Adelorna Bastine

Add-ah-lor-NA Bass-teen




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796 NE



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Daraus Sedai

Basic Information


Adelorna is short, around 5’3” tall (no taller than Egwene), and very slim, but possesses a stately, regal presence. She has dark hair and her blue eyes were tilted, an obvious sign to her Saldaean heritage. Having been sworn to the Three Oaths for 169 years she has the typical ageless appearance of a modern Aes Sedai.




Adelorna projects confidence and authority and is a natural leader. Adelorna is extremely tough and determined, even being compared to a feral hound.

Spoilers Below!!!

Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Adelorna has been Aes Sedai for nearly 150 years prior to the events of New Spring.  She is clearly a leader within the Ajah by 978 NE as she is among the few to hear of Gitara Moroso’s Foretelling, although unconfirmed, this could mean she was a Sitter in the Hall or perhaps either the First Strategist or First Tactician under then Green Ajah Captain-General Kerene Nagashi.  Little more is known of Adelorna’s activities prior to the events in the later part of the main series.


New Spring

Adelorna is briefly mentioned by Ellid Abareim while she is telling Siuan and Moiraine that she overheard Adelorna tell Shemaen that Gitara Moroso had a Foretelling that Tarmon Gai’don will come during the lifetimes of sisters now breathing.

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Actions Between the Books


Adelorna becomes the Captain-General (Head) of the Green Ajah sometime after Kerene Nagashi’s death at the hands of the Black Ajah in New Spring.  It is not known if she previously held one of the other senior positions (Sitter, First Strategist or First Tactician) within the Green prior to this appointment.  The exact timing of Adelorna becoming Captain-General is never confirmed, but given her age and strength in the Power it is likely that she directly followed Kerene into the position around 979 NE when Adelorna was ~183 years old and had worn the Shawl for close to 150 years.  Only 5 Green Sisters are confirmed as stronger in the Power at this time and of those women only Merise Haindehl, who spent her time away from Tar Valon, was of appropriate age (Cadsuane was presumed dead or retired at this time).


Eye of the World

Adelorna is never mentioned in the book, but she is active in the White Tower as the Head of her Ajah

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The Great Hunt

Adelorna is not present in this book.

The Great Hunt NICE.jpg

The Dragon Reborn

Adelorna is not present in this book.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Adelorna is not present in this book.

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Fires of Heaven

Adelorna sends Sitter Faiselle Darone to join the Rebels and influence events to bring them back.  Once Faiselle is gone from the Tower, Adelorna first appoints Joline Maza, who was an active participant in the overthrow of Siuan Sanche, as Sitter for the Green, however, after serving a stiff penance related to the lack of progress in finding the escaped Siuan Sanche, Elaida had her un-chaired and sent her to Ebou Dar as an ambassador to an insignificant throne.  Adelorna then selects Rina Hafden to take the position as Sitter.  Rina is one of the too-young women who become Sitters during the schism and is given her seat in the Hall outside of the traditional way Greens choose Sitters.

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Lord of Chaos

Adelorna is not present in this book.

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A Crown of Swords

Adelorna, remains in the White Tower and along with Josaine, another Green, is punished by Elaida/Alviarin for secretly taking an angreal from the White Tower storerooms.  Elaida is told to give stiff penance to both women and reward sisters Doraise of the Brown, Kiyoshi of the Gray and Farellien of the Yellow as upstanding Sisters for preserving Tower law.  This is part of the Black Ajah plot to sow dissension between the Ajah still in the White Tower and create Chaos.  Adelorna is birched for this infraction, although the typical punishment should have been much lighter, inciting outrage from the Green.

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Path of Daggers

Adelorna is not present in this book.

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Winter's Heart

Adelorna is not present in this book.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Adelorna is revealed as the Captain-General of the Green Ajah by captured Black Sister Talene Minley.  The Black Hunters have begun to puzzle out that there is something afoot with the various Ajah Heads and the Sitters who have been appointed to the Hall since the Schism.  Suana Dragand of the Yellow, Serancha Colvine of the Gray and Ferane Neheran of the White are all named as Ajah Heads at this time.

Off screen Adelorna is pressuring Green Sitters Talene, Rubinde and Rina to force negotiations with the Rebels who have appeared outside the Tower.  This is apparently in conjunction with the other Ajah Heads; Suana and Ferane are each present in the meeting as Sitters for their Ajah, along with Shevan of the Brown and Andaya of the Gray are all in agreement that negotiations must be attempted.  Rubinde and Rina each seem reluctant to enter negotiations, with Rubinde going so far as to state outright that she has been “instructed” to make the same points as Shevan outlined.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Adelorna makes her first onscreen appearance walking through the Tower with her three Warders who were all on edge due to the tension in the Tower created by the Black Ajah and Elaida.  Adelorna later has Egwene brought to her rooms for a private lesson, where she disciplines Egwene three times with a hairbrush, yet still finds Egwene to be strong willed and muses that even Cadsuane would struggle with her.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Adelorna first appears during the Seanchan raid on the Tower, she is fleeing a group of Seanchan that killed fellow Green Josaine and captured Marthera with an a’dam.  Despite her shame at her Ajah being so easily defeated, Adelorna shows that she is willing to continue to fight.  She encounters a Sul’dam and damane pair and is forced to flee again, fighting against being shielded, but is eventually caught and shielded.  The Sul’dam Gregana then placed an a’dam around her neck.  Luckily for Adelorna, Egwene appears, removes the a'dam and kills Gregana along with another Sul’dam and frees two damane. Egwene then instructs the Novices with her to take the captured damane and put them with the others they have taken and begins to destroy the Seanchan to’raken even though she knows they are likely carrying Aes Sedai captives.  She tells Adelorna the captives would be better off dead than as damane.  Adelorna tries to take charge from Egwene but is quickly shot down and finds herself falling under Egwene’s command, calling her “Mother” and telling Egwene that one of her Warders has been killed, and another wounded (we are given his name as Talric in the Companion).  Egwene is impressed that Adelorna is still standing despite this then weaves a gateway for the Novice Lucain to inform the others of the latest news and that she would bring more angreal soon to help fight off the Seanchan.  Adelorna is both angry and frightened when Egwene tells her that the Seanchan will likely have the ability to Travel soon if they capture any woman that Elaida had taught the weave. Adelorna is stunned and impressed when she realizes that Egwene truly could have left her captivity at any time, more so when Egwene tells her she would have considered leaving an abandonment of duty as she is the true Amyrlin Seat and knew this attack was coming due to her Dreaming Talent.  Adelorna goes on to fight at Egwene’s side throughout the rest of the attack.

Adelorna, along with the other Ajah Heads, Jesse, Suana, Ferane and Serancha hold a secret meeting after the raid and the realization that Elaida had been among the captured.  The women argue about which of them was at fault, revealing that Jesse Bilal of the Brown had originally noted that there had been times in the Tower’s history when the Ajah Heads ruled instead of the Amyrlin, but the other women had all been willing participants.  They go on to reveal the actions they had taken and the consequences.  Sending Sitters not involved in Elaida’s raising to the rebellion, which ended with these women becoming entrenched in the rebellion after hearing that the Red had set Logain up as a False Dragon.  The Ajah Heads also appointed too-youthful Sitters, intended to serve for a short time and be easily guided, instead they ended up inflating immature women’s egos, leading to infighting and indecisive actions within the Hall.

Admitting to themselves that not only had Elaida been a disaster, but also that they had failed to be circumspect enough with the too-young Sitters creating suspicion within all the Ajah.  At this time, they abandon the original plan, leave Elaida to her fate (Adelorna believing Elaida got what she deserved for being dismissive of the Seanchan threat), and go on to decide to try and rebuild the Tower under a new Amyrlin, a woman they can all rally behind.  Saerin and Seaine are both mentioned as they each led groups during the attack and are well respected and Ferane believes one of the five Ajah Heads should lead.  But Adelorna puts forth the idea of Egwene and then confirms to the other women that all the rumors of Egwene’s actions during the attack are accurate, seen by Adelorna’s own eyes.  They all agree that they will step back and set up an Amyrlin Seat of true strength, ending their hopes to run the Tower from the shadows.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Adelorna is not directly mentioned in the book but is noted to be the Captain-General of the Green after the reunification of the Tower.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Adelorna speaks to Egwene regarding the Green Ajah’s negative response to a Red being chosen as Egwene’s Keeper.  She is attempting to smooth the relationship with Egwene and recognizes that Egwene would have chosen Green had she been a more conventional Aes Sedai.  Telling Egwene that the Green leadership has chosen to embrace the actions Egwene took during the Seanchan raid and that Green Sisters will be more respectful in the future.  She essentially admits to Egwene that she is the Captain-General, something only another Green would know.  The gesture moves Egwene.

This is the last we see of Adelorna in the series. But we can assume she went on to lead the Green Ajah during the Last Battle, with Egwene later noting that the Ajah lived up to its moniker as the “Battle Ajah”.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Adelorna is quite strong by modern Aes Sedai standards, possessing a strength level of 16 (4) which places her near the top 50 of all living/modern White Tower Aes Sedai.  She has more than enough strength to open gateways for Traveling and as the Captain-General of the Green Ajah she has proficiency with many weaves used in military combat and presumably some level of military expertise in matters involving the use of the One Power in war situations. It is noted that the Green Ajah upholds their reputation very well during the Last Battle, destroying waves of Trolloc armies.  Additionally, Adelorna survives the attack on Tar Valon by the Seanchan, during the raid she witnesses other Greens being killed and captured and is personally suffering from the effects of one Warder being injured (Talric) while another was killed, but she was still ready to actively fight with the Power.  She joins with Egwene on the twenty-second level and helps fight off the attackers.

Notable Possessions


Adelorna was used as an example by Elaida (at Alviarin’s instigation) due to her unauthorized possession of an angreal in her quarters and was birched for the minor infraction, which created outrage within the Green Ajah and rapidly eroded relationships between the Ajahs still in the Tower.



Adelorna’s fate is unknown, but she survived to fight in the Last Battle as the Captain-General of the Green Ajah, distinction for being the woman who led the Ajah as it fulfilled its ultimate purpose. This may have been foreshadowed in New Spring as Adelorna is heard repeating a Foretelling that Sisters living at the time would live to see the Last Battle.

She was a longtime leader of the Green Ajah and in the last stages of the Tower schism she came to see Egwene as the true Amyrlin, going so far as to convince the other Ajah Heads to support Egwene and reunify the Tower with Egwene as their Amyrlin Seat.  Adelorna is one of the few Aes Sedai leaders who willingly opens her mind and accepts Egwene as more than just a young girl, this is through Egwene’s own efforts.

If Adelorna survived the Last Battle she would need to lead the Green Ajah into the Fourth Age and help find a new purpose for an Ajah that was once dedicated to fighting the Last Battle.  With its original purpose fulfilled, it will be up to Adelorna and other leaders within the Ajah to forge a new path and purpose.  As Captain-General Adelorna has near autocratic command over the second largest Ajah in the White Tower, so her decisions could have long lasting effects for all Aes Sedai.

In Other Media

No announcement regarding Adelorna’s character has been made for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.  However, the character is not likely to make an appearance in earlier seasons unless producers choose to take a deeper look at the White Tower or have New Spring scenes.  They could also choose to expand the character or combine her role with another Aes Sedai, such as Kerene Nagashi, to simplify the TV adaptation.

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