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WoT Trivia and Games


Content Description

Content Description

Every week WoT Trivia and Games runs a live, team format Trivia game using voice channels on Discord as well as other Wheel of Time games. The Trivia alternates between Wheel of Time and General Knowledge trivia.

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

WoT Trivia and Games was originally intended to be a single, in-person trivia game for the WOT Spoilers community to play at JordanCon. However, when JordanCon was canceled due to COVID-19 we adapted our format to Discord and spread the invitation across the Wheel of Time community. We decided to also use our platform to shout out the many great Wheel of Time content creators.


WoT Trivia and Games is run by a group WoT loving volunteers and general trivia nerds who work to create fun, challenging, and fair games in a positive environment.

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