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The Wheel Reads: A Wheel of Time Podcast


Check out this excerpt to see what to expect from The Wheel Reads!

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Content Description

Alan, the host of The Wheel Reads Podcast, guides Chris and Ian on their first Wheel of Time read through. Enjoy the crazy theories and reactions to the books by first time readers.

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

In the early 2000s Alan created a non-profit called Eye of the World to sail around the world and bring the world to classrooms throughout the United States. At the time he had never heard of the Wheel of Time series. The name actually came from the Grateful Dead song "Eyes of the World" and EYE was an acronym for (Expedition for Youth Education) of the World.


Fast forward to 2010 and while Alan was sailing through Australia walked into a book store and there was a book called Eye of the World. Alan picked it up and thus began his first read of the series.


Fast forward to 2019 and Amazon announced they were making a TV show so Alan decided to start a re-read and after halfway through the first book thought this would be fun to do with first-time readers and decided to form a podcast. Ian and Chris were both friends of Alan's from different backgrounds and both had never even heard of the Wheel of Time. Ian was an avid Sci-Fi reader and Chris and Alan had bonded over talking about Game of Thrones and both instantly agreed to do a podcast thus in January of 2020 The Wheel Reads Podcast was born.

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