she tends to be forthcoming, even blunt, yet she possesses political acumen that makes others assume what she presents on the surface must be a mask for the world and underneath is a more devious person, but what you see is what you get from Anaiya, which tends to catch the devious minded off guard.

Spoilers Below!!!

Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Anaiya has been Aes Sedai for roughly 80 years prior to the events of New Spring in 978/79 and more than 100 years at the start of the main series events.  Little is known of Anaiya’s activities before the events of the series.  She spent a bit longer as a Novice and Accepted than would be expected of a woman with her strength in the Power and generally calm demeanor and during the years leading up to New Spring she became close with Kairen and Cabriana as they were clearly already close when they appear in the book.


New Spring

Anaiya first appears in New Spring during Moiraine’s Test for the Shawl where she placed a weave on Moiraine and told her to “Remember what must be remembered” at the very beginning of the testing and then participated as one of the Sisters operating the ter’angreal and after Moiraine’s completion of the test Anaiya Heals Moiraine and briefly discusses the nature of the Test and her opinion of Moiraine’s experience before telling Moiraine that once finished the Test should never be spoken of, no matter how cruel and gives Elaida a pointed stare.

Anaiya was the first Blue to greet both Moiraine and Siuan and welcomed them into the Blue Ajah.  Anaiya, along with Kairen and Cabriana tell Moiraine and Siuan about a few Blue traditions and tell them that Eadyth was the First Selector of the Blue Ajah as well as a Sitter, an unusual occurrence for the Blue but that the Ajah believes in making full use of members abilities.  They also hint that the Blue Ajah would not simply allow capable women to go off on their own accord.  Moiraine observes that Anaiya was clearly the leader of the Three and that Cabriana was already showing deference to Moiraine and Siuan, although they had not yet learned how the hierarchy worked.  After Eadyth explains the hierarchy Moiraine notes that at this time Anaiya stood above them in strength as they had not reached their full potential and tried to puzzle out the correct amount of deference to show Anaiya.  Anaiya informs Moiraine that she has been summoned to the Amyrlin Seat, Tamra Ospena, and informs Moiraine that Healing sometimes helps with the tightness of the Oaths, Moiraine feels more comfortable after the Healing.

Anaiya is also one of the Blue Sisters that teach Moiraine and Siuan lessons that only Aes Sedai are taught, the trick of concentration to not feel the heat/cold as well as Weaves such as the Warder Bond and the secret Ajah Weaves.  It is at this time that Anaiya and Moiraine develop their close friendship, although Siuan never developed a fondness for Anaiya.  Moiraine notes Anaiya’s taste for ruffles and frilly décor during these early days of being Aes Sedai and can see the disappointment from Anaiya when she changes the decoration of her rooms to eliminate at least some of this.

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Actions Between the Books


At some point after the events of New Spring we know Lan took Moiraine to Anaiya for Healing, it is unknown if this occurred in the Tower or if Anaiya happened to be traveling in an area where Moiraine and Lan were active.  Anaiya’s friendship with Kairen and Cabriana, who both seem to travel extensively, appears to indicate that Anaiya is one of the Aes Sedai that spends most of her time in Tar Valon, possibly researching or directing their secretive agenda.  Anaiya is also close friends with Janya who was a Sitter for the Brown and another indication that Anaiya spent her time in the Tower.  She was likely not aware of Tamra Ospena’s hunters despite being a high ranking Aes Sedai of Tamra’s previous Ajah, she likely would be dead at the hands of the Black Ajah had she been involved, but given Tamra’s choices Anaiya was likely too young to have gained Tamra’s trust with such a mission.  At some time before The Dragon Reborn Anaiya Heals Verin of a wound taken in tel’aran’rhiod which did not work as well as it should have.


Eye of the World

Anaiya is in the Tower during at least parts of the events of Eye of the World as she is on hand to be part of the entourage when Siuan and the Hall decide to put together a procession to Fal Dara to meet Moiraine.  Anaiya is also well informed of world events, indicating that she has been in Tar Valon to hear the rumors/reports of the various False Dragons that have appeared and even of the fighting on Almoth Plain.

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The Great Hunt

Anaiya makes her first on-page appearance within the main series in Fal Dara as part of the Amyrlin Seat Siuan Sanche’s entourage, she along with Maigan are the representatives of the Blue Ajah, Anaiya serves as a catalyst for the reader to learn much about what is going on in the world outside of what has yet appeared on page.  Many of the topics covered in this first appearance become significant later in the series.

Anaiya is sent, along with Liandrin of the Red, to bring Moiraine to attend the Amyrlin Seat.  She and Moiraine are clearly close friends of long standing and immediately fall into friendly conversation and begin catching up on events in the world. Liandrin was likely sent along because of the budding rift between Siuan and The Hall, Siuan would not have wanted to appear to be favoring a Blue Sister who was already seen as a problem within Tar Valon.  Siuan later explains that the Blues being sent to Fal Dara at all was questionable due to some of Moiraine’s behavior and Anaiya tells Moiraine, in a very friendly manner, that she has spent too much time away from the Tower.  Both Moiraine and Anaiya are quite careful around Liandrin due to the enmity between the Red and Blue Ajah.

As they walk through the hallways Anaiya shows her signature kindness to the residents, nobles and children they pass.  Being one of the first Aes Sedai we encounter aside from Moiraine the reader immediately sees in Anaiya a positive figure and sets Liandrin up as a very opposite type of personality.  Moiraine hints that Anaiya has dealings with the Hall, although she is not a Sitter for the Blue which has raised many theories about Anaiya’s position within the Tower.  Despite standing a little lower than Moiraine or Liandrin within the hierarchy, Anaiya commands respect from both, Liandrin going so far as to seemingly show deference.  Anaiya and Liandrin discuss the emergence of three additional False Dragons in Saldaea, Murandy and Tear, Anaiya shows her trademark glass half full mentality by assuring Moiraine that these situations are well in hand already and that only one of these men could Channel (Taim).  Moiraine inquires if any Aes Sedai had any Foretelling regarding the Dragon, but Anaiya confirms there have not been.

Anaiya shows that she has not been in Fal Dara in many years, at least officially, as she does not know Lady Amalisa, but immediately puts the Lady at her ease with her friendly nature.  Moiraine notes that Anaiya’s openness constantly surprises cunning people as they expect hidden meanings and actions that Anaiya does not participate in.  Anaiya also speaks of Morgase, who she recalls from Morgase’s time as a Novice, noting that Morgase is head strong and pushes her Daughter too hard and that Morgase needs to learn a little caution.  Anaiya also tells Moiraine that the Great Hunt has been called in Illian for the first time in four hundred years.  Liandrin surprisingly inserts the rumors about fighting on Almoth Plain which Anaiya notes as a rumor of a rumor.

When we next see Anaiya she is organizing and managing the loading of the Amyrlin’s river boats on the docks of Medo, en route from Fal Dara to Tar Valon.  She tells Egwene that Moiraine and Liandrin both vanished two days earlier, the Amyrlin was not pleased with either of them.  Egwene then tells Anaiya that she believes Rand is in trouble and about her dreams, leading Anaiya to consider that Egwene might be demonstrating the Talent of Dreaming, something linked to Foretelling and not seen in the Tower in nearly 500 years.  Anaiya goes on to contrive many (inconclusive) tests to determine if Egwene has the Talent.  Anaiya remains one of Egwene, Nynaeve and later Elayne’s teachers as they settle into life within the White Tower but is not seen on screen again within the book.

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The Dragon Reborn

Anaiya is first mentioned as Egwene thinks about resuming her testing once they return to Tar Valon as she has had many troubling Dreams since they left Almoth Plain and journeyed back to the White Tower.

Anaiya appears onscreen next during Mat’s Healing from the Shadar Logoth dagger.  Her presence is a comfort to Egwene who notes her kindness and determination in testing Egwene for Dreaming despite inconclusive results.  Anaiya was the Aes Sedai who gave a lecture on Vora’s sa’angreal which was used during the Healing and would later be of great significance to Egwene.  Anaiya places the dagger in its insulated box during the procedure and was visibly tired after they finished.

Verin tells Egwene that she and Anaiya had discussed Egwene’s possible Talent and then gives Egwene the stone ring ter’angreal to push her along more quickly as Verin believes Anaiya proceeds too slowly in such matters, but that Anaiya still believes Egwene has the Talent.  Verin also tells Egwene about being injured in Tel’aran’rhiod and that when Anaiya healed her it did not work as well as it should have and shows Egwene her scar.

Egwene, after her experiences, is unsure about how far to trust Anaiya, but is determined to find a way to probe the Sister for more information on Dreaming and learns from her that Dreams of ta’veren are nearly always significant.  Anaiya is one of the Sisters who checks in on Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve while they are serving their penances for running away, she appeared concerned until she noticed Egwene watching then became stern.

Anaiya also visits Mat after his Healing and Delved him.  She reminds Mat of his mother and she genuinely seems to try and make him feel comfortable, reassuring him that all his needs will be met while he is in recovery and that the Aes Sedai had his best interests at heart.  She seemed rather amused by Mat’s transparent efforts to leave and gave him a rueful smile and head shake as he passed her on his way out of the Tower.  Clearly, she expected him to be brought back to the Tower.

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The Shadow Rising

Anaiya is only mentioned once in the book, by Leane just after the coup.  Min is unsure if Anaiya or Sheriam are alive but tells Siuan and Leane about the Schism and that many Sisters had fled the Tower to oppose Elaida.

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Fires of Heaven

Anaiya first appears on page when Min, Logain, Siuan and Leane arrive in Salidar.  Like the other Aes Sedai Anaiya does not recognize the two Stilled women and is concerned about how Min found Salidar.  Anaiya, along with Sheriam, Carlinya and Myrelle, goes on to participate in the lengthy questioning of Siuan and Leane to prove they are who they claim, asking Siuan about an argument they had on Siuan’s twenty-second name day resulting in Anaiya sending Siuan to the kitchens as the then Accepted argued a little to arduously.  Anaiya is the first to announce that she is satisfied with the questioning, but none of the Aes Sedai were certain of what to do with the women.

Morvrin and Beonin join the group, the Salidar Six's first official appearance in the books, and they begin discussing the Rebel situation and Elaida’s control in the Tower.  Siuan again notes that she does not like Anaiya because she finds her difficult to work with due to Anaiya being stubborn, but not confrontational. When Siuan turns the conversation to the eyes-and-ears network she can access she notices that Anaiya seemed aware of the role Aeldene fulfilled for the Blue, which would have been known only to the most senior Blue Sisters.

Anaiya seems genuinely interested in reuniting the Tower, even going so far as to admit that she disliked Siuan and that personal feelings about an Amyrlin are not the point of the Tower, but ultimately all of the Salidar Six agree that the revelations about Logain, the Red and Elaida need to be brought to light and become a cornerstone of the long term Rebellion, and that they could not return to the Tower without deposing Elaida for these actions.  Anaiya was willing to then back Sheriam to become the Rebel Amyrlin, but Siuan points out the need for a more neutral woman to be raised and lays the groundwork for Egwene to eventually become Amyrlin.  Anaiya and Sheriam are the first of the Six to agree to this with Anaiya suggesting that a Strong Sister would be both a better symbol and that strength in the Power often indicated strength of will.

Anaiya suggests Kiruna Nachiman as a Green Sister who could be sent to the Waste in search of Rand, Beonin adds Bera Harkin as the other.  When Sheriam’s Warder Arinvar reports Gareth Bryne’s presence in the camp and then tells the Aes Sedai that Bryne’s skill as a Great Captain will likely come in handy, Anaiya admits to Siuan that she was correct, the Gaidin have not been fooled by the Aes Sedai.  She then participates in bringing Bryne into the Rebel cause.

Anaiya is also present when Elayne, Nynaeve and Birgitte arrive in Salidar and seems quite stern but is still gentle in her reprimand of Nynaeve for using the Power without permission.  Anaiya also drops a hint to the reader that Egwene will become Amyrlin may have already been decided by this point as she immediately latches onto the Dream Weaver ter’angreal to communicate with Egwene.  She also notes that only three of the Seals are still in place on the Dark One’s prison after they examine the one brought to Salidar.

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Lord of Chaos

Anaiya is first seen in LoC walking with Janya in Salidar.  They have a conversation with Elayne about all the remarkable discoveries she and Nynaeve have been making, Anaiya going so far as to reign Janya in from her enthusiasm on the topic.  Anaiya comments on Elayne being the first woman to have made a ter’angreal since the Breaking and gently chides Elayne for being sulky about the limited success she saw in her creations.

Later Anaiya along with the rest of the Six is seen discussing their efforts to convince the Hall to raise a new Amyrlin, clearly a choice that will be controversial (Egwene) and how outside of Aes Sedai none would dare comment on their choice as they do not understand how Aes Sedai systems work. Elayne, who witnesses this, does not understand what they are discussing though.

The Six later go to tel’aran’rhiod with Elayne and Nynaeve, becoming irritated with Nynaeve during the training session.  Anaiya reigning Nynaeve in gently, but firmly and allowing herself to be diverted from further annoyance by Elayne’s lesson.  Together the women all went to Elaida’s study and then sent Nynaeve off to follow Leane.  When a dreaming Elaida is glimpsed in tel’aran’rhiod it is Anaiya who notices her Stole has no blue stripe. Moments later Carlinya, followed by Anaiya and Morvrin become trapped in a nightmare within the World of Dreams, Anaiya hanging from her wrists and being flogged by Trollocs.  Sheriam, Beonin and Myrelle link to save them and are drawn into the nightmare themselves, this action forces Elayne to join them and get the women to all work together to destroy the nightmare.  Sheriam and Anaiya seem to be the most physically injured by the experience and all must return to Salidar for Healing.

Later, in Salidar Anaiya leads a circle, including Elayne, Nynaeve and Nicola, to fight off a Bubble of Evil, although she was convinced that the attack was the work of a Forsaken.  Nicola has a Foretelling about Rand and the three on a boat, but Anaiya didn’t catch what she said and Nicola could not remember that she had spoken and Anaiya simply assumes it has something to do with Nicola linking for the first time and briskly moves on with her battle plan.  As the action subsides Anaiya comments that this is not what she expected from one of the Forsaken, dissolves the link and sends the more exhausted Novices/Accepted to their beds.  Elayne and Nynaeve tell Anaiya, Ashmanaille and Bharatine about the bubble in Tear, but don’t seem to be taken too seriously at this point and Anaiya refuses to hear about what they have found (The Bowl of the Winds) until later.

Anaiya has Halima Saranov (aka Aran’gar, aka Balthamel) sent to Delana when she arrives in the camp claiming to know Delana and is later present to summon Egwene to Salidar from tel’aran’rhiod, when Egwene arrives within a single night Anaiya expresses surprise at the speed, but welcomes Egwene quite warmly and then confirms Siuan’s identity to Egwene and goes on to explain to Egwene that she was summoned to be raised to Amyrlin Seat.  Anaiya did not go in front of the Hall with Egwene, but was very motherly to her before Egwene, Sheriam, Morvrin and Myrelle went into the Hall.  Afterward Sheriam explains to Egwene that had they failed they would have all likely been exiled by the Hall.  Anaiya had made arrangements for Egwene’s rooms, which bore her hallmark lace and frills which was not to Egwene’s taste any more than what we see from Moiraine in New Spring.

Mat recognizes Anaiya when he enters Salidar, she is with Nicola and confirms Nicola’s Talent of seeing ta’veren.  Anaiya immediately moves to Aviendha to find out who she was.

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A Crown of Swords

Anaiya, along with the rest of the Salidar Six end up swearing fealty to Egwene when she and Siuan uncover the plan around the Ferrets/Fifth Column and later is sent to Bryne’s camp to stop rumors spreading to the soldiers about Rand swearing fealty to Elaida.  The Six then become an advisory committee to the Amyrlin representing each of the Ajah within the Rebellion.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

Along with Beonin and Myrelle, Anaiya is sent to Gareth Bryne to learn more of the Andoran army they are approaching.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg

Winter's Heart

Does not appear in the book, but remains with the Rebels as they Travel to Tar Valon.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Anaiya is part of Egwene’s entourage when she decides to take Beonin’s advice and allow the Rebel Sisters to begin negotiations with the Tower Hall and is unhappy, going so far as to lose her calm demeanor, something we had not seen from Anaiya at anytime prior to this in the books.  By this point Egwene has lost quite a bit of trust in Anaiya due to the various issues with the Salidar Six leading up to this point in the Rebel cause and possibly due in some respects to Siuan’s influence and existing dislike for Anaiya.

Anaiya goes to Egwene’s tent to inform her that Akarrin and her group have returned from investigating the site of the Cleansing and that Moria, a Sitter of the Blue, has called the Hall to hear their report.  Anaiya gives Egwene her thoughts on Moria standing against Elaida, but warns Egwene that fear effects even Aes Sedai, which can make people do unpredictable things, Anaiya still keeps a generally positive attitude toward reunification though and trusts that the Tower can and will survive even this level of open conflict.  Egwene believes that Anaiya is in favor of an assault on Tar Valon in order to achieve reunification.

Later that evening Nisao comes to Egwene’s tent to inform her that Anaiya and her Warder Setagana had been found dead, smothered with saidin, Anaiya’s death was something very stunning to most of the Rebels and Egwene realizes that only Anaiya had truly believed her to be a Dreamer and her reputation for arcane knowledge was well respected but without her none were willing to believe Egwene’s announcement of a Seanchan attack on Tar Valon.  Egwene orders Nisao to investigate the murder in secret and a little over a week later, Nisao informs Egwene when Kairen Stang has also been murdered with saidin, but neither of them knew of a link between Kairen and Anaiya.  Maigan is named by the Blue Ajah to replace Anaiya on Egwene’s advisory council.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Beonin advises Ashmanaille and Phaedrine to look for connections between Anaiya and Kairen as the murders are clearly not random and suggests a motive connecting a man who can channel to the murder of two seemingly random Aes Sedai.

Nisao goes to Romanda, the First Weaver of the Yellow, to seek her permission to continue the investigation after Lelaine tells her that their deaths are Blue Ajah business.  Nisao had learned little except that Anaiya, Kairen and Cabriana were close friends and the other Blues called them “the Three” because they were all closemouthed and only spoke to each other about their activities.

When Jahar Narishma tells the Rebel Hall that Eben Hopwill died at the hands of a female Forsaken channeling saidin Romanda came to the realization that Halima was also connected to Cabriana and that she and Delana must be arrested for the murders, but both women escaped before being captured.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Anaiya is mentioned in the book only when Siuan is informing Egwene that Delana and Halima were responsible for her and Kairen’s deaths and that they had both escaped.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Anaiya is deceased and is not mentioned in the book.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Anaiya is deceased and is not mentioned in the book.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Anaiya was one of the strongest living modern Aes Sedai with a strength level of 15 (3).  This placed her within the strongest 30-odd Aes Sedai who were living at the time of the main series events.  She was known to have good Healing abilities, able to save Moiraine from life threatening injuries at some point.  Anaiya was also known to have extensive knowledge of the arcane and was looked at as an expert in identifying Talents in other women and was likely a regular teacher of Novices and Accepted as she is seen on many occasions in the Tower and later with the Rebels giving various instructions.  She had more than enough strength to Travel and she was effective leading her circle in Salidar when they assumed they were being attacked by a Forsaken.

Notable Possessions


The only object of the Power directly associated with Anaiya is Vora’s sa’angreal which she had extensive enough knowledge to lecture on and is part of the circle which Healed Mat from the Shadar Logoth Dagger using the sa’angreal.



Anaiya dies well before the Last Battle, but her legacy as part of the Salidar Six will remember her as one of the Sisters who was instrumental in the early days of the Schism.  She is one of the few Aes Sedai that is consistently shown as caring and mostly selfless and was shown as an early example of the “positive” Blue and “negative” Red, being nearly the opposite of Liandrin’s personality from their first appearance on the page.  During the earlier books, the reader is meant to associate Moiraine’s Blue Ajah as “the good” Ajah and the opposing Red Ajah as “the bad” Ajah. Anaiya being a counterpoint to the cruel dark friend Liandrin much as Moiraine and Siuan are counterpoints to the power hungry Elaida.

Anaiya is often used to explain Aes Sedai customs and organization to the reader and is often seen in the books as a wise older character who passes information along to the main protagonists.

Anaiya was clearly a popular leader within the Blue Ajah and the Aes Sedai community in general and she was a pivotal character within the Tower leading up to the Last Battle. While there is no conclusive answer to Anaiya’s being First Selector prior to her death, there has been much speculation on Anaiya’s role within the Blue Ajah, she could have been the First Selector of the Ajah either prior to or during the Schism, but this is never confirmed.

The case FOR Anaiya as First Selector:  When she first appears in The Great Hunt Moiraine speaks about Anaiya dealing with the Hall of the Tower, even though she was not a Sitter, indicates that Anaiya may have had a leadership role within the Ajah and Moiraine was being circumspect due to Liandrin’s presence.  Anaiya is later one of the leaders of the rebel Aes Sedai in Salidar even though Sheriam of the Blue is also on the council making the Blue the only Ajah with two representatives and Sheriam is confirmed to NOT be the First Selector.  Myrelle’s being named as the head of the Green in Salidar is often cited as evidence that the other women on the council were also their respective Ajah Heads.  Lelaine is confirmed as First Selector only after Anaiya’s death and Siuan refers to being loyal to Lelaine as a Sitter rather than as First Selector.  She would have been the strongest (or close to) Blue who did not hold an official role within the Tower prior to the Schism. Sheriam, Leane, Siuan and Lelaine who were each stronger all held official Tower positions and we are told in New Spring that it was rare for the First Selector to also be a Sitter.  Moiraine, the only remaining Blue of greater strength, was rarely in the Tower, leaving Anaiya and Maigan as the highest strength Blues without official roles for the Ajah or Tower.

The case AGAINST Anaiya as First Selector:  Anaiya would be quite young to be an Ajah Head before the Schism.  Anaiya was 132 years old at her death, having worn the Shawl for 102 years.  Except for Galina of the Red, who was put in place through the use of the Black Ajah, no other pre-split Ajah Head was under 165 years old (Seranche was the youngest) and most are over 200 (Jesse, Adelorna, Sauna and Romanda), Anaiya would have been very young to have been First Selector at this time, even had Eadyth died/stepped down during the main series, much less prior.  Lelaine had a clearly adversarial role with the Salidar Six which seems to be at odds with Anaiya being the Ajah’s Head as she could have reigned Lelaine in to support Sheriam as Keeper of the Chronicles rather than trying to displace a fellow Blue for the role.

In Other Media

No announcement regarding Anaiya’s character has been made for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.  However, the character could make an appearance as early as season one given her timeline in the books, although producers could also choose to expand the character or combine her role with another Aes Sedai to simplify the TV adaptation.

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