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O Povo do Dragão: A Wheel of Time Podcast



Content Description

Content Description

Este podcast é dedicado à saga de fantasia A Roda do Tempo, escrita por Robert Jordan e publicada no Brasil pela Intrínseca. Aqui, você encontrará episódios temáticos sobre a mitologia, sobre a futura série de TV do Prime Video, análises de personagens e culturas, basicamente tudo sobre essa obra-prima da fantasia moderna!

A Wheel of Time podcast for anyone who speaks Portuguese! We are doing thematic episodes on the history of the world, the magic and the upcoming TV show, and we soon plan to start our reread of the saga. Join us!

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Creator Bio

Creator Bio

The Wheel of Time fandom here in Brazil is smaller than we would have wanted but fiercely loyal. We have up to the sixth book published here, and the publishing house does not do a great job at promoting and talking about the series. We have no idea when A CROWN OF SWORDS will be published, if at all (they say they're working on it, but who knows). Me and five more friends have decided to create this podcast in order to unite the fandom and generate discussion about the saga. Many of us have different projects related to WOT, like Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, so we already had an audience to which we could promote our episodes, that's why we did it. Half of the group has already read the whole series, two are working their way through it and one other doesn't read in English so she is wanting on the publication. We have different perspectives on the series, but our passion for it is pretty much the same. We love the idea of growing the fanbase here in Brazil and help it get published in its entirety in our country.

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