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959 NE



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Ceasar of Saidin

Basic Information


Born in Tarabon in the year 959 NE, Aludra has a slim figure, with dark hair to her waist. At about 5 ½ feet tall, she is a pretty young woman in her late thirties, with large dark eyes and a small full mouth. She wears her thick hair in the Taraboner fashion, with a multitude of thin, beaded braids.




Aludra grew up in the Illuminators Guild and was a Master of her craft. She was the Mistress of a Chapter House of the Guild of Illuminators by the time she was in her thirties. Such an accomplishment could not have been achieved without certain skills, leadership qualities, and a personal drive to succeed. She is very demanding and expects perfection. Interacting with a subordinate, she is very stern, and she seems to be a bit of a micro-manager. When faced with a stressful situation, she was very mean and disrespectful of her subordinate, including personal insults directed to the man, blaming him for the mishap. To others, she showed her leadership differently though, quickly assessing the situation and deciding the next move. She instructs the subordinate to fix the situation in a very harsh and threatening manner. Aludra tends to mutter to herself regularly.

After she left the guild, she continued to make fireworks as a way to support herself, willing to ignore the guild laws as she is no longer a member. Even so, she is unwilling to give up the secrets of her former guild to others, which indicates that she also has loyalty and integrity. She proves to be honorable when she is given aid and insists on giving a reward, even though she could only offer fireworks in return. Aludra is also an inventor, indicating a level of mastery not just of how things among her craftwork, but how they could work better instead. She is respectful of the dangers of the fireworks, and shares that with others. She is practical and thoughtful. Aludra makes decisions based on what she suspects her enemies will do, which also implies some manner of cunningness. When Aludra makes an opportunity for herself with permanent employment, she continues perfecting one of her inventions, having many people try it out and provide feedback, further demonstrating her perfectionist nature.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Aludra was born in 959 NE in Tarabon and eventually joined the Illuminators Guild at a young age and was essentially raised by the Guild.


New Spring

Aluda is not present in the book and is presumed to be working as an Illuminator in Tarabon.

New Spring NICE.jpeg

Actions Between the Books


Aludra was born in Tarabon in 959 NE.  She took up with the Illuminators at a young age and was raised in the Guild.  By 998 NE, at the age of 39, she is the Mistress of one of only two Chapter Houses of the Illuminators Guild.


Eye of the World

Aludra is not present in this book.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

While evading bands of Darkfriends and Trollocs in Cairhien, Rand and Loial come to the Chapter House of the Illuminators Guild.  Just before they arrive, they are reunited with Selene, and the three make their way into the compound.  Loial warns that the Illuminators guard their secrets fiercely, and they are willing to kill to keep them.  Within the compound is a large open area in the center, where the Illuminators have a massive display of fireworks prepared for King Galldrian.

From an alleyway, Rand first sees the Guild Mistress, Aludra and her assistant Tammuz.  Aludra is inspecting the fireworks and grilling Tammuz about the readiness of everything.  From his response it is clear that she is a perfectionist, always checking his preparations ahead of time.  As the pair move on with their inspection, Rand’s party moves from the alley behind a rack of the lofting tubes.  When just about past the tubes, Loial brushes against a rack of wooden matches, knocking it over.  Some of the matches managed to ignite the fuses of one of the lofting tubes, and the three scramble behind a low wall.  When the nightflower goes off, the building lights up and people come out to investigate.  

Aludra angrily blames Tammuz for the mishap, using many personal slights against him, saying that he will kill them all one day.  He denies the fault is his.  She cuts him off and tells him not to speak to her.  In response to someone else’s question, however, her tone changes and she answers far more civilly. She indicates there is no time to prepare another, and Galldrian’s display will be less one firework.  She returns to chastising Tammuz, putting him on manure duty, and threatening worse if anything further goes wrong.  Tammuz felt he was treated very unfairly.  Loial spots Trollocs following them through the gate in which they entered.  Trapped between the Trollocs and the Illuminators, Loial and Selene run towards the nearby alley.  As the Trollocs advance, Rand grabs a smoldering wooden stick and ignites one of the tubes, holding the base to his chest, pointed at the Trollocs.  The explosion caused the other tubes to explode, and destroyed a good portion of the building, along with the Trollocs.  The Illuminators spring into action, getting pails of sand to put out the fire.  Rand and Loial steal away into the night, but Selene stays behind.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

The Dragon Reborn

Aringill is flooded with Cairhienen refugees and there are no rooms to be found in the city.  En route to Caemlyn from Tar Valon via riverboat, Mat and Thom arrive in Aringill and seek to find food, lodging, and animals.  

They are finally able to acquire lodging and horses at The Good Queen inn, but only in the hayloft in the stable.  After they get settled into the loft, they hear thunder and are glad to be out of the rain.  As they eat, it begins to rain.  

Shortly after that, the stable doors open, and Aludra has dragged her high-wheeled cart out of the rain.  She closes the doors and then lights a lantern with one of her firesticks.  Aludra seemed to have noticed Thom’s pipe smoke, but just then the doors opened and Tammuz, along with 3 henchmen, entered the stable.  Aludra chastises Tammuz again for his blunder in Cairhien.  He reiterates that she has gotten the death sentence for continuing to make fireworks.  Pulling a knife, he tells Aludra how much he will enjoy cutting her throat.  Mat launches himself from the loft, plowing into the 4 men.  Thom throws him down his quarterstaff, and Matt proceeds to best the 4 men in battle, knocking them all unconscious.  

Mat asks Aludra if she had to choose that particular stable to get murdered in, but she replied that she chose the stable because it was raining, she was wet, and no one was watching the door.  Aludra states that, just like in a story, she is saved by a Gleeman and a young hero.  Thom deduces, and Aludra acknowledges, that she was an Illuminator.  She explains to the two men that Tammuz ruined a performance for King Galldrian, and nearly destroyed the Chapter House, but she was in charge and was held responsible.  She tells Tom and Mat that she is not giving away the secrets of the Guild, but still makes fireworks to support herself.  She realizes that she cannot stay there and needs to leave before Tammuz and his thugs awaken.  She says that she has no money, but still feels that she needs to reward Mat for saving her.  Thom protests that she could earn a week’s meals selling that bundle, but she insists that she show gratitude, but not at the expense of her livelihood.  

She gives Mat a bundle of some fireworks, but not until she made him listen to a safety speech about the fireworks.  She tells him to keep them away from fire, indicating that many firing at once could likely blow up a whole house.  Finally, she reiterates that Mat must not cut open the fireworks.  She takes her to leave of Mat and Thom, indicating that she plans to head to Lugard, as her pursuers will expect her to go to Caemlyn.  Mat tries to give her some coins before she leaves, realizing she has no money.  She refuses his offer, jesting with Thom about Mat’s young age.  As Aludra leaves the stable, she kicks the unconscious body of Tammuz.  Thom asks her how she lit the lantern so quickly, and she says she won’t tell them all her secrets but hints that once she gets them perfected, her sticks will make her fortune.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Aludra is not present in this book.

The Shadow Rising NICE.jpg

Fires of Heaven

While traveling in Amador, near the town of Sienda, Nynaeve and Elayne, along with Thom and Julin, meet Valin Luca’s traveling menagerie.  After encountering Galad in Sienda, Elayne is shocked to learn that Galad is now an officer in the Whitecloaks.  Elayne panics and fearing that Galad might think the right thing to do would be to turn the girls in, decides to leave immediately.  The girls decide to travel to Ghealdan with the menagerie, thinking no one would suspect them going north.  After Luca agrees to bring them into the menagerie, he introduces the girls to the troupe.  Aludra is now traveling in the menagerie as well, so Nynaeve, Elayne, and Julin meet her for the first time.  As the mood towards Taraboners is not good in Amador currently, Aludra is no longer wearing her hair in braids, and it now goes straight down to her waist.  She does still have her heavy Taraboner accent as well.  She does not indicate that she knows Thom, as Thom later tells Mat, although he said that she did recognize him. (LoC44)  Since she chose not to know him, he did not see any reason to impose and find out why.  He told Mat that they met as strangers and departed as strangers.

A few weeks after joining the menagerie, Nynaeve is walking about the camp while dinner is cooking.  Along the way she stops near Aludra’s wagon, watching Cerandin filing the toenails of one of her boar-horses.  Aludra is working a mortar and pestle on a table that was made from the side of her wagon, muttering to herself while she worked.  Aludra comments that Cerandin is quite skilled with her hands and feet.  Nynaeve glares at her, and Aludra comments that she is not Nynaeve’s enemy.  She gives Nynaeve a box of firesticks, changing the name from strikers after making some improvements.  Aludra was having folks all over the camp trying out the firesticks.  They were good for lighting fires and lanterns, but the sticks could also rub against each other, or some rough object, and simply burst into flames.

After being with the menagerie for nearly a month, the girls leave after the menagerie reaches Samara, in Ghealdan.  When the girls are leaving, Aludra wishes them safe travels and gives Nynaeve another two boxes of firesticks.

The Fires of Heaven NICe.jpg

Lord of Chaos

While Mat is waiting to leave Salidar for Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nynaeve he has a conversation with Thom.  Thom tells him that when he had seen Aludra in Luca’s menagerie that she had chosen not to remember him.  He met her a stranger and left her a stranger.  Mat thinks that he would like to meet Aludra again, her fireworks had proven very useful to him.

Lord of Chaos NICE.jpg

A Crown of Swords

Aludra is not present in this book.

Crown of Swords Nice.png

Path of Daggers

Aludra is not present in this book.

The Path of Daggers NICe.jpg

Winter's Heart

While Mat is still staying in Ebou Dar with Tylin, recuperating from his broken leg, Luca’s menagerie is there.  Mat had visited the menagerie and by chance discovered that Aludra was there now.  Since then, he had spent many days visiting her, trying to get her to share the secret of how to make the fireworks, hoping that she would not bring up the Illuminator’s Guild.

Mat visits Aludra’s wagon, noticing that though it looked similar to a Tinker’s wagon on the outside, the inside was lined with cabinets and workbenches built-in to the walls and really not a dwelling. Mat tells Aludra that the Seanchan damane create Sky Lights, much more impressive than her fireworks.  She replies that she had not seen them but seemed dismissive of his claims.  Aludra is using a mortar and pestle, grinding in some black powder, with the mortar the size of a large keg, and the pestle nearly as long as her arm.  Mat notes that the powder looks like what he had found inside fireworks he had cut open once, but he still didn’t know what it was.

Aludra tells Mat again that she will not give up the secrets of the Guild.  He reminds her that she was no longer in the Guild.  He tells her that he learned while dicing that the Guild Chapter House in Tanchico had been destroyed when they were defending themselves from the Seanchan, and the remaining Illuminators had all been enslaved by the Seanchan.  After she learns this news, her resolve softens and she asks him what he would do with the fireworks, suggesting he might be thinking of using catapults to throw the fireworks.  Mat tells her that instead of catapults, he thought the lofting tubes would work better if turned sideways.

Mat implies that these could be used as weapons against the Seanchan, allowing her a measure of revenge.  She tells him that she is impressed he thought of it, after having just seen the tubes a few days prior.  She goes on to tell him that she had been working on that idea for quite some time.  She agrees to share all or her secrets with Mat, including those that “would make him blush” if he can solve a riddle – what use would she have for a bell founder.  That certainly intrigued Mat, and he agreed.  She sends him away, saying he is distracting her from her work, telling him to return in 2-3 days.  As he leaves, she tells him that she would consider kissing him if he did not already belong to another, and comments on his “pretty bottom”.

Days later Mat sees her again, but she is still unwilling to share her secrets, though it seems she and Mat have started to be romantic by this point.  She will allow nothing more than kisses, but she seemed to Mat to be quite enthusiastic about those.  By this point, Aludra has taken to wearing her hair in braids again.  She tells Mat that she only tells men as much as they need to know but jokes that perhaps she set him to the riddle just to make sure he returns.  It is noted that Aludra will no longer use nightflowers, since learning of what the Seanchan did to the Tanchico Chapter House.  Mat noted to himself earlier in the day that since the first kiss with Aludra, Tylin had all the young maids and serving women that attended Mat be replaced with old women instead.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

After leaving Ebou Dar, the menagerie heads north towards Lugard, stopping and performing at all the small towns along the way.  One such town in which they stop is Jurador.  Mat had promised that he would take Tuon to buy some materials to make dresses.  While walking through Jurador, Matt notices Aludra speaking with a salt merchant.  Matt wonders to himself what Aludra would want from a salt merchant, noticing the merchant had a pleased smile on his face and was nodding to Aludra.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Mat decides to walk alone to Jurador to buy a horse for Tuon.  When he returns to the show, he notices Aluda taking receipt of two wagon loads of various sizes of barrels, as well as the wagons and horses. This piques Mat’s curiosity as to what all she purchased in such quantity.  Mat notes that Aludra releases two or three nightflowers a night, just after dark so that everyone could see them before going to bed.  Mat is still thinking about why she needs a bellfounder and thinks he has an idea, but to him, the only one that made sense made no sense he could actually see.

When the circus makes camp at Runnien’s Crossing, Aludra sets up a canvas-enclosure to use to launch her fireworks.  Mat pulls back a flap and enters the enclosure, earning a glare from Aludra.  She is holding a large ball, the size of a melon, and dark.  Mat figures a town the size of Runnien’s Crossing only merited a single nightflower.  Before Aludra can erupt at his entrance he blurts out “Lofting tubes!” and then tells her that she wants a bellfounder to make bronze lofting tubes, but he still hasn’t figured out why.  His reasoning was that two people could lift a wooden lofting tube, but it would take a derrick to lift a bronze one.  Aludra was silent for a long moment before finally telling him, with a low, throaty laugh, that he was such a clever young man.  She muses that her tongue always gets her in trouble when she makes promises to clever young men.  She also says that at this point she will not share the secrets with him that would make him blush, as he is already juggling two women, and she will not be juggled.  Mat is shocked to hear that he had guessed it correctly.  She tosses him the firework and he thinks a firework that large would blow up both him and Aludra. 

 After getting over his initial shock, Mat figures she would not have tossed it to him if likely to explode, and he begins nonchalantly tossing it back and forth between his hands.  He knew that she wanted to make weapons to get back at the Seanchan for destroying the Guild of Illuminators but did not see how the bronze tubes would make a better weapon.  She snatches the nightflower back from him, muttering to herself and inspecting the leather covering closely to make sure it was not damaged at all, and Mat thinks that maybe it was not so safe after all.  She tells him that a proper lofting tube would send the nightflower she is holding up to 300 paces straight up, and further if the tube was canted at an angle, but still not as far as she wants.  Aludra explains to Mat that the bronze tubes will allow her to use more powder to send the projectiles further, as the explosion of that much powder would destroy the current wooden tubes.  She further explains that with a bronze tube, she could send a projectile a little smaller than the nightflower close to two miles.  Aludra tells him that the projectile would be made of iron, packed with explosive powder on a slow fuse.  Mat was very aware that the force equalizer on the battlefield would be like having Aes Sedai or Asha’man on your side, but better since Aes Sedai were not allowed to use the Power as a weapon unless they were in danger.  

Thinking things through in his head, Mat brings up the fact that the weapons were great unless the enemy was coming from the other direction, as the tubes would not be mobile enough to react.  Aludra tells him that she has named them Dragons, and the projectiles are called Dragon’s Eggs.  She chose the name Dragon because the Seanchan will howl at their bite.  Mat starts asking her specific questions about how to move the Dragons around and she is pleased that he is more than a pretty face.  Mat watches as she prepares the tube for launching the nightflower.  Aludra tells Mat that she has already drawn plans for what she calls Dragon Carts, with four horses pulling one cart, and a second cart to hold the Eggs.  Aludra asks Mat if he wants to learn the secret of the powders now, saying that she had promised to share them with him, bitterly adding that she was the Guild now and she can decide what is secret.  Mat tells her that he wants her to come with him when he leaves Luka’s circus.  Mat tells her that he knows someone that would not only pay for it, but he can have every bellfounder from Andor to Tear stop working on anything else but the dragons.  Mat said he could afford to have hundreds made himself if it came to that.  When Aludra asks who the person was, Mat told her it was the Dragon Reborn.  Mat tells her that only a few people know, and it has to remain a secret.  Aludra replies that she has been keeping the secrets of the Guild since she was a girl and will keep this secret as well.  She tells Mat that dragons, and revenge on the Seanchan, are her life now.  She tells Mat that she believes him, that she will leave with him when he goes, and he will help her make the dragons.

Mat and his party leave Luca’s show at Maderin.  A couple of days later, while having lunch, Aludra is playing stones with Thom, and has beaten him twice in the past few days.  Mat uses a striker to light his pipe, and Aludra tells him that the strikers should not be wasted.  She tells Mat that it takes her two days being in the same place to be able to make more, and muses that men always want to make work for woman.

While Talmanes is leading the party to meet up with the Band of the Red Hand, Thom and Aludra are riding near Tuon.  Aludra glances briefly at Tuon before looking away.  Tuon notes that Aludra always has a wooden face when looking at either her or Selucia.  Tuon believes that Aludra is one who has not accepted The Return.  She notices Aludra looking at Mat and thinks she has a satisfied look on her face.  Tuon wonders why Mat brought Aludra along, as it was surely not for her fireworks.

While Mat’s troops are starting to attack Seanchan positions, Mat impatiently wonders what is keeping Aludra.  A while later a scout reports seeing two green nightflowers in the sky.  This was the signal to let Mat know that the raken was not at the supply camp, and Reimon would be overrunning the camp any minute.

When Furyk Karede catches up with Mat’s group, Talmanes takes him to meet with Thom.  Thom is sitting on a blanket with Aludra, playing a game of Stones.  Aludra’s face takes on a hateful glare when she sees Karede and the other Seanchan.

After Tuon leaves with Karede, Mat prepares to engage with Seanchan forces.  Aludra is inspecting one of her lofting tubes, but Mat wishes she had stayed back and not joined them in the battle.   He thinks that anyone could have used one of Aludra’s strikers to light the fuse, but Aludra insisted on doing it herself.  He notes how fierce Aludra was, and how she was not pleased even temporarily working with the Seanchan that Mat is using.  She didn’t like the Seanchan seeing her weapons without being on the receiving end of them.

When the Seanchan attack, Aludra has a squad of 50 sling men.  Each had a short sword, but also carried a 4-foot long sling staff.  Each man had a vest custom-made to hold the explosive short leather cylinders.  Aludra herself lit the slow matches the sling men used to light their cylinders, using each striker until it nearly burned her fingers.  Aludra complains during the fight that she wished she had her Dragons, but then admonished herself for speaking of that in Mussenge’s presence.  Aludra sends a red night flower up directly in front of the advancing Seanchan, keeping their attention forward as thousands of crossbow bolts start hitting them.

As the sling men begin their volley of explosives at the enemy, they have a choice of different sized fuses on the various cylinders.  Aludra had designed them having bits of thread at varying lengths along the fuses to allow for different burning times.  This allowed them to all go off at various times and heights in their trajectory.  Aludra had also wrapped a layer of hard pebbles around the layer of explosives in the cylinder, creating explosions with shrapnel.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


When Mat and a small group go into Hinderstap, Aludra stays with the main party and does not accompany them.

When the party is preparing to go to Trustair, Mat seeks out Aludra.  Aludra had set herself up near the back of the camp in a more secluded area.  Aludra had sheets hanging between trees to block any views of her workspace.   Additionally, she had Bale Doman guarding the entrance.  When Mat enters, he finds Aludra sitting on a stump in the middle of her area, with various powders, tools, and papers with notes arrayed on strips of cloth on the ground around her.  She was no longer wearing her hair in braids, and her long hair fell loose around her shoulders.  Leilwin is assisting Aludra in her work.  Aludra has a great many pages of notes with drawings of dragons and lists of figures for the raw materials she will need to construct them at scale.  Mat sees on the list items such as copper and tin, with no figures next to them.  He also saw items like charcoal, sulfur, and bat guano with very large numbers next to them.  When Mat comments that the numbers are quite large, Aludra responds that he had asked her for a miracle.  She tells Mat that she will need all the bellfounders between Andor and Tear, as he had promised.  She also needs ALL of the copper and tin in the lands held by the Dragon Reborn.  Aludra agrees to let Mat take the plans for the dragons and put them in his chest carrying his gold for safekeeping.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Aludra attempts her first field test of the new dragons for Elayne in Caemlyn.  Elayne, still bed-ridden, has her bed brought to the top of the tower so that she could still see the display.  Aludra had a model dragon on a wooden framework for display, but the live dragon was on the top of the next tower down.  Elayne remembers Aludra from their time in the circus together but is not sure that Aludra is trustworthy, and will have master Norry keep an eye on her.  Elayne notes that Aludra was very demanding and exacting in her requirements and had the bronze tube recast three times to make sure it was right.  Aludra had successfully tested the dragon the night before and sent Elayne a note to meet her on the city wall to see a demonstration.  Aludra was still not wearing her hair in braids, but rather her hair ran in waves down to her waist.  Elayne notes that Aludra did not care for jewelry, and she had never seen the woman wear any.

Aludra had a group of soldiers on the roof with the model dragon, showing Elayne what the men were doing on the tower with the actual dragon, being supervised by Mat.  Aludra had set up 50 dressing dummies on a far hill.  When questioned by Birgitte, Aludra assures her that the dragons are safe, and her calculations are accurate.  She explains that a team of three men is ideal to operate the dragons; four, to have a spare operator in case of injury.  She says that one man could do it all himself, but that would be much slower.  The full team on the live dragon were able to reload it in about 3 minutes.  Aludra had said that would be faster with training.  Elayne is so impressed with the display that she agrees to offer all Andor’s resources to create dragons.  She did get Aludra to concede to an oath that Aludra would share her blueprints with no one else.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


During the battle at Caemlyn, Talmanes is injured by a Fade while trying to get to the warehouse storing the dragons.  They arrive to find the warehouse burned and the dragons are gone and fear the worst.  After being attacked by another band of Trollocs, Talmanes kills another Fade.  Aludra and many hundreds of townspeople had protected the dragons and barricaded themselves at the end of the street.  She has her hair back in braids again.  Aludra comments that Talmanes and his men sure took their time coming for her.  In her hand, she holds one of the leather cylinders previously used by the sling men.  Aludra leads Talmanes and his men into the barricaded area and shows that they still have 100 Dragons, all on the Dragon Carts for mobility.  She indicates that they have plenty of people to pull the carts.  Talmanes orders them to get the Dragons away and Aludra says that is what she has been trying to do.  Aludra asks Talmanes about the black veins showing and he explained that he was dying.  Trollocs begin to converge on their location.  Talmanes begins making orders, and Aludra lets him know they are low on Dragon’s Eggs, and they will need to get more from Baerlon.  As the Trollocs close in, they face the Dragons in a semi-circular line facing the Trollocs.  Aludra is measuring the charges to use for their last stand.  They find that Trollocs are also lining the city walls, pinning them in.  Aludra tells Captain Guybon and Dannil Lewin that she can place charges to destroy the Dragons rather than allow them to be captured by the Shadowspawn.  Talmanes gets inspiration and has one squad of Dragoneers point their Dragons towards the city walls.  They all aim at the same section of the wall, fire the Dragons, and blow the wall and Trollocs to pieces, with the wall tumbling outward from the hole.

The Kinswomen at Caemlyn had opened gateways to get the Dragons away and brought them to Elayne at Merrilor.  After seeing Talmanes, Egwene finds Nynaeve and gets her to Heal Talmanes.  Elayne sees Aludra with the refugees and goes to question her.

When Elayne’s forces draw the Trollocs out of Caemlyn into the Braem Woods, Aludra is with Talmanes and the Dragons.  Aludra is yelling out aiming instructions, measurements, and occasional curses at Dragoneers making mistakes or not moving quickly enough.  After two volleys of the Dragons were set off, and the smoke cleared, thousands of Trollocs had been decimated.

In a move to avoid being caught between two Trolloc armies, Elayne’s forces head to Cairhien.  They arrive before the northern army of Trollocs and engage them when they reach the city.  Aludra leads the Dragoneers, and after they fire their first volley, she and the men adjust the position of the tubes so as to do much more damage on subsequent volleys.

During the battle at Cairhien, Aludra had rolled her Dragons up to the top of the highest hill.  She had fired until all of the Dragon’s Eggs were used up.   She then started firing pieces of armor out of the Dragons, until her powder ran low.  The resupply of Dragon’s Eggs was still in Baerlon, as the channelers didn’t have the strength left to open gateways.  When the Trollocs finally broke through and charged up the hill, the Dragoneers pulled their swords to engage them.  Elayne gathered what strength in the power she could get from the Circle she was in and blasted a fireball at the Trollocs.  At that point, Logain shows up with over 100 Asha’man reinforcements.

On the Field of Merrilor, Uno meets up with Talmanes, Aludra, and the Dragons, on Polov Heights.  Uno’s archers and pikemen will provide support for the Dragons.  When Aludra sees Uno, she tosses him some wax to use as earplugs against the noise of the Dragons firing.  Uno notes that Talmanes might have been in charge of the troops, but she had control of the Dragons.  Aludra was telling the men how to position the dragons for the fight.  Just moments after both Uno and Aludra get orders to retreat, the Dragons are attacked by Sharan channelers with lightning and fireballs.  Demandred appears through a gateway, demanding the Dragon Reborn face him.  Uno is taking cover amidst the wreckage of ruined dragons, yelling for his men to fall back.

Mat had pulled 5 or 6 functional dragons, along with Aludra, through a gateway to safety.  Aludra sets the dragons up south of Hawal’s Ford, aimed towards the Heights.    She would stay mobile, with the Dragons moving along the shore, obscured by the smoke from the firing Dragons, to avoid Demandred being able to pinpoint her location.

Late in the battle, the Dragons are moved to a subterranean cavern for repairs.  The Band and Aludra are in the cavern, working on fixing the Dragon Carts.  Aludra had drawn out sketches with instructions and was overseeing the repairs of one Dragon herself, while Dannil and others were using the drawings to work on others.

While the dragons were still in the cavern, Aludra took a position on Dashar Knob, using a spyglass to choose the locations where the Asha’man would open the gateways.  They would open a gateway through which she could tell them the next shot, and then a gateway would be opened towards the next target.

When the Seanchan return to the battle, their forces, and Mat’s forces push the Trolloc army into a corridor between the bogs and the southwestern end of the Heights.  Aludra and Talmanes reposition the Dragons across from the corridor and start firing Dragon’s Eggs into the mass of Trollocs.

After the battle was over, Mat convinced Aludra to set off a grand display of nightflowers.  Aludra had trained about half of the Dragoneers how to make fireworks and handle the powders.  Mat notes that Aludra was far less secretive of her craft now.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

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Special Abilities


Aludra has talents in chemistry, with knowledge of how to make explosive powders.  She uses her knowledge to make fireworks primarily but also invented a match-like device called a striker, later renamed to firestick.  Her most historical invention was the creation of the Dragon weapons and their various accessories.

Although she has shared the secrets of mixing the powders with some of the men who manned her Dragons, it was never revealed that she shared the secrets of making the firesticks.

Notable Possessions


Aludra invented Dragons, and the carts with wheels on which they were mounted, called Dragon Carts.  These Dragons were able to fire multiple kinds of projectiles, though the primary ammunition for the devices was another of Aludra’s inventions called Dragon’s Eggs.  Dragon’s Eggs were iron projectiles packed with explosive powder, on a slow fuse.  The Dragon would propel them across the battlefield, where they would explode.  The length of the slow fuses could be adjusted, to alternate the timing of the explosions.  Aludra also invented a way to pack a layer of stones about her projectiles, wrapped in a leather sheath.  These projectiles would create shrapnel when they detonated.  Additionally, Aludra created a cylindrical-shaped projectile, also with slow fuses of varying lengths and wrapped in shrapnel, for use with a sling staff.



Aludra will be remembered for being the creator of the Dragon weapons used in the Last Battle.  She is an excellent inventor and her inventions using the powders of the Illuminators will change the 4th Age. Aludra was also the last living member of the Illuminators Guild.

In Other Media

No announcement has been made yet about Aludra in Amazon's Wheel of Time adaptation.

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