Adeleas Namelle

Ah-dEL-Eas NAM-elle




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735 NE



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Daraus Sedai

Basic Information


Adeleas stands about 5’4” (163 cm) tall, is slender and graceful with fine bones and a long, patrician face. She has dark eyes and her hair has gone almost entirely white and was typically gathered at the back of her neck. She looked nearly identical to her younger sister Vandene Namelle of the Green Ajah, but the two are not actually twins. She has the ageless face of an Aes Sedai who has worn the shawl for many years.




Like many Sisters of the Brown Ajah, Adeleas is thoughtful and often seems more engaged by her books and studies than she is with the world around her. However, Adeleas is not entirely vague or detached regarding events in the world and involves herself directly despite having been in retirement for many years.

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Actions During the Story

Actions Before the Story


Adeleas Namelle was born in 735 NE, at age 17 in 752 NE she and her younger sister Vandene Namelle enrolled as Novices in the White Tower.  She became Accepted in 757 NE and five years later in 762 NE she passed the tests for the Shawl and was raised Aes Sedai, choosing the Brown Ajah.  Along with her sister, who progressed in lockstep with Adeleas and chose the Green Ajah.  In 930 NE, after 168 years as active Aes Sedai, Adeleas and Vandene retired to a small town in Arafel, Tifan’s Well, with the intent of writing an extensive history of the world since the Breaking.


New Spring

Adeleas is never mentioned in the book but has been retired for close to 50 years and is likely presumed dead by most Aes Sedai.

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Actions Between the Books


Adeleas and Vandene are discovered to still be alive by Moiraine Damodred of the Blue Ajah during the years following New Spring.


Eye of the World

Adeleas is never mentioned in the book.

The Eye of The World NICE.jpg

The Great Hunt

Adeleas and Vandene, along with Vandene’s elderly Warder Jaem, help Moiraine research various historical points after she has left the Two Rivers group behind at Fal Dara.  Moiraine asks Vandene what she and her sister knew regarding the Horn of Valere and any connections between The Dragon Reborn and Toman Head.  Vandene explained that she and her sister disagreed on some points, including a translation of the importance of the word ma’vron which led Vandene to conclude the Dragon will proclaim himself over Toman Head, Arad Doman or Saldaea.  Adeleas believes Vandene is being too literal with her translation.  Vandene also informs Moiraine that Adeleas is the true expert on the city of Shadar Logoth and explains that no Shadowspawn would knowingly take an item from the dead city because of the nature of the evil contrasts with the Shadow.  Moiraine evades questions about the Dragon being reborn, even though Vandene connects her questions regarding Lanfear to Lews Therin Telamon and directly asks Moiraine if she has clues about the Rebirth.  Moiraine is later attacked by a Draghkar which has been warded with the One Power leading Vandene and Adeleas to suspect the Black Ajah may be a reality.

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The Dragon Reborn

Adeleas is never mentioned in the book.

The Dragon Reborn NICE.jpg

The Shadow Rising

Adeleas is never mentioned in the book.

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Fires of Heaven

Adeleas is never mentioned in the book. She and Vandene hear of the Schism and leave Tifan’s Well during the events of the book.

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Lord of Chaos

Along with her sister, Adeleas arrives in Salidar to join the Rebel sisters.  First being seen when Nynaeve accidentally bumps into the sisters, literally, as she rushes down the street to avoid being questioned by White Sister Brendas.

Vandene and Adeleas are sent with Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve to accompany Mat Cauthon to Ebou Dar to search for the Bowl of the Winds and join the court of Queen Tylin Quintara of House Mistobar as part of the Salidar Aes Sedai embassy, led by Merilille Ceandevin of the Gray Ajah.  Vandene informs Mat that neither she nor Adeleas are strong enough in the Power to make gateways for Traveling and that he must speak to Elayne about why they will be arriving several days' ride from the city.  Neither of the Namelle sisters have accepted Elayne or Nynaeve as full Aes Sedai during the journey to Ebou Dar, learning that Birgitte Trahelion was Elayne’s Warder creating even more tension between the women that Mat picks up on quickly.  During this time Adeleas and Vandene begin to study the effects of the foxhead ter’angreal in Mat’s possession, making him quite nervous and frustrating Elayne.  On the fourth day of their journey Adeleas discovers that indirect weaves can be used to hurl objects at Mat without being affected by the ter’angreal, a fact that sends Mat off to get immediately drunk.   

Upon arriving in Ebou Dar Vandene leads the women into the Tarasin palace through a small side gate, expecting to be given rooms by Merilille.  Adeleas and Vandene educate Nynaeve and Elayne on certain Ebou Dari customs and have told Nynaeve and Elayne that they have come to Ebou Dar to look for runaways, but when questioned on the matter further Vandene tells Nynaeve that all Aes Sedai keep an eye out for runaways and neither woman will speak further of the matter, leading to Nynaeve being suspicious of both Namelle sisters, which only increases when she sees the women on several occasions wandering about the dangerous area known as the Rahad.  Adeleas even being forced to use the One Power to stop an attempted robbery, which had the locals keeping a wide berth of the Aes Sedai.

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A Crown of Swords

Adeleas and Vandene continue in Ebou Dar, Adeleas having confrontations with Tower Embassy members Teslyn Baradon of the Red Ajah and Joline Maza of the Green Ajah over Mat, Nynaeve, and Elayne.  Merilille, Adeleas, and Vandene participate in upbraiding Elayne when she reveals she and Nynaeve had uncovered the Kin as well as finding the Bowl of the Winds, the three Aes Sedai acting as informal Judges while Sareitha Tomares took on the role of Seat of Rebuke and Careane Fransi acting as the Seat of Pardon, aligning with the Aes Sedai strength hierarchy amongst the group.   

All five Aes Sedai are surprised when Elayne, after receiving an infuriating letter from Whitecloak Inquisitor and known darkfriend Jaichim Carridin, takes command of the women.  Elayne points out her mandate as well as her right to the title of Aes Sedai comes from the Amyrlin Seat and her authority supersedes Merilille’s.  Given her strength advantage, the women begin to fall in line, Adeleas and Vandene telling Elayne about the secret history of the Kin and how the Aes Sedai have used the group to hunt runaways rather than disbanding them.  Elayne takes the Aes Sedai and returns to Reanne Corly’s home to prove to the Kin she is in fact Aes Sedai.

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Path of Daggers

Adeleas and Vandene leave Ebou Dar for the Farm along with the group preparing to use the Bowl of the Winds to correct the weather.  Along with the other Aes Sedai, Adeleas is unhappy with Elayne and Nynaeve's decision to leave Black Ajah member Ispan Shefar, formerly of the Blue Ajah in the custody of the Kin during their journey away from the city and make repeated efforts to sway Elayne.  Adeleas also puts some effort into pushing Aviendha to become a Novice of the Tower after Aviendha picks apart her gateway weaving and admits to having the Talent for reading residues.  Adeleas also plants the idea with Elayne and Aviendha that the Sea Folk Windfinders are slightly afraid of Aviendha as they are unaccustomed to Aiel ways and believe she is somewhat savage.  She believes if the Windfinders feel they need the Aes Sedai to control Aviendha it would restore some balance between the Sisters and the Atha’an Miere women.

Adeleas and Vandene are present when the Kinswomen are discovered on the Farm and are nearby when the circle using the Bowl of the Winds forms and uses the ter’angreal to break the Dark One’s hold on the weather.  They leave with the group just ahead of the Seanchan force, leaving through a gateway toward Caemlyn to aid Elayne in her quest to claim the Lion Throne of Andor.

Eventually, Elayne agrees to give custody of Ispan to Adeleas and Vandene and the two elder Aes Sedai link and take over her shield and begin the process of questioning the darkfriend.  They maintain Tower law and refuse to allow Ispan to be put to the question when Aviendha and Elayne consider the idea, sequestering themselves with Ispan in a woodcutter’s hut for private discussions.  The Sisters made some rapid progress and learned of old Black Ajah plots from the woman, but eventually suspecting Ispan had taken an Oath against betraying other members of the Black Ajah.

While on the road Adeleas recognizes one of the Kinswomen, Garenia Rosoinde, as a woman who had run away from the White Tower seventy years ago, her true name being Zarya Alkaese.  Adeleas insists she must be put back in Novice white and punished for running from the Tower.  Kirstian Chalwin then admits to also having run away from the Tower, almost three hundred years ago, and begs Adeleas for mercy and is then also put in Novice white and put under Adeleas and Vandene’s guardianship.

Adeleas is found alongside Ispan, murdered by an unknown assailant near the town of Harlan Bridge.  The two women are served a poison in their tea, crimsonthorn root, which paralyzes them. Adeleas is disposed of by brutally slashing her throat but Ispan’s fate is even more gruesome, having a stake slowly planted through her heart.  Vandene noting that Adeleas had developed a taste for sweet tea while they had been in Ebou Dar and noting that her sister would have known whoever had done this as she would never have accepted a drink from someone she did not know while she was guarding Ispan.  Vandene begins to mourn her sister and it becomes obvious to Elayne that the woman would be seeking to avenger her sister’s murder.

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Winter's Heart

Zarya and Kirstian deduce that Adeleas murder was committed by a member of the Black Ajah, meaning either Merilille, Sareitha or Careane must be a darkfriend.  Vandene attempts to force Elayne or Nynaeve to take over the training of the former Kinswomen but ends up taking them under her wing.

Winter's Heart Nice.jpg

Adeleas murder is still unsolved and her sister continues to become more obsessed with finding the murderer.

Crossroads of Twlilight NICE.jpg

Crossroads of Twilight


Adeleas’ murderer is discovered to be Careane when Marillin Gemalphin uncovers her identity.  Vandene stabs Careane through the heart and tells her this is a gift from Adeleas.  Vandene is then murdered by another Black Sister Chesmal Emry.

Knife of Dreams NICE.jpg

Knife of Dreams


Adeleas is dead and is never mentioned in the book.

Gathering Storm NICE.jpg

The Gathering Storm


Egwene notes that with Adeleas and Vandene dead the only siblings left in the Tower are Raechin and Viria Connoral, now Sitters for the Red Ajah in a reunited White Tower.

Towers of Midnight NICE.jpg

Towers of Midnight


Adeleas is dead and is never mentioned in the book.

A Memory of Light NICE.jpg

A Memory of Light

Character Summaries

Special Abilities


Adeleas is a channeler of moderate strength in saidar.  She possesses a strength level of 23 (11) which puts her slightly above Aes Sedai noted as “middling”.  Within the hierarchy of known Aes Sedai strength Adeleas would have been in the top ~125 women within the Tower, on par with women who achieved high ranking positions such as Sitters for several Ajah, but weaker than any Ajah Head or known Amyrlin Seat.  Within the Brown Ajah Adeleas strength would have placed her in the top ~25 members.  As an Aes Sedai, Adeleas would be considered a skilled modern channeler, knowing all the standard weaves used by the White Tower and having gone through the extensive training given to Novices and Accepted.  However, she possessed insufficient strength to use some of the newer innovations brought to the Tower by Elayne, Nynaeve, and Egwene.  While unable to create gateways on her own, Adeleas was able to bind and lift two women into a second-floor window and while linked with her sister Vandene they held a shield on Ispan Shefar around the clock and would have been easily sufficient to form gateways.

Notable Possessions


Adeleas and Vandene were in possession of one of the best personal libraries known in the series.  Only depositories of the great libraries of major cities such as Tar Valon, Cairhien, and Caemlyn outstrip what the sisters have created in Tifan’s Well during their nearly seventy-year retirement.  As a member of the Brown Ajah this is not a surprising activity for Adeleas.  The two Aes Sedai intended to write an expansive history of the world and use the collection in their research.  Moiraine Damodred uses their library to research several topics, ranging from the Forsaken to Prophecies of the Dragon, and possibly found evidence leading her to piece together the weave for balefire.



Adeleas is dead long before the Last Battle and had been living in seclusion with her sister Vandene for nearly seventy years prior to the events of the main series.  When first introduced Adeleas is out of touch with current events, but quickly involves herself with the world once more after the Schism within the White Tower.  Adeleas plays a small but pivotal role in the plotline of Elayne and Nynaeve during the events in Salidar, Ebou Dar, and then into Caemlyn.  Adeleas’ murder by a member of the Black Ajah sparks a series of events that ultimately lead to the capture and death of several Black Sisters from Liandrin’s original thirteen in Caemlyn, bringing a close to the original mission given to Egwene and Nynaeve by Siuan Sanche.

Adeleas was one of the oldest Aes Sedai living in the series, with only Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Romanda Cassin, and Ferane Neheran surpassing her in age, at the time of her death Adeleas was around 265 years old and had worn the Shawl for 238 years.  Through Adeleas and her sister Vandene the reader sees the vast amount of experience many Aes Sedai have, as well as the effects of the strength-based hierarchy leading to much less experienced women taking leadership.  The reader also learns (indirectly) of the effects of the Oath Rod on a channelers lifespan and sees some of the deep ignorance of the Aes Sedai organization.  When the ages of the Kin are revealed Adeleas along with the other Aes Sedai believe the women to be liars, but eventually Adeleas and Vandene seem to accept the Kin’s word.

In Other Media

No announcement regarding Adeleas character has been made for the upcoming Wheel of Time TV series being produced by Amazon Studios.  However, the character could make an appearance as early as season one given her timeline in the books, although producers could also choose to expand the character or combine her role with another Aes Sedai character to simplify the TV adaptation.

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