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Wheel of time quiz is a weekly trivia quiz about all things relating to Wheel of time.


Live quizzes, taking place in WoT quiz Discord server, usually start around 4pm GMT/Noon EST every Sunday, and old quizzes can be found in the spreadsheet.


All quizzes are full series spoilers, so anyone who hasn't finished the series should not participate.


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I was first introduced to Wheel of time in 2007. I read the translated versions of the book up to Knife of dreams twice, but then moved on to others series' and mostly forgot about Wheel of Time for a few years. In 2012 I got my hands on Gathering Storm and Towers of Midnight, rekindling my love for the series. When Memory of Light came out, I read the whole series again from the start. After the resurgence of the online community, I got back to Wheel of time and have since listened through the audiobooks three times.

Early 2019 I asked some friends if they would be interested in participating in a small trivia quiz. After getting a lot of positive feedback, I started doing weekly quizzes. That same weekly pace is still going.

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